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MARRIAGES. of the late James Charlton, esq., of gate, Thomas Carew, esq., third son of Hexham, Northumberland.

the late Sir Henry Carew, Bart., to 3. At St. Mary's, Paddington, Wil. Charlotte, fourth daughter of Sir William Cheeswright, esq., to Caroline, liam Curtis, Bart. eldest daughter of the Rev. Joseph At Rothley, Leicestershire, the Sturgis.

Rev. William John Conybeare, Fellow 5. At Windsor-street, Edinburgh, of Trinity College, Cambridge, and John Deykin Hitchcock, esq., to Jerni- Principal of the Liverpool Collegiate ma, daughter of the late Sir James Institution, to Eliza Rose, youngest Campbell, of Ardkinlass.

daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Rose, 6. At Hanslope, the Rev. Augustus Vicar of Rothley. Pyne, B.A., formerly of Caius College, 15. At Duffield, in the co. of Derby, Cambridge, to Louisa Rosa, youngest John Meynell, esq., of Tapton Grove, danghter of W. Watts, esq., of Hanslope eldest son of Godfrey Meynell, esq., of Park, Bucks.

Langly, to Sarah Brooks, only surviving At Narborough, Norfolk, James child of the late William Brooks JohnBury, eldest son of James Capel, esq., son, esq., M.B., of Coxbench, in the of Fitzroy-square, to Georgina, third same county. daughter of Charles Fassett Burnett, At Donagheady Church, Henry esq., of Narborough Hall and Park Poore Cox, esq., eldest son of William Crescent.

Cox, esq., of Oxford-terrace, Hyde At Paris, at the British Embassy, Park, to Augusta Frederica, second the Rev. Williain Francklin, to Pene. daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Charles lope Maria, daughter of W. Atkins Douglas, of Earlsgist, in the county of Bowyer, esq., of the Manor Estate, Tyrone. Clapham, Surrey.

21. At Great Hallingbury, William, 10. At Trinity Church, Bridgewater, eldest son of the Hon. John Hay Forbes, James Spencer Northcote, esq., of Cor of Medwyn, to Mary Anne, second pus Christi College, Oxford, second son daughter of the late John Archer Houbof George Barons Northcote, esq., of lon, esq., of Hallingbury-place, Essex, Somerset Court, Somerset, to Susanna and Welford, Berks. Spencer Ruscombe, daughter of Joseph 27. At St. Mary's Paddington, Sm. Ruscombe Poole, esq., of Bridgewater. Rawlins, esq., of Moseley, Worcester

At the Cathedral, Canterbury, the shire, to Catherine Anne, daughter of Rev. Frederick, R. A. Glover, M.A., Stuart Donaldson, esq., of Upper Hyde Rector of Charlton in Dover, to Anne, Park-street, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Starr, esq., of the Precincts, Canterbury.

13. At All Souls' Church, Sir Charles Des Vaux, Bart., to Lady Cecilia Pau. let, daughter of the Marquis of Winchester.

PROMOTIONS. At Leamington, Commander Gor. don Gallie Macdonald, R.N., to Maria, surviving daughter of the Rev. William

1841. Oddie, M.A., formerly Fellow of Mag dalen College, Oxford, and widow of the late William Gray, esq., of the In

DECEMBER. ner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

At Mary's Creeting, Suffolk, W. Cunningham Douglas, esq., late Capt.

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. 17th Lancers, to Lydia Louisa, daughter of Major-Gen. Charles Turner.

9. Capt. Atkins Hamerton, of the At Westbury-upon-Tyrm, Glou Hon. E. I. Company's Service, to be cestersbire, the Rev. Thomas Halliwell, Her Majesty's Consul in the dominions M.A., second son of Thomas Halliwell, of the Imaum of Muscat. esq., of Islip, Oxfordshire, to Mary Mar. 20. Hon. Alex. Lord Ashburton ; garet, eldest daughter of John Elton, the Right Hon. John Nicholl, Judge esq., of Redland, in the former parish. Advocate-Gen.; George Carr Glynn,

14. At St. George's Church, Rams esq.; and John Shaw Lefevre, esq.,

PROMOTIONS. to be Commissioners to conduct a 11th Foot, Lieuto-Col. Sir M. strict investigation, with a view to as. Creagh, from 86th Foot, to be Lieut.. certain in what manner Exchequer Bills Col. have been made out and issued since 62nd Foot, Licut. Col. the Jon. the remodelling of the Exchequer by T. Ashburnham, from the Coldstream the Act of Parliament passed in the Guards, to be Lieut. Col. fourth and fifth years of the reign of his 86th Foot, Lieut -Col. B. V. Delale Majesty King William the Fourth, rinzy, from 11th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. and to point out whether any and what St. Helena Reg., Major Il. Simdefects are to be found in the existing monds, from the 61st Foot, to be Lieut.systein, and what additional checks or Col.; Brevet-Major J. Thorcau, from regulations can be established, with a 37th Foot, to be Major. view to guard in future against the Brevet Capt. H. E. O'Dell, of the forgery of Exchequer Bills, or against St. Helena Reg., to be Major. the fraudulent or unauthorised issue 15. George Earl of Beverley to be of them.

Capt. of the Yeomen of the Guard. 27. Royal Art., Capt. and Brevet. George Earl of Beverley, the Major P. D. Stewart, to be Lieut. Col. Right Hon. James Lewis Knight Bruce,

28. 2nd Foot, Brevet-Major G. D. J. and the Right Hon. James Wigram, Raitt to be Major.

sworn of the Privy Council. Brevet, Lieut.-Col. G. Macdonald 17. Alfred Cbeeke, esq., to be Crown (Gov. of Sierra Leone), to bave the Prosecutor in New South Wales, local rank of Col. on the western coast 20. The 54th Rey. to bear upon its of Africa ; Capt. H. J. Sharp, 86th Foot, colours and appointments, in addition to be Major in the army.

to the distinctions which it has pre31. Isi Foot Guards, Capt. the Hon. viously obtained, the word “Marabout.” F. G. Ilood to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col.; in commemoration of the gallantry 88th Foot, Major 0. Phibbs to be Lieut. cvinced by the regiment at the assault Col. ; 94th Foot, Major H, R. Milan to and capture of that fort, in Egypt, on be Lieut.-Col.

the 21st August, 180). To be Lieut.-Cols. in the army, Bre Lieut. Joseph Clayton Jennyns, vet-Majors G. D. Hall, half-pay Royal 15th Hussars, to accept the cross of Staff Corps; C. Head, half-pay Unait.; the first class, of the Order of San FerT. W. 0. M‘Niven, half-pay Unatt.; nando, conferred by the Queen of Spain, S. D. Pritchard, hall-pay Unatt. ; E. in approbation of his conduct in several H. D. E. Napier, 46th Foot; E. Harvey, actions while serving in the British 14th Light Dragoons.

Auxiliary Legion.

21. Susan, Countess of Dalhousie to

be one of the Ladies of the Bedchamber 1842.

to Her Majesty, vice Mary Countess of Sandwich.

28. Alexander Lord Ashburton to JANUARY

proceed on an extraordinary and special

mission to the United States of AmeGAZETTE PROMOTIONS.


John Macplıcrsou Brackenbury, 1. Thomas Chandler Haliburton, esq. esq. jun., to be her Majesty's Consul in to be a Puisne Judge of the Supreme the province of Andalusia. Court of the Province of Nova Scotia.

Mr. James Milligan to be Consul Royal Art. Brevet-Major R. F. in London, and Mr. Alfred Fox, Consul Romer to be Lieut. Col.

at Falmouth, for the Republic of Venea 2. Major-Gen. William Wemyss to zuela. be Clerk Marshal to Prince Albert.

7. The Right Hon. H. Hobhouse to be one of the Commissioners on Exche

NAVAL PROMOTIONS. quer Bills, vice Lord Ashburton (appointed on a special mission to Ame Commander William W. P. Johnson rica).

(late of Winchester), to the rank of Coldstream Guards, Lieut. Col. Capt.; Lieut. J. H. Murray (dag Lieut. the Hon. G, F. Upton, 62nd Foot, to be to Sir II. Digby), to the rank of Com. Capt. and Lieut.-Col.



Aberdeen, and Mr. John Cadell, Vice

Consul at Leitb, for the King of the ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Belgians.


Rev. N. Davies, to be a Prebendary


Rev. C. Drury, Prebendary of Here To be Captain in compliment to the ford.

King of Prussia, Commander Nott, and Rev. E. Melvill, Prebendary of St. Lieut. George Henry Seymour to be David's.

Commander. Rev. J. Venables, Prebendary of Sa


Bantlon Bridge.- Viscount Bernard. F. N. Rogers, esq.,

be Deputy Clackmannan and Kinross.-MajorJudge Advocate General.

Gen. William Morrison, C.B. Rev. T. Hughes, to be Head Master Cornwall, West.-Sir Charles Lemon, of Woodbridge Grammar School.


Dublin City.-Wm. Henry Gregory,


Dublin University.-Joseph D. Jack


Lcominster.-Geo. Arkwrigbt, csq.

Liverpool.--Sir Howd. Douglas, Bart. 2. The Duke of Buccleuchand Queens Lynn Regis.-Viscount Jocelyn. berry sworn of the Privy Council, and Linlithgoroshire.- Hon. Chas. Hope, sword Keeper of the Privy Scal, vice re-elected. the Duke of Buckingliam and Chandos. Taunton.-Sir Thomas Edward Cole.

The Marquess of Salisbury sworni, brooke, Bart. Lord Lieut. of Middlesex; and the Marquess of Exeter Lord Lieut. of Northamptonshire.

EccLEsiASTICAL PREFERMENTS. 3. Alaister Mackenzie, esq., to be Deputy Sheriff of the District of Port Rev. A. T. Gilbert, D.D., to be BiPhilip, in the colony of New South shop of Chichester. Wales.

Rev. Dr. O'Brien, to be Bishop of Thomas Shirley Warner, esq., to Ossory. be Provost Marshal General of Domi Rev. H. Newman, to be Dean of Cork. nica,

Rev. Dr. Archdall, to be a Preben7. George White, esq., Cul. in the dary of Norwich. Portuguese army, to accept the insignia Rev. W. J. Thornton, Prebendary of of the Tower and Sword, conferred by Hereford. Don John the 6th, for his conduct in the Peninsular War.

Civil PREFERMENTS. 14. Knightcd, by letters patent, Jamsetjec Jeejebhoy, of Bombay, esq.

The Right Hon. G. R. Dawson, to be Hercules I. Robertson, esq., Ad a Commissioner of Customs. vocate, to be Sheriff Depute of Ren The Venerable Archdeacon Hale, to frewshire.

be Master of the Charter House. 23. Admirals, the Hon. Sir John Tal Rev. J. Garbett, to be Prosessor of bot, Sir Robert Barlow, and Sir Henry Poetry in Oxford, Digby, to be G.C.B.; Lieut.-Col. Hugh G. Allen, esq., to be Warden of DulHenry Rose to be C.B.

wich College. William Snagg, esq., to be Solici. tor.-Gen. in the Island of Grenada. 24. Lieut.-Col. Hugh Massey Whe

MARCH. ler, C.B., 48th Bengal N. I. to accept the insignia of the second class of the

Gazetre PROMOTIONS. Order of the Dooranée empire.

25. Mr. Alexander Thom, Consul at 4. Francis Merewether, esq., to be

Deputy Registrar in the district of Port
Philip, New South Wales.

39th Foot, Brevet Major E. W.
Bray, from 31st Foot, to be Major.

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. Brevet Major C. A. Bayley, Commandant of the island of Gozo, to have 1. Major-Gen. W. F. P. Napier to the local rank of Lieut. Col. in the Me. be Licut.-Governor of Guernsey, vice diterranean.

Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Douglas. 11. Sir William Molesworth, Bart., 8. Joseph Tucker Crawford, esq. (now to be Sheriff of Cornwall.

Consul at Tampico) to be Consul-Gene40th Foot, Capt. J. Stopford, to ral in the island of Cuba. be Major.

Frederick Chatfield, esq. (now Brevet Major F. Farrent, Capt. Consul in the Republic of Central Ame3rd Bombay Light Cavalry, to bave the rica), to be Consul General in the same local rank of Lieut.-Col. in Persia. Republic.

16. The Earl of Elgin and Kincar Ewen C. Mackintosh, esq., acting dinc to be Governor of Jamaica.

British Consul at Mexico, to be consul 22. Royal Art., Major Gen. Alexan at that city. der Watson, to be Col. Commandant.

Francis Gilford, esq., British ViceConsul at Vera Cruz, to be Consul at

tbat port.



Eustace Barron, csq., Vice-Consul

at San Blas, to be Consul at that port. In Compliment to the King of Prus William Glass, esq., to be Consul sia ; Commander John Washington, of at Tampico. the Sbeerwater (when he has served his 11. The King of Saxony was declared time), to the rank of Captain. Lieuts. a Knight of the Garter; and Henry Thomas Mitchell, of Formidable, and Duke of Beaufort, Richard Plantagenet Hugh Berners, Lightning, to be Com Duke of Buckingham, James Brownlow manders.

Marquess of Salisbury, and Ilenry Duke In consequence of the visit of Her of Cleveland were elected and invested Majesty to Portsmouth, Commanders Knights of the same Most Noble Order. Blow, Black Eagle; Hay, Queen; and Royal Artillery, Brevet Major Rich. Woodthorpe, Alfred, to be Captains. C. Molesworth to be Lieut.-Colonel. Lieuts. Blair, St. Vincent; Thomas, 13. The Right Hon. John Pirie, of Royal George yacht; Græine, Queen; Camberwell, co. Surrey, Lord Mayor of G. J. Hirtzel, Alfred, to be Command. London, created a Baronet.

Knighted, James Campbell, esq.,

Lord Provost of Glasgow ; Henry ThoMEMBERS RETURNBD TO PARLIAMENT. mas de la Beche, esq., F.R.S., Director

of the Ordnance Geological Surycy of Clitheroe.- Edward Cardwell, esq. on Britain, and of the Museum of Economic petition, vice Wilson.

Geology, Department of Woods, &c.; Lewes. Hon. Henry Fitzroy, on pe. Wm. Drysdale, of Pittuchar, co. Fife, tition, vice Harford.

esq.; and Major George Gunn Munro, Salop, South.Viscount Newport. of the Rosshire Militia, and of PoyntaSunderland.-Viscount Howick. field, co. Cromarty.

George Philip Lee, esq. to be

Lieutenant of Her Majesty's Guard of Civil PREFERMENTS.

Yeomen of the Guard, vicc Sir Edwin

Pcarson. Lord Wbarncliffe, to be Governor of 14. John Ashford, esq. to be one of the Charter House.

Her Majesty's Hop, corps of GentleSir John llerschel to be Lord Rector men-at-Arms. of Marischal College, Aberdeen.

15. Brevet Major-General George, Henry Selfe, esq., to be Recorder of Marquess of Tweedale, K.T., to have Newbury.

the local rank of Lieut.-General, in the Charles Barry, esq., clected a Royal Presidency of Madras. Academician.

16. H. R, H. Prince Albert of Saxe Mr. Kippist (late Assistant) elected Coburg and Gotha to be Lord Warden Librarian to the Linnean Society. of the Stannaries and Chief Steward of

PROMOTIONS. the Duchy in the countics of Cornwall Major-Gen. Sir Neil Douglas, and Devon.

K.C.B., to be Governor of Edinburgh The 32nd Foot to bear upon its Castle. colours and appointments, in addition to the distinctions heretofore granted,

MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARIJAMENT. the word “ Corunna," in commemoration of the gallantry displayed by the regi.

Cardigan.-Pryse Pryse, esq., declared ment at that place on the 16th Jan. 1809.

duly clected, vice Harford, 18. George Raymond, esq. to be one

Longford Co.-Anthony Lefroy, esq., of Her Majesty's Hon. corps of Gentle

duly elected, vice White.

Marlow.--Renn Hampden, esq., duly men-at-Arms, vice Sams, retired.

20. Royal Artillery, Brevet Lieut. elected, vice Sir W. R. Clayton, Bart. Col. Francis Rawdon Chesncy to be

Montrose,&-c. Burghs.-Joseph Hume, Lieut.-Colonel ; Brevet Major William

esq. Bell to be Lieut.-Colonel ; Brevet Major

Wakefield.-The Hon. Wm. S. LasG. B. Fraser to Lieut.-Colonel.

celles duly elected, vice Holdsworth. 23. The Rev.Charles Atmore Ogilvie,

Weymouth.-Ralph Bernal, esq., and M.A. to be Regius Professor of Pastoral

Wm. D. Christie, esq., duly elected, Thcology, and the Rev. Robert Ilussey,

vice Visct. Villiers and Hope. B.D., to be Regius Professor in Eccle

Wigan.-Charles Standish, esq., duly siastical History, in the University of clected, vice Crosse. Oxford.

[The election of F. Villiers, esq., and 25. John Marquess of Bute to be

D. 0. Dyce Sombre, esq. for Sudbury, High Commissioner to the Gen. Assem.

was declared void, and the borough re. bly of the Church of Scotland.

commended to be disfranchised.) Francis Merewether, esq. to be

[The election of Rigby Wason, esq., Immigration Agent in the territory of

and George Rennic, esq. for Ipswich, New South Wales ; J. D. Pinnock, csq.

was declared void, and the issue of a to be Dep: Registrar in the district

new Writ suspended on account of the of Port Philip, New South Wales.

bribery at their election.] Edward Howard Gibbon, esq. to be Mowbray Herald of Arms Extraor


26. Scots Fusileer Guards, Field Marshal H. R. H. Prince Albert, K. G. from

Rev. W. F. Raymond, to be Archdea

con of Northumberland. 11th Light Dragoons, to be Colonel. 11th Light Dragoons, Lieut.

Rev. T. S. Bowstead, to be a Prebend.

of Lichfield. Gen. Sir A. B, Clifton, K.C.B. to be Colonel.

Rev. H, F. Gray to be a Prebend, of

Wells. - 17th Light Dragoons, Col. H.R. H. Prince George of Cambridge, K.G. to be

CIVIL PREFERMENTS. Colonel. 20th Foot, Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. S.

Rev. N. Germon, to be Head Master Barns, K.C.B. to be Colonel.

of Manchester Free Grammar School. 40th Foot, Lieut.-Gen. Sir A. Wood Rev. J. Woolley, to be Head Master ford, K.C.B. G.C.M.G. to be Colonel.

of the Cathedral School at Hereford. Rifle Brigade, Lieut.-Gen, Sir D.

Rev. J. Walker to be Master of ClipL. Gilmour, K.C.B., to be Colonel Com stone School, Northampton. mandant of a Battalion.

27. The Duke of Marlborough to be Lord Lieutenant, and Custos Rotulorum

MAY. of the county of Oxford; and the Mar

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. quess of Londonderry to be Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the

4. Knighted, Cresswell Cresswell, esq., county Palatinc of Durham.

one of the Justices of the Court of Com. 29. Ceylon Rifle Regiment.- Major

mon Pleas. James Anderson to be Lieut.-Colonel; 10. P. R. Marillier, esq., to be Civil Brevet Major Auchmuty Montresor to Commissioner and Resident Magistrate be Major.

of the district of Somerset, Cape of Brevet Captain T. A. Girling, 91st Good Hope. Foot, to be Major.

11. John Russell, esq., to be one of


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