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Prosecution and transportation of convicts to

Ohio penitentiary, Ohio State Reformatory
and boys committed to Boys' Industrial

$25,000 00


Salary of secretary of state.
Salary of chief clerk..
Salary of stationery clerk.
Salary of statistical clerk..
Salary of assistant statistical clerk.
Salary of recording clerk....
Salary of assistant recording clerk.
Salary of proof-reading clerk..
Salary of corporation fee clerk.
Salary of assistant corporation fee clerk..

$6,500 00 2,400 00 1,500 00 1,500 00 1,350 00 1,350 00 1,200 00 1,350 00 1,350 00 1,350 00

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Salary of superintendent...
Salary of deputy superintendent.
Salary of actuary..
Salary of examining clerk..
Salary of statistical clerk..
Salary of bookkeeper.
Salary of correspondence clerk..
Salary of first assistant actuary
Salary of second assistant actuary.
Salary of assistant examining clerk..
Salary of assistant statistical clerk.
Salary of license clerk.
Salary of mailing clerk.
Salary of janitor...
Contingent expenses
Traveling and other expenses of superintendent

and employes on official business and at
meetings of actuaries and insurance depart-
ment officials

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Salary of deputy inspector and supervisor of

bond investment companies.
Salary of chief clerk.....
Salary of correspondence clerk.
Salary of statistical clerk...
Salary of mailing clerk..
Salary of janitor...

$2,400 00 1,200 00 1,200 00 1,350 00

200 00 300 00

1908 and 1909.

10,800 oo

500 00

Partial appro- Salaries of six examiners, at $1,800 each......
priations for

Salaries of extra clerks..
Traveling expenses of deputy inspector and ex-

Contingent expenses

1,000 00 250 00

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[blocks in formation]

Current expenses
Salaries of officers and teachers and trustees' ex-

Ordinary repairs and improvements..
Furnishing new cottage and employes' building.

7,500 00 2,000 00

200 00 1,500 00

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SECTION 2. The moneys appropriated in the preceding section shall not be in any way expended to pay liabilities or deficiencies existing prior to February 15, 1908,

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