Statement of Requirements Relating to Construction and Life-saving Appliances of the International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea as Signed in London, May 31, 1929: And as Recommended to the Signatory Governments for Ratification Together with Appendix Showing Duties and Obligations of Contracting Governments

The Board, 1929 - 76 páginas

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Página 24 - In order that the required degree of subdivision shall be maintained, a loadline corresponding to the approved subdivision draught shall be assigned and marked on the ship's sides. A ship having spaces which are specially adapted for the accommodation of passengers and the carriage of cargo alternatively may, if the owners desire, have one or more additional...
Página 35 - Where a double bottom is required to be fitted the inner bottom shall be continued out to the ship's sides in such a manner as to protect the bottom to the turn of the bilge. Such protection will be deemed satisfactory if the line of intersection of the outer edge of the margin plate with the bilge plating is not lower at any part than a horizontal plane passing through the point of intersection with the frame line amidships of a transverse diagonal line inclined at 25 degrees to the base line and...
Página 34 - The bulkhead deck or a deck above it shall be weathertight in the sense that in ordinary sea conditions water will not penetrate in a downward direction.
Página 32 - Gangway, cargo and coaling ports fitted below the margin line shall be of sufficient strength. They shall be effectively closed and secured watertight before the ship leaves port, and shall be kept closed during navigation.
Página 15 - If a between deck compartment between two watertight transverse bulkheads contains any passenger or crew space, the whole of that compartment, less any space completely enclosed within permanent steel bulkheads and appropriated to other purposes, shall be regarded as passenger space. If, however, the passenger or crew space in question is completely enclosed within permanent steel bulkheads, only the space so enclosed need be considered as passenger space.
Página 28 - Except as provided in subparagraph (c) (iii) below, the collision bulkhead may be pierced below the margin line by not more than one pipe for dealing with fluid in the forepeak tank, provided that the pipe is fitted with a screwdown valve capable of being operated from above the bulkhead deck, the valve chest being secured inside the forepeak to the collision bulkhead.
Página 27 - The arrangement shall be such that the door will close automatically if opened by the local control after being closed from the central control and also such that any door can be kept closed by local arrangements which will prevent that door from being opened from the central control.
Página 28 - Hinged watertight doors in passenger, crew, and working spaces are only permitted above a deck the underside of which, at its lowest point at side, is at least 7 feet...
Página 30 - The access to at least one end of each such tunnel or trunkway, if used as a passage at sea, shall be through a trunk extending watertight to a height sufficient to permit access above the margin line. The access to the other end of the trunkway or tunnel may be through a watertight door of the type required by its location in the ship. Such trunkways or tunnels shall not extend through the first subdivision bulkhead abaft the collision bulkhead.
Página 42 - Administration may, if it considers that the sheltered nature and conditions of the voyage are such as to render the application of any specific requirements of...

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