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Houghton Mifflin, 1923

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Página 265 - PROUD Maisie is in the wood, Walking so early ; Sweet Robin sits on the bush, Singing so rarely. " Tell me, thou bonny bird, When shall I marry me ? " " When six braw gentlemen Kirkward shall carry ye." " Who makes the bridal bed, Birdie, say truly ? " " The grey-headed sexton That delves the grave duly.
Página 302 - When Israel, of the Lord beloved, Out of the land of bondage came, Her fathers' God before her moved, An awful guide, in smoke and flame. By day, along the astonished lands The cloudy pillar glided slow; By night, Arabia's crimson'd sands Return'd the fiery column's glow.
Página 105 - Yet Allen-a-Dale has red gold for the winning. Come, read me my riddle ! come, hearken my tale ! And tell me the craft of bold Allen-a-Dale. The Baron of Ravensworth prances in pride, And he views his domains upon Arkindale side. The mere for his net, and the land for his game, The chase for the wild, and the park for the tame ; Yet the fish of the lake, and the...
Página 92 - And by your palfrey good, I read you for a ranger sworn To keep the king's greenwood.' 'A Ranger, lady, winds his horn, And 'tis at peep of light; His blast is heard at merry morn, And mine at dead of night.
Página 329 - A Minster to her Maker's praise ! Not for a meaner use ascend Her columns, or her arches bend ; Nor of a theme less solemn tells That mighty surge that ebbs and swells And still, between each awful pause, From the high vault an answer draws, In varied tone prolong'd and high, That mocks the organ's melody.
Página 221 - Before my breath, like blazing flax, Man and his marvels pass away; And changing empires wane and wax, Are founded, flourish, and decay.
Página 303 - With priest's and warrior's voice between. No portents now our foes amaze, Forsaken Israel wanders lone : Our fathers would not know Thy ways, And Thou hast left them to their own. But present still, though now unseen, When brightly shines the prosperous day, Be thoughts of Thee a cloudy screen To temper the deceitful ray ! And...
Página 216 - Are lightly made, and lightly broke ; The heather on the mountain's height Begins to bloom in purple light : The frost-wind soon shall sweep away That lustre deep from glen and brae ; Yet Nora, ere its bloom be gone, May blithely wed the earlie's son.
Página 375 - The lark, his lay who thrill'd all day, Sits hush'd his partner nigh ; Breeze, bird, and flower, confess the hour, But where is County Guy ? " The village maid steals through the shade, Her shepherd's suit to hear ; To beauty shy, by lattice high, Sings high-born Cavalier.
Página 106 - shows gallanter still ; 'Tis the blue vault of heaven, with its crescent so pale, And with all its bright spangles!

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