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and powers.

the objects of the parties interested not being attainable under any general law; therefore,

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That George Rutledge, William Thomas, William S. Prentice, Mathew Stacy, Collin D. James, John Mathers, Hiram Buck, John A. Chesnut, and William Brown, and their successors and assigns, be and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of “The Illinois Female Corporate name College;" and by such name to have perpetual succession and existence, with power to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, to take, have, hold and use property, real, personal and mixed, by any mode of conveyance or transfer, and to lease, mortgage or sell and convey the same, as a natural person; to make, have and use a common seal, and the same to alter or change at pleasure; to make and alter by-laws, for the government of the corporation, its officers, agents and servants: Provided, such by-laws be not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States or of this State.

§ 2. The objects and business of the corporation shall be to maintain, support and govern a college, for the education of females; and all property and money acquired shall be held and used solely for that purpose and not as stock for individual benefit. The college shall remain located at Jacksonville, and the persons named in first section here. Location. of shall be trustees until successors are appointed. The corporation is vested with power to confer such academical or honorary degrees as are usually conferred by similar institutions.

§ 3. The said trustees shall meet as early as practicable after the passage of this act at the “Illinois Conference Female College," and secure a conveyance of all the property Cooperance of purchased in accordance with the arrangement referred to in the preamble to this act, and shall then proceed to appoint a president or principal, and all such professors, instructors and instructresses, and employ all such agents and servants, as may be requisite to the objects and purposes of the corporation.

§ 4. * At the first meeting of the trustees, one of their organization of number shall be appointed president, who shall preside at all meetings of the board, and who shall

, on his appointment, divide the members of the board into three classes, of equal numbers—the term of service of those composing the first class shall expire two years thereafter; of those composing the second class, four years thereafter; and of those composing the third class, six years thereafter; so that the term of service of one-third of the board may expire, and successors be appointed every two years.


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$ 5. The trustees shall have and exercise the following powers: to appoint the president or principal of the institution, the necessary professors, teachers, instructors or instructresses, and fix their compensation and prescribe their duties; to appoint a secretary and treasurer, a steward, and all other agents or servants necessary to the transaction of the business of the corporation and board, to fix their compensation and prescribe their duties, and also to require bond and security from any appointee, conditioned for the faithful discharge of duties; and further to dismiss or remove any of the aforesaid appointees at pleasure, and appoint or employ others in their stead; they shall also have power to prescribe the course of study, fix the price of tuition, board, rent of rooms, use of library, and other necessary accommodations for the pupils.

§ 6. As the term of service of trustees expires, the remaining members of the board shall appoint, as successors, such persons as may be designated by the “ Illinois Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church ;" but vacancies occurring between the annual meetings of the Conference, may be filled by the board, until the next meeting of the Conference.

8 7. The lot of five acres of ground to be conveyed to this corporation, on which the buildings and improvements of the "Illinois Conference Female College” are situated, being purchased and dedicated in perpetuity, as, and for the use of a literary institution, it is hereby declared that the trustees shall have no power to sell, convey or mortgage the samé, or to create or permit the existence of any liability for or on account of which the same may be subject to sale under any decree, judgment or process of any kind; but the same shall forever remain free and exempt from sale for or on account of any indebtedness or liability created by the trustees, or permitted by them to accrue or exist against the corporation, anything in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.

$ 8. The said corporation shall not have or hold more than one hundred acres of land in perpetuity; and if lands exceeding that quantity shall be conveyed to said corporation, such excess shall be sold within five


otherwise such conveyance shall be void and inoperative, and the lands shall revert or pass as though no such conveyance had been executed.

$ 9. All money, property and effects, received by the trustees, shall be faithfully applied to the uses of the corporation, that is to the erection or repairing of buildings, the purchase of furniture, books, maps, charts, globes, chemical and philosophical apparatus, musical instruments, and to the compensation of those in the service of the corporation: Provided, that in case any gift, grant, devise or bequest, shall be made to the corporation, for particular purposes,

Apparatus and books.

accordant with the design of the institution, and the trustees shall accept thereof, the money or property so accepted shall be used and applied in conformity with the conditions prescribed by the donor, grantor or devisor. The lot of land, formerly owned by the Illinois Conference Female Academy, and to be conveyed to this corporation, with the improvements thereon, containing about five acres, shall be exempt from taxation, for State, county and corporation purposes, so long as the same is used for the purposes of this corporation.

§ 10. A majority of the trustees for the time being, shall Quorum. constitute a quorum for the transaction of ordinary business ; but two-thirds of the whole number must concur in the appointment, removal or dismissal of the president or principal of the institution. The said trustees shall also have power, at any regular meeting, two-thirds of the whole number concurring therein, to appoint a committee of not exceedi:

g five members, to be styled “The Executive Com- Executive mittee," and vest said committee with power to attend to and execute all the appropriate duties of the board during intervals between the regular meetings.

§ 11. This act is hereby declared a public act, and shall be admitted as evidence in all proceedings, judicial or otherwise, without being specially pleaded, and shall take effect on its passage.

APPROVED June 13, 1863.


AN ACT to incorporate the Directors of the Naperville Graded School.

In force June 18,


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the territory now composing school district number seven (7), in township thirty-eight (38), range nine (9), in the county of DuPage, and State of Illinois, and such territory as may be hereafter added thereto, as is herein provided, be and is hereby established a district for the purpose of maintaining a graded school, and may be known as the “Naperville School District;" that the business of said district shall be transacted by the present directors of said school district Directors. number seven, and their successors in office, to be elected as hereinafter provided; and that the district thus established, together with the said school directors and their successors in office, are hereby created a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of the “Directors of the Naperville Graded School," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, with full power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in all courts of law and chancery in this State,



Election of directors.

Corporate pow- to make contracts; to acquire, hold and convey property,

real and personal; to have and use a common seal, and alter

the same at pleasure. Enlargement of § 2. The said district may, at any time, be enlarged by

the township trustees of the township in which it is now situated, by adding new territory thereto from said township; and territory may be added to said district from the adjoining township, by the joint action of the trustees of the township and the directors of the district to be affected thereby: Provided, no territory shall be added to or taken from said district without the consent of the corporation hereby created, to be evidenced either by an entry upon the books of said corporation, or a separate instrument, in writing, for that purpose.

$ 3. The annual election of said directors shall be held on the first Monday in July, in each year, and shall be notified, conducted, and returns thereof made, at the same time and in the same manner; the term of office of said directors, and the qualification of voters at such election, shall be the same as is or may be provided by the general school law of this State for the election of school directors; special elections may also be held, at any time, to fill vacancies occasioned by the death, removal from the district, refusal or inability to act of any director; such special election to be called and notified by the remaining director or directors, by giving notices in the same manner, and for the same length of time, as the annual election herein provided for is called and notified; and the term of office of any director who shall be elected to fill a vacancy shall expire at the time the term of office would have expired the vacancy in which he is elected to fill.

§ 4. The said directors shall have power to purchase or lease sites for school houses, with the necessary grounds therefor; to erect, hire or purchase buildings for school purposes, and keep them in repair; to furnish schools with necessary fixtures, furniture, libraries and apparatus; to conduct and maintain a graded school system in said district; to determine what length of time in each year schools shall be taught in said district; to receive scholars from without said district, upon such terms and for such rates of tuition as shall by said directors be fixed and established ; to rent or lease any room or buildings belonging to said corporation, for school purposes, reserving the control thereof to themselves; to employ, determine the number, and fix the compensation of teachers within said districts, and of all other agents and servants; to prescribe the studies to be taught and books to be used in the schools in said district, including maps, charts, globes and all apparatus; to supply the insufficiency of school funds for the payment of teachers and other school purposes and expenses, by school taxes, to be levied and collected as hereinafter provided; to make, alter and establish, from time to time, all such rules, by

Buildings and apparatus.

laws, and regulations as shall be necessary to carry the powers herein granted into full execution, and as they may deem

proper for the management and good government of the schools under their control; and, in addition to the powers herein specifically enumerated, to have, use and exercise all the powers now or hereafter conferred upon

school directors by the general school laws of this State.

§ 5. Said directors shall, at their first meeting after the President and ofannual election, in each year, elect one of their number president and another secretary; and vacancies in either of said offices may be filled at any meeting of said board of directors. And all the contracts, conveyances and agreements of said corporation shall be signed by the said president and secretary

§ 6. The president shall be, ex officio, treasurer of said Duties of officers. district; shall receive all moneys belonging thereto, keep a just and true account thereof, and pay them out only on the order of the board of directors, to be entered upon their records, and shall give such bonds for the faithful discharge of his duties as shall be required by said bond. The secretary shall keep a correct record of all the proceedings of the corporation hereby created, including all allowances of money made by said board, and shall draw orders upon the treasurer of said corporation in favor of all persons to whom allowances are made, payable at the time and in the manner directed by said board, which orders, so drawn, shall be also signed by the remaining director, not acting as president, and delivered to the persons entitled thereto; and all orders for money drawn and signed in the manner aforesaid are hereby declared legal and valid evidence of indebtedness against said district.

§ 7. Said directors shall have power to levy, in each Taxes. year, taxes to any amount they may deem necessary, not exceeding two per cent., on the taxable property of said district, both real and personal, for the purpose of paying all the debts now due from said school district, or that they may hereafter contract or assume, for the purpose of building, repairing or furnishing school houses, paying teachers' wages, purchasing school libraries or apparatus, and for any and all necessary school purposes, authorized by this act; and said directors shall certify to the county clerk of said county the amount or rate so levied, on or before the second Monday of September in each year; said certificate may be in the form given in the general school law for such purpose.

§ 8. The county clerk of said county shall canse all Collection of school taxes levied in said district, and certified to him, as required by section seven of this act, to be computed and extended upon the proper collector's book or books, in the same manner that by the general school law of this State he is or may be required to perform the same duty in rela


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