Men and things in America; being experience of a year's residence in the United States, in a ser. of letters, by A. Thomason

W. Smith, 1838 - 296 páginas
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Página 249 - That the district courts of the United States, within their respective districts, shall have, exclusively of the courts of the several States, cognizance of all crimes and offences committed against the provisions of this act, and also, concurrently with the circuit courts of the United States...
Página 249 - Courts, as the case may be, of all causes where an alien sues for a tort only in violation of the law of nations, or a treaty of the United States.
Página 94 - ... 7. If an unbelieving wife separate from a believing husband, by agreement, the husband must give her a just and reasonable share of the property ; and if they have children who have arrived to years of understanding sufficient to judge for themselves, and who choose to go with their mother, they are not to be disinherited on that account. Though the character of this institution has been much censured on this ground, yet we boldly assert that the rule above stated has never, to our knowledge,...
Página 213 - Beauty in thee takes up her place, And dates her letters from thy face, When she doth write. A fine aspect in fit array, Neither too mean, nor yet too gay, Shows who is best : Outlandish looks may not compare ; For all they either painted are, Or else undrest.
Página 93 - Lord.' Which signifies to be consecrated, or set apart from a common to a sacred use. Hence arise all our doctrines and practical rules of dedicating our persons, services, and property, to social and sacred uses, having adopted the example of the first gospel church, in establishing and supporting one consecrated and united interest by the voluntary choice of every member, as a sacred privilege, and not by any undue constraint or persuasion.
Página 248 - That a final judgment or decree in any suit, in the highest court of law or equity of a State in which a decision in the suit could be had...
Página 95 - No creed can be framed to limit the progress of improvement. It is the faith of the Society, that the operations of divine light are unlimited. All are at liberty to improve their talents and exercise their gifts, the younger being subject to the elder, and all in concert with the general lead.
Página 125 - Which after held the sun and moon in fee. But this is got by casting pearl to hogs, That bawl for freedom in their senseless mood, And still revolt when Truth would set them free. Licence they mean when they cry Liberty...
Página 16 - Meanwhile it continues coursing from side to side of the ship's wake, making excursions far and wide, to the right and to the left, now a great way ahead, and now shooting astern for several hundred yards, returning again to the ship as if she were all the while stationary, though perhaps running at the rate of ten knots an hour. But the most singular peculiarity of this bird is its faculty of standing, and even running, on the surface of the water, which it performs with apparent facility. When...
Página 98 - Children are early led into the knowledge of the sacred Scriptures, instructed in their history, and practically taught the divine precepts contained in them, particularly those of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. They are...

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