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WPA Project #14066


In the ANNALS OF CLEVELAND, an attempt is made to answer a

need long felt by scholars; that of preserving and making readily ac

cessible the detailed record of a city's life and culture as contained

in its newspapers.

The Annals are to be a set of at least one vol

ume per year, covering the years 1818 - 1935 and including an abstract

of every newspaper story that has recorded a local event or expressed

a local opinion. Abstracts are filed chronologically under subject

headings alphabetically ordered.

The abstracts thus arranged are

numbered consecutively.

A chronological index brings together by

number all abstracts from the newspaper of a given date, and a proper

rames and subject heading index offers an additional check.

The editors have sought to preserve and arrange in this series

information that is nowhere else available, and readily subject to con


To avoid duplication they have concentrated their efforts on

one major newspaper file · the principal one of the period. This

method of work leaves out of account the diversities of opinion ex

pressed by other newspapers.

In the hope that the other files may be

covered in respect of the opinions there expressed, the present vol

ume is numbered as Part I.

Part II, when and as produced, will com

plete the presentation of opinion from other sources.

The file of the Cleveland LEADER has been used in the preparation

of this volume.

In 1862 the editor of the LEADER was Edwin Cowles.

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