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Metropolitical Church of Saint Pe. rough, Hundred, and Manor of ter of York to raise Money for the Cheltenhum in the County GloucesDischarge of Debts, and for effect. ter, and other Estates in the same ing the Restoration and Repair of County, from the Portions of the the said Cathedral Church.

younger Children of the Right Hoxx. An Act for selling the entailed norable John Lord Sherborne, and

Estate of Monkwood in the County the younger Children of the Hoof Ayr, belonging to William Pater norable James Henry Legge Dutton, son Esquire, and investing the Price and from the Terms created for raisa in the Purchase of other Lands, to ing the same. be entailed in lieu thereof.

xxvi. An Act for effecting a Partition, xxi. An Act to enable Duncan David Division, or Allotment of Estates in

son Esquire of Tulloch to execute a the Counties of York, Suffolk, and new Entail of his Lands and Estates Essex, devised by the Will of Alkinof Tulloch, for the Purpose of recti. son Francis Gibson, late of Saffron fying a Mistake in a former Entail Walden in the County of Essex, thereof; and for vesting Parts of Brewer, deceased. these Lands and Estates in Trus. xxvii. An Act for carrying into effect tees, for relieving the said Duncan certain Provisions contained in the Davidson of Sums laid out in im. Will of Thomas Swinnerton Esquire, proving the same; and for certain deceased, relative to the building of other Uses and Purposes.

a Mansion House on the Testator's xxii. An Act to enable the Trustees Estate at Butterton in the County of

of the Will of the late Duke of Cleve Stafford, and building a Church or land to grant Mining, Building, and Chapel on the said Estate ; and for other Leases of the Trust Estates in other Purposes. the County of Durham devised by xxviii

. An Act for authorizing the the Will of the Duke of Cleveland, Sale of Portions of the Real Estate and to sell or exchange Parts of the devised by the Willof Jane Countess same Estates.

Dowager of Rosse deceased, and for xxiii. An Act for granting further the Purchase of other Estates, to be

Power to lease Parts of the Estates settled to the Uses of the said Will; devised by the Will of Richard late and for the authorizing the granting, Viscount Fitzwilliam deceased, si. of Farming and Building Leases of tuate in the City of Dublin and the the same Estates. Neighbourhood thereof, and for au xxix. An Act for better enabling the thorizing the Sale of certain Fee Trustees of the Will of the late Farm and other Rents, also devised Charles Calland Esquire, to grant by that Will.

Building and Farming and Mining xxiv. An Act for authorizing the rais and other Leases of certain Estates

ing, by Mortgage of the Estates de. situate in the County of Glamorgan, vised by the Will of the Right Ho devised by the said Will, and to sell nourable William late Earl of Devon, certain Portions of the same Esa limited Sum of Money, to be ap tates, and for laying out the Monies plied, under the Direction of the arising from such Sales in the PurHigh Court of Chancery, in repay; chase of other Lands, to be settled ing to the present Earl and Lord to the same Uses; and for other PurCourtenay the whole or a Portion poses. of the Monies already expended by xxx. An Act to enable the Trustees them for the Repair and Restoration of the Will of the Most Noble Fran. of the Castle of Powderham and the cis late Duke of Bridgewater to raise Buildings belonging thereto, and Money for rebuilding. Bridgewater towards completing such Repair and House, and for repairing and imRestoration; and for making Pro. proving the Bridgewater Canal; and vision for Payment of the Interest for other Purposes. of the Money so to be raised, and xxxi. An Act to extend a Power of also for the Liquidation of the Prin Leasing contained in the Marriage cipal ; also for extending the Power Settlement of Charles Lord Southa to grant Building Leases contained ampton and Harriet Lady Southamp

in the Will of the said late Earl. ton his Wife. XXV. An Act for discharging the Bo. xxxii. An Act for vesting Parts of

the Settled Estates of the Honour. Xxxviii. An Act to enable the Right able Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn of Honourable William Lewis Lord Mostyn in the County of Flint in Dinorben, by Mortgage of certain Trustees, upon Trust to sell, mort Hereditaments devised to him for gage, or exchange the same, and to Life with Remainders over by the lay out the Monies to arise there. Will and Codicils of the Reverend from in the Payment of Debts, Edward Hughes, to raise not exceedCharges, and Mortgages upon or ing Twenty thousand Pounds at Inaffecting the same, or other Estates

terest, for rebuilding the Mansion settled to the same Uses, or in the and Offices at Kinmel Park, devised Purchase of other Estates, to be by the said Will and Codicils to the settled to the same Uses; and for same Uses; and for other Purposes. other Purposes.

xxxix. An Act to amend and explain xxxiii. An Act to enable George Mar the Act passed in the Seventh and

quis of Tweeddale to borrow a certain Eighth Years of His late Majesty Sum of Money upon the Security George the Fourth, Chapter 11, in. of his Entailed Estates, for Repay. tuled An Act to explain and modify ment to him of a Portion of the the Trust Settlement of the late Louis Monies laid out by him in the Im Cauvin, for the Endowment and Mainprovement of these Estates.

tenance of an Hospital for the Support xxxiv. An Act for confirming certain and Education of Boys; and further

Couveyances in Perpetuity made by to explain and modify the said Trust
the Ecclesiastical Commisioners for Settlement.
Ireland and the present Bishop of xl. An Act for enabling the Trustees
Derry and Raphoe of Parts of the for the

l'ime being of Hele's Charity Mensal Lands of the See of Derry, Estates to grant Leases for absolute and for confirming certain Leases Terms, not exceeding made by the same Bishop and his Years, of certain Estates vested in inimediate Predecessor in the See of them as such Trustees, and situate Derry of other parts of the Mensal in the Parishes of Clist Saint LawLands of the same See ; also for rence, Broadclyst, Stokeinteignhead, enabling the Bishop of Derry and Bovey Tracey and Newton Ferrers, in Raphoe for the

Time being to grant the County of Devon ; and for conLeases of the Parts last mentioned, firming certain Leases of Parts of and certain other

parts of the Men such Estates already granted, and for sal Lands of the See of Derry; and fixing the Proportions in which the for other Purposes.

Rents reserved and to be reserved XXXV. An Act to extend the Pro by such Leases, and such other

visions of Two Acts, of the Second Profits of the said Estates as have Year of King William the Fourth accrued and shall accrue after the and the First Year of Her present granting of such Leases thereof re. Majesty, relating to the Free Gram. spectively, shall be divided and enmar School of King Edward the Sixth joyed ; and for other purposes. in Birmingham in the County of

Warwick. xxxvi. An Act to enable William

PRIVATE ACTS, Stuart Stirling Crawford Esquire, the Heir in possession of the En

Not Printed. tailed Estate of Milton in the County of Lanark, and his successors, to

xli. An Act to dissolve the Marriage grant Feu Rights thereof. xxxvii. An Act for enabling the Most

of Henry Revely Mitford Esquire, Noble Richard Plantagenet Gren

with the Right Honourable Lady ville Nugent Chandos Temple Duke

Georgina Jemima Mitford his now of Buckingham and Chandos to grant

Wife, and to enable him to marry Underleases of Lands situate in or

again; and for other Purposes. near the Town of Ryıle in the Isle

xlii. An Act for naturalizing the Reof Wight, and to authorize the grant- xliii. An Act for naturalizing Berne

verend Henry George Bunsen. ing of Leases of other Lands situate in or near the same Place, belonging xliv. An Act for inclosing Lands in

hard Willhelm Edouard Liebert. to Elizabeth Lydia Lind and others.

the Manor of Castlerigg and Dera

wentwater in the Parish of Cros. liii. An Act for naturalizing Jean thwaite in the County of Cumberland. Baptiste Lesbazeilles and others. xlv. An Act to dissolve the Marriage liv. An Act to dissolve the Mar

of John otherwise Jean Louis Mie. riage of John Hawkes with Fanny ville with Mary Ann his now Wife, his now Wife, and to enable him to and to enable him to marry again; marry again ; and for other Purand for other Purposes therein men. poses. tioned.

lv. An Act to dissolve the Marriage xlvi. An Act for naturalizing Charles of Joseph Vere with Ellen Sarah Jacques Marion Fierville.

his now Wife, and to enable him to xlvii.' An Act for naturalizing Fre marry again ; and for other Purderick William Benecke.

poses. xlviii. An Act to dissolve the Mar. lvi. An Act to dissolve the Marriage

riage of John Baskervyle Glegg Es of George William Henry Coward quire the younger with Elizabeth with Ann Coward his now Wife, and Glegg his now Wife, and to enable to enable

him to marry again ; and him to marry again ; and for other for other Purposes. Purposes.

lvii. An Act for naturalizing Pierre xlix. An Act for naturalizing Joshua Frederic Eugene Vercomain. Bates.

lviii. An Act to dissolve the Mar. - 1. An Act for naturalizing Samuel riage of Henry Street with Eliza Stillman Gair.

Street his now Wife, and to enable li. An Act to dissolve the Marriage him to marry again; and for other

of William Ashton Esquire with Purposes therein mentioned. Anne Jane otherwise Jane Anne his lix. An Act to dissolve the Marriage now Wife, and to enable him to of Thomas Sewell Esquire with Marmarry again ; and for other Pur. garet Susannah his now Wife, and poses therein mentioned.

to enable him to marry again ; and lii. An Act for naturalizing Pierre for other Purposes therein men

Lambert Flavian Ruuma and others. tioned,











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3 per. Ct. 3 per Ct.3} per Ct. 3} per Ct. New Long Bank

O.S.S. S. S. India India Ex. Bills Stock. Reduced Consols. 1818. Reduced. 3 pr Ct. Annuities Annuities Stock. Stock. Bonils. £.1000.

89 1683 891 994 991 99%

12 88 984 2484 13 24

pm. pm. 1661 891 887 983 99% 984

88 974

4 pm. | 14 pm.
90% 89} 994 100 993


249 11 pm. 26 pm.
167 895
89 99
981 12

981 244 4 pm. I 16 pm.
171 90 90 997 993 994 121

not 245

11 pm. 23 pm.
894 991 991 981 123

quoted 243 8 pm. 24 pm. 1674 924

934 1003 1013 123

101 89

247+ 22 pm. 42 pm. 165] 893 90$ 983 99

88 99]

1001 2421 9 pm. 30 pm. 168 913

1004 1011 123 90% 102 250£ 23 pm. 43 pm.
915 994 99 1003 124 894 1024


100100 1013 12

90. not

25 pm. 56 pm.
924 994 100% 1011 124 904 quoted 2504 21 pm. \ 40 pm.


1001 1004 1004 125

101 89

250 23 pm. 53 pm.
166 91 90f 99$ 100%

89 100 | 247} 24 pm. : 41 pm.
1704 93 93% 100% 102 1014 121 90 102 2514 36 pm. 54 pm.

101 1004 125 894 1011 249į 32 pm. 51 pm.
168] 93 93% 1013 102

250 123

not 91

38 pm. 53 pm. 1664 92 1011 1011 100 124 91 quoted 249

34 pm. 49 pm.
1661 933
1003 101 102 123 90

254 52 pm. 60 pm.
165 923 923
100 100

127 90
1044 249

37 pm. 49 pm. 173 941 943 | 100%

101 102 12 913 1045 2664 54 pm.


166 93

1003 1004 1011 121

1014 254 48 1734 943 941 101 1014 1013

121 92 not 266 54 pm. 63 pm. 171 945 1004 1001 1013

12% 923 quoted 266 42 pm. 45 pm.

Highest and Lowest.
PRICES OF STOCK in each Month in 1842,

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AVERAGE PRICES OF BUTCHERS' MEAT. Average Prices per Stone of 8 lbs. in Smithfield Market, in 1842.





8. d.

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s. d. s. d. s. d. 8. d. s. d. s. d. 3. d. 3 8 to 4 104 0 to 5 0 5 0 to 6 04 6 to 5 8 3 6 to 4 6 3 8 to 5 0 5 0 to 6 0 4 6 to 5 2 3 6 to 4 6 4 0 to 4 10 4 4 to 5 10 4 4 to 5 4 3 4 to 4 4 3 6 to 4 6 5 8 to 5 4 4 0 to 5 0 3 2 to 4 43 6 to 4 6 4 0 to 5 014 0 to 5 0 3 2 to 4 43 2 to 4 4/3 0 to 4 8 2 4 to 4 6 3 2 to 4 6 3 4 to 4 63 8 to 4 614 0 to 4 10 3 2 to 4 4 3 4 to 4 6 3 8 to 4 614 0 to 5 10 3 2 to 4 4 3 4 to 4 6 4 0 to 5 2 4 8 to 5 0 3 0 to 4 4 3 0 to 4 6 3 8 to 4 6 4 0 to 5 0 2 10 to 3 0 4 0 to 4 2 3 6 to 4 2 4 2 to 4 6 3 2 to 4 6 3 4 to 4 8 3 4 to 4 4 3 2 to 4 2

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