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company of the saints who rest in vessel to him and proceed to sea in the Lord ?"

the Island launch; but he refused AN EMEUTE AT NORFOLK Is« to comply with their proposals, as LAND.-An Hobart Town paper he knew that the vessel must ultibrought the following account of mately fall into his hands again, a daring attempt made by a boat's the prisoners being without provierew, cmployed in unloading a sions and water, to obtain which ship called the Governor Philip at they must necessarily expose themNorfolk Island. On the morning selves to the fire of the crew and of the 21st of June, at seven military, who were well armed, o'clock, the boat's crew were let and only waiting for an opportunity out of the prison for the purpose to get on deck. Captain Boyle of stowing the cargo of the launch, then broke the cabin skylight, and which was hanging to the stern of watched for an opportunity of the brig. On reaching the deck, shooting the man who was at the and seeing only two soldiers and wheel; and, by a well-directed the sergeant there, the crew took shot, he at length succeeded, and advantage of the absence of the killed him on the spot. On the other ten, of which the guard fall of the two master spirits, the consists, and rushed on the two others told the seamen who were sentries and threw them overboard. on deck that the ship was theirs The sergeant immediately shot one again. The hatch was taken off, of them, named Kelly, when he and the ship's crew and the miliwas knocked down by the others tary rushed on deck; the latter aud severely wounded with a be- fired on the surviving mutineers, laying pin. One of the soldiers killed three and wounded two was drowned, and the other saved mortally. The sergeant of the by a prisoner named Wolfe. The guard shot the corporal in the seamen were then ordered into the scuffle, mistaking him for one of launch, except two, who were told the prisoners. The bodies of the to remain on deck, and one of killed presented a dreadful spectathem was placed at the wheel, cle; one man's head was covered with a prisoner of the name of with blood and brains, and, but Moss, to assume the command. for the interposition of Captain The captain, with his officers, hap- Boyle, the whole of the prisoners pened to be below, and before they would have been killed. The guard could proceed on deck the compan- and crew consisted of twenty-eight ion-hatch was put on, the fore and men, exclusive of officers; and it main hatches were also battened certainly says little for their vigidown on the rest of the guard and lance or prowess that such an atcrew, and the mutineers were thus tempt could have been made with in complete possession of the ves any chance of success by a handful of sel, but without any arms, except unarmed men. The total number of the pistols and cutlasses taken from killed and wounded are-military, the two sentries. Shortly after one drowned, and two wounded; they had taken the vessel, one of seamen, one wounded; prisoners, the party proposed to Captain five killed, and two severely woundBoyle to furnish them with provi. ed. The seven remaining mutineers sions, water, arms, &c., on obtain. were fully committed to take their ing which they would give up the trial for murder and piracy.

25 AWFUL CATASTROPHE AND has had a display of flowers unLOSS OF LIVES-GALWAY.-A me precedented for the season. Tus lancholy accident occurred in this lips, narcissuses, rhododendrons, town this morning. At early mass, azalias, and camellias, have been in the parish chapel, there was an exhibited in full bloom, as well as immense concourse of people; the mignonette. Amongst other flowgallery, as is usual on Christmas ers were violets in very great promornings, was crowded to excess. fusion, heaths, bignonias, luculias, One of the rails of the staircase, poinsellias, and camellias, all in by the pressure of the multitude, excellent variety. The mildness was broken, and some persons in of the weather is shown in the the vicinity having heard the forwardness of every description of crackling noise, gave the alarm, vegetation in the gardens, and the and cried out that the gallery was excellent supply of produce at the giving way. The consequence was, markets. From a meteorological that a tremendous rush was made register kept at Lambeth during towards the stairs-numbers were the last week, the lowest point of thrown down the stairs and tram- the thermometer was 33° Fahren. pled to death by others get- heit on the night of the 23rd ; and ting into the street. Upwards the highest 56° Fahrenheit at noon of thirty persons were discovered on the 22nd. From the meteoroto have been crushed to death. logical register kept at the HortiThere were a great many, besides, cultural Society's garden, at Chismaimed; all of the lower class, wick, during the last sixteen years, such as poor tradesmen, labourers, as compared with the present week, and servants. There was no dan- it appears that the highest temger at all of the gallery giving perature was the 30th of Decemway; it was very strongly built, ber, 1833, when the thermometer and would bear four times the was 56° Fahrenheit, and the lowest weight that was on it at the time. the 25th of December, 1832, when There must have been between the temperature was 12o. From 4,000 and 5,000 people in at the these observations it also appears, time.

that the night of the 25th of De29. EXTRAORDINARY MILDNESS cember averages 27° Fahrenheit, OF THE Season. Within the last being the lowest temperature few days Covent-garden market the year.


The MINISTRY, as it stood at the meeting of Parliament,

Feb. 3rd, 1842.


Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart. First Lord of the Treasury.
Lord Lyndhurst

Lord Chancellor.
Lord Wharncliffe .

President of the Council. Earl of Haddington .

First Lord of the Admiralty. Duke of Buccleugh and Queens- Lord Privy Scal.

bury Rt. Hon. Sir James Graham, Bart. Home Secrelary. Earl of Aberdeen.

Foreign Secretary. Lord Stanley.

Colonial Secretary, Lord Fitzgerald and Vesci President of the Board of Control. Right Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge. Secretary-al-War. Earl of Ripon

President of the Board of Trade. Right Hon. Henry Goulburn . Chancellor of the Exchequer. Rt. Hon. Sir Edw. Knatchbull, Bt. Paymaster-General. Lord Eliot

Chief Secretary for Ireland. Duke of Wellington.

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Not of the CABINET. Lord Lowther.

Postmaster-General. Lord Granville Somerset

Chan. of the Duchy of Lancaster. Earl of Lincoln

First Commiss. of Land Revenue. Right Hon. Sir George Murray Master-General of the Ordnance. Colonel Jonathan Peel

Surveyor-General of the Ordnance. Captain Boldero.

Clerk of the Ordnance. F. R. Bonham, Esq. .

Storekeeper of the Ordnance. Rt. Hon. William Ewart Glad.

Vice-President of the Board of stone.

Trade and Master of the Mint.
J. Milnes Gaskell, Esq..
H. B. Baring, Esq.
Alexander Pringle, Esq.

Lords of the Treasury.
J. Young, Esq.
Sir G. Clerk
Sir T. Freemantle

Joint Secretaries of the Treasury.


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IRELAND. Earl De Grey.

Lord Lieutenant. Sir Edward Sugden . :

Lord Chancellor. Lord Eliot.

Chief Secretary. Right Hon. Francis Blackburne Attorney-General. Joseph Devonshire Jackson Solicitor-General.

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Right Hon. Sir William Rae, Bart. Lord Advocate.
Duncan M'Neil, Esq.


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Lord Chamberlain.-Earl De Lawarr.
Vice-Chamberlain.- Lord Ernest Bruce.
Mistress of the Robes.-Duchess of Buccleuch.
Lord Steward.- Earl of Liverpool.
Treasurer of the Household.-Earl of Jermyn.
Comptroller of the Household.--Colonel the Right Hon. D. Damer.
Capiain of the Gentleman at Arms.--Lord Forester.
Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard.—Earl of Beverley.
Master of the Horse.--Earl of Jersey.
Clerk Marshal.-Lord C. Wellesley.
Master of the Buckhounds.-Earl of Rosslyn.


Cambridge and Hunting-

don Cheshire

Robert Lindsell, of Fairfield House, Esq.
H. M. Bunbury, Marlston House, Esq.
John Palmer, of Dorney Court, Esq.

:}John Linton, of súrtloe, Esq.
{ Frete grille Lawson Ballantine Dykes, of Dovenby Hał,

E. D. Davenport, of Copesthorne, Esq.

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Derbyshire .
Warwickshire .
Wiltshire .

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James Sutton, of Shardlow, Esq.
E. Lousada, of Peak House, Esq.
H. K. Seymer, of Hanford, Esq.
R. E. Duncombe Shafto, of Whitworth Park, Esq.
J. F. Fortescue, of Writtle Lodge, Esq.
T. H. Kingscote, of Kingscote, Esq.
J. L. Scudamore, of Kent-church Park, Esq.
G.G. Morgan, Brickendonbury, Esq.
H. Hoare, of Staplehurst, Esq.
Thomas Richard Wilson France, of Rawcliffe Hall, Esq.
J. B. Story, of Lockington, Esq.
Sir J. Nelthorpe, of Scawby, Bart.
J. E. W. Rolls, of the Hendre, Esq.
W. H. Windbam, of Fellbrigg, Esq.
Hon. Philip Sydney Pierrepont, of Evenley Hall.
E. Riddell, of Cheeseburn Grange, Esq.
F. Wright, of Lenton Hall, Esq.
J. S. Phiřips, of Culham House, Esq.
R. W. Baker, of Cottesmore, Esq.
Henry Justice, of Hinstock, Esq.
R. C. Tudway, of Wells, Esq.
George Henry Ward, of Northwood Park, I. W. Esq.
J. E. Piercy, of Warley Hall, Esq.
E. Bridgman, of Coney Weston, Esq.
Charles Barclay, of Bury Hill, Esq.
George Wyndham, of Petworth, Esq.
John Little, of Newbold Pacey, Esq.
Earl of Thanet.
F. W. Rooke, Lackham House, Esq.
Edward Holland, of Lenchwick, Esq.
William St. Quintin, of Scampston Hall, Esq.

H. J. Williams, of Colt y Mawr, Esq.
F, D, Saunders, of Tymawr, Esq.

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