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- MONTGOMERY, ALA, June 19th, 1903. The Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Alabama State Bar Association was called to order by the President, Lawrence Cooper, Esq., in the Hall of the House of Representatives in the Capitol at Montgomery, Alabama, at 10 o'clock, on Friday, June 19th, 1903.

Mr. Owen :

Mr. President, In the absence of Mr. Bestor, Chairman of the Central Council, I desire to present the names of certain gentlemen, who are present, for membership in the Association. I do this now in order that they may take part in the deliberations of the Association. I nominate for membership in the Association the following : Robert L. Hipp, Esq., of Cullman; Leon Weil, Esq., of Montgomery ; Charles R. Bricken, Esq., of Luverne; C. 0. Timmerman, Esq., of Prattville ; C. S. Rabb, Esq., of Evergreen. I move that the Secretary be instructed to cast the vote of the Association for these gentlemen.

The motion was adopted and the Secretary cast the vote of the Association for the n minees, whereupon the President declared them elected members of the Association.

The President ::

The first business, Gentlemen, is the Address of the President of the Association, which I will now read :


The President:

The next business in order is the report of the Central Council.

Mr. Oates :

Mr. President, I received some days since the report of the Central Council, prepared by Mr. Bestor, the Chairman of the Council. In sending me this report, he informed me that he was going with his family to Europe, and could not be present to present the report in person. I will ask the Secretary to read the report.

The Secretary then read the report of the Central Council. The President:

The next business on the program is the report of the Treasurer.

Mr. Troy, Treasurer of the Association, then read his report as follows:


MONTGOMERY, ALA , June 18, 1903. Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Association :

The Treasurer submits the following report of the finances of the Association for the year ending June 18, 1903 :


To balance on hand at meeting July 2, 1902............... $ 392 55 To cash received from annual dues....................... 815 00


........ $1,207 55

July 2 By cash collection of dues .......... $
July 5 " " telegram Ga. Bar Association
July 10 " " stamps........

.... July 11 " " stenouranhar ut meeting

stenographer at meeting ...... July 11 " " Paul Speake, Ch'n Committee

on account dinner to Associ'n

2 00 1 50 300 17 50

100 00

Oct. 3 " " postage on Proceedings 25th

Annual Meeting............ $ 18 40
Oct. 21 " " book of drafts.................
Oct. 24 "

1 00
Nov. 21 " discount on drafts........
Dec. 4 " “ Brown Printing Co. 500 copies

Proceedings 25th Annual

159 40
Dec. 10 " " postage on Presi lent's Circular

1 50 1903. Feb. 26 “ “ postage on notice of dues.....

400 M'ch 2 “ " Ala. Printing Co. Notice of dues and envelopes..........

2 75 Apl 22 " " stamps......

Į 00 May 8 " exchange on drafts............

5 85 May 18 " stamps.......................

1 00 June 5 " " postage on prog's 26th Meeting 5 00 June 16 " " Montgomery Shooting Club,

rent of Lake on 20th ........ 15 00 June 16 " " Browa Printing Co. letter

heads, cards and etc.... ... 12 25 June 16 " " Secretary salary to July 1st.. 300 00 $ 652.05

The balance remaining on hand is.......

$ 555.50

ALEXANDER TROY, Treasurer. Audited and approved June 18, 1903.



Sub Committee of Executive Committee. On motion of Mr. Ligon, the report of the Treasurer was adopted and filed.

Mr. President :

The next business in order is the report of the Executive Committee.

Mr. Ligon :

I am a member of the Executive Committee, and in the absence from the city of Mr. Graham, the Chairman of the Committee, I will read the report.

REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Committee has held meetings from time to time as was found necess ury for the transaction of business.

The Committee has examined the accounts of the Treasurer. Messes, R. F. Ligon a' d Geo. W. Joves, a sub.committee appointed for the purpose, examined and andited the books, and checked the vouchers and found the same, in all particulars, correci.

It was the opinion of the Committee that a better attend nce at this meeting of the Association would be secured if the place of meeting was fixed at Montgomery and at a time af er the adjournment of must of the Court in the State except the Supreme Court, and prior to the time when the Fall Couris would begin th-ir sessions.

The Committee accordingly fixed the City of Montgomery as the place, and the 19th and 20th of June as the time for Lolding the 26th Annual Meeting of the Associatiun..

The Committee invited members of the bar to read papiers before the Association, and those of then who have accepčel have been announced in the printed program--a copy of which has been mailed by the Secretary to each memer of the Association.

On the invitation of your Committee, Hon. Elward M. Shepurd, of New York, one of the greatest awyers and most distinguished citizens of our country, has accepted and will deliver the Annual Address before this meeting. We congratulait the Association on his acceptance of the invitation.

Since our last meeting four members of the Association have died : Hon. W. C. Bibb of Montgomery, H . John H. Caldwell of Jacksonville, Hon. Teanent Lomax of Montgomery, and Hon. RH. Lowe of Huntsville. We suggest the appointirent of a committee for the purpose of preparing suitable memorial sketches of these distin guished members of the Ass ciation for publication in our proceedings.

The Committee has made all necessary : rringements to give a dinner to the members of the Association at Jackson's Lake on Saturday, the 20th inst. The Louisviile & Nashville Railroad Company has placed a train at the disp sal of the Association for th purpose of the meeting on Saturduy.

Respectfully submitted,

E. A. GRAHAM, Chairman,
ALEX TROY, Ex-Officio,

Executive Committee.

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