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THERE is no superfluity of Biblical Discourses, at least of those in which the great doctrine of Christ being our representative, stands pre-eminent, casting a light upon all others. It was this consideration which overcame the hesitation I felt in publishing the following contemplations. It is with earnest seriousness I send them forth to the world, and I entreat my readers to study them with attention before pronouncing on their merits; and not to cry at random, “ Enthusiasm ! Hyper-orthodoxy!” I believe that I have drawn from the well of Scripture all that I have taught; and out of Scripture, let those who think I have erred correct me, for I am willing to learn.

It has been said, “ As there is nothing so absurd but what some philosopher has taught ; so there is nothing presented to a philosopher's attention which he should refuse to try and examine, ere he takes upon him to reject it. Dis. gust without reason, is a proof either of a diseased appetite, or of an over-indulged and fantastic imagination.” The same voice from the desert says, “ Hyper-critics are always inquiring what truth is, but at the same moment have their hands on the door ; for they will not wait to receive an answer to their question.” Again, “Our reason resembless the blind Theban soothsayer, to whom his daughter Manto described the flight of birds S; and he prophesied according to her description.” In another place, “Since great part of Scripture was written under the direction of God by the humble, the low, and the uneducated, putting to shame the talent and ingenuity of profane writers; so it requires men enlightened by the Spirit of God, whose eyes are jealous as those of a friend, to discern the rays of heavenly glory in such a guise !" These remarks are for the consideration of critics: meanwhile I may assure those who are earnestly seeking after salvation, that many branches of the tree of life are interspersed through this book, from which the Author, during his labours, plucked sweet fruits ripened under other suns. Oh! that the same harvest might be reaped by each of his readers ! then the only wish with which he sends forth this book would be granted, and to God on high should be ascribed the glory!


Pastor in Gemarke.


"HOSANNA !” Thus let us rejoice to-day, with the multitude who at Christ's entrance into Jerusalem went forth to meet him, with branches of palm in their hands, and strewed their garments in the way! Let us transport ourselves into the midst of the joyful crowd, and witness the scene of our Lord's advent. The cry is already heard, “Who is he that cometh ?” And the words, “Help us! Take pity upon us !" resound on every side. Jesus comes, the sinner's Friend—the promised One whom many prophets and kings desired to see, but had not seen. In the name of the Lord, in the place of God, he offers peace and joy to a lost world. He comes as Israel's King to destroy the kingdom of darkness, and to raise a throne of grace

Never did one come like unto him. What are all the triumphal entrances of the great and powerful of this world, when compared to his! Verily, had the people been silent, the stones would have opened their mouths, and the


the house. tops would have called out “Hosanna !”

Hosanna ! resounds among the people. Why is it

upon its ruins.

that they shout and rejoice in this manner now? Because he never came before in such


and glory. He comes from the grave of Lazarus, as he who has the keys of hell and of death. He comes as described. in an ancient prophesy, which is at this moment remembered by the people : “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, o daughter of Jerusalem; behold, thy King cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation ; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass!" Glorious anticipations stir within the soul of the multitude, and it is these anticipations make them cry out “ Hosanna! Hosanna !"

The voices of his friends are heard, for they rejoice to behold their King in such beauty and glory. The voices of his enemies are heard, though they have a sad presentiment that He is the person who shall one day trample them in the dust. Thus the various voices resound together in one mighty chorus, " Hosanna! blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord ! Hosanna in the highest !"

Hosanna ! had often been cried already. Through every age, from the beginning of the world, we hear the sound of the advent-bell greeting the coming Christ. Let us now employ the present season of Advent profitably, and lend an attentive ear to those beautiful tones throughout the various periods of God's government. Our plan is this. We shall consider Christ as the des sire and refuge of sinners-in the infancy of our racein the still and quiet patriarchal times—in the age of Moses and the giving of the law-during the time of kings and prophets—and lastly, in those latter days

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