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William Pbillips, of Waun-iago, Esq.
Henry Lucas, of Uplands, Esq.
R, F. Gower, of Glandofan, Esq.
David Oliver, of Rhydoldog, Esq.

J. Sandeson, of Aberbraint, Esq.
J. G. Watkins, of Plas Llanfair, Esq.
T. M. Williams, of Penbedw Hall, Esq.
Edward Dymock, of Penwick Hall, Ellesmere, Esq.
The Hon. Thomas Pryce Lloyd, of Mocbras.
Sir John Roger Kynaston, of Hardwick Hall, Bart.

Alexander H. Halladay, of Clifton, Esq.
James M. Caulfield, of Horkley, Esq.
Hon. Somerset R, Maxwell, of Woodfield.
James Waring, of Newry, Esq.
William Fitzgerald, of Adelphi, Esq.
Robert D. Beamish, of Castleview, Esq.
Wybrants Olpherts, of Ballyconnell, Esq.
Robert E. Ward, of Bangor Castle, Esq.
Arthur B. Crofton, of Roebuck Castle.
Hon. John Cole, of Florence Court, Enniskillen.
Denis Daly, of Dupsandle, Esq.
Arthur L. Saunders, of Flesk.
Marquess of Kildare.
Robert Neville, of Marymount, Esq.
Thomas Bernard, of Castle Bernard, Esq.
Coote Mulloy, of Hughstown, Esq.
Henry Richardson, of Somerset, Esq.
Michael Furnell, of Cahirelly, Esq.
Hon. L. H. King Harman, of Newcastle, Ballymabon.
Viscount Jocelyn, of Dundalk.
George V. Jackson, of Carramore, Esq.
Henry C. Singleton, of Aclare, Esq.
John B. Kernan, of Cabragh Lodge, Esq.
Edmund Staples, of Dunmore, Esq.
Richard Irwin, of Rathmill, Esq.
Richard Gethin, of Craig, Esq.
Richard W. Gason, of Richmond, Esq.
Joseph Goff, of Hall House, Esq.
Richard Chearnley, of Salter's Badge, Esq.
Capt. Hercules Robinson, of Rossinead.
Stephen Ram, of Ramsfort, Esq.
Joseph P. Tynte, of Tynte Park, Esq.

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Kildare .
King's County
Monaghan .
Queen's County

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the Lady Anna Maria Tollemache, & BIRTHS.


1. At Rowde, the wife of John Locke,

esq. a daughter. JANUARY

2. In Belgrave-square, the Countess

of Clanwilliam, a son. 2. At Brighton, the wife of the lion. 4. At Knole, Sevenoaks, the ViscountC. Hanbury Tracy, a daughter.

ess Holmesdale, a daughter. At Edinburgh, Lady Campbell, of 5. At Lacock Abbey, Wilts, the wise Ardoamurchan, a son.

of H. Talbot, esq. a son and heir. 3. At Larkhill, near Liverpool, the 9. At Hempnall Vicarage Norfolk, Hon. Mrs. Rich. Denman, a son.

the wife of the Rev. R. R. Rolfe, a 8. At Holne Park, the Hon. Mrs. daughter. Laurence Shawe, a son.

13. At Sulby Hall, Northamptonshire, At Covamore, the Countess of the Duchess of Montrose, a daughter. Listowel, a son.

In Great Cumberland-place, Lady In St. James's-square, the Lady Colchester, a son. John Thynne, a daughter.

Lady Mary Vyner, a son. 9. In Great Coram-street, the wife of In Gloucester-terrace, Regent's. Lieut.-Col. Carmichael Smyth, C. B. park, the Lady Pearson, a son. Bengal Light Cavalry, a son.

16. In Park-street, Westininster, the 13. At Ickworth, Lady Arthur Har lady of Sir W. W. Follett, a son. vey, a daughter.

17. The lady of the Rev. Josiah 14. At Chartley Castle, the Hon. Bateman, Vicar of Huddersfield, a son. Mrs. Henry H. Tracy, a son.

18. At Hardwick, Derbyshire, the 16. The wife of Joseph Arden, esq. lady of the Rev. W. Jewdwine, a son. of Hickmansworth-park, a daughter. 19. At Burnham Vicarage, Somerset

17. At Aston Hall, Derby, the wise shire, the wife of the Rev. G. H. Nutof Edw. A. Holden, esq., a daughter. ting, a son.

20. At Porth-Mawr, Crickhowel, the 21. At Sudbrooke, Hall, the Lady of wife of the Rev. Thomas J. Ormerod, Colonel Allix, late of the Grenadier a daughter.

Guards, a son. 21. At Heatham Lodge, Twickenham, 22. In Connaught-terrace, the Hon. the Lady of W. K. Ashford, esq., a son.

Mrs. Edward Cecil Curzon, a daughter. At Tours, the lady of Thomas 23. At Belgrave-square, Lady Fanny Drake, esq., a daughter.

Howard, a daughter. 22. At Stratton Rectory, Gloucester 24. In Chapel-strect, Belgrave-sq., shire, the lady of the Rev. Henry Forster, Lady Duff Gordon, a daughter. a daughter.

At Oldbury Rectory, Salop, the At Southdown House, Devon, the lady of the Rev. J. Purton, a daughter. Lady Mary E. Haworth, a daughter. 25. In llamilton-place, the Countess

In Dukc-street, Portland-place, of Home, a son. the lady of Dr. Gamble, a son.

At the Rectory, Cuxton, Kent, 23. in Lower Grosvenor-street, the the lady of the Rev. R. W. Shaw, a lady of J. Milnes Gaskell, esq., M.P. a daughter.

25. In Chesham-place, the lady Arthur Lennox, a son.

MARCH. 26. ln Upper Wimpolc-street, the lady of F. H. Mitchell, esq. a daughter. 1. At Milton House, the Viscountess

28. In Lower Brook-street, the Hon. Milton, a daughter. Mrs. Arthur Duncombe, a son.

2. At Chudleigh, the Lady Catherine At Beckett, the Viscountess Bar Parker, a daughter. rington a son.

5. At Mandon, near Plymouth, De30. At the Rectory, Solihull, the lady von, the lady of the Rev. J. H. Parlby, of the Rev. Archer Clive, a son and a daughter. beir.

7. At Boxlcy House, Kent, the Lady 31. At Regent's Villa, Avenue-road, Margaret Marsham, a son and heir.

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a son.

a son.

BIRTHS. 8. At Hadley, Middlesex, the wife of 31. At Fernick Castle, N. B., Lady the Rev. T. H. Winbolt, a son.

Macgregor, of Macgregor, a son. At Shipton le Moyne, Gloucester Lately. At the Rectory, Mitchelshire, the wife of the Rev. J. M. Capes, mersh, the Hon. Mrs. Maurice, a son. of a son.

At Exmouth, the Hon. Mrs. Os9. At Spencer House, St. James's. borne, a daughter. place, the Lady of the Hon. Richard The wife of A. C. Fleming, esq., Watson, a son.

county Clare, late of King's Dragoon At Hinckley, Leicestershire, the Guards, a son and beir. lady of Captain Pearson, 16th Lancers, At Ardbraccan Glebe, Ireland, a son.

the lady of Hon. Archdeacon PakenIn Eaton-square, the lady of Sir hain, a daughter. John Thorold, Bart., a son and heir.

In Portman-square, the flon. Lady 10. At Lyddial Rectory, Herts, the Stirling, a daughter. lady of the Rev. Charles Maxwell, a son. At Charleville, the seat of her

· In Arlington-sireet, Lady Mary father the Earl of Rathdowne, Lady Stephenson, of a daughter.

Georgina Croker, a son. 11. At Shenley Rectory, the wife of the Rev. William R. Hall, a son. In Eaton-square, the Lady Agnes

APRIL. Byng, a daughter.

12. The lady of the Rev. Percival 1. At Walford House, near Taunton Frost, of St. John's College, Cambridge, the wife of R. King Meade King, esq.

At Biggin House, Northampton 2. In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, shire, the wife of the Rev. M. W. Watts the Hon. Mrs. Baillie, wise of H. J. Russell, a daughter.

Baillie, esq., M.P. a son. 13. At Linton, Cambridgeshire, the At Teaninich, Ross-shire, the lady of the Rev. C. Grain, a daughter. lady of the Hon. George Spencer, a

At St. Helier's Jersey, the lady of William Ditmas, esq., a son.

At Champton Grove, the wife of At Hill-place, Hants, the wise of Frederick Cousens, esq., a daughter. Charles Millett, esq., a son.

At the Master's-lodge, St. Peter's 14. At Glasnevin House, near Dublin, College Cambridge, the wife of the Rev. the Lady Mary Lindsay, a daughter. Dr. Hodgson, a daughter.

16. At Formosa Cottage, the lady of 4. At East Sheen, the wife of Francis Capt. Sir G. Young, Bart., R. N., a son. Ommanney, esq., a son.

20. At York, Lady Harriett Dun. At Funchal, Madeira, Mrs. Calcombe, a daughter.

verley Bewicke, a daughter. 21. In St. James's-street, the wife of At Coolegegan, King's co. IreCharles Phelips, esq., of Briggins land, the wise of John Gatchell, esq., a park, Herts, a son.

son and heir. 22. At Aix-la-Chapelle, the wife of 6. At Ogwell House, the lady of Sir H. B. G. Whitgreave, esq., a son and Richard Plasket, a daughter. beir.

In Baker-street, the wife of Lieut. 23. At Aqualate, Lady Boughey, a Col. Griffiths, a son.

At Castlecotle, the Countess of 24. At Wimpole, the Countess of Belmore, a daughter. Hardwicke, a son.

7. In Hyde-park-street, the wise of 27. At Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, Major-Gen. Caulfield, a son. the lady of George Walker, esq., a 8. In St. James's-sq., Lady Georgiana daughter.

E. C. Grey, a son. 28. In Carlton-gardens, Lady Marian 11. In Curzon-street, Lady Ernest Alford, a son and heir.

Bruce, a son. In Hyde-park-gardens, the wife The Countess of Harewood, a of John Shawe Lefevre, esq., a daughter. daughter.

29. At Rome, the wise of Arthur H. 12. In Berkeley-square, the wife of T. Elton, esq., eldest son of Sir Charles Peers Williams, esq., M.P., a daughter. Elton, Bart. of twin dangbiters.

At Elm Grove, Southsea, the Hon. 30. At Alveston, Gloucestershire, the Mrs. Harris, a son. wife of the Rev. Aug. W Noel, a son. 16. The wife of William Sandcroft



à son.

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BIRTHS. Holmes, esq., of Gawdy-hall, Norfolk, a 7. At Leamington, the wife of Christ. daughter.

Musgrave, esq., a son. 18. At Croxteth, the Countess of 8. At Umberslade, Warwickshire, Sefton, a son.

Mrs. Bolton King, a daughter. 20. At Cambo House, the wife of 9. At Sandwell, the Countess of DartCapt. Fielden, late of the 17th Lancers, mouth, a son.

In Devonshire-street, Lady Lacon, 22. At the Rectory, Stoke Hammond, a son and heir. Bucks, Lady Julia Bouwens, a son.

At Great Chesterfield, Essex Lady At Milsted House, Kent, the wife Harriet Harvey, a daughter. of John Dixon Dyke, esq., a son.

10. At Grosvenor-place, Viscountess At Lischam Rectory, Norfolk, the Villiers (daughter of Sir R. Peel), a Hon. Mrs. Alfred Wodehouse, a son. danghter.

In Brook-street, the lady of Sir 11. At Wollaston House, Dorchester, George Baker, Bart., a daughter. the wife of A. H. D. Acland, esq., a

25. The lady of Maj. Gen. Sir E. Bowater, a daughter.

- At the Vicarage, Barking, the 26. At Kirklees-park, Yorkshire, Lady Hon. Mrs. Robert Liddell, a son, Armytage, a son and heir.

12. At Seend, Wilts, the wife of W. Lately. At Swords Vicarage, county H. Ludlow Bruges, esq., a danghter. Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Howard, a son. 13. In Portman-street, Lady Emily

In Hanover-square, Lady Cre. Seymour, a son. morne, a son and heir.

At Abbott's Ann, Hants, the wise In Ireland, Viscountess Mount of the Hon. and Rev. S. Best, a son. morris, a daughter.

14. At Over Court, Gloucestershire, At Altyre, Lady Gordon Cum. the wife of R. Cann Lippincott, esq., a ming, a son.

daughter. At Woodcote, the Lady Louisa 15. At Cholterton Lodge, Hants, the Cotes, a daughter.

wife of the Rev. Wadham Knatchbull, In Scotland, Lady Gordon, a daughter.

In Hereford-street, the Hon. Mrs. At Plymouth, the lady of Sir G. Richard Cavendish, a daughter. Sartorius, a daughter.

16. At Bramshott House, Lipbook, In Upper Harley-street, the wife the wife of W. Chalcraft, esq., a daugh. of James Morrison, esq., M.P., a son.

ter. At York-place, Portman-square, 19. At Bedford, the wife of the Rev. Mrs. James de Saumarez, a son.

Charles Brereton, B.C.L., a son.

24. At Winkton House, Ringwood,

the wife of Edward Weld, esq., a son. MAY.

28. At the residence of her father,

Sir Charles Elton, the wife of the Rev. 2. At Woodside, Lymington, the wife E. D. Tinling, a son. of William W. Rooke, esq., a son.

At Wanlip Rectory, Leic. the At Upper Berkeley-place, Mrs. wife of the Rev. C. A. Palmer, a son. Martin H. Hodges, a son.

Lately. At Ledstone Hall, Yorkshire, 3. At Long Ditton, the Hon. Mrs. the Hon. Mrs. H. Ramsden, a daughter. Eyre Evans, a daughter.

At Broadstairs, Lady Mary SteAt Renishaw, Lady Sitwell, A phenson, a son. daughter.

At Addlestrop House, Lady Elea4. At Eaton-place, the lady of Sir nor Cathcart, a daughter. William Heathcote, Bart., a daughter. In Belgrave-square, the lady of

5. At Dublin, the lady of the Right the Right Hon. Henry Labouchere, Hon. T. F. Kennedy, a son.

M.P., a daughter. At Boulogne, the wife of William In South-street, Lady Kilmaine, Gore Ouseley, esq., Secretary of Lega a daughter. tion in Brazil, a son.

In St. James's-place, the wife of 6. At Frampton House, Dorset, the William Cripps, esq., M.P., a daughter. wife of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, esq., In St. James's-place, Lady Luba 601).

bock, a son. At Wenvoe Castle, co. Glamorgan, Lady Jane Ogilvy, a daughter. the wife of R, F. Jenner, ceq., a son.

In Mount-street, Berkeley-square,

8 son.


a son.

BIRTHS. the lady of Sir G. E. Pocock, Bart., a Tynte, esq., late M.P. for West Somer

set, a son. In Hereford-street, the wife of In Upper Seymour-street, the wife Col. Newberry, a daughter.

of R. Cobden, esq., M.P., a daughter. In Hertford-street, May-fair, the At Naples, lady Headley, a son Hon. Mre. Scott, a son,

and heir.

At Glynn-lliffon-park, Lady New

borough, a daughter. JUNE.

At Matfin Hall, Northumberland,

Lady Blackett, a son, 1. On her pasaage to Sydney, the At the Provost Lodge, Eton Colwife of Henry Harper, esq., of Sydney, lege, the Hon. Mrs. Hodson, a daughter.

At Southam House, Gloncester2. At Kew, the Lady Mary Hope, a shire, the Hon. Mrs. H. S. Law, a daughter.

daughter. At Naples, the wife of Thomas At Tunbridge, the wife of John Brabazon Aylmer, esq., a son.

Jervis, esq., M.P., a son. 4. At Leamington, Priors, the wife of At Southampton, the wife of F. Andrew Wight, esq., of Ormiston, a Jerningham, esq., a son. son and heir.

in Upper Wimpole-street, the 7. At Blackhall, Devon, the wife of wife of W. Marshall, esq., M.P., a son. James Cornish, esq., a daughter.

At North Berwick, the Hon. Mrs. 8. In Devonport-street, Hyde-park, Coventry, a son. the wife of W. R. Browne, esq., of Chisledon, Wilts, a daughter. 11. At Otterington House, Yorkshire,

JULY. the wife of Capt. Hampton, of Henllys, Anglesey, a daughter.

1. The Hon. Mrs. Lee Lee, of Dil. In Upper Grosvenor-street, the lington House, Somerset, a daughter. wife of W. Bowyer Smyth, esq., &

4. At Harrow-on-the-Hill, the wife daughter.

of the Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, a daughter. 13. The lady of Capt. Sir H. Loraine At Hardington Park, near Frome, Baker, Bart., Č.B., of Dunstable House, the wife of Edw. Jeffries Esdaile, jun., Richmond, a son.

esq., a son and heir. At Montague-place, the wife of 5. At Charlotte Town, Prince Ed. Edmund Barker Ray, esq., a daughter. ward's Ieland, the wife of Sir R. V.

14. At Brighton, the Hon. Mrs. An Huntley, a son. derson, a son.

7. At Clapham, the wife of Edw. At Easton House, Corsham, the Thornton, esq., of the Bengal Civil Ser. wife of P. Hooper, esq., a daughter. vice, a daughter.

15. In Whitehall-place, Mrs. Swyn At the Rectory, Easton, near Wick. fen Jervis, a daughter.

ham Market, Suffolk, the wife of the At Tisbury, the wife of William Rev. Henry-Brown Longe, a daughter. Turner, esq., a son and heir.

In Belgrave-square, the Hon. Mrs. 17. At Bridge House, Hendon, the Sanderson, a son. wife of P. C. Toker, esq., a daughter.

At Hamptworth Lodge, the wife 20. The wife of T. Duffield, esq.,

of Robert Duncombe Shasto, esq., a son M.P., a daughter.

and heir. 22. The wife of Wakehurst Peyton, 9. In Somerset-street, Portman-square, esq., of Wakehurst-place, Sussex, a son. the Hon. Mrs. A. M. Macdonald, a

26. At Woburn-park, Surrey, the daughter. Hon. Mrs. Locke King, a daughter. 10. At Shabden, Surrey, the Hon.

29. At Weybridge, the wife of Capt. Mrs. St. Clair, a daughter. Lushington, R.N., a daughter.

12. At Leeds Castle, the wife of Lately. At Portland-place, Madame Charles Wykeham Martin, esq., M.P., Van de Weyer, a daughter.

At Hartfeld-park, the wife of E. 13. In Park-street, Grosvenor-square, B. Curties, esq. a daughter.

the wife of the Hon. Henry Gage, a At Tichborne House, the wife of daughter. John Bennet, esq., a daughter.

16. The wife of T. D. Acland, esq., At Paris, the wife of C. J. Kemeys M.P., a son.

a son.

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