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MARRIAGES. second daughter of Samuel Betteley, At St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, esq., of Waltham House, Herts. Henry Pearson, esq., M.A. Barrister.

13. At Leeds, the Rev. Thomas Boys at-law, to Caroline, only daughter of Ferris, Incumbent of St. Luke's, Leeds, Hyde Salmon Whalley Tooker, esq., of eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Ferris, Norton Hall, and Winscombe Court, of Dallington, Sussex, to Hannah, only Somerset, and Hinton Lodge, Hants. child of the late William Barraclough, 23. At Hanley Castle, Worcester, esq., of New York.

Edward John Collingwood, esq., of Lil15. At St. Gcorge's, Hanover-square, burn Tower, Northumberland, to Anna, Frederick Fielding, esq., of Gray's.inn, second daughter of the late Arthur to the Hon. Lady Maynard Hesilrige, Burdett, esq., formerly of Dublin. widow of Sir Thomas M. Hesilrige, At Bedford, Thomas Philips, esq., Bart., and daughter of the late Lord of Aberayon, Glamorganshire, to Delia Wodehouse.

Mary Cosens, second daughter of Capt. 16. At Crondall, Hants, George Kete W. W. Foote, R.N. Greenwich Hospital. tilby Rickards, esq. M.A., of the Inner At St. Marylebone, Charles FranTemple, to Frances Phæbe, second cis Yates, esq., only son of the late daughter of the late Rev. J. H. G. Le Major Watson Yates, 26th Madras reg., froy, of Ewsbot House.

to Louisa, eldest daughter of Philip At Dunham, Norfolk, the Rev. Edward Bayly, esq., of Norton-street, Charles Roe, of Newtown, near New Portland-place. bury, to Catharine, eldest unmarried 24. At Amwell, the Rev. A. Goldney, daughter; and the Rev. Walter John of Cuddesden, Oxon, to Mary, eldest Partridge, of Caston, Norfolk, to Maria daughter of the Rev. C. W. Le Bas, Agnes, youngest daughter of Sir C. M. Principal of the East India College, Clarke, Bart., of Dunham Lodge. Hertford.

17. At Bengeo, Edward Spencer, se At Brussels, Lieut. Richard Harcond son of John Trower, esq., of Wes vey, Royal Art. son of William Harvey, ton Grove, near Southampton, to Emma, esq., and grandson of the late Adm. Sir eldest daughter of Adm. Gosselin, of Henry Harvey, K.B., to Carolina AleBengeo Hall, Herts.

thea, only daughter of Richard Watt Baron N. de Rothschild, of London, to his cousin, daughter of Baron 25. At Wymering, Hants, John HabJ. de Rothschild, in Paris.

back, esq., Barrister-at-law, to Cathe18. In the private chapel of Brough rine Anne, second surviving daughter Hall, Yorkshire, the seat of Sir William of Vice-Adm. Sir F. W. Austen, K.C.B. Lawson, Bart. Le Marquis de la Beli at St. George's, Hanover-square, naye, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Lord Prudhoe, brother of the Duke of the late John Wright, esq., of Kelvedon Northumberland, to Lady Eleanor GrosHall, Essex, and sister of Sir W. Lawson. venor, eldest daughter of Earl Gros.

At Burton Agnes, Yorkshire, the venor; and Lord Parker, eldest son of Rev. William Mousley, of Etwall, Der the Earl of Macclesfield, to Lady Mary byshire, M.A. to Caroline, third daugh. Frances Grosvenor, second daughter of ter of Sir Henry Boynton, Bart.

Earl Grosvenor. - At Frankfort-sur-Maine, Gerard 27. At Brussels, William Stapleton Nevile, B.A., Curate of Tilton, Leices. Piers, esq. youngest son of Sir J. B. ter, third son of the Rev. H. Nevile, of Piers, Bart, of Tristernaugh Abbey, Cottesmore, to Rosamond, eldest daugh. Westmeath, to Anna Maria Frances, ter of Sir Matthew Blakiston, Bart. eldest daughter of Edward Baker, esq.,

- At Holbeach, Lincolnshire, Capt. resident at Dunkirk. A. Donelan, 48th reg. to Sarah Anne, At St. George's, Hanover-square, eldest daughter of J. Johnson, esq. Belford Hinton Wilson, esq., son of

19. At St. Pancras, Samuel, second Gen. Sir Robert Wilson, and her Ma. son of Hugh Parker, esq., of Wood- jesty's Chargé d'Affaires in Peru, to thorpe, Yorkshire, to Clara, youngest Louisa, only child of Gen. Bayly Wallis. daughter of the late Joshua Ryle, esq., 29. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Dr. of Carshalton.

Hatherell, Rector of Charmouth, Dorset, 20. At Paddington, Capt. John Do to Constantia, youngest daughter of mett, of Camberwell, to Charlotte The. Robert Grey, esq., of Shorestone, Bamresa, only daughter of the late Col. burgh, Northumberland. George Hillier, 62nd reg.

At Finchley, Frederic Mansel

Walker, esq.


MARRIAGES. Reynolds, esq., to Jessie, only daughter delwyddan, Flint, to Lady Sarah Am. of the late Capt. George Harris, R.N. herst, only daughter of Earl Amherst. C.B., Member for Great Grimsby in At the Parish Church, of Blickseveral Parliaments.

ling, in Norfolk, the Hon. Charles Henry 30. At Northchurch, Herts, the Rev. Cust, of the Royal Horse Guards, second B. J. Armstrong, Vicar of Crowle, son of Earl Brownlow, to Caroline SoYorkshire, only son of B.J. Armstrong, phia, eldest daughter of Ronald George esq., of Southall, Middlesex, to Ann Macdonald, esq., Chief of Clanronald. Rebecca, eldest daughter of W. Dun 15. At the Old Church, Calcutta, combe, esq., of Lagley.

Frederick Mouat, M.D., son of Col. At Caterham, Surrey, George Mar Mouat, Hon. East India Company's tin, esq., of Birchwood, Surrey, and Service, to Mary Rennards, youngest Upper Seymour-street, to Susannah, daughter of the late William Boyes, relict of John Harris, esq., of Stoke esq., of Raleigh House, Brixton, Surfleming, near Dartmouth.


The Rev. W. Cromie, eldest sur

viving son of the Rev. J. Cromie, of SEPTEMBER.

Neale Park, co. of Mayo, grandson of

John Lord Kilmaine, to Emily, youngest 1. At. St. James's, Clerkenwell, Rich- daughter of General Goldie, of the Nun. ard Waite, youngest son of the late nery, Isle of Man. Anthony Cox, esq., of Harwich, to At Horncastle, the Rev. R. D. B. Caroline Whinfield Esdaile, grand- Rawnsley, Fellow of Magdalen College, daughter of the late Sir Joseph Esdaile. Oxon, to Catherine Anne, only daughter

3. At Kennington, William M.Mul. of the late Sir Willingham Franklin, len, esq., of the Wandsworth-road, to Knight, one of the Judges of the Su. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Samuel preme Court of Judicature, Madras. R. Ileseltine, esq., of Bromley, Middle At Hollingbourne, Kent, Jobn

Savage, esq., of Jennings, in the same 4. At St. John's, Newfoundland, the co., Sarah Charlotte, daughter of BaldRev. J. C. Harvey, to Jane Ann, eldest win Duppa Duppa, esq., of Hollingdaughter of Thomas Boughton, esq., bourne House. of Peckham.

17. At St. George's, Hanover-square, 5. At St. John's, Newfoundland, George D. Coleman, ésq., of the Hon. Henry John Harvey, esq., Lieut. R.N., East India Company's Service, at Sinand second son of his Excellency Major- gapore, to Maria Frances, youngest Gen. Sir John Harvey, K.C.B. and daughter of the late George Vernon, K.C.H., Governor of the Island, to esq., of Clontartie Castle, near Dublin. Ella Louisa, eldest daughter of the 19. At Edgbaston, Warwickshire, Right. Rev. Aubrey George, Bishop of James Freeman Hughes, esq., of Stil. Newfoundland.

lorgan, Dublin, to Martha, daughter of 6. At Bowdon, Cheshire, the Rev. the late William Redfern, esq., of J. A. Wanton, Incumbent of Drypool, Churchfield House, Warwickshire, and to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the niece of J. Scholefield, esq., M.P. late Pym Denton, esq., of Whittington, At Bath, Capt. C. R. Shuckburgh, Derbyshire.

son of the late Sir Stewkley Shuckburgh, 7. At St. George's Church, Hanover Bart., to Marian, daughter of the late square, Lord Charles Beauclerk, bro. Major James Travers, Rifle Brigade. ther to the Duke of St. Alban's, to Miss At Frankfort, John Beauchamp, Stopford, daughter of Col. Stopford. second son of the late St. Andrew St.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, John, esq., of Gayton, Norfolk, to Ca. the Rev. William Cecil Fowle, M.A., of therine Maria, daughtor of Col. Steward, Ilmington, Warwickshire, to Frances, of Leamington, Warwickshire. only daughter of William Haggard, esq., 20 At St. George's, Hanover-square, of Bradenham Hall, Norfolk.

Capt. Egerton Leigh, Queen's Dragoon - The Rev. Weeden Butler, Vicar Guards, only son of Egerton Leigh, esq., of Wickham Market, Suffolk, to Frances, of High Leigh and Jodrell Hall. third daughter of William Mercer, esq., 21. At Arthur's Seat, near Aberdeen, of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. Duncan, second son of Duncan David

8. At St. George's, Hanover-square, son, esq., of Tillychetly, to Katherine Sir John Hay Williams, Bart., of Bo Frances, second daughter of the late

MARRIAGES. Charles David Gordon, esq., of Aber daughter of Emanuel Henry Brandt, geldie.

esq., of the Regent's Park. At Oxwich, Glamorgan, Randle 27. At Wargrave, Berks, John WalWilbraham Falconer, esq., M.D., son ter, esq., of Exeter College, Oxford, of the late Rev. Thomas Falconer, eldest son of John Walter, esq., M.P., M.D., of Bath, to Anna Maria, daugh of Bear Wood, Berks, to Emily Frances, ter of John Wood, esq., of Cwn and eldest daughter of Major Court, esq., of Byrnhavod, Carmarthenshire.

Castlemans, Berks. At St. George's, Hanover-square, 28. At Mortlake Church, Surrey, J. John Mynde Cook, esq., younger son B. Kirby, esq., M.A., of the Middle of the late John Cooke, esq., of King's Temple, and Devonshire-street, PortCaple, Hereford, to Mary Elizabeth, land-place, Barrister-at-law, to Fanny, only child and heiress of the Rev. second danghter of W. A. Weguelin, Charles Wetherell, A.M., of Eaton. esq., of Mortlake. place, Belgrave-square, and Rector of At St. James's Chapel, EdinByfield, Northampton.

burgh, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, esq., At Lyminster Church, Capt. Wil. M.D., of Liverpool, to Emilia Anne, liam Adolphus Crosbie, late of the second daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. Rifle Brigade, son of Gen. Sir John John Sutherland Sinclair, of the Royal Crosbie, K.C.II., of Watergate and Artillery. Northlands, Sussex, to Margaret, eldest 29. At Freshford, Somersetshire, the daughter of Thomas Evans, esq., of Rev. John Gaselee, Rector of Little Lyminster, in the same county.

Yeldham, Essex, to Sarah Anne GrifAt High Harrogate, Thomas C. fith, third daughter of Henry Mant, Wilkinson, esq., of Winterburne Hall, esq., of Bath. Yorkshire, to Julia, daughter of Hon. H. Butler, and piece of the Earl of Kilkenny.

OCTOBER. At St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, Thomas Geo. Vernon, esq., of Tewkes 3. At Alexandria, James Lilburn, bury, to Euphemia Harriet, second esq., M.D., Censul for Cyprus, to Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Graham, Bart., only daughter of Stephen Woolridge, of Esk, Cumberland.

esq., of Chichester. 22. At St. Mary's, Walthamstow, 4. At Walsall, the Rev. A. H. StogRichard Wilson Greaves, esq., B.A., don, Incumbent of St. Peter's Walsall, eldest son of the Rev. Richard Greaves, to Mary Anne, only daughter of the of Colby Lodge, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, late William Marshall, esq., of Bescot to Sophia Elizabeth, second daughter Hall, Staffordshire. of Archibald Corbet, esq., of Waltham At St. Helier's, Kingsmill Penne. stow.

father, esq., of Gulden and KnockingAt Limehouse, the Rev. W. R. lass, Tipperary, eldest son of the late Tomlinson, Rector of Sherfield English, Rev. John Pennefather, Rector of NewIlants, son of Vice-Adm. Tomlinson, of port, Tipperary, to Jane Catherine PaMiddleton House, Sussex, to Cecilia, tricia, eldest daughter of Thomas de daughter of William Baker, esq., Coro Grenier de Fonblanque, K.H., Her Ma. ner for Middlesex.

jesty's Consul-Gen. in Servia, and grandAt Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Chas. daughter of the late Sir Jonah BarringDeans, esq., son of the late Rev. James ton. Deans, M.A., to Hannah Elizabeth, 5. At Limerick, the Rev. Robert daughter of the late Henry Warbrick, Knox, Preben. of St. Munchin, in the esq.,

Cathedral, and second son of the late At Trinity Chapel, Henry John. Hon. and Ven. Charles Knox, Archstone, esq., H.E.I.C.S., to Elizabeth deacon of Armagh, to Catherine Delia, Lilias, eldest daughter of the late Dun. daughter of Thomas Gibbon Fitzgibbon, can Campbell, esq., of Duncholgine, esq., of Ballyseedy, co. Limerick. Argyllshire.

6. At Walcot Church, Bath, the Rev. 24. At his country residence in Har. Edward Elton, M.A., of Balliol College, vestehude, near Hamburg, Ferdinand Oxford, to Harriet Vashon, younger Von Schwartz. esq., eldest son of the daughter of the late Rear-Adm. Volant late Senator Schwartz, of that city, to Vashon Ballard, C.B. Mary Esperance Kalm Brandt, second 8. At Trinity Church, Bath, Edmund VOL. LXXXIV.


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MARRIAGES. Lloyd Bagshawe, esq., son of the late daughter of Sir Percival Hart Dyke, Sir William Bagshawe, of the Oaks, Bart., of Lullingstone Castle. Derbyshire, and of Bath, to Elizabeth At St. Peter's, Holborn, James Anne, only daughter of John Acres, Henry Bennett, esq., House Physician esq., of the same place.

to the Hospital St. Louis, Paris, to 10. At Malta, S. Rose, esq., to Jane, Julia Jane langstaff, younger daughter youngest daughter of the late Hector of Joseph Langstaff, esq., of Paignton, Zimelli, esq., Swedish and Norwegian Devonshire, late President of the Me. Consul at that island.

dical Board of Calcutta. 11. At Darwhar, India, George Sa. At the Parish Church of Bakewell, muel Pechell, esq., 47th Madras Native Derby, the Rev. John Pickwood, ChapInfantry, eldest son of the late Capt. lain to the Bishop of Antigua, to MariS. G. Pechell, R.N., of Bexeley flouse, anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Hampshire, to Mary Robertson, eldest Coates, of Bakewell, daughter of Major Bremner, of the At Lamborne, Berks, the Rev. same reg.

T. D'Oyly Walters, eldest son of Henry 12. At Ballyroan Church, Queen's Walters, esq., late of the Bengal Civil County, B. Bingham Petters, esq., of Service, to Emma Elizabeth, danghter Hollybrook, co. Carlow, to Matilda, fifth of the late Rev. Henry Hippisley, of daughter of the late John Bond, esq., Lamborne Place. of Newbridge flouse, near Bath.

22. At the Parish Church of St. MaAt St. George's, Everton, the rylebone, and at the Spanish Place Rev. Samuel Smith, Rector of Barrow Chapel, Stanislaus Gnorowski, esq., to ford, Lancashire, to Frances Jane Ma Charlotte, fourth daughter of the late tilda, third daughter of the late Major William Dawson, esq., of St. Leonard's Joseplı Brooks, Hon. East India Coin Hill, in Berkshire, and Manchesterpany's Service, of Everton.

square, London, 15. At St. George's Church, Rams. At St. John's, Paddington, John gate, Samuel Allenby, esq., of Maiden Leigh Goldie, esq., youngest son of the well, Lincolnshire, lo Melba, young late Lieut.-Gen. Goldie Leigh, Galloest daughter of Lieut. Gen. Beevor, way, North Britain, to Isabella Anna

Maitland, widow of Col. James Mait. At Beddington, Surrey, the Rev. land, late of the 84th reg. George J. Kennedy, Fellow of St. John's 24. At St. Matthew's, Brixton, Ed. College, Cambridge, to Julia Mary, ward Headlain Greenhow, esq., of Tyneeldest daughter of James Burchell, esq., mouth, Northumberland, to Elizabeth, of the former place.

widow of the late W. H. Barnard, esq., 17. At All Saints, Barton, Lanca. of Carley Hill, Monkwearmouth, Duc. shire, George Archer Shee, esq., eldest ham, formerly of Blackheath. son of Sir Martin Arthur Shee, Presi 25. At Stratford-upon-Avon, Thomas dent of the Royal Acadeiny, to Jane Woods Weston, esq., of New Hall, Seymour, third danghter of Sir Thomas Worcester, son of the late John Weston, Joseph De Trafford, Bart. of Trailord esq., of Hare Hall, Essex, to Isabella Park, Lancaster.

Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of At Malta, at the Palace Chapel, John Branston Freer, esq. Charles Richardson Johnson, Lieut. 26. At St. Mary's, Woolwich, George R.N., to Julia, daughter of Major-Gen. F.St. Barber, esq., of Lymington, Uants, Bredin, Royal Artillery.

to Henrietta Maria, youngest daughter 18. At Kenwyn Church, Cornwall, ofCol.Clcaveland, Royal Horse Artillery. the Rev. William David Morrice, M.A., At St. George's, Hanover-square, Curate of Clovelly, Devon, to Esther Beville Dryden, esq., youngest son of Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Geo. the late Sir John Dryden, of Canons Cornish, M.A., Vicar of Kenwyn. Ashby, Northampton, Bart., to Eliza

Ai St. Ilelier's Church, the Rev. Barnard, youngest daughter of the late Frederick William Vaux, of Magdalen George Augustus Frederick Skottowe, Hall, Oxford, B.A., to Tomasine, R.N. youngest daughter of John Shaw, of The Rey. Oliver Etough, Curate Jersey, esq.

of St. John's, Blackburn, to Gertrude, At Lulling tone, kent, William youngest daughter of the Rev. Robert Fox, esq., of Chester Terrace, Regent's Hall, Rector of Westborough and DodPark, to Georgiana Frances, second dington, Lincolnshire,


daman, esq.

MARRIAGES. 27. At Richmond, Surrey, Francis, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford to eldest son of the late William Jones Maria Cleave, second daughter of the Burdett, esq., and Capt. in Her Ma late John Smith, esq., of Crediton. jesty's 17th Lancers, to Amelia Eliza, At Meysey Hampton, Gloucester, youngest daughter of the late Major Henry Leigh Trafford, esq., of the MidJames Sharp, of Kinkarethy, Perth. dle Temple, second son of Trafford

Trafford, esq., of Oughtrington Ilall,

Cheshire, to Jane, younger daughter of NOVEMBER.

the Rev. F. W. Holme, B.D.

At St. Mary's Church, Chelten2. At St. Mary's, Lancaster, Edmund ham, the Rev. II. M. Scarth, Kector of William Wilton Passy, esq., Capt. in Bathwick, Bath, to Elizabeth, only Her Majesty's 56th reg., to Catherine daughter of the late Rey. John Leye. Harriet, youngest daughter of the late son Flamilton, Rector of Ellesborough, Right Hon. Lord Chief Justice Dale Bucks. las.

19. At Oporto, John Ramsey Thom3. At St. Peter's, Jolin Trant, esq., son, esq., merchant there, to Mary Ann, of Dover, nephew of Lords Clare, Du eldest daughter of the late George Sannally, Glengall, and Westmeath, to Sarah Sophia, second daughter of Sir 22. At St. Werburgh's Church, DerHenry Robert Carden, Bart., of the by, Francis Johnson, eldest son of FranPriory, Templemore.

cis Jessop, esq., of Derby, to Margaret At Tynan Church, co. of Armagh, Sophia, sixth daughter of the late Capt. Capt. William Bunbury M'Clintock, Dobbie, R.N., of Saling Hall, Essex. R.N., second son of John M'Clintock, Also, at the same time and place, Lieut. esq., of Drumear, co. of Louth, to Pail. Dobbie, R.N., of Her Majesty's ship line, second daughter of Sir James M. Excellent, eldest son of the late Capt. Stronge, Bart., of Tynan Abbey. Dobbie, to Lucie Anne, eldest daughter

4. At St. Peter's, Canterbury, T. H. of Francis Jessop, esq. Prazer, csq., only son of the late Lieut. 26, At Trinity Church, Sloane-street, Frazer, R.N., to Emma, youngest daugh Capt. Thomas Wallace, Bengal Army, ter of the Rev. J. P. Francis, Rector of to Fanny Teresa, daughter of the late the above parish, and niece of the Capt. John Wakeman Long, of HansBishop of Australia,

place. 8. At Sunning Hill, George Ashbur 28. At St. Olave's, Southwark, J. P. ner, esq., of Calcutta, to Katherine, Spead, esq., banker, at Brecon, to Ed. eldest daughter of the late Michie mundtina Frances, daughter of the late Forbes, esq., of Sillwood Park, Berks, Col. Gwynne, of Glanbrange Park, Carand Crimond, Aberdeenshire.

marthenshire. 9. At Scarborough, the Rev. Thomas 29. At St. Pancras Church, New William Robson, M.A., eldest son of Road, Charles 1. Axford, esq., eldest Thomas Robson, esq., of Holtby Hall, son of C. 1. F. Axford, esq., Swindon, York, to Anne, daughter of the late Wilts, to Catherine Emma, daughter of James Stewart, esq., of Newton Stewart, George Waters, First Judge of Circuit, co. of Tyrone, Ireland.

Tillicherry, Madras. 10. At Cookham, Berkshire, Fre At Walthamstow, Edgar Jones, derick Hoare, esq., to Ann Isabella esq., of Saffron Walden, to Mary, widow Jane, daughter of John Towers, esq., of of the late Lewis Archer, esq., of the Pinkney's Green.

same place. 12. At Maid's Moreton, Bucks, the 30. At Rochdale, Thomas, eldest son Rev. W. J. Crockford, of Addington, to of T. Littledale, esq., Highfield, to Harriet Ann, second daughter of the Julia, second daughter of Clement Rev. W. Fletcher, Rector of Foxcote, Royds, esq., Falinge, Lancashire. and of Moreton Ilouse.

15. At All Soul's, St. Marylebone, the Rev. William Plucknett, Rector of

DECEMBER Ilorsted Keynes, Sussex, to Sarah, fourth daughter of the late Rev. Samuel White, 1. At Spanish-place, and alterwards D.D., Incumbent of Hampstead.

at Marylebone Church, W. J. AltenAt Crediton, the Rev.John Philip brow, esq., of Upper Georgp.street, Hugo, Vicar of Exminster, Devon, and Portman-square, to Rebecca, daughter

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