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Number of Regiments organized in the States of Massachusetts, New

York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island during the thirteen days

immediately succeeding the surrender of Fort Sumter (exclusive

of those who passed through Baltimore), their arrival at Annapo-

lis — their destination,. .............. 193

The arrival in Washington of the First Rhode Island Regiment -

incidents of their organization and march, ........ 194

Organization in Petersburg, Va., of a company of negroes — patriotic

speech by one of the company, and their departure for Norfolk.

- Interesting letter from a Southern lady, . ....... 196

Doings at the Norfolk Navy Yard — raising of the ships of war by the

secessionists, . ................. 198

Interesting letter of a member of the Massachusetts Fifth Regiment, . 200

President Lincoln's proclamation calling for volunteers. — Privateer

Savannah captured. — Union meeting in Preston, Va., and Louis-

ville, Ky. — Interview of President Lincoln with the committee

of the Maryland legislature, . ............ 213

Funeral at Lawrence of Corporal Needham, . ........ 214

General Butler took possession of the Relay House. — Virginia and

Arkansas pass an ordinance of secession.- Official correspond-

ence between Minister Faulkner and the French Minister at Paris, 215

The Southern Congress pass an act legalizing piracy, ...... 216

Steamer “Daniel Webster” escapes from New Orleans. — Major

Anderson accepted the command of Kentucky Volunteers. -De-

parture of the first troops from New Hampshire (Second Reg.'

iment),. ................... 218

Jefferson Davis authorized to raise an army. - Departure of the First

Connecticut Regiment for the seat of war. — First Vermont Vol-

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Our foreheads both sprinkled in Liberty's name
From the fountain of blood with the finger of flame.

From Headquarters “ United States military depot,” Annapolis, Md., we receive the following statement of troops which had arrived there up to April 27 (inclusive), and the disposition made of the same, — this, of course, does not include any of those who passed through Baltimore, — only thirteen days since the surrender of Fort Sumter: .

Mass. 8th Regiment, Col. Munroe, 780 men, Washington.

" 5th “ “ Lawrence, 780
" 1st Lt. Battery, Maj. Cook, 100 " 6 guns, Annapolis.

3d Bat. Rifles, “ Devens, 246 “
N. Y. 7th Regiment, Col. Lefferts, 991 " Washington.
66 6th

“ Pinckney, 550" Annapolis. 66 12th 66 66 Butterfield, 780" Washington.

6 71st 66 .66 Vonsburgh, 780" Penn. 4th

6 Hartvaupt, 390" Annapolis. 56 5th 16 " McDowell, 780 " Washington. 6 10th " “ Burnside, 780" R. I. 1st Rifles,

6 Burnside, N. Y. 8th Regiment, « Lyons, 1045 66 Annapolis. 6 69th "

" Corcoran, 1060 6 Washington. i3th "


500 " Annapolis. 66 25th 16

“ Bryan,

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