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A GROUP OF SOCIAL ENGINEERS In the center is Mr. J. C. Van Marcken, the proprietor of Agneta Park, in Delft-an industrial commonwealth of 1,500 employees. At his right and standing at the left are Mr. Eringaard and Mr. Willink, his assistants. Mrs. Van Marcken is at his left. Dr. Tolman, of New York, the author of this article, is the other standing figure. certain amount of truth in the cynicism the earth, who had come to attend these of a director of one of the approaching conferences, was a source of great inExpositions, who said : “ Fifteen per cent. spiration and profit. There were upwards of the visitors will go to be amused, and of one hundred and twenty-five of these the rest will go to criticise.” Business congresses, dealing with Workmen's Insurmen strive to make their exhibits attract- ance, Accident Prevention, Profit-Sharing, ive and interesting, well knowing the Co-operation, Workmen's Dwellings, Wo advertising value of these characteristics. man's Work, Colonization, Public and PriIn the same way, similar care should be vate Charity, Commerce and Industry, etc. shown in the Department of Social Econ- These conferences attracted the leading omy, because each visitor whose attention specialists of the world, and in themselves is attracted and held means additional were almost worth the labor and expense currency for a new idea or the adaptation of the Exposition. of an old one, both large factors in social Each international exhibition is a co progress.

lossal undertaking in itself, but, once inIdeas are always more important than stalled, it should be utilized to the utmost, things. The Palace of Social Economy and its influence should by no means was a storehouse of things as exhibited terminate with the closing of the exhibiby the various nations in the lower part tion in question. It should constitute a of the building, but upstairs were three working capital of experience that can be large audience-halls for the sessions of utilized by those that are to follow; thus the various congresses where ideas were there is every reason why the experience exhibited and discussed. The personal of Paris should be utilized by Glasgow, contact with people from the very ends of Buffalo, St. Petersburg, and St. Louis, and, best of all, improved on, because definite statistical facts regarding the adapted to local conditions. At St. Louis. origin, growth, and development of the there is a superb opportunity to give the respective industries. world an object-lesson that shall make a There should be one head to the departlarge place for social economy.

ment, and he should be unrestricted in While in Paris the writer was asked the choice of his staff, who should be how a department of Social Economy appointed for their knowledge of the subcould be made of concrete value and ject and not for their politics. The human interest for an International Ex- director of the department should be a position like that of St. Louis in 1903. He kind of editor--that is, he should deterreplied that such a task should be com- mine the amount of explanatory material paratively easy, with the experience of and not leave it to the individual exhibitor. the Paris Exposition to follow. Each last For instance, to a large manufacturer who Exposition ought to be the best, because has made notable provisions for improved showing the latest advances in social and dwellings for his workmen, he would say: industrial progress. From this view-point " Your work is of real value and fills an the Exposition is practically a school or important place in our Exposition. By text-book. In the first place, an exhibit in way of further interpretation, the departSocial Economy should be one of careful ment wishes, say, 750 words of descriptive exclusion, to include only such features as matter. This description will be printed will prove of human interest and object- in pages of prescribed form, grade of lesson value. Movements for industrial paper, and type, for the sake of uniformity. betterment that have outgrown the experi- This circular of your exhibit can be printed mental stage and have become application in editions of hundreds of thousands, if you stations should be selected as types. Each desire, for each one will be in the nature firm should be asked to furnish photo- of an advertisement." This individual graphs of its distinctive features, models description, when printed with the others, of its workingmen's houses, and certain will form a catalogue of the entire exhibit.

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For the foundation of the exhibit, re- the League—only eight months old—was ports, circulars of information, pamphlets, extremely gratifying, and it began at once will be collected; these in turn will be to add to its store of material already in interpreted by photographs, sufficiently hand. labeled to tell their own story to the visitor The League sent to Paris a type exhibit but at the same time form a part of the of what employers were doing to improve exhibit as a whole. After the exhibit has the conditions of their employees; the been duly installed, this same material work of the institutional church, or religion will afford opportunity for additional inter- at work; the Salvation Army, the Young pretation by means of lantern slides. Men's Christian Association, denomina

I feel quite certain that individual firms tional work among the negroes, and municiwould supply these statistics, but in case pal betterment. All this material will be of any unwillingness to do this, the De- returned to the League for Social Service, partment of Social Economy should be in and will constitute the nucleus for its a position to pay for this material. If Museum of Social Economy. In addition, there could be an agreement among the while the writer was in Paris he secured various foreign representatives that such the promise of material from the reprevolumes should be prepared of uniform sentatives of Italy, Germany, Russia, and size and printing, they would have great Roumania. He is returning to Paris in value in showing scholars and students of October, for the closing weeks of the the world at the close of the Exposition Exposition, in order to secure the material the sum total of industrial progress up to from those countries, and supplement it date. In this way the good to be accom- by others. plished by a great Exposition like that The results of a great Exposition can be proposed at St. Louis would not terminate made permanent through a Museum of at its close, but would continue in its Social Economy, which will be closely effect through the coming years.

analogous to the work of a commercial How can the best results of an Exhibi

like that of Philadelphia. A tion be made permanent, so that its influ- Museum of Social Economy will be a new ence may continue ? In Paris the Musée thing for the United States. One illustraSocial became the residuary legatee of tion: An employer is desirous of building the Social Economy of the exhibit of one or more improved dwellings for his 1889, and because of this fact the Musée workmen. At such a museum as the was the guiding spirit of the great Depart- League has already started. he can see ment of Social Economy at the Exposi- photographs, plans, drawings, models, tion of 1900. Jules Siegfried, the Presi- statistics of every phase of the subject dent of the Committee of Direction of the as it has been worked out in the leading Musée, was the President of the section, cities of the world, and the Director of the while Messrs. Georges S. Picot, Emile Museum can answer any question and supCheysson, Léon de Seilhac, le Comte de port it by tangible proof. From such a Rocquigny, André Lichtenberger, and storehouse of fact an employer can secure Leopold Mobilleau took a prominent part. the very best results in the world, and then

Two years ago, in New York, the League all he will need will be their adaptation to for Social Service, under the presidency local conditions. This can be done for any of Dr. Josiah Strong, taking the Musée other department of industrial betterment. Social as its model, but adapting its work The League received the award of a to local needs, was organized with the grand prix at the Exposition, and this object of social and industrial betterment. recognition by the International Jury When, therefore, the United States Com- places it in the front rank of institutions mission to the Paris Exposition was try- of public utility. From the practical charing to secure material for an exhibit in acter of its work in the United States, and Social Economy, it asked the League if it with the start already made, there is no would undertake the collection and inter- reason why the idea of a central bureau pretation of such an exhibit. Its Presi- of information, with working models-in dent and Secretary were made special other words, the Social Museum-cannot agents. This recognition of the work of be made of great value for this country:


THE NEW BATTLE-SHIP ALABAMA The largest, fastest, and best-armed battle-ship in the United States Navy.

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