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PATTON, G., appointed Queen's Advocate, Prussia.-Opening of the Lower House,

and speech of Herr von Grabow, Pre-
PEABODY, MR.–Autograph letter from the sident, [210]; vote of the Lower House

Queen, in acknowledgment of his muni- against the incorporation of Lauenburg,
ficence to the poor of London, 18; dis- [211]; speech of Herr Gneist in the
tributes the prizes of the “ Working Lower House, ib.; speech of Herr
Classes Industrial Exhibition” at Guild- Wagner in the Lower House, [213];
hall, 31.

Royal Speech on closing the Diet, read
PEARSON, F, B., a Judge of the High by Count Bismark, ib.; the Lower

Court, North-Western Provinces, India, House adjourned by Count Bismark,

ib.; session of the Diet closed, [214];
PEEL, RIGHT HON, SIR R., appointed a decree of the King in Schleswig, pro-
K.C.B., 312.

hibiting addresses, &c., in favour of the
PEEL, Right Hon. J., appointed a Duke of Augustenburg, ib.; commence-
Secretary of State, 315.

ment of dispute with Austria, ib.;
“ PEKING AND THE PEKINGESE,” by D. sends circular to the minor States,
F. Rennie, [308].

requiring them to choose their side in
PERIODICALS, Statistics of, Messrs. Long. the expected war, ib.; secret treaty

man's Catalogue, [315]; remarks on, with Italy, [215]; despatch of Count

Bismark, April 30, [216]; threatens
PERSIA, Modern, History of, by R. G. Saxony, [218]; motion passed in the
Watson, [301];

Federal Diet to summon her to declare
PERTH, Shire of, Lord Kinnaird appointed that her intentions are pacific, ib.; her
Sheriff-Principal, 313.

troops enter Holstein to assert the right
PETRE, G. G., Secretary of Legation at of a joint occupation with Austria,
Brussels, 315.

ib. ; troops enter Saxony and take pos-
PHILADELPHIA, vide UNITED STATES. session of Leipsic, [219]; proclamation
PHOTOGRAPHY, Important use of, in of Prince Frederick Charles to the in-
illustrating artistic works, [325].

habitants of Saxony, ib.; overruns
PICTURES, Exhibitions of, vide ART, Ex. Hesse-Cassel, ib.; Prince Frederick

HIBITIONS; important sales of, [324]. Charles, with the first army, occupies
PITT, LIEUT.-Col. G. D., made a C.B., Saxony and threatens Bohemia, ib.;

the Crown Prince, with the second

army, operates in Silesia, ib.; General
PLOWMAN, PIERS, Parallel extracts from Herwarth, with the third army, ready
twenty-nine MSS. of, [313],

to march on the right flank of the first
PLUMPTRE, E. H., translation of Sopho- army, ib.; plan of campaign arranged
cles, (311).

by General von Moltke in Berlin,
POLLOCK, SIR F., created a Baronet, 316. [221]; first army takes up its head-
Pompeii, Description of the ruins of, by quarters at Hirschfield, ib.; great ad-
T. H. Dyer, [325].

vantages from the use of the needle-
POPLAR, Great fire at, 34.

gun, ib.; first army crosses the Bohe.
PORTUGAL, Sir A. B. Paget appointed mian frontier, [222]; general order of
envoy to, 314.

Prince Frederick Charles to the first

Army, ib.; forces back the Austrian
PRESSLY, C., made a K.C.B., 315.

and Saxon troops from Münchengrätz,
PRIM, GENERAL, vide Spain.

ib.; second army passes into Bohemia
PRINCE, vide ALFRED, AUGUSTENBURG, at Reinerz and Landshut, ib.; general

COUZA, CHARLES, CHRISTIAN, FREDE- order of the Crown Prince to the
RIC CHARLES, PRINCE CONSORT, TECK, second army, ib.; advanced guard of
WALES, &c.; CHARLES OF BAVARIA, the second army repulses the Austrians
vide GERMANY; CROWN PRINCE OF near Nachod, [223]; part of second

army repulses Gablenz at Trautenau,
PRINCE CONSORT (the late), Statue of, at ib. ; second army forces the Austrians

Wolverhampton, inaugurated by the back from Skalitz, ib.; general order of
Queen, 182.

the Crown Prince, [223]; the Aus-
PRINCE OF WALES'S ISLAND, W. Hackett, trians, under Count Clam Gallas, re.
Recorder of, knighted, 318.

pulsed near Gitschin, [224]; junction
PRINCESS, vide CHRISTIAN, PRINCESS; of the first and third armies near

Turnau, in Saxony, ib.; the King joins
PRIVY COUNCIL.-Appointment of two the army at Gitschin, ib. ; his address
new members, 314-318.

to the authorities of the town, [225];

disposition of the three armies on the
PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS, 312. 2nd of July, ib.; great victory at Kö.

niggrätz, ib.; armistice of five days

with Austria, [231]; compels the Ha- ford, [179]; visit to Wolverhampton,
noverian army to capitulate, [232]; to inaugurate a statue of the late Prince
Prince Frederick Charles occupies Lun- Consort, 182; Rev. B. M. Cowie ap-
denburg, [234]; army of the Elbe pointed Honorary Chaplain in Ordi-
reaches Znaym, about fifty miles from nary to, 313; Lady Charlotte Copley
Vienna, ib.; first army occupies Brünn, appointed an Extra Bedchamber Woman
in Moravia, ib. ; victory near Blumenau, to, 314; Hon. Mrs. R. Bruce appointed
[235]; preliminaries of peace with a Bedchamber Woman in Ordinary to,
Austria signed, July 26, [236]; treaty ib.; signifies ber consent to the mar-
signed at Prague, August 23, ib.; vic- riage of Princess Mary of Cambridge
torious conflicts with the Bavarian and the Prince of Teck, ib.; the Hon.
army, [239]; great increase of terri. F. W. Stopford appointed Page of
tory in consequence of the war, ib.; Honour to, ib. ; Marquis of Norinanby
opening of the Chambers (new session), appointed a Lord in Waiting to, ib.;
[240]; the King's Speech, ib.; Herr Lord O. Fitzgerald appointed Treasurer
von Forckenbeck elected President of of the Household, ib. ; Viscount Strath-
the Chambers, [241] ; Herr Grabow allan and others appointed Lords in
declines the presidency of the Cham- Waiting, 316; various appointments
bers, ib.; Count Bismark's speech on in the Household, ib.; Lieut.-Colonel
the annexation of Hanover and other Lindsay appointed a Groom in Waiting
States, [242]; Address of the Upper to, 317.
House to the King, ib. ; Bill of indem- QUEEN OF THE FRENCH, vide MARIE
nity to the Government for illegal tax. AMÉLIE.
ation, [243]; Address of the Lower
House to the King, ib.; Speech of
the King in answer to Address of the
Lower House, [244]; deputation to
the King in favour of Hanoverian in- RACE, for the Championship of the
dependence, [245]; unfavourable an. Thames, 179; of American yachts,
swer, ib.; Bill for partial annexation of from New York to Cowes,-the “ Hen-
Holstein and Schleswig, [246]; tri. rietta ” wins, 204; Oxford and Cam-
umphal entry of the army into Berlin, bridge, vide PUTNEY; vide DERBY,
ib.; Bill for determining the mode THE, &c.
of election to the North German Par- RAILWAY.-Fall of a bridge at Sutton,
liament, ib.; speech of the Finance 35; London, Brighton, and South
Minister on the question of a loan, Coast, serious collision on, near Cater-
[247] ; enters into a confederation with ham, 36; Great Northern, extraor-
fifteen small German States, ib.; speech dinary accident at Welwyn Tunnel, 65;
of Count Bismark on the proposed South-Eastern, opening of new station
annexation of Holstein and part of in Cannon-street, 126 ; Metropolitan,
Schleswig, [248]; declares war against accident on, by the fall of an iron
Austria, [254]; Lord A. W. F. S. girder, 201.

Loftus appointed Ambassador to, 312. RAPHAEL, Life of, by Baron von Wolzogen,
PRYSE, P., created a Baronet, 316.

translated by F. E. Bunnett, [305].
PUTNEY, The Annual Oxford and Cam- RAWLINSON, REV. G., “History of the
bridge boat-race at, 15.

Five Great Monarchies," vol. 3, [300].
READE, C., “Griffith Gaunt,” (313).
REFORM.-Question of, discussed in the

debates on the Address, [10] &c.;

meeting in Trafalgar-square, 74; Par-
QUEEN, THE, opens Parliament in person, liamentary Reform the great question

[3]; Speech on the opening of Parlia- of the session, [100] &c.; Bill on, in.
ment, [5]; institutes a new decoration, troduced by Mr. Gladstone, [102];
styled the “ Albert Medal," 12; reviews meeting at Guildhall, 109; demon.
the troops at Aldershott, 13; autograph stration at Manchester, 137 ; meeting
letter to Mr. Peabody, in acknowledg- at Leeds, 141 ; debates on, [100] &c.;
ment of his munificence to the poor of Representation of the People Bill,"
London, 18; presents new colours to “ Redistribution of Seats Bill," ib.;
the 89th regiment at Aldershott, 26 ; amendment of Lord Dunkellin, [154];
present at the marriage of Princess amendment carried, [157]; resigns lon
Mary of Cambridge, 69; present at the

of Earl Russell's Cabinet in consequence
marriage of Princess Helena, 80; visit of defeat on the subject of, [158]; con-
to Aberdeen, to open the new water- versation on in the Houses, after the
works, 163; Speech of, on prorogation resignation of the Ministry, [158] &c.;
of Parliament, delivered by Lord Chelms- meeting at Glasgow, 162; meeting
at Edinburgh, 179; meeting in the quer, &c., 314; “Life and Times of
grounds of Beaufort-house, Kensington, Charles James Fox,” vol. iii., [303].

188; meeting in St. James's-hall, 191. Russia joins England and France in
REMBRANDT.-- Photographs of his etch- endeavouring to prevent Continental
ings, by Mr. Cundall, [325].

war, [197].
RENNIE, D. F., “Peking and the Pe. RYVES AND Ryves V. THE ATTORNEY-
kingese,” (308).

GENERAL, 223; verdict, 258.
RENNIE, G. (engineer), Death of, [337].
REVENUE.- Slight decrease, [185]; rea-

sons of, ib. ; account of gross public
income and balances of public money,
310, 311.

ST. AUBYN, E., created a Baronet, 316.
REVIEW, of Volunteers in Hyde-park, ST. CHRISTOPHER (and Nevis), Captain

72; of Volunteers at Wimbledon, 88. Mackenzie appointed Lieut.-Governor,
RÉVILLE, DR., “ Apollonius of Tyana,” 318; E. Herbert appointed Colonial

Secretary, ib.
REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua.-Work on his St. LEGER, THE, 133; won by Lord

paintings of English children, by F. G. Lyon, 135.
Stephens, [325].

ST. PETERSBURG, Hon. W. Stuart ap-
RICASOLI, BARON, vide Italy.

pointed Secretary of the Embassy at,
Riots, in Hyde-park, 98; discussion on 315.

in both Houses of Parliament, [177]. St. VINCENT, G. Trafford appointed Chief
ROBERTS, David, R.A., Life of, by J. Justice, 319.
Ballantine, [306].

SANDHURST, Gen. Sir G. Wetherall ap-
Roberts, W., a Judge of the High Court, pointed Governor, 317.

North-Western Provinces, India, 313. SARAWAK, Ten Years in, by C. Brooke,
ROBINSON, C.C., execution of, for murder, Tuan-Muda of Saráwak, (308).
at Stafford, 5.

SARGENT, Sir C., a Judge of the High
ROBINSON, W. C. F., Governor and Com- Court, Bombay, 313.

inander-in-Chief of the Falkland Islands, SAXONY.- Threatened by Prussia in con-

sequence of having strengthened her
Rolt, J., appointed Attorney-General, army, [218]; proclamation of Prince
317; knighted, ib.

Frederick Charles to the inhabitants of,
ROME.-Intentions of the French Govern- [219]; invaded by the Prussians, who

ment as to the withdrawal of troops, take possession of Leipsic, [219]; J. S.
&c., [192]; commencement of with. Lumley appointed Envoy to, 314.
drawal of French troops, [206]; fare- SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, G. D. Engleheart
well address of the French commander, appointed Treasurer to Prince and
General Montebello, [207]; the Pope's Princess Christian of, 315; Lieut.-Col.
reply, ib.; end of the French occupa- G. G. Gordon, equerry, ib.; vide Chris.
pation, [208]; History of, by Dr. TIAN, PRINCE.
Mommsen, translated by the Rev. W. SCHUBERT, FRANZ, Life of, by Dr. Von
P. Dickson, vol. iv., [302].

Hellburn, translated by E. Wilberforce,
ROSE, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR H., created Baron (305).
Strathnairn, 317.

Rosetti, Miss C., « The Prince's Pro- SCIENCE, Retrospect of, [327].
gress,” [314].

SCOTLAND.--W. Smythe placed on the
Ross, A., a Judge of the High Court, Board of Supervision for Relief of the

North-Western Provinces, India, 313. Poor, 314; G. Patton appointed Queen's
Rossler, R. (and M. Meinecke), discovery Advocate, 316; E. S. Gordon appointed
of a new metal, (336].

Solicitor-General, ib.; G. Burnett ap-
Ross-SHIRE, Sir J. Matheson appointed pointed Lyon King of Arms, 317; work
Lord-Lieutenant of, 316.

on the Early Races of, vide LESLIE.
ROTHERY, C. F., Assistant-Justice, Ba- SCOTLAND, CHURCH OF, Lord Belhaven
haina Islands, 316.

appointed High Commissioner, 314.

SEA.--Loss of the “ London,” 6; loss of
ROUMANIA, vide MOLDAVIA AND WAL- the “ Amalia,” 9; great losses in the

early part of the year, 4; and vide
Royston, LORD, appointed Controller of SHIPWRECK.
the Household, 316.

SEPTEMBER, Chronicle for, 126.
RUSKIN, J., “ The Crown of Wild Olive,” SEYMOUR, ADMIRAL Sir G. F., appointed

Admiral of the Fleet, 317.
RUSSELL, Earl, resigns the premiership, SIARES, vide COMMERCE.

[158]; a Commissioner for executing SHERIFFS.For England, 319; for Wales,
the offices of Treasurer of the Esche. 320.


SHIPWRECK.—Numerous shipwrecks off W. Green, by jumping from Clifton
the Irish coast, 170; vide Sea.

Suspension-bridge, 43; of Dr. Warder,
SIGN-BOARDS, History of, by J. Larwood at Brighton, 93.
and J. C. Hotten, (315).

Suits, vide TRIALS.
SIMPSON, J. Y., created a Baronet, 312. SUTTON, Serious accident at, by fall of a

railway bridge, 35.
SKEAT, Rev. W. W., “ Parallel Extracts SWITZERLAND, Lake Dwellings of, vide

from Twenty-nine MSS. of Piers Plow- KELLER.
man,” [313].

SLADE, SĪR A., licence to accept a Turkish

Order of Knighthood, 316.
SMALE, J., Chief Justice of Hong Kong,

SMITHFIELD.-Accident on the Metro-
politan Railway, 201.

TANKERVILLE, EARL OF, appointed Cap-
SMITHFIELD CLUB CATTLE Show, 192. tain of the Gentlemen-at-Arms, 316.
SMYTHE, W., placed on the Board of TAYLOR, MISS ANNK, vide GILBERT, Mrs.

Supervision for Relief of the Poor in TECK, PRINCE OF, made an Honorary
Scotland, 314.

G.C.B., 315.
SOCIETY.-Early English Text, publica- TELEGRAPH, vide ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH.

tions of, [313]; Arundel, [324]; Royal, TEMPEST, C. H., created a Baronet, 316.
anniversary meeting, presentation of TENNESSEE, vide UNITED STATES.
medals, &c., [327]; Royal Astrono- THOMPSON, J. (wood engraver), Death of,
mical, annual meeting, elections, and [325].
award of medal, [329]; Royal Geo- TOWLE, G. M., “ History of Henry V.,"
graphical, anniversary meeting, elec- [299].
tions, and award of medals, [330]; TRADE, vide COMMERCE.
Archæological Institute, annual con- TRADE, BOARD OF, vide BOARD OF TRADE.
gress, ib.; for Exhibitions of various TRAFFORD, G., Chief Justice of St. Vine
artistic Societies, vide ART, EXHIBI. cent, 318.
TION; Old and New Philharmonic, vide TRAUTENAU, vide AUSTRIA, PRUSSIA.

TREASURY, the Earl of Derby and others
SOMERSET, DUKE OF, a Commissioner of appointed Lords of, 316.
the Admiralty, 312; a Lord, 313.

SOPHOCLES, translation, by E. H. TREVOR, LIEUT.-COL. W.C., made a C.B.,
Plumptre, (311).

Spain. - Military insurrection under Ge- TRIALS.—Collection of the most remarka.
neral Prim, [265].

ble, 223; “ Ryves and Ryves v. the At-
STAFFORD.-- Execution of C. C. Robinson torney-General," 223; "The Bishop of
for murder, 5.

Nati) v. the Right Hon. W. E. Glad.
STANFIELD, C., receives the Order of stone and others,” 259; judgment of the

Leopold from the King of the Belgians, Master of the Rolls, 260; · Hunter o.

Sharpe,” 263; verdict, 272.
STANLEY, DEAN, “Lectures on the Jew- TRINIDAD, Hon. A. H. Gordon appointed

ish Church,” part ii., [306]; (aud F. Governor of, 316.
Grant), Trustees for the National Por- TRINITY HOUSE, Prince Alfred installed
trait Gallery, 313.

as Master of, 14.
STANLEY, LORD, speech at King's Lynn, TROLLOPE, T. A., “Gemma,” [313].

[169] ; appointed a Secretary of State, TUNSTALL, Serious colliery explosion near,

STEPHENS, F. G., “English Children, as TURNER, C. A., a Judge of the High

painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds,” Court, North-Western Provinces, India,

STIGAND, W., "Athenaïs, or the First

Crusade,” [314].
STOPFORD, Hon. F. W., Page of Honour

to Her Majesty, 314.
appointed Lords in Waiting, 316.

UNITED STATES.-Debate on our rela-
STUART, Hon. W., Secretary to the Em- tions with, [88]; Amendment of
bassy at St. Petersburg, 315.

the Constitution proposed by the
STUBBS, Rev. W., appointed Professor of Reconstruction Committee, [269];

Modern History in the University of adopted in part, [270]; history of
Oxford, 317.

the year, [269]; statistics of colour and
SUICIDE, of Colonel Hobbs, 41; of G. representation, ib., note; conflict
between the President and Congress VILDA, MADAME, new singer, [326].
on the Reconstruction question, [270]; VIRGIL.—The “ Æneid,” translated by
second amendment proposed by the Professor Conington, [310].
Reconstruction Committee, ib.; resolu- VIRGINIA, vide UNITED STATES.
tions of the Virginian Legislature on VOLUNTEERS, Review of, at Brighton, 20;
the Reconstruction question, [271]; review of, in Hyde-park, by the Duke
speech of the President to the Commit- of Cambridge, 72; review of, at Wim-
tee of the Virginian Legislature, ib.; bledon, 88; visit of, to Belgium, 148.
public meeting at Washington in sup-
port of the President's policy, [272];
the President's speech, ib.; Tennessee
admitted to the Union, [273]; resolu-
tion making the consent of Congress
necessary to the admission of Representa- WADDINGTON, H., a member of the Privy
tives or Senators from the lately insur- Council, 315.
gent States, ib.; vote of the House of WALDEN, VISCOUNTESS, a Lady of the
Representatives against receiving a Bedchamber of the Princess of Wales,
communication from the Governor of 313.
North Carolina, ib.; Act of Congress WALES, PRINCE OF, present at the anni-
admitting coloured persons to citizen. versary dinner of the Royal Academy,
ship, [274]; provisions of the Freed- 38; present at the annual dinner of
men's Bureau Bill, ib.; the Freedmen's the Institution of Civil Engineers, 42;
Bureau Bill vetoed by the President, present at the Derby, 48; accident to,
ib.; insufficient majority against the in Rotten-row, 76; Viscount Hamilton
veto, [275]; Civil Rights Bill vetoed appointed a Lord of the Bedchamber
by the President, [275]; the veto over- to, 314.
ruled in the Houses, [276]; proclama- WALES, PRINCE AND PRINCESS OP, pre-
tion declaring the insurrection to be sent at the Review of Volunteers at
ended in ten States, ib.; Colorado ad- Brighton, 21; visit to the Horse Show
mitted as a new State, ib.; new Neu- at Islington, 52; present at the Inter-
trality Bill brought forward in the national Horticultural Exhibition, 53;
House of Representatives, ib.; message present at Ascot on the Cup Day, 59;
of the President as to the Reconstruc- present at the marriage of Princess Mary
tion Amendment, ib.; serious riot in of Cambridge, 71 ; present at the mar-
New Orleans, [277]; convention at riage of Princess Helena, 80, 81; present
Philadelphia in favour of the President's at the meeting of the National Ritle As-
policy, ib.; opposition conventions, sociation at Wimbledon, 87; present at
[279]; proclamation declaring the the review, 88; visit to York, 11l; at
blockade of Matamoras by the Emperor Horton Kirby, 82.
of Mexico to be null and void, [280]; WALES, PRINCESS OF, lays the foundation
progress of the President through the stone of the Home for Little Boys, at
Northern and Western States, [281]; Horton Kirby, 82; Viscountess Walden
bitter speeches against the President's appointed a Lady of the Bedchamber
policy, ib.; speech of the President at a to, 313.
public dinner at New York, [282]; WALEWSKY, COUNT, succeeds the Duc de
result of the elections unfavourable to Morny (deceased), as President of the
the President, [284]; the President's Corps Législatif in France, [194].
Message to the new Congress, ib. ; His- WALLACHIA, vide MOLDAVIA AND WAL-
tory of, by Mr. Bancroft, vol. ix., [302]. LACHIA.
UNIVERSITIES, Bill to enable Dissenters WALPOLE, RIGHT Hon. S. H., appointed

to hold Fellowships at, (78); dropped, a Secretary of State, 315.
[79] ; List of Honours obtained in the Walsh, Right Hon. J. E., appointed
examinations, 321; and vide CAM. Master of the Rolls in Ireland, 317.
BRIDGE, EDINBURGH, OXFORD. WARDER, Mrs. E. V. and DR., mysterious

death and suicide at Brighton, 93.
WATKIN, MR., Question as to our relations

with the United States, [88].

Watson, R. G., History of Persia,"

WATSON, T., created a Baronet, 314.
VICTORIA, Hon. J. H. T. Manners Sutton WEDGWOOD, JOSIAH, Life of, by Miss E.

appointed Governor and Commander. Meteyard, vol. ii., [305].
in-Chief of, 314.



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