The Canadian Entomologist, Volumen32

Entomological Society of Canada, 1900

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Página 21 - pain and itching, which commences ascending the limb until the poison imbibed reaches the abdomen, where it soon causes violent vomiting and purging. Where these effects do not follow, as we found afterwards at Tete, fever sets in ; and I was assured by intelligent Portuguese there that death has sometimes
Página 146 - may be distinguished by the characters made use of in the following table : Table of Families. Abdomen either sessile or petiolate, with the first ventral segment distinctly separated from the second by a more or less deep constriction or transverse furrow; legs most frequently fossorial. . 5. Abdomen either sessile or petiolate, but'
Página 192 - This little book is designed for use as a reading book, which shall lead the pupil to fuller observation upon the insects about him. It is not essential that the articles be read consecutively ; but it is highly desirable that the pupils actually see as many as possible of the insects discussed."
Página 303 - of the Cossids ; some prefer the pith of woody stems ; others are found in the superficial woody layers ; still others affect the roots of plants both woody and herbaceous, or are sometimes to be found in the borings made by other insects, as is the case with Memythrus
Página 208 - with brown, more or less suffused or mottled with gray or brown, the constriction when present generally dark. A series of about seven irregular rows of black punctations running across the scale, often connected by an irregular black line, and this again relieved by white or pale yellow. The
Página 192 - should always have the first place in school work. The aim of the teacher should be, not to foster the collecting spirit so much as to develop the perceptive faculties in such a way that the pupil will not only notice the
Página 146 - 3. Metathoracic angles usually acutely produced, the metanotum posteriorly concave ; scutellum large, flat, convex, conical or spined ; if the metathoracic angles are rounded, which occurs rarely, the abdomen has only from 3 to 5 visible segments. Abdomen normal, with at least 6 distinct segments, the venter flat;
Página 350 - whole space of the upper side, "except the yellow border and the submarginal black bar," is of a rich chocolate brown ; the submarginal row of blue spots is wanting and the yellow border is greatly suffused with brown ; under side normal.
Página 149 - simple, unarmed, but the genital plate is armed with two slender straight spines which project more or less distinctly from the tip of the abdomen ; hind wings without an anal lobe, the cubitus originating far
Página 148 - and allies); hind wings usually without an anal lobe, the cubitus either interstitial or originating beyond the transverse median nervure; very rarely originating before it; tibial spurs i, 2, 2 ; tarsal joints normal ; eyes entire

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