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S. No. 11


S. No. 16

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S. No. 25

S. No.

S. No. 54– For the relief of William Shunk. - [By Mr. Sherman. ]

To enlarge the public grounds surrounding the Capitol.--[By Mr. Passed, 344; passed House, 2021 ; enrolled, 2068; approved, 2234.

Patterson, of New Hampshire] In House : Received from Senate, 361; referred, 363; reported, Reported, 1257; passed, 1645. 2024; passed with amendment, 2025; agreed to by Senate, In House: Received from Senate, 1682 ; referred, 2028. 2046; enrolled, 2070.

S. No, 734 S. No. 9

Granting lands to aid in the construction of a railroad and teleTo amend an act entitled "An act to regulate the fees and costs graph line from the city of Lawrence, in the State of Kansas, to be allowed clerks, marshals, and attorneys of the circuit and

to the boundary line between the United States and Mexico, district courts of the United States," approved February 26,

in the direction of the city of Guaymas, on the Gulf of Cali1853.—[By Mr. Sumner.]

fornia. - [By Mr. Pomeroy.] Reported adversely and indefinitely postponed, 518.

Reported, 3708.

S. No. 76— To admit the State of Colorado into the Union.-[By Mr. Har. Providing for abatement of duties on merchandise damaged on

the voyage of importation.-[By Mr. Chandler.) Amendment submitted, 984; reported, 1117; additional report, Referred anew, 3214, 3245; reported, 4146. 3213; called up, 3313; discussed, 3348, 3540.

S. No. 78—

Authorizing the payment of the first regiment of Iows volunteer Donating a portion of the Fort Leavenworth military reserve for

cavalry.-[By Mr. Harlan.] the exclusive use of a public road.—(By Mr. Ross.]

Reported, 79.

1: Reported

, 470; passed, 3956 ; passed House, 4459; enrolled, S. No. 79– 4501 ; approved, 4517.

To confirm certain sales made by the direct tax commissioners for In House: Received from Senate, 3974; passed, 4492 ; enrolled, 4496,

South Carolina to persons in the Army, Navy, or Marine

corps. +{ By Mr. Frelinghuysen. ]

In House: Reported adversely, 24, 58. For the relief of John H. Ellis, paymaster United States Army.[By Mr. Drake.]

S. No. 85— Passed House, 1515; enrolled, 1624; approved, 1744.

To authorize the Southern Minnesota Railroad Company to conIn House: Reported and passed, 1540; enrolled, 1619.

struct a bridge across the Mississippi river between La Crosse, in the State of Wisconsin, and the opposite bank of said river,

in the State of Minnesota.[By Mr. Norton.] Anthorizing and directing the sale of the property of the United Reported, 553. States at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. - [By Mr. Willey.]

8. No. 89-"

For the relief of Orlef E. Dreutzer, late consul of the United Authorizing the corporation of Washington city to make a loan

States to the kingdom of Norway.- [By Mr. Howe.]

Passed House, 405; enrolled, 484; approved, 472. and issue stock for building a market-house. -- [ By Mr. Patterson, of New Hampshire.)

In House: Reported, 152; discussed, 420; passed, 421; enrolled, Committee discharged, 1461; bill (S. No. 394) reported as substitute, 1461.

8. No. 93

To authorize the retirement of Major General Ethan Allen HitchFor the relief of John F. Stewart. [By Mr. Wilson.]".

cock.- [By Mr. Fowler.]

:!rie Indefinitely postponed, 79.

S. No. 94To attach the Indian Territory ta the State of Kansas for judicial

Declaratory of the law with regard to the sale of ships to friendly purposes.--[By Mr. Ross.]

3 nt | belligerents.--[By Mr. Chandler:] Reported adversely and indefinitely postponed, 4093.

Discussed, 3243; passed, 8244 ; reconsidered, 3247; discussed, 4399.

. To provide means for the prosecution of the work on the dis

S. No. 95tributing reservoir of the Washington aqueduct

. --[By Mr.

To amend the act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy

throughout the United States, approved March 2, 1867.-[By

Mr. Trumbull.]

Indefinitely postponed, 872. !
To authorize the settlement of certain accounts. -- [By Mr. Cragin.]

S. No. 102–
Providing for the formation of corporations and regulating the

sanre in the District of Colombia.c-{ By Mr. Willey. } Reported, 242; called up, 434; diseussed, 453, 886,3716; passed,


In House : Neceived from Senate, 3761; referred, 4490. iii

S. No. 26–

Committee discharged, 470. S. No. 27–

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S. No. 35


Reported adversely, 2144. S. No. 37

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S. No. 39


In House : Reported adversely, 282.

S. No. 48–

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S. No. 108–

S. No. 161– For the relief of Henry Greathouse and Samuel Kelley.-[By To amend an act entitled "An act to provide for the more efficient Mr. Van Winkle.]

government of the rebel States," passed March 2, 1867, and Reported and passed, 219; passed House with amendment, 1702;

the several acts amendatory thereto.-[By Mr. Wilson.) referred, 1703 ; reported, 1834; House amendment disagreed Referred and printed, 19; Mr. Doolittle's amendment, 99; disto and conference, 1834, 1864 ; conference report, 2099; con

cussed, 99; reported and indefinitely postponed, 1257.
curred in by Seuate, 2099; concurred in by House, 2128 ; S. No. 1624
enrolled, 2149; approved, 2234.

For the relief of the heirs of Siineon Castro and their assigns.—[By In House : Received from Senate, 232; referred, 362; reported

and passed with amendment, 1705; disagreed to by Senate, Referred, 19; reported, 703.
1858; conference, 1859, 1860'; conference report, 2132; con-

S. No. 163–
curred in by Senate, 2108; concurred in by House, 2132;
enrolled, 2143.

Declaring what shall constitute a quorum of the Supreme Court.

[By Mr. Trumbull. ] S. No. 109


i For the relief of Jeremiah McChesney.-[By Mr. Morton.]

Reported and passed, 19 ; passed House with amendment, 490

referred, 503. Committee discharged, 2007.

In House: Referred, 96; reported, 477, 478; discussed, 478; S. No. 141

passed, 489; vote explained, 506. For the further security of equal rights in the District of Colum. S. No. 164

bia.– [By Mr. Sumner. ) Called up, 38; discussed, 38, 49; passed, 51; passed House, 98;

To provide for appeals from the Court of Claims.-[By Mr. enrolled, 100; inquiry Ibill has been delivered to Referred, and reported, 1887 il discussed, 2217; amendments

mandez? Secretary of State, 384; response of President, 720.

submitted and printed, 2237 ; discussed, 2764; passed, 2769; In House : Received from Senate, 65; passed, 96; enrolled, 107.

passed House with amendments, 3254 ; concurred in, 3255; S. No. 143

enrolled, 3279. To change the name of Samuel Chase Barney, jr., to that of In House : Received from Senate, 2810; referred, 3034; reported, Samuel Chase De Krafft. - [By Mr. Harlan.]

3266; passed with amendments, 3267 ; agreed to by Senate, Passed House with amendments, 119; concurred in with 1 3294; enrolled, 3308; approved, 3761.

amendment, 122; concurred in by House, 164; enrolled, 196 ; | S. No. 165–
approved. 373.

To authorize the conversion of registered bonds into coupon In House : Reported and passed with amendment, 107; agreed

bonds.[By Mr. Anthony.) to by Senate with amendmeut, 134, with new title, 134; Referred, 38; reported adversely and indefinitely postponed, 404. agreed to by House, 102; eprolled, 195.

S. No, 166, S. No. 144.

For the relief of the owners of the land within United

States surGranting the right of way through the lands of the United States

vey No. 3217 in the State of Missouri.-[By Mr. Drake.] at West Point to the Hudson River West Shore Railroad Com.

Referred, 38; reported, 404; discussed, 620; passed, 627; pany. [By Mr. Morgán.] Indefinitely postpoved, 196.

passed House, 3645; enrolled, 3071 ; approved, 3771.
(**)', dass

i $. No. 148

and referred anew, 1334; reported, 3655; passed, 3656; enTo raise the value of legal-tender notes to par,--[By Mr. Morrill,

rolled, 3661: of Vermont.]

S. No. 167 Made special order, 88; discussed, 123, 169;' referred, 171; Granting lands to the State of Oregon to aid in the construction of committee discharged, 195.

a military wagon road from the navigable waters of Coos bay S. No. 150–

to Roseburg. [By Mr. Williams. ] To provide for the payment of D. B. Allen & Co.,for services in Referred, 38; reported, 845.

fi carrying the United States mails:-[By Mr. Conness.)

S. No. 108 Reported, 145; passed, 1865.

For the relief of George E. Glenn, additional paymaster United I gut. In House: Received from Senate, 1870; referred, 2029.

States Army.-[By Mr. Conness.) S. No. 151–

Referred, 68 ; reported adversely, 1728 ; indefinitely postponed, For the relief of Goldsmith Brothers, of the cities of San Fran

2277. cisco, California, and Portland, Oregon, brokers. [By Mr. S. No. 169– 773774784 Williams. :''

To amenunply deficiencies in the appropriations for the service of an act entitled “An act making a

appropriations and -* ! Reported and printed, 2067 ; passed, 2278.

to In House : Received from Senate, 2289; referred, 2543; reported

the Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1867,” adversely, 3553.

approved March 2, 1867.-[By Mr. Corbett. ]

•? Referred, 63. S. No. 153– 1.To establish a collection district in the State of Oregon.--[By Mr.

S. No. 170 ;'Walliams.) idi

To provide for deficiency of expenses incurred in the survey of Reported, 2009; passed, 8242.

Indian reservations. - [By Mr. Harlan. ] In House: Received from Senate, 3271'; 'referred, 8476.

Referred, 63 ; reported, "786; discussed, 1439; referred, 1442; S. No. 154–

1. motion to discharge committee, 2512.; agreed to, 2512; dis* 1

cussed, 2512; passed, 2514. To provide for the issue of gold notes in place of legal-tender In House: Received from Senate, 2533; referred, 2544; reported I notes, and to facilitate resumption of specie payments. [By

and discussed, 3097; recommitted, 3100. Mr. Corbett. ] Indefinitely postponed, 4093.


to carry into effect a judgment of the Court of Claims in favor of 8. No. 156.

the late Asbury Dickins.—[By Mr. Trumbull,] Tu establish a national school of mines.-[By Mr. Stewart.]

Referred, 63 Read, 1; referred, 10; motion to discharge committee, 553,

S. No. 1724 .:,171.564; discussed, 556; motiga withdrawa, 561; reported, 1287.

Making further provision for widows and heirs of officers of the S. No. 167

Navy, and for establishing, naval life insurance. (By Mr. For the repeal of tax on cotton. [By Mr. Fowler.]

Grimes.) Read and printed, 1.


Referred, 63. $. No. 168- ) 1.001 011187 vitis

al S. No. 178– To grant certain privileges to actual settlers on lands ceded to the For the relief of Afia M. Rolas y Robaldo, widow of Francisco United States by Osage lodians in Kansas.-[By Mr. Ross.]

Robaldo, -[By Mr. Thayer. I Read, 2; referred, 10.

Referred, 63; committee discharged, referred anew, S. No. 1594

$. No. 174.Relating to the Western Pacific railroad. [By Mr. Nye.]

For the relief of Mrs. Emma Wilson, of the State of Indiana.— Referred, 10, reported, 880; discussed, 1961, 1488, 8075, 3672;

[By Mr. Hendricks.) passed, 3681.

Referred, 79; reported adversely, 491 ; passed, 4351. In House: Received from Senate, 3706; discussed, 4479; re- In House : Received from Senate, 4382. ferred, 4484.

S. No. 175 S. No: 160 WA

For the relief of Joseph McGhee Cameron and Mary Jane CameExtending the provisions of the pension laws to provost marshals,

ron, minor children of La Fayette Cameron, deceased.—[ By deputy provost marshals, aud enrolling officers killed or

Mr. Patterson. of Tennessee. I wounded in the discharge of their duties. - [By Mr. Wilson.] Referred,179 ; reported: 2067; passed, 3823; passed House with Referred, 19; committee discharged, indefinitely postponed, 786. amendments, 3902; conference, 3954, 3984 ; conference report,

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