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The Royal Afghan Government and the Government of the United States of America

Having entered into a General Agreement for Technical Cooperation, signed on behalf of the two Governments at Kabul on the 7th day of February, 1951,[1] and amended by exchange of notes on the 2nd and 24th days of January, 1952,[?] which makes provision for the execution of supplementary, agreements for specific programs and projects to be carried on jointly by the two Governments; and

Desiring to set forth the conditions which will govern the furnishing of technical assistance for all those joint projects now in operation or hereafter to be instituted; Have agreed as follows:

Article 1. The Operating Agencies 1. The obligations assumed herein by the Government of the United States of America will be performed by it through the Technical Cooperation Administration, an agency of the Government of the United States of America. (All references to the Technical Cooperation Administration herein or in the General Agreement for Technical Cooperation referred to above shall be understood to include any successor agency of the Government of the United States of America in which the present functions of the Technical Cooperation Administration may hereafter be vested.) The Technical Cooperation Administration will secure the assistance of other agencies of the Government of the United States of America and of other public and private agencies in discharging its obligations under this Agreement. Every technician or specialist made available to the Royal Afghan Government under this Agreement shall perform his services under the provisions thereof and of the General Agreement for Technical Cooperation referred to above.

2. On behalf of the Royal Afghan Government, general planning and coordination of the joint activities authorized by this Agreement shall be the responsibility of the Royal Afghan Ministry of National Economy in cooperation with the Technical Cooperation Administra

1 Treaties and Other International Acts Series 2210; 2 UST 592.
2 TIAS 2624.


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tion. Specific programs and projects shall be the responsibility of the Ministry or Department of the Royal Afghan Government within whose field of responsibility the activity lies, or, in the case of the Helmand Valley development, the High Authority for the Development of the Helmand Valley, also known as the Helmand Valley Authority, in cooperation with the Technical Cooperation Administration.

Article II. Objectives The objectives of this cooperative program, in accordance with the requests to be made from time to time by the Royal Afghan Government, shall be:

1. To facilitate the development of the economy of Afghanistan through cooperative action on the part of the two Governments;

2. To stimulate and increase the interchange between the two countries of knowledge, skills and techniques in fields related to the economic and technical development of Afghanistan;

3. To promote and strengthen understanding and good will between the peoples of Afghanistan and the United States of America, and to foster the growth of democratic ways of life.

Article III. Fields of Activity This cooperative program will include, to the extent agreed upon from time to time pursuant to Article I above, operations of the following types:

1. Studies of the needs of Afghanistan in the field of economic and technical development and the resources available to meet these needs;

2. The formulation and continuous adaptation of a program to help meet such needs;

3. The initiation and administration of projects in agricultural development; public health and sanitation; education, particularly vocational education and the training of teachers; transportation; development of natural resources; industrial development; the integrated development of the Helmand Valley; and such other fields of activity as are related to the economic development of Afghanistan and are among the authorized activities of the Technical Cooperation Administration;

4. Related training activities, both within and outside of Afghanistan.

Article IV. Personnel of the

Technical Cooperation Administration Without prejudice to further agreement which may modify the privileges and immunities accorded hereby, it is agreed that pending

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