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71st Congress, 2d Session

(December 2, 1929–July 3, 1930)


VOL. 4





Note.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of House private


1526. Pay Government employees in D. C. and employees of D. C. for Mar. 4, 1929.

1527. Menominee tribe of Indians to employ general attorneys.

1530. To provide for survey of Salmon River, Alaska, for flood control.

1531. To provide for statistics of number of persons employed. 2 pts.

1538. To acquire land for aerial bombing range at Kelly Field, Tex.

1539. Longevity pay of Edward F. McCarron and other warrant officers in Army.

1541. Commemoration of termination of Civil War at Appomatox Court House, Va.

1542. Choctaw Point lighthouse reservation, Ala.

1543. Ninth International Dairy Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1931.

1544. Coast Guard cutter on Lake Erie.

1548. Flood control on tributaries and outlets of Mississippi River.

1549. Retirement of employees in classified civil service.

1550. Addition of lands to Lassen Volcanic National Park, Calif.

1564. Salaries of police and firemen in District of Columbia.

1565. To admit to United States Chinese wives of certain American citizens.

1566. Construction at Mountain Branch, National Soldiers' Home.

1567. To establish Cheyenne Bottoms Migratory Bird Refuge.

1568. Disposition of public lands in Elko County, Nev.

1573. Appropriation for purchase of land for Indian colony near Ely, Nev.

1574. Establishment of Yakima Indian Forest.

1575. Construe immigration act of 1917 rel. to instrumental musicians.

1585. Closing of Center Market in District of Columbia.

1586. Increase of pension to widows, etc., of members of Regular Army, etc.

1587. Underpass under railroad tracks in vicinity of Fern Place in D. C.

1588. Operation and maintenance of bathing pools in District of Columbia.

1589. Acquisition of land in Montgomery County, Ala., to add to Maxwell Field.

1593. Right of way for street purposes across Holabird reservation, Md.

1594. Restriction of immigration from Republic of Mexico. pts. 1*, 2, and 3.

1595. Amend Federal reserve act rel. to directors of Federal reserve banks.

1596. Sale of Jackson Barracks military reservation, La.

1598. War Department appropriation bill, 1931.

1599. Purchasing of land adjoining Fort Bliss, Tex.

1600. Fiscal relations between United States and District of Columbia.

1601. Easement for pipe lines on site for aviation field, Shreveport, La.

1602. Additional district judge for eastern district of New York.

1603. Easement over St. Charles Rifle Range, St. Louis County, Mo.

1606. To create third judicial district in Kentucky.

1607. Contribution toward Christopher Columbus memorial lighthouse.

1608. Extension of period of limitation in case of community income.

1609. Exempting gain from sale, etc., of Treasury bills from taxation.

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1629. Additional judge for eastern and western districts of Louisiana.

1630. Provide two additional judges for southern district of New York.*

1631. Additional judge of district court for western district of Oklahoma.

1632. Add Shipping Board property in Hoboken, N. J., to post-office site.

1633. Transfer Radio Division, Commerce Dept., to Federal Radio Commission.

1634. West Point, Ga., and Lanett, Ala., post office buildings.

1637. Two-cent fares for school children in District of Columbia.

1654. Policing of military roads leading out of District of Columbia.

1655. Branch of National Soldiers' Home in Southern States.

1656. Assessment of costs of examining Federal reserve member banks.

1657. Security by national banks in form required by State law.

1658. Voluntary surrender of trust powers by national banks.*

1659. Directors of Federal reserve banks in class B.

1665. Amend radio act rel. to appeals from decisions of Federal Radio Comn.

1666. Establish branch of National Soldiers' Home in Northwest.

1667. Additional district judge for eastern district of Missouri.

1668. To pay claim of Government of Norway.

1669. Appointment of additional judge for eastern district of Michigan.

1670. Legislative appropriation bill, 1931.

1671. Commemoration of Kings Mountain Battle.

1674. Repeal expiration date of act rel. to War Department contracts.

1688. Claims of Assiniboine Indians.

1689. Revision of copyright law. 2 pts.

1690. For award of air mail flyer's medal of honor.

1691. Payment of benefits received by Paiute Indian reservation lands, Nev.

1692. Warm Springs tribe of Indians to submit claims to Court of Claims.

1693. Claim of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians to be heard in Court of Claims.*

1694. Mail transportation by motor vehicle in lieu of train service.

1695. Special delivery and special handling of mail matter.

1696. Amend agricultural appropriation act, 1912, rel. to rights of way.

1697. Amend Cable act rel. to immigration of wives of native-born Americans.

1698. Purchase of motor truck parts.

1699. Defining petty offenses and providing penalties therefor.

1700. Waiver of trial by jury.

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1738. Bridge across Mississippi River at Carondelet, Mo.

1739. Kentucky to acquire and construct certain bridges in Kentucky.

1751. Payment for travel on official business by motor-vehicles.

1752. Increase penalties for offenses against currency of foreign countries.

1753. Members of international tribunals to administer oaths, etc.

1754. Approval of Congress to Rio Grande compact of Feb. 12, 1929.

1755. Eliminate Fern street grade crossing by constructing subway near.

1759. Exempting gain from sale, etc., of Treasury bills from taxation.

1760. Exempt Custer National Forest from operation of forest homestead law.

1761. Soldiers and sailors preferred right of homestead entry.

1762. Conferring full rights of citizenship upon certain Cherokee Indians.

1763. Bridge across Tennessee River near Knoxville, Tenn.

1764. Bridge across Columbia River between Longview, Wash., and Rainier, Oreg.

1765. Navy Department appropriation bill, 1931.

1767. Appointment of additional judge for southern district of California.

1768. Additional district judge for southern district of Texas.

1769. Vollbehr collection of incunabula.

1770. Taxicab responsibility legislation for District of Columbia.*

1772. Upkeep and maintenance of property under control of Secretary of War.

1773. To provide for Indian village at Elko, Nev.

1775. Directing retirement of acting assistant surgeons of Navy at age of 64.

1776. Retirement of navigators or engineers in Army Transport Service.

1777. To give war-time rank to retired officers and former officers of Army.

1786. Amend locomotive boiler inspection act rel. to salaries of inspectors.

1792. Promotion of vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry.

1793. To reorganize Federal Power Commission.

1794. Additional lands for Naval Air Station at Seattle, Wash.

1795. Construction of barracks at Parris Island, S. C., for Marine Corps.

1796. Tablet in memory of garrison at Fort Sumter during siege, 1861.

1808. Tablet to commemorate officers and men lost in U. S. submarine S-4.

1809. Deliver to Louisiana State Museum silver service of U. S. S. New Orleans.

1810. Deliver to South Dakota silver service of cruiser South Dakota.

1811. Regulation of tolls over certain bridges.

1812. Bridge across Sulphur River near Fort Lynn, Ark.

1813. Amend oleomargarine act.

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