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Abolition, H. B.'s 58, 67, 68. CAPITOL BUILDING:

Repair and rearrangenent, appropriation, H. B.'s 410, 912 (a law).

Monument at Carrollton, H. B. 522.
Assistant enrolling and engrossing clerk.

.387, 430 extra compensation..

1381 CARR, DANIEL: Page, compensation....


Appropriation, H. B. 536 (a law). CARTWRIGHT, JUDGE JAMES H.:

Administers oath to members.... CEMENT:

Inspection, H. B. 299.

Caretaking, H. B.'s 496, 533.
Record of burial places of soldiers, H. B. 425 (a law).
Trust department created, H. B. 594.
Trustees, management and control, H. B. 483.

835 CHAMBERLAIN, L. A.: Vote for State Treasurer canvassed..

130 CHAPLAIN: Appointment..

.307, 321, 374, 487, 555, 586.909 CHARITIES:

Aid to mothers and children, Act of 1913 amended, H. B. 10 (a law).
Charitable corporations, license and report, H. B. 723.
Children, dependent or delinquent, Act of 1899 amended, H. B. 722.

surrender, placing and transfer, act repealed, H. B. 725.
Criminal insane, evidence, H. B. 161.
Dependent children, placement outside of State, H. B. 917.
Feeble-minded persons, care and detention, H. B. 655 (a law).
Governor's message..
department of deportation.

125 Home Finding Institutions,

127 Home Finding Institutions, investigation..

416, 460, 667,668, 1376 report of committees ordered printed..

469 societies, license and report, H. B. 726. Insane, release and restoration of legal rights, H. B. 242. Investigation of operation of civil service law in charitable institutions.

409 Jails, almshouses, etc., plans to Board of Administration, H. B. 940. Maternity hospitals, license and regulation, H. B. 724 (a law). Paupers, overseer of poor in certain towns, H. B. 31.

support by parents and children, H. B. 433. Relief of the blind, H. B. 38 (a law). Report of committee, visit to State Institutions.

SS8 Sale of unclaimed personal property of discharged or deceased inmates, H. B. 665. Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Act of 1885 amended, H. B. 281. Specialists for certain diseases at State Institutions, H. B. 659. State Institutions, converting use by State Board, H. B. 654 (a law).

employees under civil service, H. B. 301.
See, also, “Appropriations."

Page, compensation....

Appropriation, H. B. 536 (a law).


Appropriation, H. B. 536 (a law).

Abandonment by parent or guardian, H. B. 136.
Adoption, guardian ad litem, Act of 1874 amended, H. B. 152 (a law).
Contributing to delinquency, H. B.'s 70, 317 (a law).

dependency, H. B. 296 (a law).

116, 123

... 227





Dependent,placement outside of State, H. B. 917.
Fees in adoption cases, H. B. 151.
Home Finding Societies, license and report, H. B. 726.
Names, H. B. 454.
Registration of births, H. B. 434.
Schools for delinquent, Act of 1911 amended, H. B. 827 (a law).

See, also, "Charities.

Practice regulated, H. B. 877.

Giving premiums, H. B. 564.
Manufacture and sale, H. B. 138.

prohibited, H. B. 482. CITIES AND VILLAGES:

Abandonment of Commission form of government, H. B. 900 (a law).
Annexation of cities legalized, where prior proceedings defective, H. B. 812 (a law).

contiguous cities, H. B. 168 (a law). Annexation of territory, H. B.'s 472 (a law), 666.

proceedings legalized, 'H. B. 284 (a law).
Annexation or exclusion of territory, H. B. 389.
Appropriations for Civil Service Commissions ratified, H. B. 937 (a law).
Board of Election Commissioners, employees under civil service, H. B. 348.
Board of Local Improvements, who to constitute, H. B. 876 ( a law).
Bonds recorded, H. B. 600.
Chicago, consolidation of local governments, H. B. 162 (a law).

regulation of utilities, home rule, H. B. 266.
City council, powers extended, H. B.'s 630, 844, 966.
Civil service, discontinuance, H. B. 587.
employees, Act of 1895 amended, H. B. 752.

promotion, H. B. 403.
Contracts, advertising for competitive bids H. B. 414.
Conveyance of lands to park boards for park purposes, H. B. 781 (a law).
Dissolution of park districts, Act of 1895 amended, H. B. 310 (a law).
Donations to county for roads, H. B. 765 (a law).
Dramshops, no license to aliens, H. B. 112.
Elections, Board of Commissioners, appointment, H. B. 923.
board of registry, H. B. 137 (a law).
commission form of government, H. B. 427.

non-partisan, H. B. 62.
Employment, hours of work, H. B. 223.
Fines, payment by installments, H. B. 69.
Firemen's pension fund in cities and villages of over 5,000, H. B. 118 (a law).
Harbor structures, etc., powers enlarged, H. B. 628.
Houses of correction, outside limits, H. B. 787 (a law).
Incorporation, Act of 1872 amended, H. B. 29.
Jacksonville, act to incorporate, Article XI repealed, H. B. 919.
Joint health institutes, H. B. 717.
Judge and clerks of election in cities over 150,000, salary, H. B.'s 100, 952 (a law).
Levy and collection of taxes, limitation H. B. 391.
Local improvements, Act of 1907 amended, H. B. 49.
assessments, Act of 1897 amended, H. B. 510.

'where property is taken or damaged, H. B. 677 ( a law).
bond of contractor, H. B. 623.
duty of collector, H. B. 520.
effect of judgment, H. B.'s 682, 819.
new assessment, rebates, report to court, H. B. 629.
payment of installments and interest, H. B. 246.
proceedings pending appeal, petition to pay costs, H. B. 741.
remonstrance petition, H. B. 596.

use of patented article, H. B. 627.
Localordinances concerning motor vehicles, H. B. 804.
Managerial form of municipal government, H. B. 167.
May establish municipal banks, H. B. 75.
Municipal ice houses, H. B. 11.
Park lands granted for harbor purposes, H. B. 676.
Pension funds, employees in cities over 100,000 H. B. 426 (a law).
firemen in cities over 5,000, H. B. 346.
police, cities over 200,000, H. B. 320 (a law).

veterans, employed under civil service, H. B. 119 (a law).
Plumbers’license, Act of 1897 amended, H. B. 227.
Poultry running at large, H. B. 388.
Public libraries, tax for maintenance, H. B. 175.
Public parks in cities of less than 50,000, H. B. 833.
Public playgrounds in cities and villages of less than 150,000, H. B. 63 (a law).
Public tuberculosis sanitariums, abolition, H. B. 828 (a law).
Public utilities, home rule, H. B. 192.

regulation by cities of over 200,000, H. B. 899.
Railways, maximum fare in one municipality, H. B. 401.
Road and bridge tax, H. B. 706.
Sewerage, water and light taxes, Act of 1883 amended, H. B. 813.
Tax levy, for drains and levees, H. B. 19.

to establish and maintain garbage plants, H. B. 123 (a law). Tax on foreign fire insurance companies, H. B. 534 (a law).



120 409


School act repealed, H. B. 864. CIVIL RIGHTS:

Act of 1885 amended, H. B. 571.

Board of assessors, employees, H. B. 384.
Cities, appropriations for expenses of commission authorized, H. B. 937 (a law).

of 30,000 or less, discontinuance, H. B. 587. City, Act of 1895 amended, H. B. 752.

promotions, appointments and removals, H. B. 403. County employees, H. B.'s 140, 217, 302, 716, 874, 955. Doctors and attorneys in service of State exempt, H. B. 468. Employees, Board of Election Commissioners, H. B. 348. federal government, retirement, memorial to Congress. Municipal Court of Chicago, H. B.'s 142, 349.

Sanitary District of Chicago, H. B.'s 141, 385.
Governor's message.
Investigation, operation of law in State and Charitable Institutions.
Legislative employees, H. B. 399.
Short appointments, Á. B. 300.
State, Act of 1905 amended, H. B. 54.

Act of 1905 repealed, H. B. 261.
classified service, H. B. 301.
no limitation as to age, H. B. 157.

what not included, H. B. 750. CLARK, FRANCIS H.:

Contest for office of representative...


Page, compensation...
Assistants, election.
Extra time...
Office rooms assigned.
Report on bills reported from committee.
To inform Senate that House is ready to adjourn.
To furnish Cushing's Manual..

To furnish members with revised statutes.

Vote for State Treasurer canvassed..

.7, 501



147 .1380 1268 108

237 1, 101 1382 150 149


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License and regulation, H. B. 356.
H. B. 406, structural engineers.
H. B. 415, foot and mouth disease, appropriation.
H. B. 641, armories, appropriation.
H. B. 663, sale of dairy products.
H. B. 885, foot and mouth disease, appropriation..
H. B.931, General Assembly and State officers, appropriation.
H. B. 935, foot and mouth disease, appropriation..
H. B. 948, State Normal Schools, appropriation.
H. B. 975, State Government, appropriation..
H. B. 994, fees and salaries.
S. B. 109, public utilities.

.1328, 1339, 1356

496,663, 677 .1167,1331, 1355 .1311, 1337, 1355 .1152, 1315, 1322 .1312, 1329, 1378

1046, 1148, 1156 1153, 1354, 1365, 1370

. 1167, 1323, 1372

.1863, 1368, 1372 ..1233, 1295, 1305, 1321, 1333

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PAGE, To investigate cause of epidemic, foot and mouth disease Chicago Telephone Company.

1146, 1262, 1269, 1394 Home Finding Institutions..

1180, 1262 subject of electrical devices for taking the roll.

460, 667, 1376, 1394

740 vocational education.

977, 1087 To visit University of Illinois.

.396, 545,581,784,909,910 Uniformity of State Laws..

.467, 836 COMMITTEES, SPECIAL: Building, in accordance with H. B. 912..

.1394 Credentials.

103 Election contest, 34th district, report.

136 Home Finding Institutions, publication of report.

469 Illinois Legislative Insurance Committee,report.

489 To approve Journal..

1379, 1394 To escort Speaker to chair

101, 107 To investigate municipal regulation of public utilities. To recount ballots in 34th district..

1212, 1262, 1208, 1394

132 To report upon conditions relating to drugs.

288, 1087 To transmit money collected to suffering people of Italy.

170 To wait upon Chief Justice of Supreme Court.

.4,15 To wait upon the Governor

108, 1379 and other gentlemen and invite them to address the House.

32 To wait upon Judge James H. Creighton.

138 COMMITTEES, STANDING: Appointment..

184,408 Chairman to give one day's notice of consideration of bills.

342 Clerks to keep copies of bills.

342 Leave of absence to visit State Institutions

301 List of, report of committee on rules.

132 Members excused from attendance.

.409, 486, 518 Report, elections, contest for seats.

.446,447, 501 grouping and assignment of rooms

198 Penal and Reformatory Institutions, visit.

1251 rules

138,310 State Charitable Institutions, visit.

888 Rooms preserved.

1212, 1262 RESOLUTIONS OFFEREDAppropriation-Home Finding Institutions.

668 Education-Vocational Education....


Agriculture Animals and birds, 562 (a law), 867 (a law), 971.
Appropriations--Agricultural boards, 935 (a law); Altgeld Monument, 964 (a law); armory, 841

(a law); Bradburn, Judge B. T., 990; charitable institutions, 929 (a law), 930 (a law); Clerk
Supreme Court, 730 (a law); employment, 993; foot and mouth disease, 415 (a law), 885 (a law),
979 (a law), 980 (a law); Normal schools, 948 (a law); penitentiaries, 951 (a law); rearrangement
Capitol building, 912 (a law); State contracts, 528 (a law); State Government 975 (a law); Uni.

versity of Illinois, 963 (a law).
Civil Service Civil service, 716.
Education Schools, 697, 823,884, 886 (a law), 961.
Elections--Elections, 889, 977; elections, primary, 978, 987.
Farm Drainage-Drainage, 868, 869.
Fish and Game-Game and fish, 915.
Industrial Affairs-Employment, 832.
Insurance Insurance, 945.
Judiciary-Criminal code, 424, 913, 965; liens, 968; limitations, 471, 695 (a law); schools, 559 (a

Judicial Department and Practice-Courts, circuit, 777 (a law); courts, city, 946 (a law); practice

624, 625, 872.
Liberal-Dramshops, 642, 844.
License and Miscellany-Criminal code, 820.
Public Utilities and Transportation--Public utilities, 899; railroads, 969 (a law), 970.
Revenue-Revenue, 950.
Roads and Bridges-- Roads and bridges, 575 (a law), 696 (a law), 765 (a law), 921 (a law).
Temperance-Dramshops, 363, 822.
Waterways-Illinois Waterway, 914 (a law).


Consideration of bills.
Constitutional Amendments.
House Joint Resolution No. 4.
H. B. 562...
Resolutions offered.
Senate Joint Resolution No.3.

[blocks in formation]


See "Messages and Communications."

Policy of neutrality commended..

-89 H


185 185 185 186


PAGE. CONLON, BERNARD J., Cook County, 29th district: Present and oath

.3, 105 Committees, standing


Senatorial Apportionment.
Bill introduced-Parks, 735 (a law).
Communication from General Assembly.....


Page, compensation..

Amendments, how proposed..

.206, 330,366,367, 394, 395, 408,584 General Assembly.

249 Initiative and referendum..

410 Polygamy

256 Suffrage.

207 Taxation,

.409,411, 745, 773 Constitutional Convention.

.160, 218, 278, 310, 328 Governor's message..


Between voluntary relief societies and members, H. B. 680.
Conditional sale of personal property, when void, H. B. 924.
Mortgages, where personal property is sold on installments, H. B. 714.
State, act revised, H. B.'s 599, 728.

bond of contractor, H. B. 446.
Uniform Sales Act, H. B. 557 (a law).
Exchange of lands by State and Lincoln Park, H. B. 925 (a law).
Real estate, by holder of tax title, H. B. 771.

State lands to Chicago for park, H. B. 710.

See “Employment” and “Penitentiaries.COOPER, JOHN L., Wayne County, 46th district: Present and oath.

.3, 105 Absent....

.301, 939, 1099 Committees, standing, Civil Service.

184 Judiciary...

185 Judicial Apportionment.

185 Public Utilities and Transportation..

185 Resolution offered.

Bills introduced-Civil service, 261; courts, 326; public utilities, 893. CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS:

Mercantile, organization, H. B. 314 ( a law). CORONERS:

Inquests, when held in first and second class counties, H. B. 679.



Banking, organization, H. B. 352.
Banks, similar names prohibited, H. B. 127 (a law).
Building, H. B.'s 198, 268 (a law).
Building and Loan Associations, power to borrow money, H. B. 405.
re-issue of shares, H. B. 782.

subscription to stock, H. B. 254 (a law).
Casualty insurance companies, Act of 1899 amended, H. B. 837.

providing for funeral benefits, H. B.'s 881, 888.
Co-operative associations for profit, H. B. 314 (a law).
Division of Department of Trade and Commerce, H. B. 577.
Electric companies, H. B. 840.
Farm loan brokers, H. B. 738.
Insurance, deposits with Insurance Superintendent, H. B. 683.

rate making, license and supervision, H. B.'s 774, 826.
Investment companies, license and regulation, H. B. 146.
Loan brokers, license and regulation, H. B. 297.
Mutual indemnity associations, H. B.'s 190, 271.
Mutual insurance companies, organization, H. B. 667 (a law).
Mutual life insurance, organization, H. B. 718.
Organization, to provide old age benefits by issuance of income bonds, H. B. 842.
Owning real estate not needed prohibited, H. B. 847.
Private detective agencies, license and regulation, H. B. 194.
Real estate agency, H. B. 639 (a law).

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