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Mr. Tait, from the committee on naval affairs, communicated a letter from the Secretary for the Department of Navy, containing estimates of the expense of building and equipping one se venty-four, two forty-fours, and two sloops of war; which were read.

On motion by Mr. Tait, Ordered, That they be printed for the use of the Senate.

The bill entitled " An act to enlarge the time for ascertaining the annual transfers and changes of

property subject to the direct tax, and for other purposes," was read a third time.

Resolved, That this bill pass.

Ordered, That the Secretary notify the House of Representatives accordingly.

The bill entitled 6 An act for the relief of Henry Fanning was read a third time. Resolved, That this bill

pass. Ordered, That the Secretary notify the House of Representatives accordingly.

The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill authorizing the appointment of certain naval officers therein named.

On the question, “ Shall this bill be engrossed and read a third time?”

It was determined in the affirmative.

A message from the House of Representatives, by Mr. Dougherty, their Clerk.

Mr. President-The House of Representatives have passed a bill, entitled “ An act to regulate the commerce between the United States, and the territories of his britannic majesty, according to the convention concluded the third day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen; and the ratifications of which were exchanged on the twenty-second day of December, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen,” in which they request the concurrence of the Senate.

And he withdrew.
The bill last mentioned was read.
Ordered, That it pass to the second reading.

The Senate resumed, as in committee of the whole, the consideration of the bill to fix the compensations of the officers of the Senate therein mentioned; and after progress,

On motion by Mr. Daggett,

Ordered, That the further consideration thereof be postponed until Wednesday next.

Mr. Dana submitted the following motion for consideration :

Resolved, That a committee be appointed, to inquire whether any provision is necessary for authorizing the


officers, from time to time, to make payment of the sums, which the Senators and Representatives in Congress, are entitled by law to receive from the Treasury of the United States, in compensation for their services.

Mr. Williams, from the committee appointed to consider the subject, reported a bill authorizing the sale of public lands; and the bill was read.


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17th, 1816. The President communicated a report of the Post Master General, containing a list of contracts made in the year 1815; which was read.

Mr. Turner presented the petition of William O'Neale and Robert Taylor, of the city of Washington, praying compensation for a schooner, chartered to the United States to attend the flotilla

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