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TRADE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, An Account of the VALUE of the IMPORTS into, and of the EXPORTS from, the UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN and

IRELAND during each of the three Years ending the 5th of January, 1843:-Also, stating the Amount of the Produce and Manufactures of the United Kingdom Exported therefrom, according to the Real or Declared Value thereof.

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An Account of the Value of the IMPORTS into, and of the EXPORTS from, GREAT BRITAIN, during each of the Three

Years ending the 5th of January, 1843: exclusive of the trade with Ireland :-Also, stating the Amount of the
Produce and Manufactures of the United Kingdom exported from Great Britain, according to the Real or Declared
Value thereof.

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New VESSELS Built.— Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their TONNAGE, that were Built and Registered in the

several Ports of the British EMPIRE, in the Years ending the 5th January 1841, 1842, and 1843, respectively.

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Note.--The Account rendered for the Plantations for the Year ending 5th January 1842, is now corrected ; and as several Returns for that
part of the Empire are not yet received for the last year, a similar correction will be necessary when the next Account is made up.

VESSELS REGISTERED.-An Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their TONNAGE, and the Number

of Men and Boys usually employed in Navigating the same, that belonged to the several Ports of the British EMPIRE, on the 31st of December, in the Years 1840, 1841, and 1842, respectively.

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VESSELS EMPLOYED IN THE FOREIGN TRADE.- An Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their Ton.

NAGE, and the Number of Men and Boys employed in Navigating the same (including their repeated Voyages), that
entered Inwards and cleared Outwards at the several Ports of the UNITED KINGDOM, from and to Foreign Parts,
during each of the Three Years ending 5th January 1843.


Passed in the Second Session of the Fourteenth Parliament of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.-5° & 6° Vict.


V. & VI. VICT.

dated Fund to a Limited Amount

for carrying on Public Works and I. N Act better to provide for the Fisheries, and Employment of the

Application to the Service of Poor ; and to amend the Acts authothe Year One thousand eight hun rizing the Issue of Exchequer Bills dred and forty-one of the Sums for the like Purposes. granted in the two last Sessions of X. An Act to indemnify such Per. Parliament.

sons in the United Kingdom as have II. An Act to enable His Royal omitted to qualify themselves for

Highness Albert Edward Prince of Offices and Employments, and to Wales to make Leases and Grants extend the Time limited for those of Land and Hereditaments, Parcel Purposes respectively until the of His said Royal Highness' Duchy Twenty-fifth Day of March One of Cornwall, or annexed to the same; thousand eight hundred and fortyand for the other Purposes therein three; and for the Relief of Clerks mentioned.

to Attornies and Solicitors in cerIII. An Act to confirm an Act of the tain Cases.

Legislature of Van Diemen's Land XI. An Act for appointing Commisfor authorizing the Levy of certain sioners to inquire as to the Issue,

Duties of Customs and on Spirits. Receipt, Circulation, and Possession IV. An Act to provide for the In. of certain forged Exchequer Bills.

crease of the Number of Bishoprics XII. An Act for punishing Mutiny and Archdeaconries in the West In and Desertion, and for the better dies, and to amend the several Acts Payment of the Army and their relating thereto.

Quarters. V. An Act to continue to the First XIII. An Act for the Regulation of

Day of August One thousand eight Her Majesty's Royal Marine Forces hundred and forty-three the Act to while on Shore. amend the Laws relating to Loan XIV. An Act to amend the Laws for Societies.

the Importation of Corn. VI. An Act to amend an Act of Her XV. An Act to impose an additional

present Majesty for vacating any Duty on Spirits, and to repeal the Presentment for rebuilding the Gaol Allowance on Spirits made from of Newgate in Dublin, and any Con Malt only, in Ireland. tract between the Commissioners XVI. An Act to continue, until the for rebuilding the said Gaol and the End of the Session of Parliament Contractor.

next after the Thirty-first Day of VII. An Act to explain the Acts for July One thousand eight hundred

the better Regulation of certain and forty-four, certain of the AlApprentices.

lowances of the Duty of Excise on VIII. An Act to apply the Sum of Soap used in Manufactures.

Eight Millions out of the Consoli- XVII. An Act for preventing, until dated Fund to the Service of the the First Day of May One thousand Year One thousand eight hundred eight hundred and forty-five, Ships and forty-two.

clearing out from any Port in Bria IX. An Act to authorize the Ad. tish North America, or in the settle.

vance of Money out of the Consoli. ment of Honduras, from loading any

Part of their Cargo of Timber upon 'fices to demise the Lands belong. Deck.

ing to their Benefices on Farming XVIII. An Act to explain and amend Leases.

the Acts regulating the Sale of Parish XXVIII. An Act to assimilate the Property; and to make further pro Law in Ireland, as to the Punish. vision for the Discharge of Debts, ment of Death, to the Law in EngLiabilities, and Engagements in. land; to abolish the Punishment of

curred by or on behalf of Parishes. Death in certain Cases in Ireland, XIX. An Act to empower the Com and to substitute other Punishments

missioners of Her Majesty's Woods in lieu thereof. to form a new Opening from the XXIX. An Act for establishing a Knightsbridge Road into Hyde Park, Prison at Pentonville. and a new Opening from High Street, XXX. An Act to provide Regulations Kensington, into an intended new for preparing and using Roasted Malt Road across the Palace Green; and in colouring Beer. for annexing a Piece of Extra-paro. XXXI. An Act to indemnify Wit. chial Ground in the Royal Garden nesses who may give Evidence beto the respective parishes of Saint fore the Committee appointed by Mary Abbots Kensington, and Saint the House of Commons to inquire

Mury Pauldington, in several portions. “whether corrupt Compromises have XX. An Act to extend an Act passed been entered into in the Cases of

in the Fourth and Fifth Years of Election Petition presented from Her present Majesty, for enabling Harwich, Nottingham, Lerocs, PenHer Majesty's Commissioners of ryn, and Falmouth, Bridport, and Wools to purchase certain Lands Reading, for the Purpose of avoidfor Victoria Park.

ing Investigation into gross Bribery XXI. An Act for raising the Sum of alleged to have been practised at the

Nine millions one hundred thousand Elections for the aforesaid Towns, PO ds by Exchequer Bills, for the and whether such Bribery has really Service of the Year One thousand taken place.”. eight hundred and forty-two. XXXII. An Act for better recordXXII. An Act for consolidating the ing Fines and Recoveries in Wales

Queen's Bench, Fleet and Marsbal. and Cheshire. sea Prisons, and for regulating the XXXIII. An Act to amend and exQueen's Prison.

plain so much of Two Acts, of the XXIII. An Act to continue until the Sixtli and Seventh Years of His late

Thirty-first Day of July One thou Majesty, and of the First Year of sand eight hundred and forty-three, Her present Majesty, as relates to and to the End of the then Session the Execution of Civil Bill De. of Parliament, the several Acts for crees for the Possession of Land in regulating Turnpike Roads in Ire Ireland. land.

XXXIV. Au Act for granting to Her XXIV. An Act for improving the Majesty, until the Fifth Day of Dublin Police.

July One thousand eight hundred XXV. An Act to repeal the present and forty-three, certain Duties on

and impose and allow new counter Sugar imported into the United vailing Duties and Drawbacks of Kingdom, for the Service of the Excise on Mixtures and Prepara Year One thousand eight hundred tions made with Spirits, when re and forty-two. moved from or into Englund, Scot. XXXV. An Act for granting to Her land, or Ireland respectively ; and Majesty Duties on Profits arising to suspend for a limited Time so from Property, Professions, Trades, much of an Act of the present Ses and Offices, until the Sixth Day of sion as repeals the Allowance on April One thousand eight hundred Spirits made from Malt only in Ire. and forty-five. land.

XXXVI.' An Act for regulating the XXVI. An Act to alter and amend Sale of Waste Land belonging to

the Law relating to Ecclesiastical the Crown in the Australian ColoHouses of Residence.

nies. XXVII. An Act for better enabling XXXVII. An Act to continue until Incumbents of Ecclesiastical Bene the Fifth Day of April One thousand

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