Oversight Hearings on the Impact of the Canadian-American Automotive Agreement on Employment in the United States: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Labor Standards of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Ninety-fourth Congress, Second Session, Hearings Held in Washington, D.C., on April 14 and May 6, 1976

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1976 - 777 páginas
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Página 485 - Whenever any country, dependency, colony, province or other political subdivision of government, person, partnership, association, cartel or corporation shall pay or bestow, directly or indirectly, any bounty or grant upon the manufacture or production or export of any article or merchandise manufactured or produced in such country, dependency, colony, province or other political subdivision of KOVernment.
Página 487 - Commission shall determine within three months thereafter whether an Industry In the United States Is being or Is likely to be Injured, or Is prevented from being established, by reason of the Importation of such merchandise Into the United States.
Página 233 - That whenever the Secretary of the Treasury (hereinafter in this act called the "Secretary"), after such investigation as he deems necessary, finds that an industry in the United States is being or is likely to be injured or is prevented from being established...
Página 294 - ... firm or an appropriate subdivision thereof contributed importantly to such total or partial separation, or threat thereof, and to such decline in sales or production. For purposes of paragraph (3), the term "contributed importantly" means a cause which is important but not necessarily more important than any other cause.
Página 512 - firm" includes an individual proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, association, corporation (including a development corporation), business trust, cooperative, trustees in bankruptcy, and receivers under decree of any court. A firm, together with any predecessor, successor, or affiliated firm controlled or substantially beneficially owned by substantially the same persons, may be considered a single firm where necessary to prevent unjustifiable benefits. (4...
Página 509 - For purposes of subparagraph (B), in the computation of the 60-day period there shall be excluded the days on which either House is not in session because of adjournment of more than 3 days to a day certain or an adjournment of the Congress sine die.
Página 737 - US Port of Export (Selling price or cost if not sold, including inland freight, insurance and other charges to US port of export) (Nearest whole dollar; omit cents figures) .
Página 487 - Commission shall determine . . . whether an industry in the United States, is being, or is likely to be, injured...
Página 76 - The liberalization of United States and Canadian automotive trade in respect of tariff barriers and other factors tending to impede it, with a view to enabling the industries of both countries to participate on a fair and equitable basis in the expanding total market of the two countries; (c) The development of conditions in which market forces may operate effectively to attain the most economic pattern of investment, production and trade.
Página 488 - House, a resolution of disapproval under the procedures set forth in section 152, then such determination under subsection (d)(2) with respect to such article or merchandise shall have no force or effect beginning with the day after the date of the adoption of such resolution of disapproval, and the additional duty provided under this section with respect to such article or merchandise shall apply with respect to articles or merchandise entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption on or...

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