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To vacate portion of. S.B. 352.
School Boards.

Page 158.

To contract teachers for more than one year. S.B. 117. Page 49.
To prohibit contracts to pay money in certain
Employment of relatives. S.B. 125. Page 49.


School Districts.

To issue bonds. S.B. 129. Page 50.
Boundaries. S.B. 123. Page 49.
To disorganize and annex territory.
Disorganization and consolidation.
Division of property when formed.
Treasurer, prescribing duties.
Powers of meetings. S.B. 122.
Pay warrants by bond issue.


Fire escapes and fire drills.
School Meetings.

School Sites.

S.B. 341.
S.B. 443.
S.B. 443.
S.B. 121.
S.B. 379. Page 175.
Page 49.
S.B. 28.

Page 17.

Page 49.

S.B. 118.

Annual and special. S.B. 113.
Fixing dates. S.B. 35; page 20.
School Lands.

Page 152.
Page 199.
Page 49.

l'age 49.
S.B. 176; page 68.

S.B. 2.

Page 15.

Improving, and rentals.
Leasing. S.B. 1. Page 15.
Legalizing defective sales. S.B. 486.
S.B. 486. Page 221.
Purchase and patents. S.B. 25. Page 17.
Sale of. S.B. 3; page 15. Sub. S.B. 3; page 253.

To condemn. S.B. 442. Page 199.
School Terms.

Graded and ungraded schools. S.B. 112.
School Textbook Commission.

Time of contracts. S.B. 627. Page 296.


Page 49.

S.B. 519. Page 259.

Common, support of. S.B. 560. Page 281.
Common, examinations in. S.B. 589. Page 293.
Compulsory attendance, and truancy. S.B. 108. Page 48.
Conveyance of pupils to and from. S.B. 110. Page 48.
Discontinuance of, and education of pupils in other schools.


Length of term. S.B. 513. Page 247.

Month, day, free schools, and age to enter. S.B. 107.
Regulating courses of study. S.B. 124.
S.B. 124. Page 49.
Reports of teachers and officers. S.B. 115. Page 49.
State fund to guarantee collection. S.B. 109. Page 48.
Suspension of pupils in. S.B. 126. Page 49.
Schooley, Nannie May.

Adoption of. S.B. 193. Page 75.


S.B. 114. Page

Page 48.

Members of, with districts, counties and post offices. Page iii.
Seed Wheat Commission.

Providing for an appropriation. S.B. 196; page 75.
Shade Trees.

Streets and highways. S.B. 221. Page 86.
Sheriffs and Guards.

Fees for conveying prisoners and patients. S.B. 445.

Fees. S.B. 626. Page 295.


To change names of Carrie and Paul. S.B. 47. Page 21.
Smith, A. F., Senator, Twenty-seventh District.

Bills introduced by-

Sub. S.B. 196; page 485.

Page 210.

No. 171, Amending law relating to equalizing assessments. Page 66.
172, Regulating contracts and releases between corporations and
persons. Page 66.

273, Concerning passenger fares to be charged by railroads. Page

274, Restricting the spread of Johnson grass. Page 113.

367, Providing for the erection of a memorial and historical build-
ing. Page 166.

449, Providing for a macadam road connecting Winfield and State
School. Page 210.

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Smith, A. F., Senator, Twenty-seventh District-continued:
Bills introduced by-

No. 450, Concerning the erection of county buildings. Page 211.
525, Fixing fees of county attorneys in certain cases. Page 259.
526, Providing immunity for certain testimony in certain cases.
Page 259.

540, Appropriation for Arkansas City Hospital. Page 271.
541, Appropriation for Mercy Hospital, Arkansas City. Page 271.
569, Relating to display of automobile lights. Page 282.
Committee assignments-

Page 24.

Page 54.

Agriculture, chairman.
Congressional and Judicial Apportionment. Page 24.
Education. Page 111.
Educational Institutions.
Engrossed Bills. Page 46.
Enrolled Bills. Page 46.
Federal Relations. Page 46.
Live Stock. Page 46.
Public Buildings. Page 24.
Temperance and Hygiene. Page 46.

Soldiers' Home.

Admission to. S.B. 502. Page 246.

Soldiers' Monuments.

Erection of, enabling act. S.B. 161. Page 59.

Soldiers and Sailors.

To be licensed as expressmen. S.B. 291. Page 123.
Stannard, C. A., Senator, Twenty-fourth District.

Bills introduced by-

No. 22, Establishing a legislative department of the state library.
Page 16.

29, Limiting the issuance of stocks, bonds, etc., of railroads. Page


90, Limiting the issuance of stocks, bonds, etc., of railroads. Page

210, For the suppression and eradication of tuberculosis in cattle.
Page 79.

211, Providing for the regulation of hotels by Board of Health.
Page 80.

244, Fixing rates for transportation of oil, gasoline, etc. Page 93.
276, Appropriations for State Normal Schools. Page 113.
283, Relating to the office and duties of state dairy commissioner.
Page 119.

353, Amending the law relating to the State Board of Embalming..
Page 158.

373, Relating to improvements of streets and alleys over protests.
Page 167.

386, Relating to the importation of infected cattle.
550, Providing assistants for the State Board of Health.
597, Appropriation for John W. Ruark. Page 294.
598, An act to prevent delays in transporting live stock.
599, Relating to officers appointed and elected in cities
class. Page 294.

Committee assignments-

Page 24.

Page 24.

Telegraphs and Telephones, chairman. Page 46.
Charitable Institutions.
Cities of the Second and Third Class.
Corporations. Page 24.
Educational Institutions. Page 54.
Live Stock. Page 46.

Oil and Gas. Page 46.

601, An act to protect the American eagle. Page 294.
625, Relating to the extension of charters of state banks. Page 295.

628, Regulating the consumption of natural gas. Page 296.
629, Giving owners of stallions lien on mare and offspring.


Printing. Page 24.

Public Buildings. Page 24.
Roads and Bridges.

Page 24.

[blocks in formation]

State Depositories.

Page 182.

Enlarging powers of board of examiners. S.B. 42. Page 21

Page 280.

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Page 294.
of second

[blocks in formation]

State Industrial Reformatory.

New buildings and maintenance appropriation. S.B. 359. Page 164.
Driveway, appropriation. S.B. 651. Page 396.

State Mining Board.

Providing for and appropriation. S.B. 239; page 93. Sub. 239; page 288.
State Normal Schools.

State Printing Plant.

Maintenance. S.B. 76. Page 40.
State Society of Labor and Industry.

S.B. 572. Page 282.

S.B. 246. Page 93.
Page 86.

Appropriations. S.B. 276; page 113. Sub. 276; page 435. S.B. 659; page 473.
State Poultry Association.

Appropriation. S.B. 148. Page 51.

State School Fund.

Relief and protection. (Lawrence, $100,000.) S.B. 378. Page 175.
State Soldiers' Home and Mother Bickerdyke Home.
Appropriation. S.B. 361. Page 164.

State Superintendent of Instruction.
Reports of. S.B. 440. Page 199.

State University and Agricultural College.
Limits on boards of regents. S.B. 186. Page 69.

State Veterinarian.

Creating office of. S.B. 241. Page 93.

Statutes of 1909.

Stock Breeders' Association.

S.B. 394.

Authorizing compilation and publication.
Secretary of state to purchase. S.B. 387; page 182.

Page 186.

Sub. 387; page 395.

Publish proceedings; appropriation to pay the state printer for cost.
435. Page 199.

Stocks and Bonds, etc.

Issuance of. S.B. 620. Page 295.
Regulating issuance.
Sundry Appropriation Bill.
S.B. 667. Page 537.

Sunflower Home.

Appropriation. S.B. 504. Page 246.
Superintendents of State Hospitals.
Salaries. S.B. 605. Page 294.

Surface Waters.

Defining rights of owners. S.B. 432. Page 199.
Survey of Party Lines.

S.B. 542. Page 271.

S.B. 430; page 198. Sub. 430; page 440.


Stavely, J. H., Senator, Sixteenth District.

Bills introduced by-

No. 48, Authorizing third class cities to fund floating indebtedness.
Page 22.

Page 22.

49, Relating to compensation of overseers of the poor.
79, Relating to erection of bridges
erection of bridges by county commissioners.
Page 41.

127, To establish a board for uniformity of legislation. Page 49.
169, Prohibiting foreign insurance companies to remove actions to
the federal courts. Page 66.
425, Relating to the construction and maintenance of permanent
roads. Page 198.

519, Preventing school-district boards to contract debts unlawfully.
Page 259.

584, Providing for the cutting of weeds and trimming of hedges.
Page 292.

636, Prohibiting misrepresentations in soliciting insurance. Page 296.
639, Providing when insurance policies shall be in force and effect.
Page 296.

640, Making insurance companies liable for fraud committed by
agents. Page 296.

641, Amending law relating to certain mutual societies. Page 297.
642, Prohibiting sale of premium notes prior to delivery of policy.
Page 297.

Stavely, J. H., Senator, Sixteenth District-continued:

Bills introduced by-

No. 643, Relating to selling of stock and insurance policies jointly..
Page 297.

Committee assignments-

Assessment and Taxation, chairman. Page 46.
Elections. Page 14.
Judiciary. Page 14.

Mines and Mining. Page 46.
Railroads. Page 46.

Steam Boilers.

Inspection and inspectors. S.B. 173. Page 66.
Stewart, J. H., Senator, Twenty-ninth District.

Bills introduced by-

No. 86, Appropriation for private hospitals, Wichita. Page 42.
87, Appropriation for pension of Mary Parks. Page 42.
145, An act concerning child labor. Page 51.

146, An act providing better protection for public assemblies..
Page 51.

147, Relating to the appointment of commissioner of elections.
Page 51.

151, Relating to trust companies, their powers and duties.
177, Concerning live wild game and game birds and fowls.
197, An act relating to cemetery corporations in certain
Page 75.

204, Defining causes for divorce. Page 79.

205, Prohibiting the sales of merchandise in bulk. Page 79.
228, Permitting the free transportation of chapel or church cars..
Page 87.

236, Relating to the recording of chattel mortgages. Page 92.
237, Relating to the entry of settlement of judgment on mortgages..
Page 93.

250, Repealing certain acts relating to the public school of Wichita.
Page 98.

251, Relating to petition for construction of sidewalks. Page 98.
282, Granting a pension to George Hatter, and making appropria-
tion. Page 118.

311, To promote the safety of the traveling public. Page 125.
312, Repealing special act relating to fees and salary of probate
judge of Sedgwick county. Page 125.

404, Relating to the payment of cost of public bridges. Page 187.
419, Relating to primary elections in cities. Page 193.

431, Relating to cities of the first class adopting the commission
form of government. Page 199.

Page 58.
Page 68..

451, Relating to county depositories. Page 211.

457, Providing for thrashers' lien, and regulating same. Page 218.
459, Amending general law relating to private corporations. Page 218.
536, Relating to Kansas firemen's fund in cities of the first class.
Page 271.

553, For cleaning and sprinkling of streets in cities of the first
class. Page 280.

554, Authorizing public workhouses in cities of the first class.

Page 281.

619, Regulating the erection of electric lines, and providing penal-
ties. Page 295.

Committee assignments-
Claims and Accounts, chairman. Page 24.

Cities of the First Class. Page 24.

Manufactures and Industrial Pursuits. Page 24.
Railroads. Page 46.

Roads and Bridges. Page 24.

Stillings, Vinton, Senator, Third District.

Bills introduced by-

No. 95, Authorizing Penitentiary warden to build waiting room at
Lansing. Page 47.

96, Amending law governing distribution and printing of ballots.
Page 47.

198, Appropriations for private hospitals at Leavenworth. Page 75.
321, Concerning fees and salaries of county officers. Page 142.
322, Appropriation for public school at Lansing. Page 142.
357, Relating to maturing bonded indebtedness of certain counties.
Page 164.

398, Providing for recovery of excessive fees collected by officer.
Page 186.

Page 260.

529, Providing for asylum for dangerous persons.
555, Appropriation for certain coal lands at Penitentiary. Page 281.
581, Appropriation for W. W. Martin. Page 283.
600, Appropriation for binding-twine plant at Penitentiary.


646, Maintenance appropriation for State Penitentiary. Page 308.

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Stillings, Vinton, Senator, Third District-continued:

Committee assignments-


Public Buildings, chairman. Page 24.
Charitable Institutions. Page 24.
Cities of the First Class. Page 24.
Claims and Accounts. Page 24.
Congressional and Judicial Apportionment. Page 24.
Federal Relations.
Labor. Page 46.
Mines and Mining.
Penal Institutions.

Page 46.

To prevent double.

S.B. 253. Page 99.

To limit levy in taxtion districts. S.B. 427. Page 198.
Limiting rates in townships. S.B. 252. Page 98.
Of live stock. S.B. 338.
S.B. 338. Page 152.

Tax Commission.

Page 46.
Page 24.

Soldiers' property exempted in certain cases. S.B. 397. Page 186.
Local, Wyandotte county. S.B. 609. Page 294.

Tax Deeds.


Amending Laws 1907. S.B. 97; page 47. S.B. 179; page 69.
page 76. S.B. 382; page 175.

To quiet title. S.B. 23. Page 16.

For highway, distribution of. S.B. 570. Page 282.
Collection of. S.B. 556. Page 281.
Payment and distribution.
Penalty in payment of.
Taxes in Stevens County.
Enabling act. S.B. 284.
Tax Officers.

S.B. 306. Page 125.
S.B. 523. Page 259.

Page 119.

To be elected in certain cases. S.B. 337. Page 143.

Ďefining resident in relation to drainage. S.B. 495.
Tax-sale Certificates.

Compromise by counties. S.B. 24. Page 16.

Tax on State Property for Paving and Curbing.
Appropriation to pay. S.B. 377. Page 175.
Telegraph Offices.

To maintain at county seat. S.B. 226. Page 87.
Telephone Messages.

Regulating charges. S.B. 635. Page 296.


[blocks in formation]


Russian and Canadian. S.B. 70. Page 39.
Topeka Orphans' Home.

Appropriation. S.B. 575. Page 282.

Township and City Officers.

To prevent speculation by. S.B. 254. Page 99.
Town Sites.

To vacate portions of certain. S.B. 305. Page 124.

Travis, F. H., Senator, Fourteenth District.

Bills introduced by-


Page 240.

S.B. 199;

No. 43, Authorizing publication of governors' messages and state
papers. Page 21.

55, An act for the encouragement of agriculture. Page 22.

56, Providing punishment for abandonment (the affinity bill).
Page 23.

57, Appropriation for B. D. McClain et al. for services rendered.
Page 23.

58, Authorizing construction of bridges in Allen county. Page 23.
80, Relating to liens for labor and material in oil and gas in-
dustry. Page 41.

103, Amending the code of civil procedure. Page 48.

104, Amending the law relating to admission of attorneys to prae-
tice. Page 48.

105, Amending the law relating to attorneys at law. Page 48.
106, Amending the law relating to juries, their verdict, instructions.

Page 48.

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