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Mess. Gaillard, Mess. Tait,



Mason, of Va.

Those who voted in the negative, are
Mess. Barbour,

Mess. Morrow,




Wilson. Mason, of N. H. The amendments having been reported by the committee correctly engrossed, the resolution was read a third time, as amended, by lo nimous consent.

Resolved, That this resolution pass with amendments.

Ordered, That the Secretary request the concurrence of the House of Representatives therein.

Mr. Lacock submitted the following resolu ion, which was read and passed to the second reading:

Resolved, That Robert Tweedy, Tobias Simpson, and George Hicks, assistants to the sergeantat-arms and door keeper of the Senate, be paid out of the contingent fund, two dollars a day for each d y they may have attended the Senate during the present session of Congress; and that


Charles Tims be allowed one hundred dollars for his attendance during the present session.

The resolution was read the second time by unanimous consent, and considered as in committee of the whole, and

On the question—“ Shall this resolution be engrossed and read a third time ?"

It was determined in the affirmative. The resolution having been reported by the committee correctly engrossed, was read a third time by unanimous consent, and passed.

A message from the House of Representatives by Mr. Dougherty, their Clerk ;

Mr. President—The House of Representatives have passed the bill sent from the Senate entitled “ An act fixing the compensation of the chaplains of Congress," also the bill entitled " An act to increase the salary of the Register of the Treasury, and to allow him a compensation for his agency in countersigning and issuing treasury notes," with amendments, in which they requestihe concurrence of the Senate.

They bave postponed indefinitely the bill entitled " An act for the relief of Jacob Babbitt and John Dennis," also the bill entitled " An act providing for the publication of the decisions of the supreme court of the United States," and the bill entitled " An act concerning the library of Congress.'

They have concurred in the amendments of the Senate to the bill entitled An act to allow a

drawback of duties on spirits distilled and sugar refined within the United States," also to the bill entitled “ An act for the relief of Peter Audrain.”

They have concurred in the report of the committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses, on the bill entitled "An act fixin the compensation of the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the House of Representatives, and making a temporary provision for the Clerks in their offices,” and that the bill be amended accordingly.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives having signed several enrolled bills, I am directed to bring them to the Senate for the signature of their President.

The President of the United States, on the 27th instant, approved and signed “An act for the relief of Thomas Farrer, William Young, William Moseley, and William Leech," “ An act providing for the distribution of one hundred thousand dollars among the captors of the Algerine vessels, captured and restored to the Dey of Algiers," “ An act continuing the salaries of certain officers of government,” “An act for the relief of certain owners of goods, entered at Hampden, in the District of Maine,” “ An act directing the discharge of Ebenezer Keeler and John Francis from imprisonment,” “ An aet for the payment of the militia, for the case therein mentioned," " An act making appropriations for rebuilding lighthouses, and for completing the plan of lighting them according to the improvements of Winslow Lewis; for placing beacons and buoys; for preserving Little Gall Island ; and for surveying the coast of the United States," “ An act for the relief of Joseph S. Newell," "An act for the relief of Rufus S. Reed and Daniel Dobbins," • An act to enable the levy court of the county of Alexandria to lay a tax for the purpose of defraying the erpense of erecting a jail and court-house," " An act for the relief of Charles Ross and Samuel Breck, surviving executors of John Ross. deceased,” “ An act for the relief of George T. Ross, Daniel T. Patterson, and the officers and men lately under their command," " An act allowing pay to certain persons made prisoners with the revenue cutter Surveyor," “ An act for the relief of Paul D. Butler,” “An act providing for the sale of the tract of land at the Brirish fort, at the Miami of the Lake, at the foot of the Rapids, and for other purposes," " An act for the benefit of John P. Maxwell and Hugh H. Maxwell,” “ An act providing an additional compensation to the district judge of the southern district of New York,” “An act for the relief of Taylor and MNeal, Evans and M-Neal, and Henry and John M Leester," "An act making appropriations for repairing certain roads therein described,” “ An act to authorize the sale of lands forfeited to the United States, in the district of Jeffersonville, at the land-office in said district district,” “An act providing for cases of lost military land warrants, and discharges for faithful services," “ An act authorizing the payment of a sum of money to John Rodgers and others,” “ An act to regulate the duties op imports and tonnage,” “ An act to fix the commissions of the collectors of the direct tax and internal duties, and to revive and continue in force : An act further to provide for the collection of duties on imports and tonnage,” “ An act concerning Pharaoh Farrow and other's,” “ An act for the relief of Samuel Dick, William Bruce, and Asa Kitchell,” “ An act to authorize the surveying and making a road in the Territory of Illinois, " An act to authorize the building of three lighthouses, viz: one on Race Point, one on Point Gammon, and one on the island of Petite Manan, in the State of Massachusetts," • An act confirming the titles of certain purchasers of land, who purchased from the board of trustees of the Vincennes university,” “An act for the relief of Charles Todd,” and a “ Resolution requiring the Secretary of State to compile and print, once in every two years, a register of all officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of the United States. And he withdrew.

The President signed the thirty enrolled bills and one enrolled resolution last reported to have been examined, and they were delivered to the committee to be laid before the President of the United States.

The Senate proceeded to consider the amendments of the House of Representatives to the

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