The Educational Journal of Virginia

Charles Henry Winston, Richard M. Smith, D. Lee Powell, John Meredith Strother, William Fayette Fox, H. H. Harris, Harry Fishburne Estill (F.), John Patrick McGuire, Rodes Massie, Richard Ratcliffe Farr, John Lee Buchanan, George R. Pace
Educational Publishing House, 1881

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Página 38 - Do you know what a quadruped is? I said. Either they did not know, or did not understand me, for they were silent. I told them that quadruped simply meant an animal with four legs. Now, said I, you may write down the names of all the animals you have seen, read or heard of with four legs. A long list was soon produced and corrected as before. Josiah, said I, do you know what a quadruped is ? An animal which has four legs, he replied. I gave examples of a few bipeds and quadrupeds ; and asked him...
Página 45 - You may ply the usual energies of your administration, but the resistance is abnormal. You may flog, but every blow uncovers the needle-points of fresh stings. You may protest and supplicate, scold and argue, inveigh and insist, the demon is not exorcised, nor even hit, but is only distributed through fifty fretting and fidgeting forms. You will encounter the mischief successfully, when you encounter it indirectly.
Página 37 - ... &c. One of the pupils at first observed, that there were but few things in the room. But he soon found, on observing more closely and thinking more intensely, that the number was much greater than he had previously supposed. There were more than he found room for on the whole of one side of his slate. Many of the class said they could not, before now, have believed there were so many things in the room. When each had extended his list as far as he could, I requested him to count them, [and set...
Página 45 - ... into involuntary interest ; or, in a younger company, if music is made the Orphean minister of taming savage dispositions again, then your oblique and unconscious tuition has wrought the very charm that was wanted ; the room is ventilated of its restless contagion, and the Furies are fled.
Página 64 - Magazine giving more than THREE AND A QUARTER THOUSAND double-column octavo pages of reading matter yearly. It presents in an inexpensive form, considering its...
Página 37 - I WAS resolved on making a thorough experiment in teaching English Grammar. It was perfectly obvious that as Etymology was usually taught in schools, it was not only not understood by pupils, but irksome, in the extreme. I thought I had at last devised a plan of inculcating this part of grammar with more than usual success, as well as in a manner which would be agreeable to the pupils. These points being settled, the question was, when and where to make the experiment. Its novelty would so attract...
Página 64 - Poetry, Scientific, Biographical, Historical, and Political Information, from the entire body of Foreign Periodical Literature. It is therefore invaluable to every American reader, as the only satisfactorily fresh and COMPLETE compilation of an indispensable current literature, — indispensable because it embraces the productions of THE ABLEST LIVING WRITERS in all branches of Literature, Science, Politics, and Art.
Página 64 - AOK, and of one or other of our vivacious American monthlies, a subscriber will find himself in command of the whole situation...
Página 38 - I told him that he might. A long list having been completed by each pupil, he was required to read it, mark the errors in orthography, and correct them as before. Care was taken not to make the lesson tedious. It was not expected they would, at these first efforts, succeed in writing down every name, that might have occurred to me.
Página 37 - But the inclemency of the weather just at the time when we made the beginning, together with other unfavorable circumstances, diminished the class to about ten ; of whom, there were about an equal number of males and females. Their ages were generally from twelve to sixteen years ; though there were a few not much over ten. Each pupil was furnished with slate, pencil and sponge, and each was required to pay the closest possible attention to everything I said or did. The idea of studying grammar with...

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