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Financial Statements ending

5th January, 1842


Common Pleas-Evans v. Pratt Trade and Navigation - 358

Betting on a Steeple Chase 310 List of the General Acts


Court of Exchequer-Jervison Local and Personal Acts - 366

t'. Dyson
311 Private Acts (printed)

- 372

Arches Court - The Office of Private Acts (not printed) - 374

Judge promoted by Sanders Prices of Corn, Hay, Clover,

against Head

315 Straw, and Butchers' Meat - 377

Vice - Chancellor's Court Bills of Mortality-Bankrupts

Campbell v. Scott and Geary 317 -Meteorological Table 378

Court of Exchequer-the Go Quarterly Average of the Week-
vernor and Company of the

Jy Assets and Liabilities of
Bank of England v. Tomkins the Bank of England-Ac-
-Exchequer Bill Frauds 319 count of the Notes in Circu-

Vice-Chancellors' Courts-At lation by the Banks of Issue 379

torney-General v. Lord Car University Honours-Oxford - 380

322 - Cambridge -


Consistory Court - Snow v. The Census- Abstract of the

Snow .
324 Census of Ireland

. 384

Vice-Chancellors' Courts-Bul Queen's Person Protection Act 385

teel v. Lord Abinger • 327 Corn Importation Act (Ex-

Western Circuit - Rooke v. tracts)



332 Table of Duties to wbich the

Tipperary Summer Assizes Act refers


Trial of James Shea alias Schedule of Cities and Towns

Smyth for Murder
335 to which the Act refers


Surrey Sessions House-Ash-

Summary of the Answers re-

worth and others v. the Earl ceived from Her Majesty's

of Uxbridge
- 337 Consuls

. 395

Central Criminal Court

Mines and Collieries Act - 396

Charge of Murder on the Copyright Act (Extracts) . 399


Page 335.—“Sir Charles Bagot did not return alive to England, as

stated in the History,' but expired at Kingston in Canada, on the 19th of May, 1843."








General Observations on the state of the country and position of the

Government at the commencement of the year 1842-Secession of the Duke of Buckingham from the Cabinet - Parliament opened on the 3rd of February by the Queen in person-Presence of the King of Prussia on the occasionHer Majesty's Speech from the ThroneAddress moved in the House of Lords by the Marquess of Abercorn, seconded by the Earl of Dalhousie -Speeches of Viscount Melbourne, Duke of Wellington, Lord Brougham, Earl Fitzwilliam, Duke of Buckingham, and other Peers - Address carried unanimously-De. bate in the House of Commons Address moved by the Earl of March, seconded by Mr. Beckett - Speeches of Mr. Ewart, Lord John Russell, Sir Robert Peel, Mr. Villiers, and Mr. Escolt General allusion to the Corn-laws-Statement of Sir R. Peel respecting his Financial Measures - Address carried without a division. HE commencement of the so secure as a mere reference to his

year 1842 found the Conser- Parliamentary strength would, vative Administration occupying a under other circumstances, have position of great apparent strength, appeared to indicate. A revenue, commanding large majorities in which had now for several years both Houses of Parliament. At exhibited the alarming symptom the same time, when viewed with of an annual deficiency, with an regard to the actual condition of expenditure which our warlike the country, and to the terms on operations in the East were at the which he had succeeded to office, same time tending to increase ; the tenure of Sir Robert Peel's excitement and agitation at home, power could hardly be pronounced widely diffused on the subject of the VOL. LXXXIV.



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