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a son.

BIRTHS. 18. At Ashfield Lodge, Midhurst, 6. At Florence, the wife of Morgan the wife of George Gibson, esq., a Thomas, osq., of Gatehouse, Sussex, daughter.

At Weymouth, the wife of Col. 7. At Gosford, near ery, the wife Melville Browne, a son.

of Sir Henry A. Farrington, Bart , a son. 20. In Piccadilly, the Baroness Lio ll. At Blackheath, the wife of James nel de Rothschild, a son.

Parquhar, esq., of Haligreen, co. Kin21. At Holme, the wife of the Hon. cardine, a son. Philip Stourton, a son and heir.

13. At Brighton, the wife of Allan 24. At Brighton, the wife of Samuel Maclean Skinner, esq., a daughter. Greatheed, esq., of Landford Lodge, 14. At North Mymms Park, the wife Wilts., a son.

of the Rev. Edward Thompson, Minister At Brighton, the wife of Lieut.. of Charlotte Chapel, Pimlico, a daughter. Col. Yaldwyn, Madras army, a son.

At Yeovilton Rectory, the wife of 25. At Kingweston, the wise of F. H. the Rev. Reginald Pole, a son. Dickenson, esq., M.P., a son.

16. At Datchet, the wise of Luke In Grafton-street, the wife of Ed. Trapp Flood, esq., a son and heir. ward Jekyll, esq., a son.

At Syston Park, the Lady of H. R. The Lady Ashley, a daughter. Yorke, esq., M.P., a son and heir.

At Boxley House, Kent, the Lady 17. At Linden-bill, Berks., the seat Margaret Marsham, a son.

of J. Bulkeley, esq., Mrs. Charles Bul. At Limpsfield Rectory, Surrey, keley, a son, Mrs. Walpole, a son.

At Nether Seale Hall, co. Leices. Lately. In Hyde-Park-square, the ter, the Lady of the Rev. Sir. W. Nigel wife of J. W. Bosanquet, esq., a son. Gresley, Bart., a daughter.

In Upper Harley-street, the wife 18. At Milford Highclere Park, the of Sir Gregory Lewin, a daughter. Countess of Carnarvon, a daughter.

The wife of the Hon. H. T. Stan 19. In Devonshire-place, the wife of ley, a daughter.

Wm. Selby Lowndes, esq., of whaddon In Harley-street, Lady de Tabley, Hall, Bucks, a daughter. a son.

20. At Claverton Manor, SomersetThe wife of Capt. Morier, R.N., shire, the wise of George Vivian, esq.,

a daughter. At Lodge-place, Regent's-park,

21. At Clewer House, near Windsor, Lady Louisa Rabett, a son.

the Viscountess Drumlanrig, a daughAt Halton, Lady Pollock, a daugh. ter.

23. At Everingham Park, the wife of In Upper Harley-street, the wife Wm. Constable Maxwell, esq., a daughof E. Pepys, esq., a son.

ter. At Broseley Rectory, Salop, the At Bower Wood House, Hants, Hon. Mrs. Orlando Forester, a son.

the wife of S. Nixon, esq., a son. In Cavendish-square, the Mar 28. At Exeter, Mrs. Herman Merichioness of Hastings, a son.

vale, a daughter. At Earle's Croome, the Hon. Mrs. 30. In Baker-street, the wife of T.G. Coventry, a son.

Symons, esq., of Mynde Park, Herefordshire, a son and heir.

At Haccombe, Lady Carew, a AUGUST.


Lately. The Hon. Mrs. James Nor1. At Norwood, the wife of George ton, a son. Hankey, esq., a son.

The wife of H. J. Nichol, Esq., At Rochester, the wife of Lieut. D.C.L., a daughter. Col. Sir Gaspard Le Marchant, a daugh Lady Vivian, a daughter.

Lady Louisa Whitmore, a son. 2. In Bruton-street, the Viscountess At Glevering Hall, the Hon.Mrs. Newry, a son.

Vanneck, a son and heir. At Walmer, the wife of Capt. Sir In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, Keith Jackson, Bart. a son.

Lady Cooke, a daughter. 4. In Portman-square, the wife of At Innox-hill, near Frome, the George C. Courthope, esq., of Whiligh, wife of Lieut.-Col. J. W. Aitchison, a a daughter.


a son.



& son.


BIRTHS. - At Notting Hill, the Hon. Mrs. 14. At Westover, Isle of Wight, the Montagu Stopford, a daughter.

Lady of the Hon. William A'Court At Edinburgh, Lady Anstruther, Holmes, M.P., a daughter.

15. At Northfield House, Bath, the In Upper Brook-street, the wife Lady of the Rev. Sidney Henry Wid. of Richard Hodgson, csq., M.P., a daugh drington, Rector of Walcot, a son. ter.

16. At the Parsonage, Bognor, SusAt Wookey House, near Wells, sex, the wife of the Rev. Edward Miller, the wife of T. A. Pearson, esq., a daugh a daughter. ter.

At Collingwood, Hawkhurst, Kent, the Lady of Sir John F. W. Herschel,

Bart., a daughter.

18. At the Vicarage, Midsomer Nor

ton, near Bath, the Lady of the Rev. T. 2. In Somerset-street, Portman-square, Kearsey Thomas, M..., a daughter. the Lady of the Hon. Augustus More At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major ton Macdonald, a daughter.

Black, 53rd giment, a daughter, 3. In Oxford-square, Hyde-park, the In Beckenham-place, the Lady of Lady of Frederick J. Prescott, esq., a

William Peters, esq., a daughter. daughter.

19. At Poddington, Bedfordshire, At Highclere Rectory, Hants, the the Lady of the Rev. J. Brereton, a wife of the Rev. R. M ́Donald Caunter, a daughter.

21. At Flam, in Staffordshire, the At Waltham Rectory, the Lady of Lady Jane Ram, a son. the Rev. G. E. Gillett, a son.

At Hadley, Middlesex, the wife of 4. At Woolwicb, the wife of Lieut. the Rev. T. H. Winbult, a daughCol. Burton, Royal Marines, a son. ter.

5. At Stamford-hill, the Lady of the 23. At the Priory, near Bishop Stort Rev. James Williams, a daughter, still ford, the Hon. Mrs. Wall, a daughter. born.

The Hon. Mrs. Spring Rice, a 6. In Wimpole-street, the Lady of daughter. J. C. Burgoyne, esq., a daughter.

24. At Brixton Hill, the Lady of the At St. George's Hotel, Albemarle. Rev. George Allen, a son. street, the Hon. Mrs. James Norton, The Lady of the Rev. J. Corbett

Turnbull, of Cheltenham, a son. 7. At the Vicarage, Stretton Grandi At Thickett Priory, Yorkshire, son, the Lady of the Rev. John Graves, the Lady of the Rev. Joseph Dunninga daughter.

ton Jefferson, a daughter. 8. At Florence, the wife of Andrew 25. At All Cannings Rectory, Wilts, Buchanan, esq., Her Majesty's Chargé the Lady of Thomas Plumptre Methuen, d'Affaires at the Court of Tuscany, a

esq., a son. daughter.

In Curzon-street, May Fair, the the Vicarage, Potterspury, Viscountess Jocelyn, a daughter. Northamptonshire, the wife of the Rev. 27. At Pocklington, Yorkshire, the William Haughton, a son.

Lady of E. R. Strickland, esq., a son. In Grafton-street, the Lady Emma At Sheffield, the wife of Richard Vesey, a daughter.

Solly, esq., a son. În Clarendon-place, Hyde Parkgardens, the Lady of Philip Melvill, esq., à son,

OCTOBER 9. In Portland-place, the Lady of Lieut.-Col, the Hon, E. B. Wilbraham, 1. At Cambridge, the wife of the Rev.

Richard Shilleto, of Trinity, and Tutor 11. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Lady of King's College, a son. of Dr. Henry Newmarch, late of the In Upper Harley-street, Mrs. Bengal Mo ical Service, a daughter. Thos. N. Hunt, a son.

12. At Plasgyn, co. of Anglesea, Lady 3. At Thorpe House, Surrey, the Vivian, a daughter.

wise of J. S. Robinson, esq., a son and 13. At Carrigaholt Castle, co. Clare, heir. the Lady of Henry Stuart Burton, esq.,

At Exeter, the wife of the Rev.

Lawrence Palk Welland, a son, Vol. LXXXIV.


à son.

a son.

à son.

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a son.

BIRTHS. 4. At Melton Mowbray, the wife of At Milford House, Godalming, Capt. Bernard Granville Layard, 39th the wife of Lieut.-Col. Webb, a son. Regiment, a daughter.

At Wargrave, Berks, the wife of 6. At Babraham, Cambridgeshire, Wm. H. Cresswell, esq., a son and heir. the Hon. Mrs. Adeane, a daughter. 26. At the Grove, Harrow, the Lady

9. At the residence of her father, of the Rev. T. H. Steel, a daughter. Dr. Monro, Harley-street, the wife of 27. At the residence, St. James's the Rev. C. L. Cornish, of Great Long- Chapel, Hampstead-road, the Lady of stone, Derbyshire, a son.

the 'Rev. Henry Stebbing, D.D., a 10. At Cawnpore, in the East Indies, the Lady of Capt. Edward Darnall, 57th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry,

NOVEMBER. a daughter.

At Longford Castle, near Salisbury, the Viscountess Folkstone, a 1. At Langton Rectory, the wife of

the Rev. Robert Farquharson, a daughAt Chetnole, Dorset, the wife of ter. the Rev. Henry Hope, a daughter. 3. At Shirley House, near Southamp

11. At the Pentre, Monmouthshire, ton, the Lady of Lieut.-Gen. Sleigh, C.B. the wife of James Greenfield, esq., a daughter.

5. At the Vicarage, Huish Episcopi, 12. At Tackley, Oxfordshire, the Somerset, the Lady of the Rev. E. P. wife of the Rev. L. A. Sharpe, a son, Henslowe, a daughter.

At Myrton Cottage, Wigtonshire, At Dyrham Park, Barnet, the the Lady of Sir William Maxwell, Bart., Hon. Mrs. Trotter, a son. of Montreith, a son.

At Ashford Hall, near Ludlow, 14. At Dartford Vicarage, Kent, the the Lady of Major-Gen. Lechmere RusLady of the Rev. F. B. Grant, a daugh. sell, C.B., a daughter. ter.

6. At Leicester, the Lady of the Rev. 15. At Bowden Hall, Gloucestershire, Robert Barnaby, of St. George's, la the Lady of the Rev. Henry Hutchinson son. Swinny, a daughter.

7. At Ridlington, Norfolk, the Lady At Huntsmore Park, near Ux. of the Rev. John Webb Flavell, a bridge, Lady Sophia Tower, a daughter.

In Upper Grosvenor-street, the 18. At St. Peter's Vicarage, Thanet, Countess of Hillsborough, a daughthe Lady of the Rev. George Hodgson, ter. a daughter.

9. At Kensington, the Lady of the 20. In Upper Harley-street, the Lady Rev. Berkeley Addison, a daughter. of John Labouchere, esq., a son.

10. At Weston-super-Mare, the Lady 21. At Culverthorpe, the Hon. Mrs. of the Rev. J. Hamilton Forsyth, a Handley, a son.

At Ealing, the Lady of Warren At Leamington, the wife of the Hastings Lendon, esq., a son.

Rev. J. Lincoln Gallon, a son. In Dublin, the Lady of Major 13. Iu the Close, Salisbury, the Lady Franklyn, of the 37th Regiment, a of George B. Townsend, esq., a daughter. daughter.

At West Malling, the wife of the At Pendell, Blechingley, the Lady Rev.J. H. Timins, a son. of the Rev. Percey Smithe, of Pattes In Willow-walk, Kentish Town, wick, Essex, a daughter.

the Lady of Assistant-Commissary Gen. 22. In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, Dinwiddie, a daughter. the Baroness de Cetto, a son.

14. At Vine House, Old Brompton, In Grosvenor-street, the Lady of Mrs. John Llewellyn, a daughter. Dr. Latham, a son.

· In Grosvenor-square, the Countess 24. In Grafton-street, the Lady Wal of Galloway, a daughter. pole, a daughter.

At Kensington-square, the Lady The Lady of Dr. Dickson, Clarges. of Major John Campbell, 41st Regiment street, a son.

Madras Native Infantry, a daughter. At Leonard Villa, Regent's-park, 15. At Dover, the Lady of Edvard the Lady of S. Nouaille Rudge, esq., a Rice, esq., M.P., a daughter, still-born. son and heir.

17. At Rome, the Lady of William



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a son.

BIRTHS. Lowten Jones, esq., of Woodhall, Nor of Captain Wetherell, H.S.M., a daugh. folk, a son.

ter, 18. At Malta, the Lady of Captain The Lady of the Rev. R. A. W. Fitz-Ilerbert, of the Rifle Brigade, a Considine, Perpetual Curate of Alveley,

Salop, a son, still-born. 20. At Alfred-place, Alexander-square, In Hertford-street, Mayfair, Lady he Lady of W. Peyton, Esq., of Castle Clay, a son. Carrow, Leitrim, twin sons.

- At Voelas, Denbighshire, the Lady 22. At Carins, on the Lake of Geneva, of Charles Wynne, jun., esq., a son. the Lady of the Hon. Capt. Frederick 10. At Chesham-place, Lady John Pelham, R.N., of a daughter.

Russell, a son and heir, 25. At East Deane, Isle of Wight, At Orsett House, Orsett, Mrs. the Lady Jane Swinburne, twins. George Maconachie, a daughter,

26. At Meppenhall Rectory, Beds., 11. At Olton Hall, the Lady of W. H. the Lady of the Rev. H. Howarth, a Wilson, esq., of a son. daughter.

At the house of her father in At Holmes House, Ayrshire, the Guildford-street, the wife of the Rev. Lady of James Fairlie, esq., of Holmes, William Parkes, a danghter. a daughter.

At Lauderdale House, Highgate, 27. At Bendeleben (in Prussia), the the Lady of Richard Bethell, esq., Q.C., a seat of the Baron Von Bendeleben son, Uckermann, the Lady of Arthur Beres 14. In Quebec-street, Portman-square, ford Brooke, esq., a daughter,

the Hon. Mrs. Keith Stewart, a daughter. At Long Wittenbani, Berks., the 15. In Berkeley-square, the Hon. Lady of the Rev. Robert R. Hurle, Mrs. Fitzroy, a son.

At Heckfield, Hants, the Lady of 29. The Lady of Col. Gascoigne, Francis Pigott, esq., a son. Grenadier Guards, a son.

16. In Bryanstone-square, the Lady 30. At Gayton House, Northampton of Frederic Thesiger, esq., M.P., a son. shire, the Lady of the Rev. G, Kennard, At Minterne, Lady Theresa Digby, a daughter.

a daughter. - At Morris Hall, North Durham, 17. In Park-street, Westminster, the the wife of Thomas Hodgson, esq., a son. Lady of Jolin Dennistoun, esq., M.P.,

19. At Stisted Rectory, the Lady of DECEMBER

the Lord Bishop of Tasmania, a son.

21. At Wardour Castle, Wilts., the 1. At Sheffield, the Lady of Capt. F. Lady of the Right Hon. Lord Arundell, Sutton, Ilth Hussars, a daughter.

2. At Colzium, Kilsyth, N.B., the 23. At St. Nicholas Rectory, WorcesLady of Capt. Edmohstone, a daughter, ter, the Lady of the Rev. H. J. Steven

In Somerset - street, Portman son, a daughter. square, the Lady of Dr. Harris Duns At Člonbrock Castle, Lady Clonford, a daughter

brock, a son. 3. In Montagu-street, the Lady of At Willington Hall, Cheshire, the Melvin Wilson, a son,

Lady of Col. Tomkinson, a son. 4. In Wilton-crescent, Lady Caroline 24. At Coombe Abbey, the Countess Lascelles, a son.

Craven, a daughter.
At Walton, Lady Mordaunt, a son. 25. At Albyn-place, Lady Gordon of

At Coates Crescent, Edinburgh, Drimnin, a son. the Lady of J. S. Wood, esq., a son,

At Brisley Rectory, the Lady of 6. At Dalmahoy, the Countess of the Rev. E. J. Ash, a son. Morton, a daughter.

28. The Lady of R. J. Eaton, esq., At the Rectory, Spennithorne, the M.P., a son, Lady of the Rev. Robert Pulleine, a son. At a Cottage on Penygraig Farm,

7. At Florence, the Lady of Alexan. near Tregaron, Wales, the wife of David der Gibbon, esq., of Johnston, Kincar Jones, miner, of four male children, who dine, a daughter.

appeared to be healthy and strong, but 9. At Tunbridge Wells, the Lady all died the following day.

& son.

a son.


John Boulger, esq., of Dublin, Barrise

ter-at-law, to Jemima, youngest daugh.

ter of the late Sir James Nasınyth,
Bart., of Posso, Peebleshire.

At Trinity Church, Montreal,

the Rev. Frederick Broom, Missionary
and Officiating Chaplain to the Forces

at Laprairie, to Catherine Elizabeth,

Elizabeth, eldest daughter to Lieut.

Col. Napier, Secretary for Indian Affairs. 1. At Woolwich, F. Davies, esq., to At Youghall, George Roche Smith, Mary Gay, second daughter of the late esq., 99th reg., eldest son of the late Lieut.-Col. Payne, of the Royal Artillery. Samuel Poyntz Smith, esq., of Smith

5. At St. Leonard's, Percy Dickin vale, in the county Kilkenny, to Grace son, esq., to Eleanor, daughter of Lieut. Elizabeth, eldest dau, of Major Hedges B. Shepherd, R.N.

Maunsell, of Plassy, Limerick. 6. At Portsmouth, the Rev. J. P. 20. At King's Walden, the Hon. and Prescott, C.B.R.N., to Caroline Mary, Rev. Philip York Savile, third son of eldest daughter of the late Capt. Parke, the Earl of Mexborough, to Emily Mary R.M.

Brand, eldest daughter of William 10. At St. Martin's-in-the-fields, Hale, esq., of King's Walden. T. H. Keeble, esq., to Julia, only daugh At St. George's, Hanover-square, ter of Joseph Morris, esq., of St. James's. the Rev. J. Hamilton Forsyth, M.A., of place.

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, to Mary 12. At Tiverton, the Rev. Francis Catherine, youngest daughter of the Jones, M.A., Vicar of Moreton Pinck late Lord Edward O'Bryen. ney, co. Northampton, to Maria Georgi 22. At St. George's Church, Hanona, only daughter of Peter Robertson, ver-square, Luigi Perret Sagrini, esq., esq., late Lieut.-Col. 8th reg., and to Margaret Mair, only daughter of granddaughter of the late Vice-Adm. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Wm. Paterson, K.C.H., Sir W. Parker, Bart.

of Exeter. At Devizes, the Rev. Charles W. At St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, Edmonstone, Vicar of St. Mary's, Marl Robert H. Dolling, esq., only son of the borough, to Susan Mary D'Oyley, eldest Rev. Boughey W. Dolling, of Maghodaughter of the Rev. P. H. Douglas. ralin, co. of Down, to Eliza, third daugh

13. At Naples, Charles Romilly, esq., ter of the late Joseph Dupre Alexander, son of the late Sir Samuel Romilly, to esq., of Stone House, Kent, and Grosthe Lady Georgiana Russell, daughter venor-place. of the late Duke of Bedford.

25. At Bramdean, Hants, the Rev. 13. At Darley Dale, Edw. Woollett, J. B. Bourne, Rector of Colmere and third son of Sir Robert Wilmot, Bart., Prior's Dean, to Margaret Sophia, eldof Chaddesden and Brighton, to Emma est daughter of Henry Wood, esq.,

of Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir F. S. Bramdean House. Darwin, of Sydnope, Derbyshire.

At St. Ewe Church, Cornwall, 15. At St. George's, Hanover-square, John Salusbury Trelawny, esq., eldest Major Edward Bagot, 60th Royal Ri- surviving son of Sir William Trelawny. fles, son and heir of the Bishop of Ox Bart., of Horewood, to Harriet Jane, ford, to Mathilde, relict of the late Os. eldest daughter of J. H. Tremayne, esq., wald Perkins, esq.

of Heligan. At the residence of her Britannic

27. At Gorleston, Suffolk, Arthur F. Majesty's Minister at Frankfort, the Thompson, second son of the late Ed. Rev. Charles T. Arnold, to Susanna

ward Thompson, esq., of Great YarMagdalena Mays, only daughter of the mouth, to Mary Anne, fourth daughter late J. H. Mays, esq., of lleidelberg. of the late Rev. Clement Chevallier,

18. At Castle, Strathallan, George Rector of Badingbam and Cransford.
Drummond Græme, esq., of Inchbraa At St. George's, Hanover-square,
kie, Major in the Hanoverian Service, the Rev. W. H. Biedermann, Vicar of
to the Hon. Marianne Jane Drummond, Egham, Surrey, to Jemima, only daugh-
only daughter of the Viscount Strath ter of Rear-Adm. Carden.

At Dublin, Mr. C. Kean to Miss
At Trinity Church, Marylebone, Ellen Tree.

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