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Travis, F. H., Senator, Fourteenth District continued:
Bills introduced by-

No. 154, Appropriations for private hospitals, Iola. Page 59.

185, Repealing the law relating to county high schools. Page 69.
193, Declaring N. M. Schooley adopted daughter and heir of D. L.

Ivey. Page 75.
315, Relating to adoption of persons past age of majority. Page

347, Establishing bureau of vital statistics. Page 157.
348, Raising the limit for erection of bridges by county commis-

sioners. Page 157.
349, Creating state factory inspector, with appropriation. Page 157.
350 Amending law relating to inspection and government of K. N.

G. Page 157.
351, Requiring reports of accidents to state factory inspector.

Page 158.
352, Vacating certain portions of Savonburg. Page 158.
356, Relating to issuance and countersigning of insurance policies.

Page 164.
362, An act concerning additions to cities. Page 166.
363, Providing for the payment of certain Union military scrip.

Page 166.
395, An act relating to fish and game. Page 186.
396, Relating to sites for monuments and authorizing tax. Page

397, Exempting from taxation certain property of Union soldiers.

Page 186.
422, Prescribing minutes of meeting of county commissioners. Page

423, Relating to neglect of county commissioners. Page 193.
424, Relating to salaries of county commissioners. Page 193.
490, Amending law relating to Barnes high schools. Page 231.
497, Defining abandonment and prescribing punishments. Page 240.
531, Amending law relating to State Board of Medical Registration,

Page 260.
533, Authorizing the creation of private domestic corporation to

write insurance. Page 260.
551, Relating to bonds of county officers. Page 280.
552, To prevent discriminations in dealing in life insurance.

621, Fixing the number of employees in the Kansas State Senate.

Page 295.
622, Providing for the creation of a state inspector of salt. Page

Committee assignments-

Manufactures and Industrial Pursuits, chairman. Page 24.
Cities of the Second and Third Class. Page 24.
Insurance. Page 24.
Military Affairs. Page 46.
Oil and Gas. Page 46.

Railroads. Page 46.
Truant Officers.

S.B. 566. Page 282.
Trust Companies.

Powers and duties. S.B. 151. Page 58.
To eradicate. S.B. 209.

S.B. 209. Page 79.
State-wide educational campaign. S.B. 217; page 80. Sub. S.B. 217; page

To eradicate in cattle. S.B. 210. Page 79.

Fees in Jefferson and Jackson counties. S.B. 10. Page 15.
Salary in counties over 18,000 and under 25,000. S.B. 242. Page

Page 93.
Uniformity of Legislation.

Board of commissioners to promote. S.B. 264. Page 105.
United States Senator.

See Election.
To instruct congressmen and senators to favor popular election. S.B. 420.

Page 193.
University of Kansas.

Maintenance and new buildings, appropriation. S.B. 73. Page 40.

In certain actions. S.B. 505. Page 246.

By three-fourths jury in courts of record. S.B. 17. Page 16.


State board of. S.B. 353. Page 158.
Vital Statistics.

Bureau of, and making appropriation. S.B. 347. Page 157.
Voting-machine Commission.

Enabling act. S.B. 214. Page 80.

Earned out of the state. S.B. 297. Page 124.

Future, assignments not valid in certain cases. S.B. 479. Page 220.
War Claims Fund.

Transfer to general fund. S.B. 469. Page 219.
Warehouse Receipts.

S.B. 381. Page 175.

To improve and regulate bridging and damming. S.B. 208. Page 79.

Site for, Kansas City, Kan. S.B. 388. Page 185.
Weights and Measures.

Regulating standards. S.B. 134. Page 50.

Kansas National Guard, appropriation. S.B. 592. Page 293.
Western University.

Appropriation for current expense. S.B. 506. Page 246.

Appropriation for coal. S.B, 654. Page 404.
Wichita Private Hospitals.

Appropriation. S.B. 86. Page 42.

Criminal cases. S.B. 67. Page 24.
Exemption from prosecution in certain cases. S.B. 526. Page 259.

Testimony of. S.B. 66. Page 24.

Bounty on. S.B. 511. Page 247.
Woman Suffrage.

In presidential elections. S.B. 354. Page 158.
Yeager, N. A., Contestor.

See Record and Pleadings. Page 651.
Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A.
To exempt from taxation. S.B. 473. Page 219.


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No. 1. An act providing for the leasing of school land.

By Senator Glenn.
No. 2. An act relating to improvements on school lands, and providing
for the collection of rent for such land.

..By Senator Glenn:
No. 3. An act providing for the sale of school lands, and repealing
certain laws therein named.

.By Senator Glenn.
Sub. 3. An act relating to school lands, and repealing sections 6339,
6340; 6341, 6345, 6346, 6361, 6351, 6352, 6353, 6356, 6362, 6357, 6360
and 6363 of the General Statutes of 1901. ..By Judiciary Committee.




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No. 4. An act amending chapter 54, relating to primary elections.

By Senator Glenn.




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No. 5. An act relating to landlords and tenants, and amending section 27, chapter 55, of the General Statutes of 1868. .By Senator Glenn.

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No. 6. An act relating to the printing and distribution of primary and general election ballots, and amending chapter 229 of the Laws of 1903.

By Senator Glenn,

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No. 7. An act amending section 50, chapter 25, of the General Statutes of 1868, relating to the duties of county clerk....By Senator Glenn.

No. 8. An act extending the provision of chapter 285 of the Laws of 1907.

.By Senator Glenn.

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No. 9. An act amending section 1, chapter 10, of the Laws of 1891, relating to the duties of county treasurer

.By Senator Glenn.

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No. 10. An act to repeal chapter 270 of the Session Laws of 1903, entitled "An act creating and fixing the salaries of the under-sheriffs of Jefferson and Jackson counties, in the state of Kansas.

By Senator Myers.




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