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MIDDLESEX ELECTION.-The eyes of Scotland are fixed upon the approaching
contest in Middlesex, with some anxiety, and not without a growing feeling of mig.
trust. On the long services of Mr. Hume to the People, whose battle he has fought,
for many years, almost single-handed, and on his capacity of serving them with aug-
mented energy, by the new power he has largely assisted in obtaining, it is idle to
expatiate. His services cannot be forgotten; nor can his capacities of business and
sterling spirit be overlooked. However strange appearances seem to us at a dis-
tance, we will never believe that the reformers of Middlesex will 80 far
stultify themselves as to reject their present member, because he returns to
them with so many new and strong claims on their admiration and suffrages.
Middlesex is but one county, nor should we much regret Mr. Hume losing it,
while, both in England and Scotland, so many large constituencies would be proud to
be represented by him; but we cannot help looking upon Middlesex and Yorkshire
as the battle-ground on which the antagonist principles of Toryism and Liberality
first fairly tried their strength in the present contest. When Hume and Brougham
were elected in 1830, we exulted in the battle of the people being half gained. That
advantage has been ably followed up, and are we now to see the cause retrograding
even in one corner, and a specious Tory Lord, and a hollow Whig, brought in for
Middlesex, while Mr. Hume is thrown out? He may be sent to Parliament in
triumph from fifty places, but what shall atone for the blow aimed at the cause of
Reform through his sides ? We are glad to see the Times winding round; this is

of better augury.

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Dundee has always had one excellent Newspaper. It has now two; both Radical
or Independent Reformers. The new Paper, The Dundee Chronicle, like its elder
brother, The Advertiser, is conducted with great vigour and talent.

It gives us pleasure to announce another new Independent Paper, in a place, where,
not many years ago, nothing but Toryism prevailed. It has been found, that Dumfries-
shire cannot support its original Tory Journal; and has become even a little impatient
of its excellent Whig Paper. We are immediately to have a thorough-going associate
in The Dumfries Times, a new Paper, to be conducted by Mr Douglas of the London
Spectator ; a man of ability, experience, and sound principles. This new Paper is to
advocate the Ballot, short Parliaments, and an Extension of the Suffrage; in short,
Radical Reform, in the best sense of the term. The Dumfries Times, under the care
of so excellent an Editor, cannot fail to be one of the ablest and most honest Papers
in Scotland. From what we know of the sentiments of the people of Dumfries-shire,
this new Paper is certain of that extensive support which it will deserve.

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