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DEATHS-FEB. Baronet (1786) of Hutton Hall, co. him. Mr. Menzies accompanied the Cumberland. He was born March 29, expedition appointed by Lord Gren1797, the second but eldest surviving ville, then Secretary of State, during a son of Sir Frederick, the second Bart. period of five years, through the various by Hannah, daughter of John Bower. regions which Captain Vancouver exback, of Johnby, co. Cumberland, esq. plored. The collection of rare, and, in He succeeded his father in the title a multitude of cases, unknown plants, in March, 1832. Sir Francis married which he gathered in the Islands of the April 10, 1823, Diana Olivia, daughter North Pacific and North Atlantic, was of Charles Beauclerk, of St. Leonard's truly valuable. The Cape of Good Lodge, Sussex, esq., and has left issue Hope, New Holland, the Sandwich Is. Sir Henry Ralph.

lands, more particularly Nootka Sound 16. In Ladbroke-terrace, aged 88, and its adjacent shores, Port Jackson, Archibald Menzies, esq., F.L.S. This the Columbia River, the American eminent botanist was born in the begin coast from Pitzburgh Sound to Cape ing of the year 1754, and in his earlier Decision, and from Monterrey to the days led a life of enterprise and hazard. Southern coast, the Gallipago Islands, He was originally brought up to the and Valparaiso-all contributed, in some medical profession, and first occupied shape or other, to furnish him with that himself in London with the town practice rich and invaluable collection of land that came before him, which was, it is and maritime plants, which has since believed, lucrative and good. Tired at forned the finest addition to the trealength, however, of his occupations at sures of the vegetable kingdom prehome, he grew desirous of throwing him served at Kew, and so greatly enriched self, in his capacity of surgeon, among

the cabinets of our first botanical insti. the various private expeditions on the

tutions. Mr. Menzies saw himself with part of merchants, which were then the whole of his precious freight, on the fitting out in great numbers, and en 20th Oct. 1795, safe in the Thames, on gaging in the very excellent branch of the return of the expedition, during commerce, which had then sprung up

which excellent health so far prevailed, in the fur trade, which at this period that only one marine died of illness, the gave employment to no less than twenty other three that were lost being drowned sail of ships and vessels, fitted out by by accident, and one poisoned by eating the European States, as well as other muscles. During his latter days, Mr. adventurers who thronged from the Menzies spent the greater part of his Asiatic, Chinese, and Anierican shores. time in following his favourite pursuit The skill and management which Mr. among the plants and flowers of the Menzies displayed in the first fur expe- earth, and he was in communication dition upon which he was employed, with the leading botanists and scientific caused him to come under the notice of the gentlemen of the day. celebrated Captain George Vancouver, 17. At his house in Suffolk-place, who had sailed with Captain Cook in the David Edward Morris, esq., proprietor autumn of 1771, and who, in his return of the Haymarket Theatre. Mr. Morris after that fatal catastrophe which led to was born about 1770, of humble parents. the destruction of Captain Cook in 1780, Chance threw him in early life in the was destined to become the commander way of George Colman the elder; under of that navigator's ship, the Discovery, his patronage he advanced in fortune, and to follow in his steps, by attempting and Colman the younger marrying his to carry out the designs which had been (Morris's) sister, introduced bim to the so unhappily frustrated by the events theatre. He obtained a situation in the of Owhyee. It was to this expedition Admiralty, and husbanding his rethat Mr. Menzies attached himself, and sources, became a monied man. Nearly Captain Vancouver appears to have held forty years since, he purchased a share him so much in estimation, that while in the Haymarket Theatre, and whilst in the preface to his “ Voyage of Dis Colman was in the King's Bench, macovery," he omits to mention many naged that establishment. On Dibdin more elderly and approved officers of declining a share, Messrs. Morris, Winthe expedition, he especially devotes a ston and Colman were joint propriespace to commemorate the services of tors, though with different proportions his able collaborateur, Mr. Menzies, and of profit. Mr. Morris lived to pay off the friendship which he felt towards all his partners, and became sole pro

DEATHS-FEB. prietor. In his Paul Pry season, he 62nd year, Captain Stephen Popham, realised 14,0001. All our greatest R.N. Captain Popham was brother to actors and actresses were, at different Brigadier-general George Munro Poptimes under his management, parti- ham, C.B., of the Indian Army, who cularly Bannister, Munden, Fawcett, died in 1825. He entered the Navy as Dowton, Charles Kemble, Mathews, and Midshipman on board the Formidable, Jones; Charles Young, Terry, Warde, 98 guns, in 1795. After seeing a great Rae, Mrs. Humby, and Miss Kelly, deal of active service during the war, made their first appearances in the me Lieut. Popham was made Commander, tropolis under his management: Mr. Aug. 1, 1811. On the 6th May, 1814, Morris paid liberally for the dramas when in the Montreal of 21 guns (forproduced at his theatre, and was a merly the Royal George, 23), he assisted staunch supporter of the legitimate at the capture of Oswego, situated on drama. Edmund Kean, up to the mo the river of that name, near its conment of his death, was, at the instance fluence with Lake Ontario. On that of Mr. Morris, studying the Hunche occasion, he anchored his ship in the back, in Sheridan Knowles's play of that most gallant style, sustaining the whole name.

fire of the American fort, until the 19. Of typhus fever, at Poole, Dorset., storming party gained the shore. Ju the Rev. John Onsby, Assistant Minis this battle the Montreal was set on fire ter of St. James's Church, and late Chap- three times by red-hot shot; nor could Jain to the House of Correction, Cold it be wholly extinguished for nearly three bath-fields, London, in bis 67th year. hours after the cannonading had ceased.

21. At Paris, Countess Sebastiani, wife Captain Popham was severely wounded of the late French Ambassador. She in the right hand. He was in consewas daughter of the late, and sister of quence promoted to post rank by comthe present Duke of Grammont. mission, dated Sept. 19, 1814.

Mrs. Urmston, Relict of the late At Winestead, Yorkshire, in his Capt. James Urmston, of the Hon, East 80th year, the Rev. William Hildyard, India Company's Maritime Service, and Rector of that parish, to which he was of the Grange, Chigwell, Essex; in instituted in 1795, in the gift of Mrs.

Hildyard, of Flintham House, NottingAt Hampstead, aged 75, Richard bamshire, niece of the late Sir Robert Hart Davis, esq., formerly M.P. for Hildyard, Bart. He was of Sidney SusBristol. Mr. Davis was for many years sex College, Cambridge, LL.D. 1786. an eminent merchant and banker in that He lived to see nine sons Masters of city. He commenced his political career Arts in the same university, and six of as M.P. for Colchester, and subsequently them Fellows of their respective colrepresented his native city, Bristol, in leges. six successive Parliaments, bis eldest 28. At the Abbey, Cirencester (the son taking his place at Colchester. This seat of Miss Master), aged 40, the Hon. long course of public service embraced and Rev. Charles Bathurst, LL.D. a period from 1807 to 1831.

Rector of Siddington, Gloucestershire, 24, At Greenwich Hospital, aged 86, brother to Earl Bathurst. He was the Daniel Woodriff, esq., Post Captain, fifth and youngest son of Henry, third R.N., a Captain of the Royal Hospital, and late Earl, K.G., by Georgiana, third and C.B. He was a very gallant officer, daughter of Lord George Henry Lennox. and entered the Royal Navy in 1762. He was matriculated as a Commoner of While commanding the Calcutta, 50 Christ Church, Oxford, July 5, 1821, guns, he was captured, after a gallant and nominated a Student of that house defence, by a numerous French squadron, in 1824. He took the degree of B.A. and carried prisoner to Verdun. In Nov. 3, 1825, and on that day was 1807, bowever, he received an order elected to a Law Fellowship of All Souls. signed by Napoleon, who was then in He proceeded B.C.L. June 10th, 1850; Poland, directing him to proceed imme and the Rectory of Siddington was given diately to England by way of St. Maloes, to him by Lord Chancellor Eldon, where he found a vessel ready to convey shortly before his Lordship resigned him across. At a court. martial held the seals. He took the degree of shortly after, he was honourably ac Civil Law, May 21, 1835. Dr. Bathurst quitted of the charge of losing his ship. published a single sermon, and some

25. At Rhuddlan, St. Asaph, in his tracts on rural and domestic subjects.

her 87th year.

DEATHS-MARCH. He was a most amiable person, and den of the Stanneries, Steward and Vice“ very much endeared to all who had the Admiral of the Duchy of Cornwall, and happiness of knowing him. He mar Chief Commissioner for managing the ried July 31, 1830, the Lady Emily affairs of that Duchy; Lieut.-Colonel Caroline Bertie, youngest daughter of Commandant of the Militia corps of the Earl of Abingdon, but has left no Cornwall and Devonshire Miners; Vice. issue.

Admiral of the coast of Suffolk; M.A. Lately. On his passage in the Apollo, &c. &c. The late Marquess of Hertford to join the fieet in China, Mr. Henry was born March 11, 1777 ; he was the V. Craven. He fell overboard in the only surviving child of Francis Ingram night, when off the Cape of Good Hope, Seymour the second Marquess, and in a gale of wind. He was a most ex K.G., and the sole issue of his mother, pert swimmer, and from his not being the second wife of that Marquess, the seen after he fell, it was supposed he Hon. Isabella Anne Ingram, eldest was stunned in a fall. This promising daughter and co-heir of Charles ninth young officer was mate of the signals on and last Viscount of Irvine, of Scotland. board the Revenge, 74 guns, at the He was a member of the University of storming of Beyrout, Sidon, and Acre. Oxford, where he entered at Christ He, though young, had gone through Church in 1794, and subsequently rehis naval studies on board the Excellent moved to St. Mary Hall, as a member with the highest possible credit, and of which society he took the degree of was supposed to be one of the best gun. M.A., Nov. 14, 1814. Immediately ners and sivordsmen in the service. upon attaining his majority, viz. in

At Galway, in his 49th year, Capt. 1798, he was returned to Parliament for Arthur Walpole, R.E., seventh son of the borough of Orford, in Suffolk. the late Hon. Robert Walpole.

From the year 1802 to 1812 his LordAt Baing, parish of Straiton, ship then bearing the courtesy title of Margaret Paterson, in her 97th year, Earl of Yarıouth, sat for Lisburne She was the oldest parishioner, and (which his cousin, Captain Meynell, now daughter of the celebrated Robert Pa. represents), and from 1812 to 1820 he terson, the original of Sir Walter Scott's was returned for the co. of Antrim. “Old Mortality;"

From the latter date, until his father's At Hull, John Harrison, esq., late death on the 17th of June, 1822, he of Grimsby, Lincolnshire; in his 80th sat for Camelford. In September, year. He was grandson of the cele 1809, Lord Yarmouth was second to his brated. John Harrison, who discovered cousin Lord Castlereagh, in his duel the longitude, in the reign of George with Mr. Canning. In 1810 he sucthe Third, and for which he received ceeded to the greatest part of the dis. 20,0001.

porable property of the rich and eccenAt Greenfield. near Watlington, tric Duke of Queensberry - the puta. Oxon, Mrs. Austin, in her 109th year. tive father of his wife. In 1811, on She preserved all her faculties until the discussion of the Regency, he natuwithin a few months of her death. rally, from personal gratitude, as well

as probably from his political judgment,

took part with those who advocated a MARCH.

more extended authority for the Prince of

Wales than the ministers proposed; and 1. At his town residence, Dorchester when his Royal Highness's first house. House, Park-lane, in his 65th year, the hold, under the unrestricted Regency, Most Hon. Francis Charles Seymour was formed in March 1811, Lord YarConway, third Marquess of Hertford mouth was appointed to the office of and Earl of Yarmouth (1793), Earl of Vice-Chamberlain, and his father to that Hertford and Viscount Beauchamp of of Lord Chamberlain. When, on the Hache (1750), and fourth Lord Conway, death of Mr. Perceval, an attempt was Baron of Ragley, co. Warwick (1703), made to introduce Lords Grey and all titles in the peerage of England; Grenville into the Cabinet, one of the also Baron Conway, of Killultab, co. greatest difficulties arose from the Antrim (1703), in the peerage of Ire Prince's presumed unwillingness to land; K.G., G.C.H.; Knt. of St Anne allow of certain changes in his houseof Russia ; a Privy Councillor ; Costos hold, which would have included the Rotulorum of the co, of Antrim; Ware removal of Lords Hertford and Yar

DEATHS-MARCH. mouth. The result was the continuance Common Council to carry that recomof the Liverpool Administration. In mendation into operation. The Court August (1812) Lord Yarmouth resigned named 1,2001. a-year, which the City the place of Vice-Chamberlain for the confirmed, and the creditors benefitted far more lucrative, and permanent, to the amount of upwards of 5,0001. office of Lord Warden of the Stanneries. The debts of Mr. Woodthorpe were He was then sworn a member of tbe considerable, but a portion of them Privy Council. On the visit of the was secured by policies of insurance Allied Sovereigns to England in 1814, on his life, which become payable, and his Lordship was appointed to attend some of his creditors will be paid in the Emperor Alexander, and accompa full. nied his Imperial Majesty in his visits to 5. At his residence, the Schloss all the objects of interest in and about Seekof, near Bamberg, in Bavaria, London, to Oxford, Portsmouth, and, after a few days' illness, Frederick Bafinally, to Dover. On parting with ron Von Zandt, of Ovington Park, Lord Yarmouth, the Emperor conferred Hants., and of Clarges-street, London, on him the order of St. Anne. On the Chamberlain of his Majesty the King 17th June, 1822, he succeeded, on his of Bavaria, and Baron of the Holy Rofather's decease, to the peerage and the man Empire, in his 56th year. large family estates. He was elected a 8. In Curzon-street, in his 74th year, Knight of the Garter on the 22nd Nov. the Right Hon. Henry Francis Roper 1822. In 1827, prior to the dissolution Curzon, fourteenth Baron Teynham, co. of Lord Liverpool's cabinet, he accepted Kent (1616), D.C.L. He was born May a mission as Ambassador Extraordinary 9th, 1768, the eldest son of the Hon. to convey the Garter to the Emperor Francis Roper, fourth son of Henry, Nicholas. He sailed for St. Petersburg tenth Lord Teynham, by Mary, eldest in the Briton frigate, and the magnifi- daughter of Launcelot Lyttleton, of cence which he displayed on this occa Lichfield, esq. He took the name and sion, made a sensation even in a court arms of Curzon, in addition to his own, which outshines all European royalty. by royal sign-manual, in 1788. The The Marquess married May 18, 1798, honorary degree of D.C.L. was conMaria Fagniani, supposed to be a ferred upon him by the University of daughter of William, fourth Duke of Oxford, July 4th, 1793. He was an Queensberry

unsuccessful candidate for the city of 3. At his official residence, Guildhall. Oxford in 1812, the contest being with yard, of dropsy, after a long protracted J. A. Wright, esq., J. S. Lockhart, esq., illness, in his 62nd year, Henry Wood- and the Hon. Geo. Eden, now Lord thorpe, esq., LL.D. His father was

Auckland. The two first were the sucTown-Clerk of the City of London, and cessful candidates. On the death of his son (the subject of this brief me his cousin John, the thirteenth Lord moir) was appointed in 1818 to officiate Teynham, Sept. 7, 1824, he succeeded for him in the capacity of Deputy Town to the peerage. He gave his vote on Clerk, and on the death of his father in the Whig side of politics. About the 1825 he was unanimously elected to year 1831 he published a pamphlet resucceed him in the office. He was so lating to the reform of Parliament, thoroughly acquainted with the business entitled, “ How it must work.” His of his office, that he might be considered Lordship was twice married. a living encyclopædia on all City Aged 42, his Serene Highness affairs; and from his good temper and Paul Frederick, Grand Duke of Meckpleasing manners, he was much be lenburg-Schwerin, brother to the Du. loved. Unfortunately, from inatten chess of Orleans. He was born Sept. tion to his own private affairs, he was 15, 1800, the eldest son of the Grand compelled, 1837, to avail himself of Duke Frederick Louis, by Helene Paulthe benefit of the Insolvent Act. But owna, daughter of the Emperor Paul of he voluntarily offered to agree to any Russia. He married 25th May, 1822, sum the court might annually apportion the Princess Alexandrina, daughter of to bis creditors. It being understood the late Frederick William III., King that no power existed in the Insolvent of Prussia, and sister of the present Court to make the recommendation, as King of Prussia and Empress of Russia, the situation was in the gift of the City by whom he has left issue the Herediof London, it rested with the Court of tary Grand Duke Frederick Francis,

DEATHS-MARCH. born 28th Feb. 1823, who succeeds his 1806, and had been for some years a father; the Duchess Louisa Maria He. widow. lena, born 17th May, 1824 ; and the 14. At Alnwick Castle, NorthumberDuke Frederick William Nicholas, born land, suddenly, Archdeacon Singleton. 5th March, 1827.

15. At Letterkenny, Cassandra Jane, 8. At Salzburg, the widow of Mozart, wife of Lord George Hill, brother to the in her 85th year.

Marquess of Downshire and Lord San. 9. In Athol Crescent, Edinburgh, dys. She was the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Edward Knight, esq., and was married Chambers.

in 1834. She died shortly after giving 10. At Balsham, Cambridgeshire, birth to a daughter. Miss Maria Dayrell, youngest daughter At Boulogne-sur-Mer, Frances, of Marmaduke Dayrell, esq., of Shudy the Lady of Sir Stephen May, Bart. Camps Park, Cambridgeshire.

16. At Bristol, Lieut.-Col. Henry At Isleworth House, Middlesex, Ellard, late of 65th regiment, and forthe Dowager Lady Honywood, relict of merly of the 13th Light Infantry. the late Sir John Courtenay Honywood, At Aldbourne, aged 73, Mr. Bart., of Evington, Kent, in her 5lst Broome Witts, cousin of Broome Witts, year.

esq., of Brunswick-square ; and of the In Wilson-street, Belgrave-square, late Broome Witts, esq., of Cookbam in his 40th year, Edmund Clark, esq., House, Berks; and of the late Right of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, Re Hon. Apphia Lady Lyttleton, and Tho. corder of the Boroughs of Ilastings and mas Lord Lyttleton, Baron of Frankley. Rye, occasional assistant or Deputy Re At Kensington, aged 44, the corder of the Borough of Birmingham. Dowager Lady Filmer. She was Esther,

11. Aged 71, the Rev. Samuel Black daughter of Mr. John Stow, of Tene. all, Rector of North Cadbury, Somer ments St. Stephen, became the second set, and a Prebendary of Wells. He wife of the Rey. Sir John Filmer, Bart., was formerly Fellow and Tutor of Ema in 1821, and was left his widow in 1834. nuel College, Cambridge, where he In St. James's-square, aged 76, graduated B.D. 1791, as _fourteenth the Most Noble Bernard Edward HowWrangler, M.A. 1794, and B.A. 1801 ; ard, twelfth Duke of Norfolk (1483), he was presented to his living by his Earl of Arundel (1139), Earl of Surrey college in 1812.

(1483), Earl of Norfolk (1644), and 13. At his residence, Peartree House, Baron Fitz- Alan, Clun and Oswaldesnear Southampton, Lieut.-Gen. Henry tre, and Maltravers (by writ 1330), the Sharpnel, Royal Artillery. He obtained premier Duke and Earl in the peerage his commission as Second Lieutenant of England next the Blocd Royal, heiein the Royal Artillery on the 9th of ditary Earl Marshal of England, K.G., July, 1779. He was appointed First a Privy Councillor, F.R.S. and F.S.A. Lieutenant the 3rd of Dec, 1781, and His Grace was born at Sheffield, Nov. Lieutenant-General the 10th of Jan. 21, 1765, the eldest son of Henry How 1827. Lieut.-General Sharpnel served ard, esq., by Juliana, second daughter with the Duke of York'sarmyin Flanders, of Sir William Molyneux, Bart. He and shortly after the siege of Dunkirk, succeeded to the ducal honours on the he invented the case shot, a destructive 16th Dec. 1815 on the death of Charles, engine of war used by the Royal Artil. eleventh Duke, to whom he stood in the lery, and known by the name of Sharpnel relation of third cousin. He took his Shells. The discovery was considered seat in the House of Lords after the passof such importance, that on its adop ing of the Roman Catholic Relief Billin tion by the service he received a pen. April 28, 1829. He was elected a sion of 1,2001. per annum, in addition Knight of the Garter Aug. 13, 1834. to the pay to which he was entitled In April 1789 he married Lady Elizain virtue of bis rank in the army. beth Belasyse, third daughter and coHe retired from active service as a heiress of Henry, last Earl of Faucongeneral officer on the 29th of July, berg. They had issue only one child, 1825.

the present Duke. The marriage was 14. Aged 76, the Hon. Lady Frances dissolved by Act of Parliament in Allen, of Somerset Cottage, Ísleworth, 1794, and the lady was re-married to great aunt to the Earl of Winterton. Richard Earl of Lucan, by whom she She was married to John Allen, esq., in had a numerous family. The Duke of Vol. LXXXIV.


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