Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States. Valuation reports, Volumen36

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1932

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Página 873 - of its lands, the cost of reproduction new, the cost of reproduction less depreciation, and the single-sum value reported in the tentative valuation for its properties owned but not used, leased to the Pullman Railroad Company, are inadequate and incomplete. In 26 Val. Rep. 227, we valued these leased properties. In that
Página 327 - Ties Rails Other track material Ballast Tracklaying and surfacing Right-of-way fences . Crossings and signs Station and office buildings.. . . Roadway buildings Water stations Fuel stations Telegraph and telephone lines Signals and interlockers Roadway machines . Roadway small tools Total, 1, and 3 to 47, inclusive..
Página 407 - 18 Unrefundable overcharges 32, 015. 87 Donations.. ... 76, 853. 54 Miscellaneous credits— Adjustment or cancellation of balance sheet accounts. . 94, 990. 45 Credits resulting from adjustments required to bring to par securities issued or assumed and reacquired at a cost less than the par value - - 956, 680. 00 36 Val. Rep. Items

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