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giance. But their fidelity was un savours of romance, but it is a shaken ; and their serenity amidst sober fact, that the city was thrown labours and privations, unclouded into alarm, within the space of With reference, however, to the little more than one month, by state of fanatical excitement and the repetition of full one hundred national antipathy which prevailed shocks of this terrific phenomenon around us, I had been compelled, of nature. as a measure of prudence, to get The troops turned with inde. rid, first of the corps of Khyber fatigable industry to the repararangers, and next of the detach tion of their walls; but, at the ment of Jezalcbees, and a few of moment of the great convulsion, the Affghan sappers, and a body of Sirdhar Mahomed Akbar Khan, Hindoostanee gunners, who had Burukzye, the assassin of the late formerly been in the employment Envoy, and treacherous destroyer of Dost Mahomed Khan. Works of the Cabul force, having col. had in the meantime been com- lected a body of troops, flushed pleted, of which the annexed re- with a success consummated by the ports and plans of Captain Broad. vilest means, hadd advanced to foot contain ample details. Gene. Murkhail, within seven miles of rally, I may state, they consisted our gates. He attacked our foin the destruction of an immense raging parties with a large body quantity of cover for the enemy, of horse, on the 21st and 22nd of extending to the demolition of February, and soon after establishforts and old walls, filling up ra- ing his head-quarters to the westvines, and destroying gardens, and ward two miles from the place, cutting down groves, raising the and a secondary camp to the eastparapets to six or seven feet high, ward about one mile distant, inrepairing and widening the ram vested the town, and established a parts, extending the bastions, re- rigorous blockade. From that time trenching three of the gates, coverup to the 7th of April, the reduced ing the fourth with an outwork, garrison was engaged in a suceesand excavating a ditch ten feet in sion of skirmishes with the enemy, depth, and twelve feet in width, who, greatly superior in horse, around the whole of the walls. perpetually insulted our walls by The place was thus secure against attacks and alerts, and compelled the attack of any Asiatic enemy, us daily to fight at a disadvantage not provided with siege artillery. for forage for our cattle. The

“But it pleased Providence, on most remarkable of those affairs the 19th February, to remove in were those of the cavalry under an instant this ground of confi- Lieutenant Mayne, commanding dence: A tremendous earthquake a detachment of Shah Soojah's shook down all our parapets, built 2nd Cavalry, and Jemadar Deena up with so much labour, injured Singh's 5th Light Cavalry, alseveral of our bastions, cast to the ready reported ; a sally under ground all our guard-houses, de Colonel Dennie, C. B., to defeat molished a third of the town, made a suspected attempt of the enemy a considerable breach in the ram to drive a mine, on the 11th of part of a curtain in the Peshawur March; the repulse of an assault face, and reduced the Cabul gate upon the transverse walls to the to a shapeless mass of ruins. It northward of the place, on the

be supported by the fire of some

24th of the same month, by de. Captain Havelock. These were to tachments under Captain Broadfoot (who was severely wounded), field artillery, and by the small and Captain Fenwick, Her Ma cavalry force which was in Jellalajesty's 13th Light Infantry; the bad. capture of bullocks and sheep by Lieutenant Mayne, on the 30th better be given in Sir R. Sale's

31st of January, and the seizure of large flocks of the latAkhbar's army, by a force of in- light this morning. So far from fantry under Captain Pattison, the Sirdhar (i. e. Akbar Khan) H.Mi's 13th Light Infantry, and of having made any dispositions to crowned by Providence, by the 6,000 men), was formed in order

issue of the brilliant and decisive of battle ; for the defence of his

ter, - in the
cavalry under Captain Oldfield, on

The account of the attack had

own words:

face of Mahomed

“ The troops issued from the Cabul and Peshawur gates at day.

the 1st inst. These successes were

avoid the encounter, his whole force (not falling short in all of

on the 7th inst."

It was

attack on the camp of the Sirdhar, camp, its right resting on a fort,

and its left on the Cabul River ; This last event took place as

and even the ruined works within

800 yards of the place, recently follows:

On the evening of the 5th of repaired, were filled with Ghilzie April, information was brought marksmen, evidently prepared for into Jellalabad by spies from the

a stout resistance. The attack Affghan camp, that the force under General Pollock had been enabled column under Captain Havelock,

was led by the skirmishers and to force the Khyber Pass, and had which drove the enemy, in the retreated towards Peshawur; and

most satisfactory manner, from the next morning a feu de joie and

extreme left of his advanced line salute of artillery were fired by of works, which it pierced, and Akbar Khan in honour, as was proceeded to advance into the plain; pretended, of the event.

whilst the central column directed also reported that the Affghans its efforts against a square fort were sending additional reinforce upon the same base, the defence of to defend their frontier

which was obstinately maintained. passes.

With the deepest regret I have to General Sale accordingly deter- record, that, whilst nobly leading mined to make an attack upon the his regiment to the assault, Colonel Affghan camp, in the hope of re

Dennie, C. B., of Her Majesty's lieving himself from blockade, and 13th Light Infantry, received facilitating the advance of Gene- shot through his body, which ral Pollock to the fortress:

shortly after proved fatal. The On the morning of the 7th of rear of the work having been fiApril, three columns of infantry nally gained by passing to its left, were formed; the central muster I gave orders for a combined ating 500 strong, under Brigadier- tack upon the enemy's camp.

It Colonel Dennie; the left of the was in every way brilliant and same strength, under Lieutenant successful. The artillery advanced Colonel Monteath ; and the right at the gallop, and directed a heavy amounting to 360 men, under fire upon the Affghan centre;



whilst two of the columns of in- Cabul, but his troops dropped off fantry penetrated his line near the from him until he was almost ensame point; and the third forced tirely deserted by them. His priback his left from its support on soners, male and female, were conthe river, into the stream of which fined in separate forts within the some of his horse and foot were valley of Tezeen, and were, upon driven. The Affghans made re the whole pretty well treated. peated attempts to check our ad- Here General Elphinstone died on vance, by a smart fire of musquetry, the 23rd of April. When the by throwing forward heavy bodies junction between the forces of of horse, which twice threatened General Pollock and General Sale in force the detachments of Foot took place at Jellalabad, the garriunder Captain Havelock, and by son was suffering severely from opening on us three guns screened want of provisions; but plentiful by a garden wall, and said to have supplies began to pour in from been served under the personal Peshawur. superintendence of the Sirdhar ; In the meantime, the monarch but in a short time they were dis- whom we had placed on the throne lodged from every point of their of Cabul, Shah Soojah, had been positions, their cannon taken, and murdered near his capital. It is their camp involved in a general by no means certain whether he conflagration. The battle was over, was or was not inplicated in the and the enemy in full retreat in insurrection which broke out on the direction of Lughman, by about the 2nd of November ; but afterseven, A.m. We have made ourselves wards, in the month of April of masters of two cavalry standards; this year, he was persuaded by recaptured four guns lost by the some of the Sirdhars of the Baruk, Cabul army and Gundamuck forces zye family, to order a general levy -the restoration of which to our of troops to be made at Cabul, and Government is matter of much ho- to march on Jellalabad. It is not nest exultation among our troops clear what was the object of this - seized and destroyed a great nor what was the real intention quantity of materiel and ordnance of Shah Soojah. He gave, howstores, and burnt the whole of the

ever, great offence to these chiefenemy's tents. In short, the de- tains, by appointing as commander feat of Mahomed Akbar in open of the army one whom they disfield, by the troops whom he had approved of. Perhaps, there were boasted of blockading, bas been com- other causes of disgust; and there plete and signal."

is no doubt that Shah Soojah was This was indeed an important by no means popular at Cabul. The victory, and reflected the greatest Barukzye Sirdhars, at any rate, honour iipon General Sale and his as relations of the deposed king, gallant band. It was, however, Dost Mahommed, must have repurchased at a costly price, by the garded him with dislike. Whatfall of Brigadier-Colonel Dennie, ever was the cause, it is certain, whose loss was truly described by that when Shah Soojah was on his Sir R. Sale, in his dispatch, as "a way to join the troops he had public calamity."

levied, who were mustered at Seea After his signal defeat, Akbar Sung, not far from Cabul, he was Khan retired in the direction of fired upon by fifty Juzdilchees, who

were placed in ambush, and died ghanistan the condition of restoring immediately. His youngest son, the prisoners. To this no other Futteh Jung, escaped to the Bala answer than a refusal could be Hissar, and was proclaimed king given, as, independently of any by one party--while the Barukzye other consideration, it would have Sirdhars formed another party, and been in the highest degree derogaopposed him. But the accounts tory to our honour to have purof what really took place at this chased the freedom of those who juncture in Cabul, are by no means were unjustly detained by aban. clear; and we know little more doning the country where we had than the fact that Shah Soojah recently experienced so signal a was murdered, and that great con disaster. Afterwards, in the month fusion ensued upon his death. of July, Akbar Khan again sent

General Pollock remained at another British officer with proJellalabad upwards of four months, posals, which were equally aborand it was not until the 20th of tive, All negotiations, therefore, August that he commenced his for the liberation of the British march towards Cabul. In the officers and ladies who fell into the meantime the troups suffered see hands of Akhbar Khan during the verely from sickness, owing to the calamitous retreat from Cabul, heat and general insalubrity of the failed. They were afterwards reclimate. Dysentery and fever car moved from Tezeen, where they ried off great numbers. There had been originally confined in was a want of proper clothing for different forts, to places of security the men, and their state for a long between Cabul and Bameean. The time is described as one of great accounts given of their treatment discomfort. It was requisite also are such as reflect honour upon the that a large supply of camels Affghan chiefs. An extract from should be procured to carry the a letter written by one of the capcamp equipage, and it was found tives states, “ The Sirdhar's (ie. impossible to collect a sufficient Akbar Khan's) treatment of us as number of these animals. The been, from first to last, most kind : long period of inaction was felt by no European power could have the troops to be very trying, and treated prisoners of war better." the utmost anxiety was felt to

kbar Khan himself fell back upon march forward on Cabul. The Cabul, where for some time he heat was so great, and the want of kept Futteh Jung closely besieged tents such, that holes were dug in in the Bala Hissar. The state of the ground and covered over with affairs at this time in Cabul was flat roofs, and in these officers and one of anarchy and confusion, and soldiers took refuge and lived. it is difficult to know what was Forage also was very scarce, and really the position of parties. It apthe cost of it enormous. In the pears, however, that Akbar Khan meantime Akbar Khan sent one of got possession of the Bala Hissar, his prisoners, Captain Mackenzie, and allowed Futteh Jung to retain to Jellalabad, to treat for the libera- the title of Shah wbile he acted as tion of those whom he detained. his Vizier. But the successful But his proposals were such as Sirdhar was by no means all-powere could not be entertained. He wished ful, as much jealousy of him was to make our evacuation of Aff. felt by some powerful Cabul famie

lies, and especially by the Kuzzil. with only three followers, to seek bashes, a tribe of Persian extrac- refuge amongst our troops from tion, who preserved a kind of armed Akbar Khan, having made his esneutrality between the contending cape from the dungeon in which parties. Great apprehension, how he was confined in the Bala Hisever, seems to have prevailed at sar, by that chieftain, when he Cabul, lest General Pollock and gained intelligence of our advance the British troops should advance from Jellalabad. He was concealupon it, and avenge the butcheryed for several days by the Kuzzilof the unfortunate victims of the bashes in Cabul, and had the retreat in the preceding Novem- greatest difficulty in making his ber.

way to the British army, having On the 20th of August General been fired at several times by the Pollock advanced from Jellalabadtroops of Akbar Khan, who were Previous to this he issued a mani. posted along the different Passes. festo to the chiefs at Cabul, stating He was received in the British his intention of marching upon camp with the honours due to bis that city, and promising the chiefs, rank as the sovereign of Cabul. that if they restored the prisoners, Major-General Pollock advanced their property would be protected from Gundamuck on the 7th of and the city spared, but that if September, and on the 8th reached they allowed Akbar Khan to re- the Soork-ab (a small river), from move them, they must all be held which he had to traverse the very responsible for the consequences, formidable Pass, in order to arrive and that every house in Cabul at Jugdulluk, which is twenty should be razed to the ground. The miles distant. forces that marched from Jellala On approaching the hills which bad consisted of the following: The command the road through the 9th and 31st Foot, 26th, 60th and Pass, it was perceived that their 33rd N. 1., 1st Cavalry, one squad- summits were occupied by a consison 5th Cavalry, and one squadron derable number of men, in separate 10th Cavalry, two companies Sap- bodies, under different chiefs, their pers, Mountain Train, Captain position being one of singular Mackeson's Bilders, and the Jezaile strength and difficulty of approach. chee Corps. A few troops were left The hills formed an amphitheatre, in Jellalabad, under the command inclining to the left of the road on of Brigadier Eckford, and at Dhak. which the troops were halted, and ka, under Brigadier Wild. the enemy were thus able to fire

The first con Aict with the enemy into the column, a deep ravine pretook place on the 23rd of August, venting contact with them. Their at Mammoo Khail, about two miles fire was heavy, causing several from Gundamuck, where about casualties, and the guns

and even 12,000 Affghanistan troops were the shells had little effect upon defeated under the command of the them. A single division of the chiefs Hadji Ali and Khyrrollah force thereupon scaled the heights, Khan, who retired upon Cabul. and drove the enemy from their At Futteabad, on the 1st of Sep- position, which they quitted, howtember, Futteh Jung suddenly ever, only to occupy a still more made his appearance in the British formidable one.,--the summit of a camp. He came, meanly clad, high and apparently inaccessible

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