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Rifle Br. Bt. Lt. Col. Fullarton, Maj. by purch. Major Moultrie, 19 Dr.
vice Lt. Col. Leach, ret. Oct. 24. 1821.

Talion, 41 F.
Lt. Stephenson, from 1 Dr. Gds. Capt. Boxall, 63 F.
by purch. vice N. C. Travers, ret. do. Mylne, 79 F.
Orange, Capt. by purch. viee Ful.

Marston, 86 F.

do. Captain Evans. 3 Dr. G.
2d Lt. Boileau, 1st Lt. by purch. do.

Stracy, do.
G. Townley, 2d Lt. by purch. Nov. 7.

Hoskins, 1 Dr.
G. Daniell, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Am- Hammersley, 19 Dr.
herst, Gren. Gds.

do. 8.

Powell, Gren. Gds. !W. I. R. Lt. Chichester, from 7 Dr. Capt. by

Gronow, do. purch. vice Eysing, ret.

Sept. 27.

Talbot, Coldst. Gds. Findlay, Capt. by purch. vice Par- Colclough, 3 F. sonage, ret.

Oct. 24.

Sutherland, do Ceyl R. — Slade, from 12 Dr. Capt. by purch.

Welsh, 5 F. vice Hamilton, 16 F.


English, 7 F.

Thaine, 10 F.
Ordnance Department.

M‘Donald, 19 F.

Kidd, 28 F.
Royal Ar. 1st Lt. Milnes, from 1. p. 1st Lt. vice

Ryan, 31 F.
J. Palmer, h. p. Nov. 6, 1821.

Dundas, 39 F.

Daniell, 55 F.

Armstrong, 71 F.

Fletcher, 72 F. Maj. F. Russel, from 12 Dr. Insp. Fd. Off. of Mil.

Beamish, 84 F.
in Nov. Sco. with rank of Lt. Col. in the Army,
vice Raith, dead,

Gun, 91 F.
Oct. 4, 1821.

N. C. Travers, Rifle Brig. staff Surg. W. Hill, Dep. Insp. of Hosp. by Bre

Parsonage, 2 W. I. R. vet,

July 19.

Lieut. Pennington, 15 Dr.

Newenham, 14 F.

Penrose, 29 F. 24t. Col. Sir W. Williams, K.C.B. from 13 F. with

Simpson, 51 F.

Mansell, 84 F.
Lt. Col. M‘Creagh, h. p. Portug. Serv.
Neynoe, from 92 F, with Lt. Col. Wil-

Cornet Lloyd, 1 Dr. G. liamson, h. p. 4 F.

Ensign Brown, 47 F. fajor Barrington, from 91 F. with Bt. Lt. Col.

Assistant Surgeon Robson, 87 F.
Rechford, h. p. 100 F.
Bt. Maj. Tomkinson, from 16 Dr. rec. diff. be-

Appointments Cancelled.
Itween full pay Cav, and full pay Inf. with Capt. Lieut. Col. Plenderleath, 1 F.
Macan, h. p. 24 Dr.

Lieut. Leslie, 18 Dr.
Capt. White, from 55 F. with Bt. Maj. Prager, 2d Lieut. Moorhead, 1 Ceylon Reg.
Sub. Insp. Mil. Ion. Isl.

Cornet Swinhoe, 22 Dr.
Bray, from 67 F. rec. diff. with Bt. Maj. Ensign Hopper, 24 F.
Bunce, h. p. 24 Dr.

Adj. Lieut. Rochfort, Rifle Brig.
Alpe, from 4 Dr. do. with Capt. Brett, h. Quarter Master Manley, 91 F.
p. 18 Dr.

Hospital Assistant Christie, from h. p.
Kersteman, from 6 Dr. with Capt. Which-

cote, 43 F.
Kerr, from 9 Dr. Tec. diff. with Capt. So-

Mr Charles M‘Bean, who resigned his Commis

sion as Captain in the 2d West India Regiment merset, h. p. 7 Dr. G. Elliott, from 11 Dr. with Capt. Creighton,

in 1811, when in a state of mental derangement, 17 F.

has been re-instated in his rank, with a view to Schultz, from 4 F. with Capt. Spinks, 12 F.

his being placed upon half-pay from 25th June,

1821. Campbell, from 12 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Henderson, h. p. 6 Gar. Bn.

Wounded in the Division under Maj. Gen. Emera, from 53 F. do. with Capt. Young, h. p.

Smith, at the Capture of Beni Boo Ali, ieut. Newton, from 4 Dr. with Lieut. Anderson,

in Arabia, 2d Mareh, 1821. 87 F.

Lieut. Cuppage, 65 F.
Slocock, from 4 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Madden, (severely,) 65 F.
Beamish, h. p.

Ensign Mulkern, 65 F. Slaney, from 8 Dr. with Lieut. Murphy, h. p. 25 Dr.

Deaths. Allingham, fm. 11 Dr. Tec. diff. with Lieut. Lieut. Gen. W. Popham, East India Com. Army. White, h. p. 24 Dr.


Feb. 20, 1821. Baillie, from 16 Dr. do. with Lieut. Sper- Maj. Gen. Baron Honstedt, late Ger. Leg. Oct. 31. ling, h. p. 15 F.

Col. Dunlop, Renfrew Mil.

Nov. 13. Proctor, from 2 F. with Lieut. M‘Carthy, Tetley, East India Comp. Army, India, 38 F.

Nov. 1820. Armstrong, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Griffiths, do. India,

June. Temple, h. p. 32 F.

C. Mackenzie, do. do.

May 8, 1821. Ford, from 79 F. do. with Lieut. Brown, Lt. Col. P. Douglas, E. I. Comp. Army, England, h. p. 3 W. I. Reg.

March 16. Ensign Adams, from 34 F. with Ensign Belford,

Gifford, do. India,

April 13. Saxon, do. England,

do. 22. Jenour, from 69 F. with Ensign M. of Car

Dalrymple, do. Madras, marthen, h. p. 8 W. I. Rang.

Nooth, 21 F. Demarara,

Aug. 23. Surg. Edon, from 35 F. with Surg. Munro, h. p.

De Fragstein, h. p. Bruns. Inf. Sept. 27.

Maj. Don. Mackay, E. I. Comp. Army, India, Assist. Surg. Bartlett, from_88 F. with Assist.

May 27, 1820. Surg. M Iver, h. p. 9 Vet. Bn.

C. Sealy, do. India,

June 29.

Scott, do, do. > Resignations and Retirements.

Powell, do. England,

do. 21.

Bond. do. India, Lieut. Colonel Clarke, 2 Dr.

Sept. 10. Greene, do. do.

do. 30. Bridger, 12 Dr.

Mathews, do. do.

Oct. 5. Wilkinson, 13 F.

M‘Dowall, do. do.

Nov. 7. Vandeleur, 16 F.

Nason, do. do.

Dec. 2. Campbell, 50 F.

Hare, do. do.

May 4, 1821. Frederick, 55 F.

H. W. Sealy, do. do.

do. 13. Leach, Rifle Brig.

Pasley, do. England,

June 20.

10 F.

May 12.

8 W. I. Reg.

Aug. 11. Maj. Patison, of late 8 Royal Vet. Br. previously Sadler, h. p. 1 Prov. Bn. of MIL of 29 F.

Oct. 18, 1891 F. Baron Grueber, h. p. 1 Lt. Dr. Ger. Leg.

Lichtenberger, h. p. 4 Line Ger. Leg. Wis F. Baron Marschalk, h. p. 4 Line do. do.


do. 3. Rossi, h. p. Corsican Rang.

Von Thieschwitz, h. p. Brunswick Inf. Capt. Hon. S. Douglas, 6 Dr.

Don. M'Intosh, (Qua. Master of Dumfris Moorhouse, 65 F. Colabah, Bombay, May 4. Mil.) at Dumfries,

April 20, 1921. Anderson, 1 W. I. R. St Lucie,

Cornet Fead, h. p. 22 Dr.
Aug. 19, 1821.

Ens. Leckey. 73 F. Galla, Trincomalee, Ceylon,
Smith, ret. 3 Vet. Bn. Guernsey,
Sept. 5.

May ! Sinclair. h. p. 30 F.

Irvine, h. p. 34 F. Irvine's Town, Ireland, G. Anderson, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Lime Grove,

Sept. 1 Lancashire,

July 31. Nason, h. p. 56 F. M‘Dermott, h. p. 1 Pro. Bn. of Mil. Aug. 19. Pierse, h. p. 1 Irish Brig. Ireland, May 22. Savignac, h. p. Dillon's Regt.

Paymaster Kerr, 1 Dr. Radipole, Nov. 17. De St. Laurent, h. p. Cors. Rang.

Quarter Master Sweeny, ho p 17 Dr. Marybo Testaferrata, h. p. Malta Regt.

rough, Ireland,

Sept. 19 Lieut. Wetherall, 2 Bn. 1 F. Tanjore, Madras. Inspector Dr. W. Hussey, Cape of Good Hope, Rowlands, 21 F. at Dominique.

do. 15 Crabb, 40 F. Ireland,

Nov. 21. Staff Surg. Gilder, Africa,
Poyntz, 2 Ceylon Reg.

Surg. Haskins, 2 W. I. R. Africa, do. 31
G. Robinson, Sappers and Miners, Carlisle, Assist. Surg. Gray, 89 F. on march to Poonam
Oct. 23. lee, Madras,

May 7 · Lemprier, h. p. R. Eng. Alicant,

Thalacker, h. p. 2 L. Dr. Ger Leg.
Dec. 26, 1820. Hosp. Assist. R. S. Gillespie, in the River Gam-
Stinton, h. p. 4 F. London, Nov. 21. bia,
Stuart, h. p. 89 F. Aberdeen, Sept. 22. Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Stokes, at Dominique.


Aug. 16,




a son.

a son.


22. At Parson's Green, Mrs. Smith, of a son.

23. At Peterborough House, Fulham, the lady June 30. At Madras, the lady of Lieut. Colonel

of Captain W. Cunningham, Dalyell, R. N. of a Foulis, Madras cavalry, of a son. Oct. 7. At Grenada, the lady of John Ross, Esq.

24. At Regulas, the lady of Sir Thomas Dict of a son.

Lauder, of Fountainhall & Grange, of a daughter. 26. At Morar-house, the lady of Colonel D.

At Field House, the lady of John Graham, M'Donnel, of a son. Nov. 1. At Catharine Bank, Mrs Ireland, of a

Esq. younger, of Feddal, of a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the lady of W. L. White, Est

advocate, of a daughter. At Langley Park, the lady of Captain A. 15. Mrs Gordon, 78, Queen Street, of a Lindsay, of a son.

daughter. 2. At Goodwood, Sussex, the Duchess of Rich

At Edinburgh, Mrs Alexander Hunter, or mond, of a son. At Newport, Isle of Wight, the lady of Wm.

At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Wardlar, of Moncrieff Taylor, Esq. of the 75th Regiment, of a daughter. 3. At Rothmasie, Mrs Forbes, of a daughter.

26. At Woodslee, the lady of G. Scott Elliot,

Esq. of Larriston, of a son. 4. In York Place, London, the lady of William 27. At Exmouth, the lady of the AttorneyWrixon Becher, Esq. M.P. (formerly Miss O'Neill) General, of a son. of a daughter. At Mungall Cottage, Mrs Stainton, of Big- Esq. younger, of Feddal, of a daughter.

At Feddal-house, the lady of John Graham, garshiells, of a daughter.

At Darsham House, Suffolk, the lady of 5. At Netherlay, Mrs Silver, of a son.

Major Purvis, of a daughter. - In Upper Gower Street, Bedford Square, London, Mrs John Young, of a daughter.

29. At Falkirk, the lady of Robert Walker,

Esq. of Mumrils, of a son.
At George's Street, Newhaven, Mrs James

Lately.-At 58, Queen Street, Mrs M'Farlan, ar Bell, of a son.

a daughter. 6. At 15, Queen's Street, the lady of Lieutenant Colonel Ross, of the 4th Dragoon Guards, of a daughter.

MARRIAGES. At the Manse of Arrochar, Mrs Proudfoot, of a daughter.

Oct. 24. At Thun, Edward Cromwell, Des. 8. At Bank Street, Mrs Rymer, of a daughter. browe, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Charge d'AL

12. In Picardy Place, the lady of Major James faires to the Swiss Confederation, to Anne, eldest Harvey, of Castlesemple, of a daughter. daughter of the Honourable Robert Kennedy

In York Place, Mrs Boyd, of Broad Mean 28. At the British Ambassador's house, Brusdows, of a still-born child.

sels, Colonel Berington, to Mrs Dickenson. At Abercromby Place, the lady of William At the Manse of Benholm, the Rev. John Plomer, Esq. of a daughter.

Gleg, Minister of Inverbervie, to Ann, daughter 13. In Coats' Crescent, Edinburgh, the lady of of the Rev. James

Scott, Minister of Benholm. John Horrocks, Esq. of a son.

Nov. 2. At Channelkirk Manse, Mr George At Cheltenham, the lady of C. G. Wynne, White, brewer, Clock Mill, Dunse, to Catherine Esq. of a daughter.

Howard Drummond Mack, only daughter of the 14. At his house, in York Place, Portman late Thomas Mack, Esq. of Kingston, Jamaica Square, London, the lady of Joseph Hume, Esq. 6. At North Wellington Place, Glasgow, Majer M. P. of a daughter.

William Steuart, of the

91st Regiment, to Anne - At Kelso,

Mrs Dr Douglas, of a daughter. only daughter of the late Captain John Kennedy, 16. In Forth Street, Mrs Hunt, of Pittencrieff, · of Springhall. of a son.

Captain Alexander Gordon, R. N. to Mary At the Abbey, Mrs Wemyss, of a daughter. Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Sir Ernest 17. At 71, Great King Street, Mrs Kennedy, of Gordon, Bart. of Park. a daughter.

7. At Portobello, Mr David Brown, writer in 19. At Dumfries, the lady of Captain D. M'Kenzie, late of the 42d regiment, Royal High

Edinburgh, to Ann, daughter of the late Mr Win

Hunter, merchant in Edinburgh. landers, of a son.

At Bankhead, Mr George Rate Huntlaw, to 21. Mrs Dove, Patriot Hall, of a son.

Jane, daughter of Mr Thomas Park. At Avontoun House, Linlithgowshire, the At Publin, John Dingwall, Esq. of Ards, lady of John Robertson, Esq. of Foveran, Aber- Aberdeenshire, to Ann, daughter of Captain Cours deenshire, of a son.

Taylor, of Cambden Street, Dublin.


). At Irvine, Mr John Edgar, surgeon, Ayr, 19. At Demerara, of the yellow fevex, Mr Geo. Anna, daughter of the late John Dunlop, Esq. Stoe Gibson, aged 24. Croix.

Oct. 21. In Mornington Place, London, in his 9. At Newton, the Rev. John Eadie, Minister 28th year, Mr Edward West, youngest son of the Dun, to Helen, youngest daughter of David author of “ Letters to a Young Man," &c. ott, Esq. of Newton.

27. Mrs Stirling Edmondstone. 4. At Grange, Mr William Hepburn, mer- At sea, off Corsica, on his passage to Italy, int, Cupar, to Sophia, youngest daughter of for the benefit of his health, Henry Davidson, Andrew Russel.

Esq. advocate, second son of H. Davidson, Esq. 5. At St Pancras Church, Colonel A. Hogg, of w.'s. Honourable East India Company's service, to 29. At Cork, William Chalmer, Esq. son of nes, daughter of William Dinwiddie, Esq. of the late William Chalmer, Esq. of Dalry, surgeon rton Crescent

in Edinburgh. - At Fasnakyle, Lieut. Colonel Chisholm, of At Auchintroig, Stirlingshire, in the 88th

Royal Artillery, to Miss Chisholm, daughter year of his age, William Maclachlan, Esq. Lieut. he late Captain Chisholm, Fasnak yle.

on the half-pay of the 25th Regiment. In Westphalia, his Serene Highness the 30. At Tullamore, the Hon. Sholto Scott ke de Croy, Prince of the Empire, Peer of Douglas, third son of the late Hon. Lord Douglas, .nce, and Grandee of Spain, to Maria, daugh- and Captain in the Enniskillen Dragoons. of the Honourable Colonel Henry Dillon, and 31. At her house, Richmond Court, Janet Fert cousin of the present Viscount Dillon. rier, relict of the deceased Andrew Melliss. 6. At Craigend, Mr William Lees, farmer, of At Eatington Park, Warwickshire, after a rneyhirst, to Agnes, second daughter of Mr short illness, in the 21st year of her age, Lady xander Marshall, farmer there.

Elizabeth Stanhope, sister of the Earl of ChesterAt Berryhole, George Russel, Esq. younger, field. Hayston, to Mary, youngest daughter of the At Croom's Hill, Blackheath, Mrs Campbell, Mr Walker, Colessie.

wife of Colonel Campbell. At Craighead, the Rev. Archibald Bruce, At London, Major General Sir Augustus of the ministers of Stirling, to Georgina, Honstedt, K. C. G. aged 68. ghter of Robert Banks, Esq. of Craighead. - At Warriston Crescent, Louisa, daughter, 0. At St John's, Hackney, Middlesex, Alex. and, on the 5th November, John, son of John tchison, Esq. of Peterhead, to Anne, eldest Wright, merchant in Edinburgh. ghter of Alexander Hutchison, Esq. Lowe, Nov. 1. At the Leys, near Dollar, James Brown, -pton.

late of Killin, surgeon, R. N. Captain John Hobbs, of the Royal En- Suddenly, aged about 40, William Wight, ärs, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. of Ednam, well known in that neighbourhood as in Garlies Maitland, of Fairgirth.

the author of various poetical pieces, some of - At St Andrews, Mark Sprot, of Garnkirk, which were recently collected and published by • advocate, to Harriet, youngest daughter of subscription, under the title of “Cottage Poems." late Principal Hil.

Though born in a state of helpless and pitiable de 3. At Mellerstain, John, Viscount Glenorchy, formity, his assiduous perseverance early enabled y son of the Earl of Breadalbane, to Elizą, him to overcome the combined disadvantages of est daughter of George Baillie, Esq. of Jerris- nature and poverty, and, unassisted, to enrich his

mind with knowledge and cultivation. But his li4. In Mary-la-Bonne Church, London, Wm. terary acquirements were his least praise. It was ert Keith Douglas, Esq. M. P. youngest bro- his blameless life, his uniform practice of every : of the Marquis of Queensberry, to Elizabeth, virtue within his humble sphere, his unaffected ·st daughter of Walter Irvine, Esq. Ludding- piety, his cheerful resignation, his unrepining pahouse, Surrey.

tience, his warm affection and gratitude towards 5. At London, Captain Donald, late Royal those whose benevolence alleviated the evils of his st India Rangers, to Jemima, second daughter lot-evils such as are rarely the portion of humahe Rev. T. Baxter, formerly officiating minis nity--that gained him universal sympathy and apof Stow, St Mary's, Essex.

probation, and raised up for him friends in various 6. At Largs, Robert Baine, Esq. Greenock, to parts of the kingdom, distinguished yet more by - Morris, widow of the late Hugh Morris, Esq. their character and talents, than by their station sgow.

in life. 7. At Edinburgh, Thomas Johnstone, jeweller 2. At Bellfield, Miss St Leger Duncan. dinburgh, to Isabella, only daughter of the 4. At Bechill, East Lothian, Martha Carmichael, Malcolm M.Bcan, Esq. Master Conductor of only child of Mr James Hume. nance, Madras Establishment.

At Edinburgh, the infant daughter of Mr 8. The Earl of Wilton, second son of the Earl Alexander Manners, W. S.

Countess Grosvenor, to Lady Mary Stanley, - At Corf house, Bunawan, Thos. Stevenson, 'st daughter of the Earl and Countess of Derby. aged 87. 0. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Mr Geo. Dickson, 5. At Baronald, William Lockhart, Esq. of rth Sunderland, to Miss Cecilia, eldest daugh- Baronald. of Mr William Stark, builder.

- At Lochee, near Dundee, the Rev. James - At Edinburgh, Mr James Cassie, baker, to Keyden, Minister of Fettercairn. zabeth, youngest daughter of the late James 6. At Greenbank, Lasswade, Mr William Smith, nter, merchant, Edinburgh.

in the 92d year of his age.

At his house, West Register Street, Mr DEATHS.

Robert Norrie, painter.

At Longforgan, the Rev. Adam Cairns, Ipril 16. In camp, at Severndroog, India, of Minister of that parish. hort illness, Major

James Balfour Watson, then 7. At Peebles, Mrs Janet Tod, widow of the command of the 1st Battalion 4th Regiment deceased Robert Scott, formerly tenant in Bellan-ive infantry, Bombay Establishment.

rig, in the 86th year of her age. - At St Ann's, Jamaica, Thomas, youngest 8. At Edinburgh, Jane, eldest daughter of of Mr William Armstrong, Niddry Street. Cathcart Boyd, Esq. late Examiner and AccountMay 18. At Loodonah, Captain George Rodney ant of the Salt and Fisheries in his Majesty's Cusne, of the Bengal Engineers, aged 30, second toms for Scotland. of Sir George Blane, Bart.

- At Spa Villas, Gloucester, Jessie Hunter, 9. At Serampore, near Calcutta, Mrs Carey, wife of the Rev. John Hunter, and second daughe of the Rev. Dr Carey, the excellent and higha ter of the late John Young, Esq. of Bellwood. iseful missionary there.

At Ayr, Robert Robertson, Esq. of Duncanlune 7. At Calcutta, Alex. Campbell, Esq. of ziemer. firm of Goold and Campbell, son of the late 9. At Edinburgh, Charles Murray, Esq. many in Campbell, Esq. Cashier of the Royal Bank. years a distinguished favourite on the Covent• At Madras, P. Crawfurd, Esq. M. D. son of Garden boards. This gentleman was the son of late Major Crawfurd, of Newfield, Ayrshire. Sir John Murray, Bart. of Broughton, secretary lug. 7. Ón Plantation Garden of Eden, Deme- to Charles Edward, the Pretender, in the rebellion 4, Mr Andrew Sim, planter, a native of Ellon. of 1745, who, after the final ruin of the cause of daxask weaver, Leith Wynd. 104 years, and his brother 104 years.

his unfortunate master, retired to Cheshunt, in learned and elegant Historian of Music, and broHertfordshire, where, in 1754, the subject of this ther to Madame d'Arblay, the celebrated novelist, memoir was born. Charles, under the immediate and the late Dr Charles Burney. Admiral Burney, guardianship of his father, received an excellent at a very early period of his life, first as midshipclassical education, and was, at a proper season, man, afterwards as lieutenant, accompanied (apsent into France, to perfect himself in the language tain Cook in the two last of those enterprizing, of that country, a language which, from his perilous, and important voyages, which have reyoungest days, he spoke with the correctness and Heeted so much honour on the late reign, and Auency of the most accomplished native. Being proved so beneficial to the general interests of designed by his friends for the medical profession, mankind. he was, on his return to England, placed as a pu- 17. At Edinburgh, aged 52, Miss Grace Seller, pil with a London practitioner of eminence, and, daughter of the late Mr William Seller, Peterhaving obtained a competent knowledge of phar- head. macy and surgery, entered into the sea service At Weymouth, Charles Kerr, Esq. late of as a surgeon, in which capacity he made several Abbotrule. voyages. Being tired of this service, he entered At Kenleith, Helen, third daughter of Ir into an engagement with Mr Tait Wilkinson, and William Watson, farmer there. made his first appearance on the stage at York, At Ormsary, Alexander Campbell, Esq. of in 1775, in the character of Carlos, in the Fop's Ormsary, Fortune, under the assumed name of Raymur. 20. At St James's Square, Isabella, younge Thence he went to Norwich, and afterwards to daughter of Mr James Wilson, British Line Bath. At the death of the late Mr Farren, he en- Company. tered into an engagement with Mr Harris, at Co- 21. At Halloway Head, near Norwich, at the vent-Garden Theatre, where he appeared in 1797, extraordinary age of 121 years, Mr John Maddock in the part of Shylock, in the Merchant of Venice. He retained his faculties to the last. In characters of sensibility and deep pathos, Mr At Castlecraig, Joanna Charlotte, daughter Murray has been unrivalled ; and in such parts as

of Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael, of Skirting, Old Norval, Lusignan, and Adam, "we shall ne- Bart. ver look upon his like again.” Mr Murray has 22. At Mary's Place, Stockbridge, in the 87th left a son and a daughter in the profession. The year of her age, Mrs Susan Stewart, relict of the latter (Mrs Henry Siddons) is highly distinguish- Rev. Alex. Davidson, late Minister of Stenton. ed as an actress, both in tragedy and in genteel At Lebanon, near Cupar Fife, Mr George comedy, and is the present proprietor of the Smith, late farmer Kinnaird. Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh. Her brother, Mr - At London, James Wilson, Esq. F. RS William Murray, the acting manager of that re- Professor of Anatomy to the Royal College of spectable theatre, is also a great favourite in this Surgeons. city.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Lilias Carmichael, widow io. At Restalrig, Alex. Duncan, Esq. W. S. of the late Mr John Carmichael, merchant in

- Mrs Margaret Parlane, spouse of Dr Chas. Glasgow. Stuart, of Dunearn.

- In Russel Square, London, aged 88, the 11. While travelling, within six posts of Flo- Right Hon. Sir James Mansfield, late Lord Chie rence, the Countess of Besborough, sister of Earl Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. Spencer and the late Duchess of Devonshire. 24. At Stockbridge, Mrs Elizabeth Currie, w

- In Newhall Street, Liverpool, Edward Si- dow of the late Lieut. Colonel Irving, of the 78th mon, aged 104 years and 22 days. He had been Regiment of Foot. employed as a labourer in the Docks near 70 At his house, Canonmils, Mr Jas. Thomson, years. His mother died aged 103 years, his father

At New Rattray, Robert Birrell, Esq. late - At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Wilde, relict of Provost of Kirkaldy. Robert Newall, teacher in Annan, and daughter At Alnmouth, after a short but severe Bof the late James Wilde, teacher in Dumfries. ness, Eleanor Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Annett,

12. In Cumberland Place, New Road, London, of that place; and on the 15th April last, on board aged 70, the Hon. Mrs Mill, widow of the late the Kent East Indiaman, on her passage to BomJohn Mill, Esq. of Noranside, Forfarshire. bay, Elizabeth Fenwick, youngest daughter of Y: 13. At Ayr, Major John Chalmers.

Annett, and wife of Andrew Gibson, M. D. ar. - At Broughton Place, Christopher Moubray, surgeon at the Court of Sattarah. late Cashier of the Friendly Insurance Office. 25. At Bedford Place, Alloa, Margaret, eldes:

- At Greenock, after a lingering illness, John daughter of Alexander Macfarlane, Esq. Lawmont, Esq. surgeon, R. N. He was surgeon 26. At Kennington, near London, while on : of the Vincejo at the period of her capture, and visit to his friends, Mr Andrew Lawrie, late af the confidant of the lamented Captain Wright in Buccleugh Street, Edinburgh. the Tower of the Temple in Paris, and the last 27. At Edinburgh, Mr Luke Fraser, late one of friend who had access to his dungeon.

the Masters of the High School of this city, aged At Perth, John, the eldest son of Laurence Craigie, Esq. of Glendoick.

28. At Woolwich, Lieut. Colonel James West, - James Dunlop, of Househill, Colonel of the Royal Artillery. Rerifrewshire Militia.

30. At Craighouse, Miss Colquhoun, eldest 14. At West Wells, Wilts, aged 71, Lieut. Ge- daughter of the ate Humphrey Colquhoun, Es neral Kerr, formerly of the Hon. East India Com- - At Bankfoot, Mrs Jean Hay, relict of Aler. pany's service.

Robertson, Esq. one of the Principal Clerks of At her house, Writer's Court, Mrs Mary Session. Hunter, in the 7 th year of her age.

Lately. The Widow Crooks, of Fineshade, near - At his house, Robert Bruce, Esq. of Pitteadie. Doncaster. This poor woman was so impressed

15. At Dublin, at an advanced period of life, with what she considered an evil omen, an ow.: Dr John Barrett, Vice-Provost of T'rinity College flying, three times across her on her way from in that city.

church), that she actually became ill in curier 16. Of an apoplexy, in London, Rear-Admiral

quence, and died. Burney, F. R. s. in his 72d year, eldest son of the

85 years.

Printed by James Ballantyne & Co. Edinburgh.



No. LIX.

DECEMBER, (Part II:) 1821.


mamaran 617
mannann 618

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Contents. Irish Melodies, with the Music. No. I. 613 | Letter to the Author of “ Annals of Song I. Saint Patrickmanaman.... 615 the Parish,” &c.

666 Song II. Lament of a Connaught Historical View of the Rise, Progress, Ranger

Decline, and Fall of the Edinburgh Song III. Rafferty's Advice


668 Song IV. The Gathering of the A Letter Concerning Haydon's PaintMahonys 619 ings

680 Song V. A Real Irish “ Fly not Essays on Phrenology, &c...

maana 682 Yet.”

620 | Voyages and Travels of Columbus SeSong VI. The Impassioned Wave 622 cundus. Chap. XVIII. Christmas 691 The Hop Ground. In four Sonnets. 623 Remarks on Shelley's Adonais. An Moonlight Meditations amonun 626 Elegy on the death of John Keats, The Smuggler.

630 Author of Endymion, & 696 November. In Six Sonnets...macam 641 Mechanique Celeste; or the Prophetic November Breathings. 643 Almanack, for 1822

701 Harold's Grave 651 The Retrospective Review..

707 The Mount of Olives

654 The Pirate, by the Author of Waverley 712 The Steam-Boat. No. VIII. 655 Shetland

728 Tale, No. XIII. The Wig and the Letter from Paris. Black Cat

656 Lyndsay's Dramas of the Ancient Tale, No. XIV. Travelling by Night 658 World.

739 Tale, No. XV. The Odontist's Captain Cochrane and the North-East

660 Cape of Tale, No. XVI. The Covenanter 661 On the late Rumour of a Change in Whigs of the Covenant, in a Letter Administration

743 to Christopher North, Esq 665 | L'Envoy more






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