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W. H. Bateson, M.A, St. John's.

E. H. Bunbury, M. A. Trinity.
E. Warter, M. A. Magdalen.

J. Hildyard, M. A. Christ's.
First Class,

Fowell, R. D.... Christ's. Ds, Denman, Hon. G... Trinity.

Carter, S. R. Emmanuel.
Munro, H. W.J.

Montagu, E. W. Caius.
Atkinson, E. Clare.

Woodford, J. R. Pembroke.
Peter, R. G. Jesus.

Vidal, J. H.. John's.
Wolfe, A..
Parr, W...

Shaw, B.

Sheepshanks, T. . . Trinity.
Morse, F.

Sheringham, J. W. . John's.
Wilson, W.G. John's.

Third Class.
Kingsley, C. Magdalen.

Ds. Walpole, R..

Second Class.

Yeoman, T. L. Trinity Ds. Nugee, G.. ... Trinity.

Slade, J.

Ainger, G. H.

Conybeare, J. C. Peter's.
Ommanney, G.D.W. Trinity.

Riley, J.

Trinity. Barstow, T.J. Pembroke.

Thrupp, C.J.. Trinity. Venables, E. Pembroke.

Light, W. E.

John's. Vaughan, E. H.. Christ's.

Hogg, L.

Emmanuel. Vidal, O. E. John's.


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Ramsay,a:} #9. {





91,334) 183,828

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853 687



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415,154 1,186,1901,209,971 2,396,161/

120,814 122,344 243,138 626 436,767 439,805 1,161,797 1,224,576 2,386,373

89,616 91,386 181,002) 243,242 6,304 392 249,938 255,8241 707,895) 711,078 1,418,973 GENERAL TOTAL 1,328,889 52,219 3,3131,384,421 1,472,9174,019,629 4,155,6098,175,238/ 384 ANNUAL REGISTER, 1842. ABSTRACT OF THE CENSUS OF IRELAND FOR THE YEAR 1841. HOUSES,


Uninhabited. I

TOWNS, Inhabited.


Males. Females. TOTAL. Built.



45 14,562 15,210

42,428 43,800 86,228 DROGHEDA TOWN

38 3,429
3,566 7,646

8,615 16,261 DUBLIN CITY.

20,109) 1,561 101 21,771 49,511 104,630 128,096 232,726, DUBLIN 22,112! 1,441 136 23,689

26,765 66,300

73, 747 140,04 KILDARE


20,338 58,0301

56,458 114,488 KILKENNY CITY

285 15 3,357 3,931 8,765

10,306 19,071 KILKENNY

801 90 29,981 30,874 90,349

93,000 183,349 King's . 24,534 932


74,206 146,857 LONGFORD

600 64 19,859 20,379

57,610 57,881| 115,491 LOUTH


60 20,811 21,029

54,651 57,328 111,979 MEATH

877 98


32,737 92,494 Queen's

117 26,408 27,442 76,403

77,527 153,930 WesTMEATH 24,002 24,803 25,693 70,383

70,917 141,300 WEXFORD

33,507 1,108


97,918 104,115 202,033 WICKLOW


664 57 19,931 21,182 63,489 62,654 136,143
Total .. 306,459 12,320 1,272 320,051 362,134) 963,747 1,009,984 1,9730731

44,870 1,048)
181 46,099 48,981

144,109 142,285 286,394 CORK CITY 8,773) 1,316 24 10,113

35,489) 45,231

80,720 CORK 121,5103,688 162 125,360 133,295

385,062 388,336 773,398 KERRY 46,628 1,434) 169

48,231 51,593

147,307| 146,573 293,880 LIMERICK CITY 5,2551 596 15 5,866 9,686 21,436

26,955 48,391 LIMERICK 42,872 972

46,652 140,561 141,077

281,638 TIPPERARY 66,3841 2,020 68,650 74,570

216,650 218,903 435,553 WATERFORD CITY


153 19 3,150 5,347 10,227) WATERFORD

778 109


28,531 85,349 Total .

364,637 12,005 1,023 377,665 ULSTER. ANTRIM

47,880 2,674)

41 50,595 50,910 ARMAGH

133,213 142,975 276,188 93 41,297) 2,186

43,5761 43,175 BELFAST Town

113,892 118,501 232393 10,906 1,906

63 12,875 15,172 34,858 CARRICKFERGUS. 1,563 118

1,681 1,865

4,320 5,059 CAVAN

40,964 1,349 70 42,383 42,592 DONEGAL

51,389 2,088)


53,899 145,821 150,627 296,448 Down

65,102 3,635 153 68,890 FERMANAGH

173,538 187,908 361,446 26,796 1,005 43 27,844


76,982 LONDONDERRY 38,657 2,359 28

41,044 41,114

106,825 115,349 322,174 MONAGHAN 35,078 1,362 45 36,485 36,934

98,071 102,371 200,442 TYRONE

54,919 2,908

57,891 57,337

153,463 159,493 312,956 Total.

414,55121,590 CONNAUGHT. GALWAY TOWN 2,143 349 I 2

2,504 3,713 7,989 GALWAY

71,182 1,527

181 72,890 74,655 LEITRIM

211,575 211,348 422,923 25,912 712 25 26,649 MAYO

27,192 77,501 68,421 2,059 73 70,553

70,938 RosCOMMON

194,198 194,689 388,887 44,088

926 55 45,069 46,387 SLIGO

127,016 126,573 253,589 31,496 731


32,273 32,939 Total.


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98 246

12,989 23,216 87,632 172,971


40,450 75,308


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TION OF HER MAJESTY'S PERSON.-5 & 6 Vic. Cap. 51.-[16th JULY, 1842.]

Whereas it is expedient that dictment shall be any attempt to the provisions contained in the injure in any manner whatsoever act of the thirty-ninth and for the person of the Queen, the pertieth years of His late Majesty son or persons charged with such King George 3rd, intituled “An offence shall and may be indicted, Act to regulate Trials for High arraigned, tried, and attainted in Treason and Misprision of Trea- the same manner, and according son in certain cases,” should be to the same course and order of extended to all cases of high trea- trial, in every respect, and upon son, in compassing or imagining the like evidence, as if such perthe death or destruction of the sons stood charged with murder ; Queen, or in compassing or ima- and none of the provisions congining any bodily harm tending tained in the several acts of the to the death or destruction, maim- seventh year of King William 3rd, ing or wounding, of the Queen, and the seventh year of Queen and of misprision of such treason, Anne, and the sixth year of King when the overt act or overt acts George 4th, respectively touching of such treason alleged in the in- trials in cases of treason and misdiclment shall be any attempt to prision of treason respectively, shall injure in any manner whatsoever extend to any indictment for high the person of the Queen: And treason in compassing or imaginwhereas it is also expedient to ing the death or destruction of the make further provision by law for Queen, or to any indictment for the protection and security of the high treason, in compassing and person of the Sovereign of these imagining any bodily harm tend. realms : Be it enacted by the ing to the death or destruction, Queen's most excellent Majesty, maiming or wounding of the by and with the advice and con. Queen, or for misprision of such sent of the Lords Spiritual and treason, where the overt act or Temporal, and Commons, in this acts of such treason alleged in the present Parliament assembled, and indictment shall be such as aforeby the authority of the same, that said ; but, upon conviction upon from and after the passing of this such indictment, judgment shall act, in all cases of high treason, be nevertheless given and execuin compassing or imagining any tion done as in other cases of high bodily harm tending to the death treason ; any law, statute, or destruction, maiming or wound- usage to the contrary notwithing, of the Queen, and in all cases standing. of misprision of any such treason, II. And be it enacted, that from where the overt act or overt acts and after the passing of this act, of such treason alleged in the in- if any person shall wilfully disVol. LXXXIV.

2 C


charge or attempt to discharge, or wilfully produce or have any gun, point, aim, or present at or near pistol, or any other description of to the person of the Queen, any fire arms or other arms whatsogun, pistol, or any other descrip. ever, or any explosive, destruction of fire arms or of other arms tive, or dangerous matter or thing whatsoever, whether the same whatsoever, with intent to use the shall or shall not contain any ex same to injure the person of the plosive or destructive material, or Queen, or to alarm Her Majesty, shall discharge or cause to be dis- every such person so offending charged, or attempt to discharge shall be guilty of a high misor cause to be discharged, any ex demeanor, and, being convicted plosive substance or material near thereof in due course of law, shall to the person of the Queen, or if be liable, at the discretion of the any person shall wilfully strike or Court before which the said person strike at, or attempt to strike or shall be so convicted, to be transto strike at, the person of the ported beyond the seas for the Queen, with

offensive wea-

term of seven years, or to be impon, or in any other manner what. prisoned, with or without hard soever, or if any person shall wil. labour, for any period not exceedfully throw or attempt to throw ing three years, and during the any substance, matter, or thing period of such imprisonment to be whatsoever at or upon the person publicly or privately whipped, as of the Queen, with intent in any often and in such manner and of the cases aforesaid to injure the form as the said Court shall order person of the Queen, or with in. and direct, not exceeding thrice. tent in any of the cases aforesaid III. Provided always, and be it to break the public peace, or where- enacted, That nothing herein conby the public peace may be endan- tained shall be deemed to alter in gered, or with intent in any of any respect the punishment which the cases aforesaid to alarm Her by law may now be inflicted upon Majesty, or if any person shall, persons guilty of high treason or near to the person of the Queen, misprision of treason.



ATION OF Corn.-5 & 6 Vic. Cap. 14.—[29TH APRIL 1842.]

IX. And whereas it is neces manner hereinafter directed, in sary, for regulating the amount and from the cities and towns of such duties, that effectual pro- named in the schedule of cities vision should be made for ascer and towns annexed to this act. taining from time to time the X. And be it enacted, That it average prices of British corn; be shall be lawful for Her Majesty to it therefore enacted, That weekly appoint a fit and proper person to returns of the purchases and sales be comptroller of corn returns, for, of British corn shall be made, the purposes hereinafter mentioncollected, and transmitted, in the ed, and to grant to such comptrol

ler of corn returns such salary and was sold, and the names of the allowances as to Her Majesty shall buyers thereof, and of the persons seem meet: Provided always, that for and on behalf of whom such such person shall be appointed to corn was sold ; and it shall be law. and shall hold such his office dur. ful for any such inspector of corn ing Her Majesty's pleasure, and returns to deliver to any person not otherwise, and shall at all making or tendering any such retimes conform to and obey such turns a notice in writing requiring lawful instructions touching the him or her to declare and set forth execution of the duties of such his therein where and by whom and office as shall from time to time in what manner any such British be given to him by the Lords of corn was delivered to the purchaser the Committee of Privy Council or purchasers thereof; and every appointed for the consideration of person to whom any such notice all matters relating to trade and shall be so delivered shall and he or foreign plantations.

she is hereby required to comply XI. * Comptroller to execute his therewith, and to declare and set office in person. A deputy may be forth in such his or her return, or appointed to act in certain cases. in a separate statement in writing,

XII. * Lord Mayor, &c. to ap- the several particulars aforesaid. point an inspector of corn returns XX. * In other cities and towns for the City of London.

than London, Oxford, and CamXIV. * Chancellors of the Uni- bridge, officers of excise to act as versities of Oxford and Cambridge corn inspectors, and attend at to appoint and remove inspectors places appointed. of corn returns for the said city XXV. And be it enacted, That and town.

all persons who are hereinbefore XVIII. And be it enacted, That required to make and who sball every such corn-factor and other have made such declaration as person as aforesaid who is herein. aforesaid, shall and they are herebefore required to make and who by required, on the first market shall have made such declaration day which shall be holden in each as aforesaid shall and he or she is and every week within each and hereby required to return or cause every city or town named in the to be returned, on Wednesday in said schedule hereunto annexed, each and every week, to the in- except the city of London, at or spector of corn returns for the within which they shall respecCity of London, on account in tively deal in corn, or engage in writing, signed with his or her

or carry on any such trade or own name, or the name of his or business as aforesaid, or purchase her agent duly authorised in that any corn for any such purpose as behalf, of the quantities of each aforesaid, to return or cause to be respective sort of British corn by returned to the officer of excise him or her sold during the week acting as inspector of corn returns ending on and including the next for such city or town, at the place preceding Tuesday, with the prices appointed for receiving such rethereof, and the amount of every turns, or to the continuing inspecparcel, with the total quantity and tor of corn returns for such city value of each sort of corn, and by or town, or to the inspector of what measure or weight the same corn returns for the city of Ox

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