Memoirs of the Church of Scotland, in Four Periods

E. Matthews, 1717 - 333 páginas

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Página 165 - The ties and obligations of the laws of nature were no defence, but it was made death to perform natural duties ; and many suffered death for acts of piety and charity, in cases where human nature could not bear the thoughts of suffering it. To such an extreme was the rage of these persecutors carried...
Página 308 - That Prelacy and the superiority of any office in the Church above Presbyters is, and hath been, a great and unsupportable grievance and trouble to this nation, and contrary to the inclination of the generality of the people, ever since the Reformation (they having reformed from Popery by Presbyters) and therefore ought to be abolished.
Página 294 - Covenants, National and Solemn League, Acts of General Assemblies, and all the faithful contendings that have been for the work of Reformation. I leave my testimony approving the preaching of the gospel in the fields, and the defending the same by arms.
Página 246 - Upon this dialogue, if the story be true, the soldier let the poor man pass. But be the story true or not true, it serves to give the reader a true idea of the dreadful circumstances every honest man was in at this time, when their life was in the hand of every soldier, nor were the consequences other than might be expected on such occasions.
Página 283 - ... wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, 1 Homer, Iliad, xvi. 234, etc. Boos vii.] OBIGEN AGAINST CELSUS. 431 afflicted, tormented ; they wandered in deserts and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth, of whom the world was not worthy...
Página 135 - I must tell you, that there are two kings and two kingdoms. There is Christ and his kingdom the Kirk, whose subject King James the Sixth is, and of whose kingdom he is not a king, nor a head, nor a lord, but a member...
Página 246 - Soldier. Weel hast thou said, man : now I have e'en but ane question more, and ye and I'se tak a drink together. Will ye renounce the Covenant ? *' C. Man. Nay, but now I mun speir at you too, and ye like. There are twa Covenants, man, which of them do ye mean ?
Página 294 - God, do not weary to maintain the testimony of the day in your stations and places ; and, whatever ye do, make sure an interest in Christ : for there is a storm coming that shall try your foundation. Scotland must be rid of .Scotland before the delivery come : and you that are strangers to God, break off your sins by repentance, else I will be a sad witness against you in the day of the Lord.
Página 311 - That as soon as the News came to Scotland that the Prince of Orange was landed with an Army in England, and that King James was not able to maintain his Ground, the People of England enclining to a general Revolt : The People in the...
Página 274 - ... how much to the honour of these persecuted people, that they could thus see the treachery and tyranny of those reigns when we saw it not ; or rather that they had so much honesty of principle, and obeyed so strictly the dictates of conscience, as to bear their testimony early, nobly, and gloriously, to the truth of God and the rights of their country, both civil and religious, while we all, though seeing the same things, and equally convinced of its being right, yet betrayed the cause of liberty...

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