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I question the use of Nikko Briteramos v. South Dakota as an example in your over-arching thesis. As the person mentioned (Nikko Briteramos), I point out the irony that Women’s Rights Advocates lacking any inside information whilst ignoring the opinions of the woman involved in the case would so arrogantly define for me my thoughts, my motives,my influences, my circumstances and cast negative light upon sexual relationships with persons who fall into the legal, moral, economic, political, or social category of so-called HIV positive identity. It should be also noted that the government was using information about sexual contact divorced from relevant details—ie Dates. The majority of the information used against me was information about sexual contacts that were as much as three times my age, but that happened more than 8 months prior—when I was 17 years old and younger. I believe Women’s Rights Advocacy has many times over done a disservice in it’s prejudiced interpretations of experiences which are most always either partially or completely closed to the public for responsible and fair analysis. Gender-Based Privilege in Criminal Justice benefiting women who commit crime alongside Gender-Based Stereotypes of Sexual Deviance for men are the overlooked exceptions to be found in criminal injustice. Women’s Rights Advocacy that offers to the world identity-based prejudice and bad scientific, moral and legal judgment may prove to be problematic in the future. Women’s Rights Advocates perpetuate gender-based stereotypes through the assumptions it makes about men and women they don’t even know. They so arrogantly and confidently make judgments about truth based on piece-meal information sparingly divulged to the public about issues involving details almost universally hidden, but even further distorted by legislators, executive officials and the general public. #nikkobriteramos 

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