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eldest daughter of the Rev. W. Fleta

cher, Rector of Foscott, in the same FEBRUARY


24. At St. Clement's Church, Hast1. At Chelsea, the Rev. Martin Jolin ings, James Phillips Kay, esq., of the Lloyd, Rector of Depden, Suffolk, to Privy Council Ollice, Whiteball, to Mary Ann, relict of Kenrick Collett, Janet, only child of the late Robert esq., of Fulbam.

Shuttleworth, esq., of Gawthorpe Hall, At Ashbourn, Derbyshire, the Lancashire. Rev. S. Tenison Mosse, A.M., to Eliza

At Perth, Western Australia, beth, daugbter and heiress of the late Lieut. Edward Corbett, 72nd HighGeorge Buckston, esq., of Bradenham landers, second son of Panton Corbett, Hall, and cousin to Lord Hatherton. esq., of Longnor Hall, Shropshire, to

At All Souls, Langham-place, the Elizabeth Anu Theresa, only daughter Rev. Francis Ballard Wells, Rector of of the late Robert Scholl, esq. Woodchurch, Kent, to Jane Rose Fan Lately, at Hemel Hempstead, the ny, eldest daughter of the late E. S. Rev. Henry Howarth, Rector of MepHardisty, esq., of Hampstead.

pershall, Bedfordshire, and late Fellow 2. At St. George's Church, Rear of St. John's College, Cambridge, to Adm. James Noble, to Jave Anne, Henrietta, eldest daughter of the Rev. widow of Edmund Spettigue, esq. Jacob Henry Brooke Mountain, Pre

At Plympton, St. Mary, the Rev. bendary of Lincoln, Rector of Blonbam, E. F.Coke, B.A., of Brasennose College, Bedfordshire, and Vicar of Hemel Oxford, to Fanny, eldest daughter of Hempstead, Hertfordshire. the Rev. Dr. Symons, Hereford.

3. At Portsea, Capt. Woodford J. Williams, late in command of the Strom

MARCH. boli, at Acre, to Anne, third daughter of the Rev. Dr. Morgan, Chaplain of 1. In Bangor Church, co, of Down, Portsmouth Dockyard.

David Stewart Kerr, esq., M.P., to the At St. George's Church, the Right Hon. Anna Dorothea Blackwood, young, Hon. Lord Rayleigh, to Clara Elizabeth est daughter of Hans Lord Dufferin and Latouche, eldest daughter of the late Claneboyne. Capt. Vicars, Royal Eng.

9. At Parsopstown, Captain Sutton, 14. At Dover, George R. Stevenson, 47th reg., son of the late Adm. Sutton, esq., 7th Dragoon Guards, second son to Mary Ogden, second daughter of of the late John Stevenson, esq., of Major-Gen. T. Evans, C.B. Binfield-place, Berks, to Inna Maria At St. Mary's Church, Melcombe Denham, eldest daughter of the Rev. Regis, James Douglas Moffat, esq., C. Burrell Cookes.

Bengal Cavalry, only son of Williain 15. At the French Catholic Chapel, Moffat, esq., of Harperton, Roxburgliand afterwards at Marylebone Church, shire, to Jeanette Jane, youngest daughJoseph Ferdinand Count de Taaffe, ter of William Moffat, esq., Weymouth. Kuight of the Sovereign Order of St. 10. At St. George's, Hanover-square, John of Jerusalem, and Member of the Capt. Douglas, of Prince Albert's Hus. States of Moravia and Bohemia, nephew sars, only son of Archibald Douglas, to the late and cousin to the present esas

of Glenfinart, Argyleshire, to Viscount Taaffe of the peerage of Ire · Rosa, daughter of the late Right Hon. land, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter Sir Arthur Paget, G.C.B. of the late P. M. Lucas, esq., of Not 1. At St. George's Church, Hanotingham-place, and of Elm Wood, Ste ver-square, the Earl of Abingdow, venage, Hertfordshire.

the Lady Frederica Augusta Kerr, fifth At St. George's Church, Hanover- daughter of the late Vice-Adm. Lord square, W. Peyton, esq., of Castle Car Mark Kerr. row, Leitrim, to Elizabeth, third daugh 14. At St. Giles's Church, George ter of the late Major-Gen. Yates, of William Dunsford, esq;, of MorningtonBrockhurst Lodge, Hants.

crescent, Regent's-park, to Ann Hale, 22. At Maid's Mouton, Bucks, Ri- Widow of the Rey. Richard Duncan chard William Selby Lowndes, esq., Mackintosh, B.A., of Childwall, Lan. third son of the late W. Selby Lowndes, cashire, and only daughter of James Esq., of Wheddon Hall, to Mary Susan, Monro, esq., of Lymington, Hauts.

MARRIAGES. At Kellington, Yorkshire, the Canterbury, to the Lady Harriet Mon. Rev. Cbarles Peers, M.A., of Donhead tagu Scott, youngest sister of the Duke St. Mary's, Wilts, to Eliza, eldest of Buccleuchi. daughter of the late Rev. Joshua Mann, At St. George's, Hanover-square, of Clapham, Surrey,

Archibald Robertson, esq., son of the 15. John Gurney, esq., of Earlbam, late George Robertson, esq., of Bennear Norwich, to Laura Elizabeth, holme Castle, North Britain, to Mary daughter of thc Rev. George Pearse, of daughter of the Very Rev. the Dean of Norwich.

Carlisle. - At Charlton, Kent, John Charles, At Chatteris, William Robert of the Inner Temple, third son of James Chapman, esq., youngest son of Aaron Templer, esq., of Bridport, to Hannah Chapman, esq., M.P., to Caroline Sarab, Frances, eldest daughter of Rear-Adm. eldest daughter of John Fryer, esq., of Sir James Alexander Gordon, K.C.B. the former place.

At Walcot Church, Bath, the Rev. At Gloucester, William Wiggin, Thomas Langharne, Domestic Chaplain second son of T. Wiggin, Esq., of Harto the Earl of Warwick, to Eliza Cathe- ley-street, London, to Frances Emma rine, third surviving daughter of James Rice, daughter of the Hon. and Very Rev. Wintle, esq., late of the Bengal Civil the Dean of Gloucester, Service, and of Lansdowne Crescent, At St. Marylebone, Richard Luther Bath,

Watson, esq, of Calgarth Park, West16. At Stratton St. Michael's, Nor moreland, to Louisa Apne, only daughfolk, Edward Howes, esq., of Lincoln's ter of the Rev. Francis Hawkins Cole, Inn, Barrister-at-law, Fellow of Trinity of Peterley House, Bucks. College, Cambridge, eldest son of the 30. At St. Pancras Church, Henry Rev. George Howes, of Spixworth, to Johnson, esq., of March, CambridgeAgnes Maria, eldest daughter of Ri shire, to Lucy Carolina, eldest daughter chard Gwyn, esq., of Stratton St. Mi of William Henry Pollard, esq., of Archael.

ranches, Normandy. The Rev. T. Price, Rector of At Northiam, Sussex, Edward "Llanrothal, Hereford, to Sarah, daugh- Younge, of the Middle Temple, and of ter of the late Rev. T. Rogers, of Stour Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-law, to Eliza, bridge.

youngest daughter of the late Rev. At the British Embassy, Paris, James Collins, LL.D., of Northiam. Captain John Fordyce, of the Bengal At St. Margaret's, Rochester, the Artillery, to Mary Louisa, youngest Rev. Allen Cooper, M.A., Minister of daughter of the late Haynes Gibbes St. Mark's, North Audley-street, to Alleyne, esq., of the island of Bar. Harriet Grace, youngest daughter of badoes.

the late Sir John Gregory Shaw, Bart., 19. At Twickenham, the Rev. George of Kenward, Kent. Brown, of Sloane-street, Chelsea, to 31. At Great Yarmouth, the Rev. Miss Aldridge, of Twickenham Com Jacob North, M.A., Vicar of Carbrooke,

to Henrietta Maria, eldest daughter of 20. In Albemarle-street, Sir Robert Benjamin Dowson, esq., of Yarmouth. Wilmot, of Osmaston, Bart., to Marga. At St. Luke's, Chelsea, the Rev. ret, Widow of the late Robert Alger, T. Tunstall Smith, M.A., Vicar of esq., and youngest daughter of the late Whaplode, Lincolnshire, and Private Rev. Andrews Kesteman, of Brenchley, Chaplain to Viscount Ferrand, to Lucy Kent, and Rector of Bermondsey in Mary, youngest daughter of Lieut.-Col. Surrey.

Le Blanc, of the Royal Hospital, Chel23. At St. Andrew's, Robert Maid sea. stone Smith, esq., M.D., Oxon, to Jane At St. George's, Hanover-square, Anne, only daughter of Dr. Mudie, St. the Hon. Octavius Duncombe, M.P., to Andrew's.

the Lady Emily Caroline Campbell

, 29. At Escrick, Constantine Yeoman, eldest daughterof the Earl and Countess esq., to Mary, eldest danghter of the of Cawdor. Rev. Dr. Crigan, Rector of the bov - At St. James's Church, Wilbrabam place.

Taylor, esq., fifth son of Edward TayAt St. George's Church, Hanover. lor, esq., formerly of Bifrons, Kent, to square, the Rev. Edward Moore, son of Janetta Anne, youngest daughter of Sir the Rev. George Moore, Prebendary of William Gossett, K.C.H., &c. &c.


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of Richard Webb, esq., of Donnington

Hall, Herefordshire.

13. At Barnack, Northamptonshire,

the Hon. and Rev. John Fortescue, 2. At Clapham, Howard Fletcher, Rector of Poltimore, Devon, and Preesq., of Walsall, Staffordshire, to Ann, bendary of Worcester, to Sophia, second only daughter of the late Richard Ur daughter of the Rev. Henry Nevile, of wick, esq., of Walton, Radnorshire. Cottesmore, Rutland.

5. AtCharlton King's, Henry Monro, At St. David's, John Cam Thackesq., second son of Dr. Monro, of Har well, esq., of Wilton-place, Gloucesterley-street, and Bushey, Hertfordshire, shire, and Birtsmoreton Court, Worcesto Jane Eliza ; and also Theodore Mon. shire, to Charlotte Eleanor, daughter ro, esq., third son of the same, to Emma, of the late John H. Polston, Prebendary both daughters of the late Sir William of Exeter. Russell, Bart., and of his wife, the pre 14. At Chumleigh, Devon, John Cole sent Lady Prinn, of Charlton Park. Cole, esq., of Upper Bedford-place, to

- At Freefield, Aberdeenshire, Alex Catherine, youngest daugbter of Richard ander Innes, esq., of Cowie, eldest Preston, esq., of Lee House, near son of William Innes, esq., of Raemsin, Chumleigh. to Anne Katherine, eldest daughter of 15. At Leatherhead, Capt. William Lieut.-Gen. Sir Alexander Leitb, of Warren, R.N., C.B., to Mary Aone Freefield and Glenkindie.

Gray, second daughter of W. Stanley - At the Catholic Chapel, Bath, Clarke, esq. Charles Robert des Ruffieres, esq., only 16. At St. Marylebone, Edward Walson of the late James Joseph des Ruf ker, esq., of Lincoln's Inn, to Emma, fieres, esq., to Margaret Frances, eldest youngest daughter of the late P. M. surviving daughter of the late Henry Lucas, esq., of Nottingham-place. Best, esq., of Sowerby Park, Yorkshire. 19. At Walcot, Bath, Compton Charles

6. At Cranford, Capt. St. V. W. Ric. Domvile, esq., 85th reg., eldest son of ketts, Royal Scots Greys, second son of Sir Compton Domvile, Bart., to IsaVice-Adm. Sir Robert Ricketts, Bartı, bella Maria, eldest daughter of Sir lo Georgina Mary, only daughter of the George Arthur, Bart., K.C.H., Gover. Hon. Augustus Berkeley.

nor of Bombay. At Gunnersbury Park, Baron Cbas. · At St. Leonard's, near Exeter, de Rothschild, eldest son of Baron de the Rev. George W. Burrow Wills, Rothschild, of Naples, to Louisa, young Rector of that parish, to Sophia Townest daughter of the late N. M. de shend, second daughter of Sir TheophiRothschild.

lus Lee, of Park House, Mount Radford 7. At Cheltenham, Lieuto-Col. Mar At Erchfont, Gilbert Trowe Wil. cus John Slade, son of Gen. Sir John liams, youngest sop of the late Rev. J. Slade, Bart., G.C.H., of Mansell House, Williams, Vicar of Powerstock, Dorset, near Bridgewater, to Charlotte, young to Mary Anne, second daughter of est daughter of the Hon. A. Ramsey, of Harry Hichcock, esq., of Eascott House. Cheltenham.

20. At Bolton-le-Moors, s. Christy, 8. At Shotover, John Hotham, esq., esq., of Poynton Hall, Cheshire, to to Maria Elizabeth, youngest daughter Mary, third daughter of the late Thoof Henry Thompson, csq., of Burton, mas Hardcastle, esq., of Firwood, near Yorkshire, and niece of George V.Drury, Bolton-le-Moors. esq., of Shotover House, Oxfordshire. 21. At St. Anne's, Westminster,

At St. Giles in the Fields, George Thomas Tyers Tyers, esq., of Lincoln's Freere, esq., jun., to Marg. Ann, third Inn, to Harriett Kennedy, youngest daughter of Edgar Corrie, esq.

daughter of Rear-Adm. Brown, of Elm 11. At Cheltenham, the Rev. John Grove, Southsea. Alexander Blackett, Vicar of Hendon

At Abenball, Gloucestershire, on-the-Wall, Northumberland, to Anne Charles Barton, esq., of the Inner Tem. Jane, only daughter of the late Licut.. ple, only surviving son of the late Rev. Col. A. Hamilton.

C. Barton, D.D., Deau of Bocking, to 12. At Donnington, the Rev. Watson Dorothea Maria, eldest daughter of Johnston, Rector of Llanwarne, second Major F. Wemyss, of Gloucester. son of the late Henry Jobnston, esqu, At Lezayre, Isle of Man, the Rev. M.P., to Frances Anne, eldest daughter John W. H. Molyneux, grandson of the

MARRIAGES. Right Hon. Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart., William Halcomb, esq., of Poulton to Louisa, youngest daughter of the House, Wilts. Hon. Deemster Christian, of Milntown, 4. At Harpenden, Herts, Chas. ForeIsle of Man.

man Brown, of Rsdbourne, Coin. R.N., At Bath, Robert Monro, csq., of eldest son of the late Rear-Adm. Wil. West Hill, near Wandsworth, Surrey, liam Brown, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest to Eliza, third daughter of J. J. Cham daughter of John Hawkins, esq., of pante, esq., late of Belmont, Taunten. Byelands.

22. At St. George's, Hanover-square, At Cheltenham, John S. Lister, Capt. Atkinson, of the Madras Engi esq., second son of M. B. Lister, esq., ncers, to Henrietta Eliza, only surviving of Burwell Park, Lincolnshire, to Elizadaughter of Charles Tucker, esq., of beth, eldest daughter of the late Wilthe Bengal Civil Service.

liam Wilcock, esq., of Halifax. 25. At Florence, William, the eldest 5. At Ewelme, the Rev. Vicesimus son of E. Fuller Maitland, esqu, of Lúsh, B.A., to Miss Blanch Hawkins, Park-place, Berks, to Lydia, only daugh niece of the Dowager Lady Taunton, of ter of the late Col. Prescott.

Ewelme. 26. At Bridlington, the Rev. Peter At Ampfield, Hursley, Charles La Trobe, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Simeon, esq., 45th reg., second son of to Miss Janetta Margaret Brett, of Sir Richard Simeon, Bart., to Sarah Bridlington.

Jane, only child of Philip Williams, 28. At Pilton, Barnstaple, the Rev. esq., of Woolley Green, Hants. Bourchier Wrey Saville, Vicar of Oak 7. At St. George's, Hanover-square, hampton, to Mary Elizabeth, third (and afterwards according to the rites daughter of James Whyte, esq., of Pil of the Roman Catholic Church), the ton House.

Chevalier Joseph Calza, of Rome, Capt. At St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, of Cavalry in the Roman Service, to William Pitt Byrone, esq., of the Inner Dorothea, Widow of the late Admiral Temple, to Julia Clara, daughter of Maitland, and eldest sister of Colthurst, Hans Busk, esq., and granddaughter of Bateman, esq., of Bertholly House, the late Sir Wardsworth Busk.

Caerleon. At Gloucester, Williarn Heathorn, 9. At Wargrave, Thomas Fuller esq., to Lady Prinn, relict of Sir Wil

Maitland, esq., tbird son of E. Fuller liam Russell, Bart.

Maitland, esq., of Park-place, Berks, to At St. James's, Westminster, Capt. Anna Stephens, only daughter of Capt. Craigie, R.N., to Charlotte, second Valpy, R.N., of Wargrave Hill. daughter of the late Charles Grant, esq., 10. At Beckford, John Townshend, and niece of the late Sir Wm. Grant, esq., of Trevallyn, Denbighshire, to Master of the Rolls.

Priscilla, eldest daughter of John Fiel30. At Camberwell, Thomas, eldest den, esq., of Mollington Hall, Cheshire. son of John Foster, esq., of Russell At Charlton, Kent, Wm. Henry square, to Matilda Margaret, second Barlow, esq., F.R.S., to Selina Crawdaughter of Arthur Lewis, esq., of ford, youngest daughter of Wm. Caffin, Champion Hill, Dulwich.

esq. of Woolwieh Common.

il. At St. James's, Westminster,

Charles Sumner, esq., of the Middle MAY.

Temple, second son of the Bishop of

Winchester, to Margaret, daughter of 3. At Wandsworth, Kingsmill Grove John Ellerker Boulcott, esq., of Hyde Key, esq., eldest son of Sir John Key, Park-square. Bart., to Mary Sophia, second daughter At St. James's, Capt. the Hon. of G. H. Hahn, esq., of the Orchard, G. A. F. Liddell, of the Scot's Fusilier Wandsworth.

Guards, to Cecil Elizabeth, fourth At Maidstone, Edward Down, daughter of the Hon, and Rev. Gerald esq., Capt. of the 8th Madras Light Valerian Wellesley, D.D., Rector of Cavalry, to Martha Rowan, third daugh Bishop Wearmouth. ter of the late William Spong, esq., of 12. At Hadley, the Rev. Joseph Cobtree House, Boxley.

Taylor, M.A., Incumbent of St. John's, At Mildenhall, Wilts, William Dukinfield, to Georgiana, youngest Fox, of the Inner Temple, Barrister daughter of the Rev. John Richard at-law, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Thackeray, Rector of Hadley.

MARRIAGES. - The Rev. George Mount Keith Henry Sherston Baker, esq., of Line Ellerton, eldest son of the late John coln's Inn, only son of the Rev. G. A. Frederick Ellerton, esq., of Bengal Baker, Rector of Fingest, Bucks, and Civil Service, and grandson of the late nephew of Sir Henry Baker, Bart., to Sir G. M. Keith, Bart., to Elizabeth Maria Martha, youngest surviving Dey, third daughter of John Crouch, daughter of the late Jobn Burke, esq., esq., of Bruton, Somersetshire.

of York-place, Portman-square, and At St. Pierre, Monmouthshire, Jamaica. the Rev. E. T. Williams, M.A., only At St. John's, Paddington, John son of Major-Gen. Sir Edmund Keyn- Stanisorth Beckett, esq., late of Barnston Williams, K.C.B., to Fanny, daugh- ley, Yorkshire, to Gertrude Elizabeth, ter of the late John Baldwyi, ssq., of elder daughter of the late Sir W. H. the Mount, near Chepstow.

Mulcaster, RN. At Lewisham, the Hon. Henry At St. James's, Westminster, Legge, Vicar of Lewisham, brother of Henry T. Worley, esq., of the Albany, the Earl of Dartmouth, to Miss Rogers, and Iver Heath, Bucks, to Isabella of Elliot-place, Blackheath.

Charlotte, daughter of Joseph TimpeAt Amlwych, Thomas P. Anwyl, ron, esq., of New Barnes, ncar St. Alesq., of Hengae, near Dolgelly, to Anne ban's. Maria, eldest daughter of W. P. Lhoyd, 25. At East Stonchouse, Charles H. esq., of Lboydiarth, Anglesea.

Mackintosh, M.D., eldest son of R. D. At Broadwater, Sussex, John Ly: Mackintosh, M.D., of Exeter, 1o Hen. saght, esq., Barrister-at-law, Dublin, rietta, daughter of the late John Valonly son of the late Nicholas Lysaght, lach, esq., R.N., of Kingsland House, esq., of Mallow, co. Cork, to Caroline Maker. Harriet, fourth daughter of the late 27. At St. Pancras, William Henry Major-Gen. Alexander Beetson, of Hen Wall, esq., of Tonbridge Wells, eldest ly, Sussex, formerly Governor of St. son of the late John Wall, esq., formerly Helena.

of Ashford, Kent, to Harriet, eldest 17. At Hove, near Brighton, Harry daughter of Charles Yates, esq., of Dent Goring, esq., of Highden, Sussex, Mecklenburgh-square. eldest son of Sir Charles Forster Gor 28. At St. James's, Westininster, Sa. ing, Bart., to Mary Elizabeth, eldest muel Hutchings, esq., of Cregane Castle, daughter and heiress of the late John Charleville, Ireland, to Mary, daughter of Griffith Lewis, esq., of Llanddyfnan, the late Peter Burrowes, esq., of Dublin. Anglesea, and relict of Jones Panton, At St. George's, Hanover-square, jun., esq., of Plasgywn, same county. Henry Bence Jones, esq., M.D., to

At Edlingham, Northumberland, Lady Millicent Acheson, daughter of Henry Ramsey Baines, esq., to Emma, the Right Hon. the Earl of Gosford. youngest daughter of the late Rev.J.J. 30. At Twerton, near Bath, Major Baines, Vicar of Cainhamn, Salop. Charles Wallett, of the Ceylon Rifles,

At St. George's, Hanover-square, to Ann Goodenough, only daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Hanbury, to Char T. S. Hayter, esq., of Twerton Coll. lotte, eldest daughter of the late Sir In the Duchy of Hesse Homburg, Nelson Rycroft, Bart.

Robt. B. Byass, esq., of Sydenham, 19. At Dawlish, Devon, George Wil Kent, to Elizabeth, daughter, of the late son, M.B., Trinity College, Cambridge, Richard Nicholl, esq., of Greenhill to Mellena, daughter of the late John Grove, Herts. Lowder, esq., of Chapel House, Bath. 31. At Huish, Wilts, the Rev. Wm.

At Streatham, Charles J. Cowie, Bleeck, A.B., Chaplain of the Widows' esq., Madras Army, to Catherine Anne, College, at Froxfield, to Martha, youngest second daughter of the Rev. G. Hough, daughter of Mr. George Young, of Huish. M.A., Senior Chaplain at the Cape of At Leamington, the Rev. E. J. Good Hope.

Edwards, Perpetual Curate of Trentham, 24. At St. Marylebone, Thomas So to Elizabeth Anne, only daughter of mers, eldest son of Thomas Somers Richard Edensor Heathcote, esq., of Cocks,of Harley-street, to Sarah Louisa, Longton Hall, and A pedale, Staftord. daughter of Cbarles G. Wynn, esq., of shire. Voelas, Denbighshire and Portman At Lincoln, William, third son of square.

Joseph Marshall, esq., of Waldersea At St. Mary's Bryanston-square, House, Cambridge, to Frances Char

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