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ment of Medicine, 569; A glimpse of 'Fairy Moral World, 358.—Hence, Dull Reality, 381.

Land-Police interference in Germany, 570 ; -Earth, a Grave-Yard, 387.—Origin of Hum-

O'Connell— Byron's Statue by Thorwaldsen- ming Birds, 422—Hymn to the Sea, 424.–The

Population of German States—The French in Winds.- I sigh in Vain, 566.—The Arab Mo-

Algiers, 571.

ther-Spring, and the Consumptive, 567.-


Stanza.-Come to the Woodlands-Morn at

National Customs, Illustrations of,-Frazer's

Sea, -Sonnet, 568.-




Some New Jottings in My Note Book, Dub-
lin University Magazine,

Reminiscences of Men and Things,-Frazer's


New Spirit of the Age,—Westminster Review,


A Night for History,


Residence in the City of Ningpo,-Chinese





The Robertses on their Travels, New Month-

VeituARY : General Bertrand, 142; Boghos Bey

ly Magazine.


- General Comte D'Orsay-Count Mazzinghi,


143. Thorwaldsen, 286 ; Jean Baptiste Stigl.

mayer, 287. Don Augustine Arguelles, 430. A Summer hour in Pope's Garden.– Frazer's

King of Sweden, 574



SCIENCE AND 'Arts: Affinity of Vegetables for


Moisture, 15; Natural Temperature of Man-In-

Penny Postage and Post Office,- British and teresting Medal—Explorations on the North East

Foreign Review,

146 Coast of Africa,Steam Carriages-Cast Iron

The Polka - Bentley's Miscellany.

563 Bridge, 140; Fossil Forest-Lord Rosse's Tel-

Popular poetry of the Bretons,– Quarterly escope-Ancient Manuscripts—Silver Mine-



Indian Antiquities–Observatory on Vesuvius

Progress of Art,-Westminsier Review,

497 -Paris Academy of Science, 141 ; Carving on

Progress of Discovery in Africa,–Court Jour- Wood Professor Franck, 142: Meeting of the


70 Italian Savans, 171 ; Carbonic Acid expired by

Punishment of Apostates from Islamism,- a man in twenty-four hours, 184 ; Microscopical

Asiatic Magazine,

562 Society. 284 ; Glow Worms—Eolian Sea Sig-

Punch's Guide to Government Situations,- nals—Chemical Aspirations, -Observations on

225 Animal Heat, 285; Herschel Obelisk at the Cape

Poetry: To a Child, 15; Oh ! how shall we our of Good Hope, 427.–Loud Beats of Clocks

joy express ? 38; Wife of a popular man, 63 ; used in Observatories- Microscope in Geolog-

Consumption, 71; The Bride, 84; Recollec- ical Research, 428.-Paris Academy of Science

tions, 88; Where are they? 102; The Four -Method of Increasing Electromotive Force-

Ages of thought, 125 ; Songs of the Flowers, Oriental Manuscripts, 429.-Antiquities of

Sweet Sixteen, 130; Ode to Hope,-Ballad Athens-Mr. Drayton's invention for silvering

Romance, 137; Parting of Hector and Andro- Mirrors, 572,—Pneumatic apparatus for valu-

mache, 145; To a Mother, on the recovery ing the Respiratory Powers—Land Draining,

of her Child, 171; Lines, 182; Scott Monu- 573.-

ment at Edinburgh, 189; Emigrants of San Select List of Recent Publications: Great

Tomasso, 218; The Palace and Cot- Vale of Britain, 144, 288, 432, 576 - France, 144, 576.

Berkley, 237; Love on, 277; Lines on the Pic- -Germany, 144, 432.—Russia, 144.

ture of a Maniac, 281; Laugh of my Child-


hood, 282; To Memory, 297.—Flowers, 304

- Mrs. Hope, the Fortune Teller, 338.—Ima- Taylor, William, of Norwich, Memoirs of,—
gination, 338.—Why do the Flowers Bloom ?- Quarterly Review.

Lyric Lament, 352.-Love, the Light of the A Trip to Thebes,- Metropolitan,


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or nis first publications," where there is no longMIGINE VI Le sustinct of our conscience, a great

social idea extant, not so much as the idea religious thought, which may rescue us from of a common home, but only of a common overdoubt, a social faith which may save us from crowded lodging-house? where each, isolated, anarchy, a moral inspiration which may em-regardless of his neighbor, turned against his Mar, 1844.


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