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PROMOTIONS. the Ordinary Clerks of Session in Scoto Sir Gregory Lewin to be Recorder of land.

Doncaster. 13. Coldstream Foot Guards, Capt. W.T. S. Daniel, esq., to be Recorder J. H. Pringle to be Capt. and Lieut.. of Ipswich. Colonel.

Rev. R. Coates, to bc Master of the 3rd Foot, Brevet Col. H. G. Smith Chatham and Rochester Proprietary to be Lieut.-Colonel.

Classical and Matheinatical School. Royal Military College, Brevet Rev. G. Stoddart, M.A., to be Master Lieut.-Col. G. W. Prosser, to be Major, of Reigate Endowed School. and Superintendent of Studies, vice Proctor. 18. Knighted by patent, Laurence

JUNE. Pcel, esq., Chief Justice of the Supreme

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. Court of Judicature at Calcutta.

Royal Artillery, Major-Gen. E. V. 1. Knighted, George Hayter, esq., Worsley, to be Colonel Commandant. Member of the Academics of Rome,

20. Ist West India Regiment, Licut.. Florence, Bologna, Parma, and Venice, Gen. Sir H. F. Bouverie, K.C.B. and Painter of History and Portraits, and G.C.M.G. to be Colonel.

Principal Painter in Ordinary to Her Brevet, Capt. A. Waller, 2nd Majesty; William Charles Ross, csq., West India Regiment to be Major in the A.R.A., Miniature Painter to Her MaArmy.

jesty; William Allen, esq., President 30. Charlotte Duchess of Norfolk, of the Royal Academy of Scotland, and Charlotte Viscountess Canning, to and Her Majesty's Limner for Scotbe Ladies of the Bedchamber in Ordie land ; and, Henry Rowley Bishop, of nary to Her Majesty, vice the Dowager Albion-street, Hyde Park, esq. Lady Lyttelton and Countess of Dal 3. The Hon. Clementina Hamilton, housie.

to be Maid of Honour in Ordinary to The Most Noble the Marquess of Her Majesty, vice the Hon. S. M. Ca. Tweedale, K.T. and C.B., to be Go vendish. vernor and Commander-in-Chief of 7. His Excellency Count Mensdorf, Madras, and Sir George Arthur, Bart., invested with the ensigns of a Knight Governor of the Presidency of Bombay. Grand Cross of the Bath.

13. Major-Gen. Sir William Maynard

Gomm, K.C.B., to be Governor and NAVAL PROMOTIONS.

Commander-in-Chief of the Mauritius.

16. Major-Gen. Sir H. R. Sale, K.C.B. Appointment.-- Admiral Sir David

to be G.C.B. Milne, G.C.B., to be Commander-in

17. 60th Foot, Brevet Lieut.-Col. W. Chief at Plymouth ; John London, esq. T. Cockburn to be Lieut.-Colonel , Capt. to be Secretary.

J. S. Wilford to be Major.

20. George Graham, esq., to be RegisMEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. trar-General of Births, Deaths, and

Marriages. Brighton.-Lord Alfred Hervey. 22. Surgeon-Major Good, of the Scots

Flintshire.-Sir S. R. Glynne, Bart., fusileer Guards, to Surgeon Extraordiduly elected, vice Hon. E. M. L. Mostyn. nary to H. R. H. Prince Albert. Thetford.—Sir James Flower, Bart.,

24. Francis Watts, esq., to be one of duly elected, a Committee having de the corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms. termined the double return in his favour — Sir Hudson Lowe, G.C.M.G. K.C.B.

and Knight of the Prussian Red Eagle ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENT.

of the second class, to accept the Order

of the Red Eagle of the first class. Rev. G. Tomlinson, to be Bishop of 4th Light Dragoons, Brevet Lieut.Gibraltar.

Col. F. D. Daledy to be Lieut.-Col.;

Brevet Major W. Master to be Major. Civil PREFERMENTS.

49th Regiment, Brevet Major G.

Pasley to be Major ; Brevet Capt. John Fisher Miller, esq., to be one of Charles Mortimer, 36th Foot, to be the Deputy Registrars of Her Majesty's Major. Court of Bankruptcy.

27. Hugh Calveley Cotton, esq., to

PROMOTIONS. be Deputy Surveyor-General in the to be Principal of Brazepose College, Oxisland of Van Diemen's Land; George ford. Aubert, esq., to be Her Majesty's At Wm. Fishburn Donkin, M.A., to be torney-General in St. cia; Lieut.-Col. Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Ox. Lothian Sheffield Dickson to be Civil ford. Commissioner and Resident Magistrate Rev. James Butler, M.A. to be Head of the district of Swellendam, Cape of Master of Burnley School, Yorkshire. Good Hope; and Henry Rivers, esq., to The Rey, John Fletcher to be Master be Treasurer in the same colony. of the King's College School at Nassau,

29. James Archibald Lord Wharn New Providence. cliffe, Lord President of the Council ; Charles Duke of Richmond, K.G.; Wil

JULY. liam, Earl of Devon ; Henry Thomas, Earl of Chichester; Lord John Russell ;

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. the Speaker of the House of Commons; Sir Benj. Brodie, Bart. ; Robert Fergu 1. Unattached, Brevet Lieut.-Col, T. son, esq., M.D.; Major Jebh, Royal Falls, to be Lieut.-Col. Engineers; William Crawford, esq. ; Brevet Major R. Hort, 81st Foot, and the Rev. Whitworth Russell, to be to be Dep. Adj.-Gen. to the Forces in Commissioners for governing the Pen the Leeward and Windward Islands, tonville Prison.

with the rank of Lieut. Col.

Brevet Col. J. G. Cuyler, Cape MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. Corps, to be Major-Gen.; Major J.C.

Chads, Ist West-India Regt., and Brevet Athlone.—Daniel Henry Farrell, esq., Major G. Proctor, 84th Foot, to be declared duly elected, vice Beresford. Lieut.-Cols.

Ipswich.--The Earl of Desart, and 4. Capt, the Hon. Sir F. B. R. PelThomas Gladstone, esq.

lew, C.B., K.C.B., to be a naval Aid-deLondonulerry Co.--Robert Bateson, Camp to Her Majesty. esq.

11. Col. Thomas St. Clair, C.B., and Lyme Regis.--Thomas Hussey, esq., K.R.S., to accept the insignia of a kot. declared duly elected, vice W. Pinney, Commander of the Order of St. Bento esq.

d'Avis, conferred by the Queen of PorMeath Co.-M. E. Corbally, esq. tugal in testimony of his services during

Newcastle under Lyme.-J. A.Harris, the Peninsular war. esq.

18. The Earl of Dartmouth to be Waterford City.Sir H. W. Barron, Vice-Lieut. of the county of Stafford. Bart., and Thomas Wyse, esq., declared Lieut.-Col. Justin Shiel, Her Ma. duly clected, vice Christmas and Reade. jesty's Secretary of Legation and Chargé

d'Affaires in Persia, and knt, of the

second class of the Lion and Sun, to ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, accept the first class of the said Order.

Frederick Round Peel, esq., to be Rev. G. Archdall, D.D. Master of Usber of the Order of the Thistle. Eman. Coll. Camb. to be a Canon of 19. 79th Foot, Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. Norwich.

Macdonald, K.C.B., to be Col. Rev.C. Deede, to be a Preb. of Wells, 20. Rawson William Rawson, esq., to Rev. J. Horner to be a Preb. of Wells. be Civil Secretary to the Governor of

Rev. W. Gee, to the Archdeaconry of Canada; W. F. Coffin, esq., to be one of East Cornwall.

the Sheriffs for the District of Montreal,

in Canada; and James Agnew, esq., to Civil PREFERMENTS.

be Colonial Secretary and Clerk of the

Crown in the Virgin Islands. Mr. Serjeant Merewether to be Town 21. Peter-John Fane de Salis, Count Clerk of London.

de Salis, to accept the insignia, of the Elliot M.Naghten, esq., to be a Di. third class, of the Red Eagle, which rector of the East India Company. is conferred in approbation of his con

Capt. Donatus O'Brien to be Private duct while in the actual service of Secretary to Sir James Graham, Sec. of his Majesty the King of Prussia, durState.

ing the insurrection at Neufchatel, in The Rev. Richard Harrington, M.A., 1831,


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PROMOTIONS. 22. 13th Foot, Brevet Lieut.-Col. E. Master of the Free Gram. School BlackJ. Tronson, to be Lieut.-Col.

32nd Foot, Major F. Markam, to Rev. C. Sangster, to be Head Master be Lieut.-Col. ; Capt. H. V. Brooke to of Rochester and Chatham Class, and be Major.

Math. Inst. 46th Foot, Capt. Arch. Erskine, to be Major.

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. - 90th Foot, Major C. B.Cumberland to be Lieut..Col. ; Brevet Major P.

AUGUST. Cheape, to be Major.

Brevet Major-Gen. Sir W. M. 2. 83rd Foot, Brevet Lieut.-Col. B. Gomm, K.C.B., to have the local rank Trydell to be Lieut.-Col.; Brevet Col. of Lieut.-(ien. in the Mauritius.

Swinburne to be Major. 29. Frederick John Trick, esq., (late Brevet Col. G. A. Wetherall, Ist of the 66th Regt.) to be one of Her Ma Foot, and Lieut.-Col. Standish Viscount jesty's hon. corps of Gentlemen at Arms. Guillamore, to be Aides-de-Camp to the

30. Col. Thomas Phipps Howard, Queen. K.II., to wear the supernumerary cross of 4. Charles George Young, esq., York the Order of Charles 3rd, conferred in Herald, to be Garter Principal King of testimony of her Catholic Majesty's ap Arms. probation of his services during the 5. Edward Howard Gibbon, esq., Peninsular war.

Mowbray Herald Extraordinary, to be


30th Foot, Brevet Major J. Proc

ter, to be Major. Buckinghamshire.- Hon. W. E. Fitz 85th Foot, Brevet Major M. maurice.

Power, to be Major. Meath Co.-Matt. E. Corbally, esq. Rifle Brigade, Capt. J. A. Hen

Newcastle under Lyme.—John C. Col. derson to be Major. quhoun, esq., declared duly elected, Unattached, Major W. T. Hunt, vice Harris.

from 85th Foot, to be Lieut. Col.

- Staff, Major E.C. Archer, ball-pay NAVAL PROMOTIONS.

Unattached, to be Dep. Quartermaster

Gen. in the Leeward and Windward Promotions. - Commander Thos. 0. Islands with the rank of Lieut.-Col. in Knox, to be Capt.

Lieuts. Christopher Claxton, T. L. 6. Royal Art., Brevet Major Matthew Gooch, and James A. Stevens, to be Louis to be Lieut.-Col. Commanders.

11. Sir John Benn Walsh, Bart., to

be Lord-Licut. of the co. of Radnor. ECCLESIASTICAL PHEPERMENTS.

Rev. John Antony Cramer, D,D.,

to be Professor of Modern History in The Bishopric of Barbadoes has been the University of Oxford. divided into three dioceses:

Col. William Chalmers, C.B. to Rev. Thomas Parry, M.A., lale Fel. accept the Commander's star of the low of Ball. Coll. Oxford, to be Bishop Hanoverian Guelphic Order, conferred of Barbadocs ; Rev. D. G. Davis, M.A. by the King of Hanover in approbation of Pemb. Coll. Oxford, to be Bishop of of his services with Hanoverian troops Antigua ; and Rev. W. P. Austin, M.A., in the Peninsula. of Exeter Coll. Oxford, to be Bishop of 15. Field Marshal Arthur Duke of Guiana.

Wellington to be Commander-in-Chief Rev. Francis Russell Nixon, M.A., of all Her Majesty's Land Forces in the late Fellow of St. John's College Oxford, United Kingdom. to be the first Bishop of Van Diemen's 17. Archibald William Earl of EglinLand.

ton to be Lieutenant and Sheriff PrinciHon. and Rev. C. L. Courtenay, to be pal of the shire of Ayr, vice the Earl of a Prebendary of Exeter.

Glasgow, res.

19. Fergus James Graham, esq., to CIVIL PREFERMENTS.

be Her Majesty's Consul at Bayonne.

Robert Falconer Corbett, esq., to Rev. T. Edwards, to be Head Math. be Consul at Maranham.

the ariny.

William Kennedy, esq., to be
Consul at Galveston.

Thomas Ussher, esq., (some time MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. British Vice-Consul at Port-au-Prince), to be Consul in Hati.

Belfast.David R. Ross, esq., and 22. Sir Baldwin Wake Walker, K.C.B, James Emerson Tennent, esq. Capt. R.N. and Admiral in the Turkish Hampshire.--Lord Chas. Wellesley. Navy, to accept the cross of the Order Ipswich.---John N. Gladstone, esq., of the Redeemer of Greece, for his ser and Sackville Lane Fox, esq. vices at Modon and Patras in 1828 ; also Noltingham.—Joho Walter, esq. the insignia of the Iron Crown of Aus. Southampton.— Humphrey St. John tria of the 2nd class, St. Anne of Russia Mildmay, esq., and George William of the 2nd class, and the Red Eagle of Hope, esg. Prussia of the 2nd class, for his services in the late war in Syria.

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. Lieut.-Col. Hen. Webster, K.T.S., to accept the Order of St. Bento d'Avis,

SEPTEMBER. and of William of the Netherlands, conferred by the Queen of Portugal and 3. Gen. Rowland Baron Hill, G.C.B., King of the Netherlands, in approba. created Visct. Hill, of Hawkstone and tion of his services during the Peninsu of Hardwicke,co. Salop; with remainder, lar war and at Waterloo.

in default of his issue male, to his neph. 26. The 13th Light Infantry to as Sir Rowland Hill, Bart. sume the title of the 13th, or Prince 12. Frederick Beckford Long, esq., Albert's Regt. of Light Infantry, and to to bc Registrar, and the Hon. Edward bear on its colours and appointments a Cecil Curzon, Chief Clerk and Deputy mural crown, superscribed" Jellalabad,” Registrar, under the provisions of the as a memorial of the fortitude, perse act, intituled “An Act to consolidate verance, and enterprise evinced by that and amend the Laws, relating to the regiment, and the several corps which Copyright of Designs for ornamenting served during the blockade of Jellala« articles of manufacture." bad; also to receive and wear a silver Edward Scard, esq., to be Apothemedal, which has been directed by the cary to the Duke of Cambridge's HouseGovernor-Gen. of India to be distributed hold at Kew. to every officer, non-commissioned offi 21. The Right Hon. H. Ellis, to procer, and private, European and Native, ceed on an Extraordinary and Special who belonged to the garrison of Jellala Mission to Brazil. bad on the 7th of April, 1842, such Capt. Robert Fitzroy, R.N., to be medal to bear on one side a mural crown, the Acting Conservator of the river superscribed “ Jellalabad,” and on the Mersey, other side, 7th April, 1842.

22. James Hook, esq. (in the room of 27. The Queen was this day, pleased M. L. Melville, esq., promoted,) to be to confer the honour of Knighthood Her Majesty's Cominissioners of Arbi. upon Charles George Young, esq., Gar tration in the Mixed British and Foter Principal King-at-Arms; to invest reign Courts of Commission, established him with the gold chain and badge, and at Sierra Leone, under the Treaties for to deliver to him the sceptre of the of- Suppression of the slave-trade. fice of Garter.

24. The Earl of Wilton to proceed as Envoy Extraordinary on a special Mis

sion for the purpose of investing the Civil PREFERMENTS.

King of Saxony with the ensigns of the

Most Noble Order of the Garter. Rev. Archibald Tait, M.A., to be 30. James Walker, esq., to be SecreHead Master of Rugby School.

tary and Clerk of the Council, and ReRev. Henry Atkinson, B.A., to be membrancer of the Court of Exchequer, Head Master of Drax Grammar School. in Barbadoes; Joseph Arthur Allen,

Rev. T. W. Richards, B.A., to be esq., to be Treasurer of the Island of Math. Master of Oundlc Grammar Trinidad; Francis Philip Bedingfield, School.

esq., to be Treasurer of the Island of Rev. John Davidson, to be Master of Dominica ; John Montagu, esq., to be St. John's Hospital, Barnard's Castle. Secretary to Government at the Cape of

PROMOTIONS. Good Hope ; James Ebenezer Bicheno, of inquiring specially into the mode in esq., to be Colonial Secretary in Van which education, and particularly reDiemen's Land ; Frederic Seymour, ligious instruction, has been hitherto esq., to be Assistant Colonial Secretary afforded to the pauper children of the in Van Diemen's Land; and Lieut. Me parish of St. Pancras, Middlesex. rion Moriarty, R.N., to be Port Master 4. Gen. Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, in New South Wales.

Knt., to be Governor and Commander3rd Dragoon Guards, Lieut.-Gen. in-Chief of Gibraltar, and Vice-Admiral F. Newbery, to be Col.

of the same. 4th Light Dragoons, Lieut.-Gen. Brevet, Major Robert Pattisson, Sir J. C. Dalbiac, to be Col.

13th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col.

To be Majors: Captains Henry ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Lavelock, A. P. S. Wilkinson, Hamlet

Wade, and James H. Fenwick, all of the The Very Rev. Thos. Turton, D.D., 13th Foot. (Dean of Peterborough), to be Dean of To be Aid-de-Camp to the Queen, Westminster.

with the rank of Col. in the army in the Ven. Archdeacon J. M. Stevens, to be East Indies only, Lieut.-Col. Thomas a Canon of Exeter.

Monteath, 35th Bengal Infantry.

To have the local rank of Major Civil PREFERMENTS.

in Affghanistan, Lieut. George Hall

MʻGregor, Bengal Artillery. The Duke of Buccleuch to be High Major Hen. Havelock, 13th Foot; Steward of Westminster, vice Lord Sid. Brevet Majors James Fraser, 11th Benmouth, resigned.

gal Light Cavalry; Augustus Abbott, Edinburgh University.-Dr. Alison, Bengal Artillery; C. E. T. Oldfield, to be Professor of Practical Medicine, 5th Bengal Light Cavalry; 34th Madras vice Dr. Home, resigned ; Dr. Hender Native Infantry, and Geo. Hall M'Greson to be Professor of Pathology, vice gor, Bengal Artillery, to be Companions Dr. Thomson, resigned.

of the Bath. The Rev. John Earle, B.A., to be 21. John Balguy, esq., Q.C.; EbeneHead Master of the School for the Edu zer Ludlow and Edward Goulburn, Sercation of the Sons of the Clergy of the jeants-at-Law; Walker Skirrow, esq., Established Church in Ireland, opened Q.C.; Henry John Stephen Serjeant-atat Lucan.

Law; Nathaniel Ellison, Martin John Rev. T. Elmore, to be Vice-Principal West, Edmund Robert Daniell, William of the National Society's Training Col Thomas Jemmett, Charles Phillips, lege at Chelsea, Middlesex.

Montague Baker Bere, and Richard Rev. D. R. Godfrey, M.A., to be Stevenson, esqrs., Barristers-at-Law, to Head Master of Devonpt. Propr. School. be Commissioners of the Court of Bank

Rev. R. P. Jones, B.A., to be Head ruptcy, to act in the prosecution of fiats Master of Denbigh Grammar School. in bankruptcy in the country.

Rev. W. W. Willan, to be Vice-Prin 26. Duncan M'Neill, esq., to be Her cipal of the Iluddersfield Collegiate Majesty's Solicitor-Advocate for ScotSchool.


31. James Matthias Gilbertson, esq., GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

to be one of Her Majesty's Hon. Corps

of Gentlemen-at-arms. OCTOBER.

The Duke of Wellington, as Com

mander-in-Chief, has appointed Colonel 1. Rutherford Alcock and Jn. Bacot, Hon. G. Anson, Lieut.-Col. the Maresqrs., to be Inspectors of Anatomy in quess of Douro, Cornet the Earl of England and Wales ; and Andrew Wood, March, and Cornet the Marquess of Doctor in Medicine to be Inspector of Worcester, as his Grace's Aids-deAnatomy in Scotland.

Camp. 3. Seymour Tremenheere, esq., Barrister-at-law, and one of Her Majesty's

NAVAL PROMOTIONS. Inspectors of Schools, to be an Assist. ant Poor-law Commissioner, for the pe In the Royal George Yacht, in conriod of thirty days, from the said 3rd sequence of Her Majesty's visit to Scotday of October instant, for the purpose land :

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