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Administrators or executors as garnishees, H. B.'s 737 (a law), 851.

Fees of county clerk, Act of 1874 amended, H. B. 328 (a law).

Children, guardian ad litem, H. B. 152.
Fees in adoption cases, H. B. 151.

Exchange for transportation privileges, H. B.'s 80, 286.
False and misleading, H. B.'s 34, 186 (a law), 715.
For competitive bids on city contracts, H. B. 414.

Fraudulent, Act to prevent, H. B. 135.

License and regulation, H. B. 467.

Buildings and improvements at State Fair grounds, H. B. 692.
Co-operative agricultural extension work, appropriation, H. B. 295.

assent by Legislature...

Governor's message.
County fairs and societies, appropriation, H. B. 605 (a law).
Farm loan brokers, H. B. 738.
Farm produce, regulation of consignment and sale on commission, H. B. 356.
Registration of farm names, H. B. 181.
Seeds, sale of adulterated, impure or misbranded, H. B. 593.
State aid for agricultural fairs.
State board, election of members, H. B. 145.

nomination, H. B. 183.
State department, consolidation of various boards, H. B. 746.
Straw, use of unfumigated for packing, H. B. 744.

See, also, “Appropriations." AKHURST, JAMES H., HEIRS:

Appropriation, claim, H. B, 402,

. 159, 179





Forbidden to hunt, H. B. 97.

Appropriation, motor boat, H. B. 514 (a law).

ALLEN, W. M., SON & CO.:

Appropriation, H. B. 536 (a law).

223, 226

Appropriation, injuries, H. B. 558 (a law).

Monument, appropriation, H. B. 964 (a law.)

Appropriation, relief, injuries, H. B. 493.

Appropriation, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Animals feeding on public highways, H. B. 504 (a law).
Animal industry, consolidation with Department of Agriculture, H. B. 746.
Biological laboratory, sale of hog cholera serum, H. B. 835.

free distribution of hog cholera serum, H. B. 894.
Bounty for killing crows, H. B. 795.

for killing English sparrows, H. B. 560.
Claims, against State, payment of losses, appraisement, H. B.'s 313,562 (a law).
foot and mouth disease, appropriation, H. B.'s 1,2,3,415 (a law), 885 (a law), 979 (a law), 980

(a law).
County funds for poultry exhibitions, H. B. 17 (a law).
Dogs, license, fees and penalties, H. B. 971.
running-at-large, act revised, H. B. 780.

taking without consent of owner, H. B. 395 (a law).
Foot and mouth disease, investigation..

1146, 1262
Fur-bearing, when unlawful to kill, H. B. 83.
Governor's message, foot and mouth disease.

Humane agents, given police powers, H. B. 155.
Livestock, interstate shipments regulated, H, B. 133.
Registration and service of stallions, repeal, H. B. 797.
Sanitation and disinfection of freight cars, H. B. 267.
Sheep, damages committed by dogs, H. B. 481.
Stallion or jack, act to regulate service, H. B. 370.

lien for service, H. B. 369.
Stallion Registration Board, appropriation, H. B. 825.
Suppression of contagious diseases, disinfection of stock cars, H. B. 497.

shipment of animals, H. B. 867 (a law).
Veal calves, sale and slaughter, H. B. 484.

See, also, “Appropriations."

.570, 571

See Dramshops."

Inspection under Department of Agriculture, H. B. 746.
Governor's message, congressional and senatorial..



Administration, H. B.'s 498, 499.
Agricultural associations and societies, H. B. 933 (a law).
Agriculture, buildings and improvements, State Fair Grounds, H. B. 692.

county fairs and agricultural societies, H. B. 605 (a law).
farmers'institutes, ordinary expenses , H. B. 456.

State Fair,ordinary expenses, H. B. 705.
Board of Health, enforcement anti-drug act, H. B. 495.
Board of Optometry, H. B. 906.
Commissioners of State Contracts, H. B. 515.

deficiency, H. B. 525 (a law).
Commission to study subject of indictments, expenses, H. B. 798.
Examiners of Horseshoers, H. B. 959.
Game and Fish, for fish and game preserves, H. B. 926.

promotion of song birds, H. B. 638.
Housing Commission, salary and expenses, H. B. 200.


Public Utilities, deficiency, H. B. 480.
Rivers and Lakés, levees at Cairo and Mound City, H. B. 778.

levees at Shawneetown, H. B. 864.
Starved Rock Park, lands and improvements, H. B. 197.
State Centennial Commission, expenses of celebration, H. B. 880.
State Highway, unexpended balance, H. B. 824 (a law).

State aid roads, H. B.'s 836 (a law), 838 (a law).
To investigate matter of securing office building in Chicago, H. B. 962.

General and special, H. B.'s 498, 929 (a law).
Ordinary and other expenses H. B.'s 499, 930 (a law).
State Colony for Epileptics at Dixon, H. B. 64.

Deficiency, date to be reported.

Eastern Normal, ordinary, H. B. 92.
Northern Normal, ordinary, H. B. 609.
Southern Normal, new buildings, H. B. 422.

ordinary and special, H. B. 423.
paving, H. B. 421.
State Normal Schools, omnibus, H. B. 948 (a law).
State Normal University, ordinary and special, H. B. 368.
State school fund, H. B. 588.
University of Illinois, co-operative agricultural extension work, H. B. 295.
maintenance and building, H. B. 963 (a law).
maintenance and general expenses, H. B. 644.

proceeds of sale of public lands, H. B. 720 (a law).
Western Normal, ordinary and special, H. B. 351.
Expenses, election contest, H. B.'s 896, 989 (a law).

members to visit Panama-Pacific Exposition, H. B. 904.
Incidental expenses Forty-ninth General Assembly, H. B. 882 (a law).
Officers and members of General Assembly and State officers, H. B.931 (a law),

Secretary to each member, H. B. 371.

Ackerman, Ida, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Akhurst, James H., heirs, H. B. 402.
Allen, Henry C., reimbursement for motor boat, H. B. 514 (a law).
Alling, Charles, injuries, H. B. 558 (a law).
Anderson, Louis B., injuries, H. B. 493.
Anderson, Mons, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law),
Appellate Court building, Second District, fire proof vault, H. B. 816.
Apprehension and delivery of fugitives from justice, H. B. 340 (a law).
Auditor of Public Accounts, deficiency, H. B. 209 (a law).

prosecution of violations of revenue law, H. B. 311.
Barnes, Van Roy, relief, injuries, H. B. 14 (a law).
Bennett, Isabelle, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Bowman, Pearl D., injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Bradburn, B. T., salary, H. B. 990.
Brown, John, relief, H. B. 103.
Capitol building, repair and rearrangement, H. B.'s 410,912 (a law).
Chief Inspector Private Employment Agencies, deficiency, H. B. 541 (a law).
Clerk of Supreme Court, deficiency, H. B. 730 (a law).
County Soil and Crop Improvement Associations, H. B. 26.
Culver, Kathryn, assignee, claim, H. B. 139.
Donovan, Cornelius, Rock Island Free Employment Office, deficiency, H. B. 76 (a law).
Drennan, Roscoe L. relief, H. B. 117.
Dunlap, John, relief, H. B. 606.
Electric elevators in State House, H. B. 693 (a law).
Extension light and power plant, State Capitol, H. B. 694 (a law).
Farmer, Rose H., death, H. B. 393 (a law).
Foot and mouth 'disease, claims for slaughtered animals, H. B.'s 1, 2, 3, 98, 415 (a law), 885 (a

law), 979 (a law), 980 (a law).
dealers losses in stock yards, H. B.'s 581, 800.
Gray, Nathan E., injuries, H. B. 398 (a law).
Goodwin, Inez, death, H. B. 393 (a law).
Guppy, Thresa, injuries, H. B. 554 (a law).
Hanson, George, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Henke, Henry, injuries, H. B. 116.
Herrick, Joseph, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Holmes, Andrew, expenses, H. B. 652.
Illinois Corn Growers' Association, H. B. 578.
Illinois Dairy Men's Association, 1. B.'s 622, 935 (a law).
Illinois Deep Waterway development, H. B. 982.
Illinois Firemen's Association. H.B. 165 (a law).
Ingham, Alice A., reimbursement of inheritance tax, H. B. 241 (a law).
Insurance Superintendent, deficiency, H. B. 79 (a law).
Jasper, Sadie, death of husband, H. B. 648 (a law).




Jones, Walter O., injuries, H. B. 85 (a law).
Jorgensen, Berthrol C. B., reappropriation, H. B. 907 (a law).
Kelly, Vorne, death, H. B. 393 (a law).
Kelley, Vivian, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Legislative Reference Bureau, deficiency, H. B. 574 (a law).
Live Stock Breeders Association, H. B. 935 (a law).
McGuire, W. P., services rendered, H. B. 374.
Morrisey, Catherine, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Munson, Nels, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
National Implement and Vehicle Show, commissioner, H. B. 441.
Negro Emancipation Celebration, H. B. 132 (a law).
Oltz, Daniel M., heirs,recruiting expenses, 11. B. 803.
Ornamental lighting system, Springfield, H. B. 960.
Payment of awards by Court of Claims, H. B. 536 (a law).
Payne, Catherine, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Payne, Norma, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Poultry associations, premiums, H. B.'s 203, 935 (a law).
Ramenofsky, Mollie, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Schaefer, Dorothea, relief, injuries, H. B. 344 (a law).
Schroeder, Godfrey A., expenses, H. B. 353.
Schwaba, Peter H., relief, H. B. 461 (a law).
Secretary of State, deficiency, H. B. 256 (a law).
Simpson, S. E., expenses in election contest, H. B. 896.
Smith, James B., unpaid salary, H. B. 685.
Stallion Registration Board, H.'B. 825.
State Academy of Science, H. B. 532.
State Biological Laboratory, purchase of hogs, H. B. 32.
State Factory Inspector, deficiency, H. B. 247.
State Government, ordinary and contingent, omnibus, H. B. 975 (a law)
State Horticultural Society, years, 1915-1916, H. B. 264.

reappropriation, 1914, H. B. 265 (a law).
State Inspector of Masonry, Public Buildings and Works, H. B. 184.
State Poultry Association and County Societies, H. B. 767.
Steele, Ethel, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Steele, Nettie, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Stilley, Bertha, injuries, H. B. 647 (a law).
Suffering and destitute miners at Royalton, H. B. 854 (a law).
Sumberg, Lillie, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).
Suppression of contagious diseases among domestic animals, H. B. 307.
Survey of Illinois and Michigan Canal lands, H. B. 430.
Taylor, Lewis E., injuries, H. B. 359 (a law).
"The White Pine Forest,” Ogle County, purchase, H. B. 678.
To pay excess costs of classes and schools for deaf, dumb, and blind, H. B. 933.
Vickers, Leora E., salary of husband, H. B. 235 (á law).
Voris, William, relief, H. B. 248 (a law).
Woodbury, Margaret, injuries, H. B. 392 (a law).

Young, Edwin G., expenses in election contest, H. B. 896.

Altgeld, John P., in Chicago, H. B. 964 (a law).
Carlin, Thomas, at Carrollton, H. B. 522
Carr, Gen. Eugene A., at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
Centennial Memorial Building and site, H. B. 712.
Dennis, Gen. Elias, at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
Kenesaw Mountain Battlefield, H. B. 365 (a law).
Lincoln, Abraham, at Petersburg, H. B. 509.
Grant, Gen. U.S., marker at Springfield, H. B. 768.

and others at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
Logan, Gen. John A., at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
McArthur, Gen. John, at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
McClernand, Gen. John A., at Springfield, H. B. 675.

at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
Palmer, Gen. John M., at Carlinville, H. B. 485.
Smith, Gen. John E., at Vicksburg, H. B. 856 (a law).
State Art Commission, for design for statue of Gen. U. S. Grant, H. B. 873.

Trumbull, Lyman, in Chicago, H. B. 617.
Armories and armory sites, unexpended balances, H. B. 626 (a law).

Eighth Infantry, completion, H. B. 570.
at Elgin, H. B. 327.
at Jacksonville, H. B. 769.
at Monmouth, H. B.'s 220, 745, 841 (a law).
at Peoria, H. B. 653 (a law).
at Sterling, H. B. 125.
under construction, completion, H. B. 641 (a law).
Ordinary and contingent expenses, H. B. 633 (a law).

Joliet Penitentiary, deficiency and rehabilitation, H. B. 686.
Ordinary and special, H. B. 951 (a law).
Southern Illinois Penitentiary, deficiency, H. B. 586 (a law).

ordinary and special, H. B. 585.

State Reformatory at Pontiac, H. B. 615. ARBITRATION:

Industrial Commission to serve as board, H. B. 754.


Reproducing objects with intent to deceive, H. B. 875. ARMORIES:

Second Regiment, ratification of sale, H. B. 211 (a law).

See "Appropriations" and "National Guard." ARSON:

Liability for damages, H. B. 350.

See “Revenue.


State Athletic Commission, act to create, H. B.'s 28, 46, 96, 820.

When may be issued, H. B. 71.
Fees in election contest for representative...

...172,239 In employ of State exempt from civil service, H. B. 468. ATTORNEYS, STATE'S:

Cook County, salary, H. B. 958 (a law).

Disbarment proceedings, procedure, H. B. 616.
Must be citizens of United States to receive license, H. B. 862.

Regulation of admission and disbarment, H. B. 336.
Opinion, appropriation, H. B. 493.

1390 Request for report on submerged and shore lands.


Powers and duties, Act of 1874 amended, H. B. 753. ATWOOD, JOHN A., Ogle County, 10th district: Present and oath.

.2,104 Absent.

487 Committees, standing, Appropriations.

184 Judicial Apportionment.

185 Military Affairs. Roads and Bridges. To Visit Penal Institutions.

186 Committee, conference.

1233 Petition presented..

571 Bills introduced-Appropriations, 588, 678; elections, 5; parks, 866; public utilities, 286; schools, 4

(a law). AUCTIONEERS: State Board of Examiners, H. B. 218.

185 186


Appropriation, deficiency, H. B. 209 (a law).
Prosecution of violations of revenue law, H. B. 311.
Record of municipal bonds, H. B. 600.

License fees, number plates, etc., Act of 1913 amended, H. B. 766 (a law),
Local ordinances concerning license and regulation, H. B. 804.
See, also, “Motor Vehicles” and “Roads and Bridges."


See Aeronautics."



Page, compensation....

Depositor's guaranty fund, H. B. 169.
Division of Department of Trade and Commerce, H. B. 578.
Investment companies, supervision, H. B. 146.
Liabilities, use of stock of banks as security for loans, H. B. 895.
Municipal banks, H. B. 75.
Organized in unincorporated villages, H. B. 352.
Private, examination by State Auditor, H. B. 202.

State supervision, H. B.'s 364, 469.
Public receiver, H. B. 66.
Similar names prohibited, H. B. 127 (a law).

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