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APRIL 23rd.

The Secretary appointed Antoine Z. Chenett, Notary Public for Illinois territory.

Thomas M. Davis and John Bowles, Justices of the Peace, Franklin county. Charles Humphreys, Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts and Recorder for the county of Jackson, resigned his commission.

Thomas Rutledge, Justice of the Peace for White county.
Benjamin Moseley, Justice for Gallatin county.

Wm. Hickman and James Cockrane, Justices for Franklin, removed out of county.

MAY 1st.

Tim Nash, clerk of the circuit and county court and recorder of Jackson county.

The resignation of Abner Fields, J. P., for Union county received and accepted.

MAY 5th.

The resignation of John G. Lofton, member L. C., received and accepted. Appointed Stephen Handy, captain, Samuel Jenison, Lieutenant, Jacob Blaze, Ensign, Ninth Regiment; Robert S. Spencer, Justice of the Peace for White county; Thomas Cohen, Justice of the Peace for St. Clair county.

MAY 12th.

Francis Moore, Justice of the Peace for Pope county, vice D. S. Taylor, resigned.

MAY 18th.

Passport granted to R. Dixon to go to Michelimacanac by the route of the Illinois river.

John McCreary commissioned to take the census in Franklin county. Samuel Sybole, Captain, John Conway, Lieutenant, Caleb Garterman, Ensign in the rifle company, Seventh Regiment; William Punine, Captain, Samuel Hewston, Captain, Philip Tuton, Lieutenant, in the Seventh Regiment; Miles Whitley, lieutenant, James Jones and Wm. Leavand (?), Ensigns in the Seventh Regiment.

Resignation of George Creath, captain in the First Regiment received and accepted.

David W. Maxwell, Sheriff of Franklin county, vice M. S. Davenport, resigned; Alex. Campbell, Justice of the Peace for Edwards county; John G. Damewood and William Ellis, Justices of the Peace for Gallatin county.

MAY 27th.

John Hay, Justice of the Peace for St. Clair county, resigned.

John Hay appointed clerk of the county court of St. Clair county, vice R. K. McLaughlin, resigned.

Daniel P. Cook, judge of the Western circuit, resigned and was accepted.

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MAY 28th.

Thomas Dickinson, captain, Anthony Babeau, lieutenant, and Joseph Godere, ensign, in the First Regiment.

JUNE 1st,

Hugh Robinson, justice of the peace for Gallatin county; John K. Mangham, and John Carraghan, justices, for Washington county.

Passport granted to Fras. Turotte to go to Michilimacanac by way of the Illinois river.

JUNE 2nd.

Clayton Tiffin, justice of the peace for St. Clair county; Elijah C. Berry, captain, Edward Cowles, lieutenant, and Samuel C. Christy, ensign in a rifle company in the First Regiment; George Dickinson, captain, John James, Lieutenant, and Cahan Cooper, Ensign of a rifle company in the Second Regiment.

JUNE 3rd.

Benjamin Menes, Adjutant, vice D. Coleman, resigned; John C. Smith, Major; Allen McKenzie, Captain, vice J. C. Smith, promoted; Thomas Cox, captain, vice D. Coleman, resigned; John Graves captain, Jos. Kuykendall, Lieutenant, Wm. McGinnis, Lieutenant, Wm. Shelton, Lieutenant, George Wier and Jno. Ruft, Ensigns, in the Third Regiment.

JUNE 8th.

Appointed John Warnock, Judge of the Western circuit.

JUNE 14th.

Jno. Browning to take the census in Franklin county, vice John McCreary, refused to serve.

JUNE 20th.

Appointed Samuel Crawford a Justice of the Peace for Randolph county; Theodore V. H. Varick Brigade Inspector in the First Brigade, Illinois Militia.

JUNE 29th.

Abraham Prickett, Captain, Jno. T. Lusk, Lieutenant, Jeph. Lamkin, Ensign in Seventh Regiment.

Charles Bilderback, Lieutenant, Adam Woolrick, Ensign, in the First Regiment.

JULY 1st.

Saml. Walker, Ensign in the First Regiment.

JULY 3d.

Ira Manville, sr., a Justice of the Peace for St. Clair county.

The commission of David Anderson, as a Justice for Randolph county, returned, not accepted.

JULY 4th.

Jacob Stout, Captain, Nathan Fike, Captain, Wm. Philips, Lieutenant, Henry Herring, Lieutenant, Wm. Stout, Ensign, Henry Neely, Ensign, in Second Regiment.

JULY 20th.

Robert Palmer, Lieutenant and Andrew Brown, Ensign, in the Fourth Regiment.

Rowland Allen, Justice of the Peace for Gallatin county.


The Governor returned to the Territory and resumed the duties of his office.


Appointed Thos. A. Wilson, James Watts, James Ray, Richard Eaton and John Cheek for Justices of the Peace for Crawford county.

Richard Elliott, Notary Public for Gallatin county, vice P. Redman, resigned.

James Richardson, Justice of the Peace for White county, vice D. Hay, resigned.

Wm. Gray, John A. Wakefield and Francis Brown, Justices for Bond county. Joseph Duncan, Jno. H. Morgan, Thos. Johnson, Walter Creepwell, Justices of the Peace for Madison county.

Hugh Craig, Justice of the Peace for Union county.

John Copeland, Thos. C. Paterson and Aaron Bur Brown, Justices of the Peace for Johnson county.

Resignation of Jacob Short as Major in the Second Regiment received and accepted.

Resignation of James Field as Lieutenant in the Fourth Regiment, received and accepted.

Asa Ross Lieutenant, vice Seth Hargrave, resigned, Rifle Company, Fifth Regiment.

James A. Richardson, Ensign in Rifle Company Fifth Regiment.
Isaac Gillham, Lieutenant, Jas. H. Gillham, Jno. Harris, Ensigns Seventh

Isaac Judy, Lieutenant, Robert Reynolds, Ensign in the Seventh Regi


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Nicholas Edwards and Robert McGee, Justices for Washington county. Joseph Dillard, Justice of the Peace for Pope county.

Erasmus Wheeler, Justice of the Peace for Gallatin county.

James W. Davidson, Captain, Jos. Cavenah, Lieutenant, Henry Brewer, Ensign in the Second Regiment.

AUGUST 19th.

Peter Philips, Justice of the Peace for Franklin county.
Daniel Elledge, Justice of the Peace for White county.

AUGUST 20th.

Antoine Z. Chenett, a Justice of the Peace for Randolph county, removed from office.

Maj. Jno. G. Damewood promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Fourth Regiment, Illinois Territory.

Appointed Bennett Hancock, Coroner, Juo. Russell, Justice of the Peace for Johnson county.

John Arckney, Alexander Clark and Lewis Wells, Justices of the Peace for Jackson county.

Nisbett Allen, Fitz Edwards Hutchings, Justices for Union county.

J. R. Shultz, Justice of the Peace for Franklin county.


Absolom Bradshaw, Major in the First Regiment.


Lazarus Webb, Justice of the Peace for Franklin county.


James D. Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel in the Tenth Regiment Illinois Militia, vice Andrew Bankson, resigned.



At the General Assembly, begun and held in the town of Kaskaskia, on Wednesday, the 25th day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve.

On which day (being the day appointed by the Governor of this Territory (Illinois), for the meeting of the General Assembly), the following members of the Legislative Council attended and took their seats:

To-wit: From the county of Gallatin, Benjamin Talbott; from the county of St. Clair, William Biggs; from the county of Madison, Samuel Judah; from the county of Randolph, Pierre Menard.

As the member from Johnson did not appear, the council adjourned until tomorrow morning, at ten of the clock.

THURSDAY, THE 26th NovemBER, 1812.

The Council assembled according to adjournment and proceeded to the election of a President pro tem., and Mr. Biggs was truly elected and took the chair.

A message from the House of Representatives, [by] Mr. Greenup, their Clerk, informing [the Council] that they had appointed Mr. Wilson, of their House, on their part to procure stationery, etc., and then withdrew.

On motion, Resolved that Mr. pointed to join Mr. Wilson of th tionery, etc.

Then the Council adjourned (until] three of the clock this afternoon.
The Council assembled, agreeable to adjournment.

On motion, Resolved that a committee be appointed jointly with a committee to be appointed by the House of Representatives to wait on the Governor, to inform him that the General Assembly is now assembled and ready to receive such communications as he may think proper to make, and that Mr. Talbott be of the committee on the part of the Council, and that this House do inform the House of Representatives thereof.

The Council then adjourned until tomorrow morning at ten of the clock.

Menard on the part of this House be ap-
House of Representatives to procure sta-

FRIDAY, 27TH November, 1812.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Thomas Ferguson, elected a member of the Legislative Council for Johnson county, produced his certificate of election, and took his seat.

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