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The Rev. Edward Meyrick Goulburn, R.N., to be Lieut. Governor of the D.D., to the Deanery of H.M.'s Cathedral Islands of St. Christopher and Nevis; Church of Norwich.

and Edward Herbert, Esq., to be Colonial 29. Sir William Bovill Knight, H.M.'s Secretary for the Island of St. ChrisSolicitor-General, to be Chief Justice topher. of the Court of Common Pleas, and 14. The honour of knighthood conJohn Burgess Karslake, Esq., Q.C., to ferred upon William Hackett, Esq., Rebe Solicitor-General,

corder of Prince of Wales's Island. George Trafford, Esq., to be Chief 18. His Highness Ismail Pacha, Vice. Justice of the Island of St. Vincent; and roy of Egypt, to be a G.C.B. (Civil William Alexander Parker, Esq., to be Division). Magistrate for the Gold Coast Settlement, Gerard Francis Gould, Esq., to be Western Africa.

Secretary to H.M.'s Legation at Buenos Dec. 4. The honour of Knighthood Ayres. conferred upon John Morris, Esq., Mayor 28. Sir William Bovill, Knight, Lord of Wolverhampton.

Chief Justice of the Court of Common Richard Malins, Esq., Q.C., to be a Pleas, and William Robert Seymour Vice-Chancellor, vice the Right Hon. Sir Vesey Fitzgerald, Esq., sworn of H.M.'s R. T. Kindersley, resigned.

Most Hon. Privy Council. 11. Capt. James George Mackenzie,



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First Lord of the Treasury

Earl of Derby. Chancellor of the Exchequer .

Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli.

Hon. Gerard James Noel, Junior Lords of the Treasury

Sir Graham Montgomery, Bart.,

Henry Whitmore, Esq.

J Thomas Edward Taylor, Esq., Joint Secretaries to the Treasury :

(G. Ward Hunt, Esq. Secretary of State for Home Department Right Hon. Spencer H. Walpole. Secretary of State for Foreign Department

Lord Stanley. Secretary of State for Colonial Department Duke of Buckingham. Secretary of State for War

Sir John S. Pakington, Bart. Secretary of State for India and President of

Sir Stafford Northcote, Bart. the Council of India Vice-President of the Council of India

J. P. Willoughby, Esq.

Lord Belmore, Under Secretaries for Home Department 1 Right Hon. Horatio Waddington.

Edward C. Egerton, Esq., Under Secretaries for Foreign Department

Edmund Hammond, Esq.

Right Hon. C. B. Adderley, Under Secretaries for Colonial Department.

Sir Frederick L. Rogers. Under Secretary for War

Earl of Longford.

Sir James Fergusson, Bart., Under Secretaries for India

Herman Merivale, Esq.
Assistant Under Secretary for India

James Cosmo Melvile, Esq.
Assistant Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs James Murray, Esq.
Chief Secretary for Ireland

Lord Naas.
Under Secretary for Ireland

Major-Gen. Sir T. A. Larcom, K.C.B. First Lord of the Admiralty

Right Hon. Henry Lowry Corrie. Vice-Adm. Sir Alexander Milne,

Vice-Adm. Sir Sydney C. Dacres, Junior Lords of the Admiralty

Vice-Adm. George H. Seymour, Rear-Adm. Sir John Hay, Charles Du Cane, Esq.


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Secretary to the Admiralty

Lord Henry Gordon Lennox. Lord High Chancellor

Lord Chelmsford. Lord Chancellor of Ireland

Right Hon. Abraham Brewster. Lords Justice of the Court of Appeal in Chancery í Lord Cairns.

s Sir James Turner,

Sir John Stewart, Vice-Chancellors

Sir W. M. Page Wood,

Sir Richard Malins.
Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench Sir Alexander J. E. Cockburn."
Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas

Sir W. Bovill.
Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer

Sir Fitzroy Kell Master of the Rolls

Lord Romilly. Judge of the Court of Probate

Sir James Plaisted Wilde. Attorney-General .

Sir John Rolt. Solicitor-General

Sir John B. Karslake. Attorney-General for Ireland

Right Hon. H. E. Chatterton. Solicitor-General for Ireland

R. R. Warren, Esq. Lord Advocate of Scotland

Right Hon. E. S. Gordon. Solicitor-General for Scotland

George Young, Esq. Judge Advocate General

Right Hon. John R. Mowbray. Lord President of the Council

Duke of Marlborough.
Lord Privy Seal

Earl of Malmesbury.
Lord Lieutenant of

Marquis of Abercorn.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

Earl of Devon. Commissioner of Works and Buildings

Lord John Manners. Commissioners of Woods and Forests

ŞHon. Charles Gore,

Hon. James Kenneth Howard. President of the Board of Trade

Duke of Richmond.
Vice-President of the Board of

Trade and
Paymaster General
Master of the Mint

T. Graham, Esq.
Postmaster General

Duke of Montrose. Commander-in-Chief

Duke of Cambridge. President of the Poor Law Board :

}Right Hon. Stephen Cave.

Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy. Secretaries to the Poor Law Board

Ş George Sclater-Booth, Esq.,

(W. Flemming, Esq. President of the Board of Health and

Lord Robert Montagu.
Vice-President of the Council
Earl Marshal.

Duke of Norfolk (Hereditary).
Lord Great Chamberlain

Lord Willoughby De Eresby. Lord Chamberlain of the Household

Earl of Bradford. Lord Steward of the Household

Earl of Tankerville. Master of the Horse

Duke of Beaufort. Master of the Buckhounds

Lord Colville.



BEDFORDSHIRE-Charles Livius Grimshawe, of Apsley Guise, Esq.
BERKSHIRE—John Blandy-Jenkins, of Kingston Bagpuize House, near Abing-

don, Esq. Brcks-Henry Arthur Hoare, of Wavedon House, Esq. CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND HUNTINGDONSHIRE—The Hon. Octavius Duncombe, of

CHESHIRE -Robert Barbour, of Bolesworth Castle, Esq.
CORNWALL—John Thomas Henry Peter, of Chyverton, Esq.
CUMBERLAND—Sir Frederick Ulric Graham, of Netherby, Bart.

DERBYSHIRE -Sir William Fitzherbert, of Tissington, Bart.
DEVONSHIRE—Sir John Kennaway, of Escort, Bart.
DORSETSHIRE-St. John Coventry, of Knowle, Wimborne, Esq.
DURHAM - William Edward Surtees, of Seaton Carew, Esq.
Essex-Arthur Pryor, of Hylands, Esq.
GLOUCESTERSHIRE—Sir John Maxwell Steele-Graves, of Mickleton Manor, near

Broadway, Bart.
HEREFORDSHIRE—Sir Edward Cludde Cockburn, of Pennoxstone, Bart.
HERTFORDSHIRE-Henry Heyman Toulmin, of Childwickbury, St. Albans, Esq.
KENT- Thomas Farmer Baily, of Hall Place, Leigh, Esq.
LANCASHIRE - Sir Elkanah Armitage, of Hope Hall, Knt.
LEICESTERSHIRE-Charles Hay Frewen, of Cold Overton, Esq.
LINCOLNSHIRE-Henry Robert Boucherett, of North Willingham, Market Rasen,

Esq. MONMOUTHSHIRE-Frederick Cotton Finch, of Blaenavon, near Pontypool, Esq. NORFOLK – William Amhurst Tyssen-Amhurst, of Diddington Hall, Esq. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE—The Hon. George Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, of Milton, near

Peterborough. NORTHUMBERLAND-Sir John Swinburne, of Capheaton, Bart. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE—Sir Edward Samuel Walker, of Berry Hill, Knt. OXFORDSHIRE -Sir Henry William Dashwood, of Kirtlington Park, Bart. RUTLAND- William Wing, of Market Overton, Esq. SHROPSHIRE – Thomas Hugh Sandford, of Sandford, Esq. SOMERSETSHIRE-George Bullock, of East Cocker House, Esq. SOUTHAMPTON, COUNTY OF—The Hon. John Thomas Dutton, of Hinton House,

near Alresford. STAFFORDSHIRE–Ralph Thomas Adderly, of Barlaston Hall, Stone, Esq. SUFFOLK—William Gilstrap, of Fornham St. Geneveve, Esq. SURREY-John Frederick Bateman, of Moor Park, Farnbam, Esq. SUSSEX-John Alexander Hankey, of Balcombe, Esq. WARWICKSHIRE-Sir Robert North Collie Hamilton, of Alveston, Bart, K.C.B. WESTMORELAND-Joseph Gibson, of Whelprigg, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Esq. .WILTSHIRE-Ambrose Denis Hussey-Freke, of Hannington Hall, Highworth,

Esq. WORCESTERSHIRE–Edward Charles Rudge, of Abbey Manor, Evesham, Esq. YORKSHIRE-Charles Sabine Augustus Thellusson, of Brodsworth, Esq.


ANGLESEA— The Hon. Henry Warrender Fitzmaurice, of Tregof.
BRECONSHIRE-William Fuller-Maitland, of Garthhouse, Esq.
CARDIGANSHIRE-John George William Bonsall, of Fronfraith, Esq.
CARMARTHENSHIRE- Thomas Charles Morris, of Brynmerddin, Esq.
CARNARVONSHIRE-John Dicken Whitehead, of Glangwna, Esq.
DENBIGHSHIRE - Robert Bamford-Hesketh, of Gwrych Castle, Abergele, Esq.
FLINTSHIRE—John Carstairs Jones, of Heartsheath Park, Esq.
GLAMORGANSHIRE - William Grayham Vivian, of Singleton, near Swansea, Esq.
MERIONETHSHIRE—John Corbett, of Ynysymaengwyn, Esq.
MONTGOMERYSHIRE—Edwin Hilton, of Rhiewhiriarth, Esq.
PEMBROK ESHIRE-William Walters, of Haverfordwest, Esq.
RADNORSHIRE-Edward Coates, of Whitton, Esq.



Term. Trin. 1866.
In Literis Humanioribus.

In Scientiis Math. et Phys.

CLASSIS I. Abbott, Evelyn, Balliol.

Barratt, Alfred, Balliol. Anson, William R., Balliol.

Dodd, Cyril, Merton. Creighton, Mandell, Merton".

Kensington, Theodore, New College. Davidson, James L. S., Balliol.

Rumsey, Robert F., Brasenose.
Hall, James R., Merton.
Hatch, Walter M., New College.
Hicks, Edward L., Brasenose 2.
Ridley, Edward, Corpus Christi.
Varley, John, Oriel.

Butterworth, Charles H., Trinity.

Kaye, Arthur, Magdalen. Fitz-Gerald, Gerald A. R., Corpus.

Nash, Thomas, Balliol. Hoare, Henry W., Balliol.

Powell, Edward, Lincoln.
Morris, Edward E., Lincoln.

Pughe, Kenneth M., Brasenose.
Thompson, William, Queen’s.
Wedgwood, Arthur, Balliol.
Williams, Robert E., Jesus.
Willis, Edward F., Balliol.
Worsley, Edward, Magdalen.

Battishill, William J., Exeter.

Barker, Robert, Corpus. Butter, James, Balliol.

Martin-Atkins, George A., Trinity.
Cockin, Charles E., Wadham.
Davies, Arthur M., Jesus.
Gordon, Richard G., Exeter.
Kitson, Robert, Balliol.
Manson, William P., Wadham.
Millington, William, Brasenose.
Molyneux, Henry W. M., Corpus.
Phillips, Thomas Ll., Jesus.
Poole, John, Christ Church.

Jones, John, Jesus.
Osborne, William A., Brasenose.

Ninety-eight others passed.

J. M. Wilson.
C. P. Chretien.
T. Fowler.
W. L. Newman.

Sixty-seven others passed.

B. Price.
D. Thomas.
W. Esson.

In Scientia Naturali.

CLASSIS 1. Tomes, Charles S., Ch. Ch.

I Fellow of Merton.

In Jurisprudentia et Hist. Mod.

CLASSIS I. Bruce-Gardyne, David G., Trinity. 9 Fellow of Corpus.


Follett, Robert W. W., Ch. Ch.
Owen, Harry, Corpus.

Streatfeild, George S., Corpus.

Emerton, Wolseley P., Ch. Ch.

Bousfield, William, Merton.
West, George H., Ch. Ch.

Boyle, William S., Magdalen.
Buxton, Harry J. W., Brasenose.
Eyre, George B., Ch. Ch.
Foster, Albert J., Pembroke.
Howard, Henry F., Ch. Ch.
Monckton, Hon. G. E. M., Ch. Ch.
Small, William J., Exeter.

Stephens, Henry J., Brasenose.

Bromby, C. H., New Inn Hall.
Chamberlayne, S. B. H., Ch. Ch.
Chidlow, Charles, Jesus.
Devas, Arthur C., Ch. Ch.
Tyre, Reginald E.,


Weitbrecht, John H. M., Corpus. CLASSIS IV.

Robertson, George P., Trinity.

Voules, Stirling C., Lincoln.
One other passed.

Thirty-three others passed.

G. Rolleston.

W. Stubbs.
H, J. S. Smith.

C. W. Boase.
H. G. Madan.

J. Bryce.
Term. Mich. 1866.
In Literis Humanioribus.

In Scientiis Math. et Phys.

CLASSIS I. Baillie, Alexander G. M., Balliol,

Bowyer, Alfred W., University. Bond, Edward, St. John's.

Dale, Reginald F., Queen's. Edwards, Thomas C., Lincoln.

Heath, Chris. H. E., Pembroke. Le Marchant, Francis C., Balliol.

Reinold, Arnold W., Brasenose 3. Mylne, Louis G., Corpus.

Tootell, Henry, University.
Phillimore, Walter G. F., Ch. Ch.
Sankey, Charles, Queen's.
Spooner, William A., New College.
Spurling, Frederick W., Wadham.
Willert, Paul F., Corpus.

Acworth, Carr G., Ch. Ch.

Ferrier, Henry J., Merton.
Avery, James, Exeter.
Babington, John A., New College.
Cameron, Charles J. L. L., Merton.
Evans, John A., University.
Forster, Michael S., New College.
Gladstone, Stephen E., Ch. Ch.
Hughes, William H., Jesus.
Jenkyns, John, Balliol.
Lloyd, Daniel L., Jesus.
Macrae, Charles C., University.
Murray, George S. D., Wadham.
Myers, Ernest J., Balliol.

3 Fellow of Merton.

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