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1901, as amended by an Act approved March 29,
1905, in force July 1, 1905, as amended by an
Act approved June 14, 1909, in force July 1, 1909,
as amended by an Act approved May 20, 1913,

in force July 1, 1913.
466 An Act requiring all companies transacting life

insurance business in the State of Illinois to
invest a percentage of their gross premium
income from policies of insurance on the lives
of persons residing in the State of Illinois in
Illinois securities, and providing penalties for
failure to comply with the provisions of this

467 An Act to license and regulate aeronautics,
468 An Act to exempt from the provisions and regu-

lations of all civil service laws regularly licensed

medical doctors and attorneys at law...
469 An Act to regulate and supervise the business

of banking by individuals, partnerships, or un-

incorporated persons.
470 An Act to amend sections 5 and 6 of an Act enti-

tled, “An Act in relation to the acquisition,
control, maintenance, improvement and protec-
tion of State parks, and making an appropria-
tion to carry into effect the provisions of this
Act," approved June 10, 1911, in force July 1,
1911, and to add thereto two new sections to
be known as sections 4a and 10a, empowering
the Illinois Park Commission to negotiate for
the purchase, for State park purposes, of the
world renowned Monks' Mound property, and
making an appropriation to carry into effect!

the provisions of this Act.
471 An Act to amend an Act entitled, “An Act in

regard to limitations,” approved April 4, 1872,
in force July 1, 1872, as amended by subsequent
Acts, by adding an additional section thereto to

be known as section 111.
472 An Act to amend an Act entitled, "An Act to

provide for the annexation of cities, incorpo-
rated towns and villages, or parts of same, to
cities, incorporated towns and villages,” ap-
proved and in force April 25, 1889, as heretofore

473 An Act to amend an Act entitled, “An Act to

establish Appellate Courts," approved June 7,
1877, in force July 1, 1877, by amending sections
1, 2 and 5 thereof....

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