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VIII. And be it enacted, That proprietor or worker of any mine where there shall be any entrance or colliery, or other person, shall to a mine or colliery by means of a pay or cause to be paid any wages vertical shaft or pit or inclined or money in respect of wages for plane, or where there shall be any work or labour or services done in communication within any part of or about any mine or colliery to a mine or colliery to any other part any person employed in or about thereof by a vertical shaft or pit or such' mine or colliery, or to any inclined plane, then it shall not person whatever entitled to or be lawful for any owner of any having authority or claiming to such mine or colliery to allow any have authority to receive such person or persons other than a wages, at or within any tavern, male of the age of fifteen years public house, beer shop, or other and upwards to have charge of house of entertainment, or any any steam engine or other engine, office, garden, or place belonging windlass, or gin (whether driven thereto or occupied therewith, but or worked by manual labour or all payments in respect of such any other power whatsoever), or wages are hereby strictly prohibitto have charge of any part of the ed and forbidden to be made at or machinery, ropes, chains, or other within such places as aforesaid, and tackle of any such engine, by or all payments so made are hereby by means of which engine, mas declared to be of no effect whatchinery, ropes, chains, or other tackle, persons are brought up or XI. And be it enacted, That passed down any such vertical notwithstanding any payment of shaft or pit or inclined plane ; and wages or money in respect of any person or persons offending wages which shall or may be against the provision last aforesaid made at any such prohibited place, shall for every such offence forfeit the person or persons to whom a sum not exceeding fifty pounds such wages were due or payable, nor less than twenty pounds, to or but for such payment would be be recovered as after provided. due or payable, shall and may re

IX. Provided always, and be it cover and receive the same in like enacted, That in the case of a manner as if no such payments windlass or gin worked by a horse had been made. or other animal, the person on the XII. And be it enacted, That bank under whose direction the in case any owner of any mine or driver of the animal used for such colliery, or any person liable or windlass or gin shall act shall for intrusted or employed to pay any the purposes of this act be deemed wages or money in respect of wages and taken to be the person having for such work, labour, or services the charge thereof.

as aforesaid, shall, contrary to the X. And whereas the practice of provision lastly herein before conpaying wages to workmen at pub- tained, pay or cause to be paid any lic' houses is found to be highly such wages or money to any person injurious to the best interests of whatever, at any such prohibited the working classes; be it there place as aforesaid, the person or fore enacted, That from and after persons so offending shall for every the expiration of three months such offence forfeit a sum not exfrom the passing of this act no ceeding ten pounds nor less than

five pounds to be recovered as after the machinery by which the act is provided.

to be carried into effect. Clauses XIII to XXIII detail


5 & 6 Vic. Cap. 45.-[1st July 1842.) III. And be it enacted, That be the proprietor of such copythe copyright in every book which right: provided always, that in all shall after the passing of this act cases in which such copyright be published in the lifetime of its shall belong in whole or in part author, shall endure for the na to a publisher or other person who tural life of such author, and for shall have acquired it for other the further term of seven years, consideration than that of natural commencing at the time of his love and affection, such copyright death, and shall be the property shall not be extended by this act, of such author and his assigns: but shall endure for the term provided always, that if the said which shall subsist therein at the term of seven years shall expire time of passing of this act, and no before the end of forty-two years longer, unless the author of such from the first publication of such book, if he shall be living, or the book, the copyright shall in that personal representative of such case endure for such period of forty- author, if he shall be dead, and two years; and that the copyright the proprietor of such copyright, in every book which shall be pub- shall, before the expiration of such lished after the death of its author term consent and agree to accept shall endure for the term of forty- the benefits of this act in respect two years from the first publica- of such book, and shall cause a tion thereof, and shall be the pro- minute of such consent in the perty of the proprietor of the form in that behalf given in the author's manuscript from which schedule to this act annexed to be such book shall be first published, entered in the book of registry and his assigns.

hereinafter directed to be kept, in IV. And whereas it is just to which case such copyright shall extend the benefits of this act to endure for the full term by this authors of books published before act provided in cases of books to the passing thereof, and in which be published after the passing of copyright still subsists; be it en- this act, and shall be the property acted, That the copyright which at of such person or persons as in the time of passing this act shall such minute shall be expressed. subsist in any book theretofore V. And whereas it is expedient published (except as hereineafter to provide against the suppression mentioned) shall be extended and of books of importance to the endure for the full term provided public; be it enacted, That it shall by this act in cases of books there. belawful for the Judicial Committee after published, and shall be the of her Majesty's Privy Council, property of the person who at the on complaint made to them, that uime of passing of this act shall the proprietor of the copyright in

any book after the death of its shilling for every entry which author has refused to republish or shall be searched for or inspected to allow the republication of the in the said book; and that such same, and that by reason of such officer shall, whenever thereunto refusal such book may be with reasonably required, give a copy held from the public, to grant a of any entry in such book, certified licence to such complainant to pub- under his hand, and impressed lish such book, in such manner with the stamp of the said comand subject to such conditions as pany to be provided by them for they may think fit, and that it that purpose, and which they are shall be lawful for such complain. hereby required to provide, to any ant to publish such book according person requiring the same, on payto such licence.

ment to him of the sum of five VI. * Copies of books published shillings; and such copies so cerafter the passing of this act, and of tified and impressed shall be reall subsequent editions, to be deli ceived in evidence in all courts, vered within certain times at the and in all summary proceedings British Museum.

and shall be prima facie proof of VII. Mode of delivering at the the proprietorship or assignment British Museum.

of copyright or licence as therein VIII. * A copy of every book to expressed, but subject to be rebe delivered within a month after butted by other evidence, and in demand to the officer of the Sta the case of dramatic or musical tioners Company, for the follow- pieces shall be primâ facie proof ing libraries: the Bodleian at Ox- of the right of representation or ford, the Public Library at Cam- performance, subject to be rebutted bridge, the Faculty of Advocates as aforasaid. at Edinburgh, and that of Trinity XII. And be it enacted, That College, Dublin.

if any person shall wilfully make IX. * Publishers may deliver the or cause to be made any false entry copies to the Libraries, instead of in the registry book of the Sta. at the Stationers Company. tioners Company, or shall wilfully

X. * Penalty for default in deli. produce or cause to be tendered in vering copies for the use of the evidence any paper falsely pur. Libraries.

porting to be a copy of any entry XI. And be it enacted, That a in the said book, he shall be guilty book of registry, wherein may be of an indictable misdemeanor, and registered,

as hereinafter enacted, shall be punished accordingly. the proprietorship in the copyright XIII. And be it enacted, That of books, and assignments thereof, after the passing of this act it and in dramatic and musical shall be lawful for the proprietor pieces, whether in manuscript or of copyright in any book heretootherwise, and licences affecting fore published, or in any book such copyright, shall be kept at the hereafter to be published, to make hall of the Stationers Company, entry in the registry book of the by the officer appointed by the Stationers Company of the title said company for the purposes of of such book, the time of the this act, and shall at all convenient first publication thereof, the name times be open to the inspection and place of abode of the publisher of any person, on payment of one thereof, and the name and place

of abode of the proprietor of the book so unlawfully printed or im« copyright of the said book, or of any ported, without such consent as portion of such copyright in the aforesaid, such offender shall be form in that behalf given in the liable to a special action on the schedule to this act annexed, upon case at the suit of the proprietor payment of the sum of five shil- of such copyright, to be brought lings to the officer of the said in any court of record in that part company; and that it shall be of the British dominions in which lawful for every such registered the offence shall be committed : proprietor to assign his interest provided always, that in Scotland or any portion of his interest such offender shall be liable to an therein, by making entry in the action in the Court of Session in said book of registry of such as Scotland, which shall and may be signment, and of the name and brought and prosecuted in the same place of abode of the assignee manner in which any other action ihereof, in the form given in that of damages to the like amount may behalf in the said schedule, on be brought and prosecuted there. payment of the like sum ; and XVI*. In actions for piracy the such assignment so entered shall be defendant to give notice of the effectual in law to all intents and objection to the plaintiff's title on purposes whatsoever, without being which he means to rely. subject to any stamp or duty, and XVII. And be it enacted, That shall be of the same force and ef- after the passing of this act it fect as if such assignment had been shall not be lawful for any person, made by deed.

not being the proprietor of the XIV.* Persons aggrieved by any copyright, or some person authorentry in the book of registry mayized by him, to import into any apply to a court of law in term, part of the United Kingdom, or or judge in vacation, who may into any other part of the British order such entry to be varied or dominions, for sale or hire, any expunged.

printed book first composed or XV. And be it enacted, That written or printed and published if any person shall, in any part of in any part of the said United the British dominions, after the Kingdom, wherein there shall be passing of this act, print or cause copyright, and re-printed in any to be printed, either for sale or country or place whatsoever out exportation, any book in which of the British dominions; and if there shall be subsisting copyright, any person, not being such prowithout the consent in writing of prietor or person authorized as the proprietor thereof, or shall aforesaid, shall import or bring, or import for sale or lire any such cause to be imported, or brought, book so having been unlawfully for sale or hire, any such printed printed from parts beyond the sea, book, into any part of the British or, knowing such book to have dominions, contrary to the true been so unlawfully printed or im- intent and meaning of this act, or ported, shall sell, publish, or expose shall knowingly sell

, publish, or to sale or hire, or cause to be sold, expose to sale or let to hire, or published, or exposed to sale or have in his possession for sale or hire, or shall have in his posses- hire, any such book, then every sion, for sale or hire, any such such book shall be forfeited, and Vol. LXXXIV.

2 D

shall be seized by any officer of conductor, the copyright in every Customs or Excise, and the same such encyclopædia, review, maga. shall be destroyed by such officer; zine, periodical work, and work and every person so offending, published in a series of books or being duly convicted thereof before parts, and in every volume, part, two justices of the peace for the essay, article, and portion so comcounty or place in which such posed and paid for, shall be the book shall be found, shall also for property of such proprietor, proevery such offence forfeit the sum jector, publisber, or other conof ten pounds, and double the ductor, who shall enjoy the same value of every copy of such book rights as if he were the actual which he shall so import or cause author thereof, and shall have such to be imported into any part of the term of copyright therein as is British dominions, or shall know given to the authors of books by ingly sell, publish, or expose to sale this act ; except only that in the or let to hire, or shall cause to be case of essays, articles, or porsold, published, or exposed to sale tions forming part of and first or let to hire, or shall have in his published in reviews, magazines, possession for sale or hire, contrary or other periodical works of a like to the true intent and meaning of nature, after the term of twentythis act, five pounds to the use of eight years from the first publicasuch officer of Customs or Excise, tion thereof respectively the right and the remainder of the penalty of publishing the same in a sepa. to the use of the proprietor of the rate form shall revert to the author copyright in such book.

for the remainder of the term XVIII. And be it enacted, That given by this act: provided al. when any publisher or other per. ways, that during the term of son shall, before or at the time of twenty-eight years the said prothe passing of this act, have pro- prietor, projector, publisher, or jected, conducted, and carried on, conductor shall not publish any or shall hereafter project, conduct, such essay, article, or portion sepa. and carry on, or be the proprietor rately or singly without the conof any encyclopædia, review, ma sent previously obtained of the gazine, periodical work, or work author thereof, or his assigns ; published in a series of books or provided also, that nothing herein parts, or any book whatsoever, and contained shall alter or affect the shall have employed or shall em- right of any person who shall have ploy any persons to compose the been or who shall be so employed same, or any volumes, parts, es as aforesaid to publish any such says, articles, or portions thereof, his composition in a separate form, for publication in or as part of the who by any contract, express or same, and such work, volumes, implied, may have reserved or may parts, essays, articles, or portions hereafter reserve to himself such shall have been or shall hereafter right; but every author reserving, be composed under such employ- retaining, or having such right ment, on the terms that the copy, shall be entitled to the copyright right therein shall belong to such in such composition when pubproprietor, projector, publisher, or lished in a separate form, accordconductor, and paid for by such ing to this act, without prejudice proprietor, projector, publisher, or to the right of such proprietor,

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