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IRACULOUS PRESERV. rock on which the ill-fated Albion 3.

ATION FROM SHIPWRECK. steamer was lost). The mainmast - During an awful storm that immediately broke into three or raged throughout the night, the four pieces; and the last which sloop Perseverance, Morris Evans the captain knew of his men, for master, of Carnarvon, with a mate, they kept calling to each other as one seaman and a boy, bound from long as the seas permitted their South Yarmouth to Dublin, when heads to be above water, was the between the South Bishops and feeling one of their hands, as they the Smalls, carried away her bow- held on to the wreck under water sprit, and immediately after, a sea -such was the dreadful state they bruke on board that swept the were in on the instant when the decks, carrying away her bulwarks vessel struck ! and chain cables, stoving her boat, The captain was instantaneously and making her a complete wreck, washed overboard, when he grasped with every sea sweeping her fore one of the pieces of the mainmast, and aft.

and was washed with it into a She was now driving before a cavern in the perpendicular cliffs, furious north-wester, with her and it was carried away the inmainsail set; the captain, mate, stant that he loosened his grasp, and the man, took refuge in the and had got a little beyond the cabin, up to their necks in water; force of the waves. This cavern at but the boy, in endeavouring, to the high spring-tide, is many

feet follow their example, was washed under water. There he lay, holdoverboard by a sea, and his wailing ing on to the rocks, with the sea cries were instantly lost amidst the bursting and bubbling over him, tumultuous howling of the troubled till the next morning. deep.

This was the time of the neapAt about twelve o'clock at night tides, with a gale of wind blowing the vessel struck in a small cove on a right upon the coast—when the part of the coast near St. Bride's, in tide recedes so little as to make it the Jack Sound, called the Deer an impossibility for any one to get Park, where the cliffs are nearly in out of this cove save by climbing perpendicular height from 150 to these perpendicular cliffs, 200 feet (nearly opposite to the getting out of the cavern, except Vol. LXXXIV.


or of

by watching till the heaviest wave abouts he should fall ; but most has broken.

providentially despair nerved him After exhausting himself in cry to almost superhuman resolution, ing for assistance, there seemed which enabled him to seize hold of to be no alternative but that of a projecting pinnacle of rock, upon being drowned in the cavern, or which he climbed, and was thus being starved to death by cold and enabled to reach the summit with hunger. He now cut his boots sufficient strength to throw his from his feet with his knife, and body over, though his legs were threw them upon a ledge of rock still hanging down the side of the above the cavern, in the hope that cliff. Here he regained strength they might meet the eye of some to place himself out of danger, one in passing; and then com and to return thanks to the Almenced an attempt to scale the mighty for his wonderful preserva. cliff, which he had mastered, a tion. height of above forty feet-when, He was found some time after on taking hold of a stone which was by a man crawling on the ground, loose, he began to slip, and at the with his feet and hands completely very moment that he fell, and ex. doubled under, from the injuries pected to have his brains dashed they had received. He was placed out on a huge rock immediately on an ass, and conveyed to the below, and on which he must fall, house of Mr. Jones, farmer, Trehill, a tremendous sea swept over the near St. Bride's, where he was rock, and bore him to the mouth most charitably taken care of. of the same cayern to which he 31. DRBADFUL MURDER AT had before been cast, and in which MANSFIELD, NEAR NOTTINGHAM, he had lain before ; and now, with This morning the peaceful little feet and hands dreadfully swollen town of Mansfield was thrown into by climbing and the action of the a state of consternation by the salt water-battered, bruised, and discovery of a most dreadful and dreadfully shaken, he lay another cold blooded murder. The hap, night in this awful cavern, with less victim of this atrocious deed the sea breaking over and drench. was a young woman in her twening him.

tieth year, named Mary Hallam, Sunday morning came, with no the daughter of a labourer, who possibility of receiving human aid, has resided in Mansfield for many Once more he nerved himself to years, and who has saved a con,

get out of the cavern, He siderable sum of money by his iphad prayed most fervently ; he dustry. The murderer is a young thought of his sick wife and his man named John Jones, alias infant family; and he made the Samuel Moore, a shoemaker, a attempt, and he found himself native of Market Bosworth, He most wonderfully strengthened has resided in Mansfield for four every step he took, After in years, and had, until a few months credible toil, and tearing his hands ago, been considered the accepted and feet against the sharp-pointed suitor of the unfortunate deceased, rocks in a most dreadful way, he Moore rented two rooms at the ascended very nearly to the sum bottom of a yard in Lister Lane, mit, where he was so very nearly Mansfield, and the deceased lived calling again, that he looked where with her parents in a house at the

try and

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