Dauphin County Reports, Volumen16

W.O. Foster, 1913
Beginning with 1917, the Opinions, rules and regulations of the Public Service Commission and the Workmens Compensation Board, previously included in the Dauphin County reports, are issued separately.

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Página 42 - The exercise of the right of eminent domain shall never be abridged, or so construed as to prevent the General Assembly from taking the property and franchises of incorporated companies, and subjecting them to public use, the same as the property of individuals; and the exercise of the police power of the State shall never be abridged or so construed as to permit corporations to conduct their business in such manner as to infringe the equal rights of individuals or the general well-being of the State.
Página 30 - This power is, and must be from its very nature, incapable of any very exact definition or limitation. Upon it depends the security of social order, the life and health of the citizen, the comfort of an existence in a thickly populated community, the enjoyment of private and social life, and the beneficial use of property.
Página 236 - The general appropriation bill shall embrace nothing but appropriations for the ordinary expenses of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the Commonwealth, interest on the public debt, and for public schools; all other appropriations shall be made by separate bills, each embracing but one subject.
Página 238 - The Governor shall have power to disapprove of any item or items of any bill, making appropriations of money, embracing distinct items, and the part or parts of the bill approved shall be the law, and the item or items of appropriation disapproved shall be void, unless repassed according to the rules and limitations prescribed for the passage of other bills over the Executive veto.
Página 146 - office,' implies a delegation of a portion of the sovereign power to, and the possession of it by, the person filling the office ; and the exercise of such power within legal limits constitutes the correct discharge of the duties of such office.
Página 146 - An Act to provide revenue by imposing a mercantile license tax on vendors of or dealers in goods, wares and merchandise and providing for the collection of said tax.
Página 5 - ... directors (to continue in office until the first Monday of May succeeding such meeting, when and annually thereafter on the said day a like election for a president and six directors shall be held to serve for one year), and shall adopt a corporate name and common seal, determine the amount of the capital stock...
Página 39 - ... shall pay to the State Treasurer for the use of the Commonwealth a bonus of onethird of one per centum upon the amount of their capital actually employed or to be employed wholly within the State of Pennsylvania and a like bonus upon each subsequent increase of capital so employed.
Página 63 - State his certificate that it is authorized to become and be accepted as sole surety on all bonds, undertakings and obligations required or permitted by law or the charter ordinances, rules or regulations of any municipality, board, body, organization or public officer...
Página 255 - ... be imposed for such felony committed in the interval as aforesaid, be compelled to serve in the prison or penitentiary in which he or she may be confined for the felony for which he or she is convicted, the remainder of the term...

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