The Clerk's Manual of Rules, Statutes, Procedures and Precedents Applicable to the Ordinary Business of the Legislature of the State of New York


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Página 103 - The members of the Assembly shall be chosen by single districts, and shall be apportioned by the Legislature at the first regular session after the return of every enumeration among the several counties of the State, as nearly as may be, according to the number of their respective inhabitants, excluding aliens.
Página 103 - An enumeration of the inhabitants of the State shall be taken, under the direction of the Legislature, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fiftyfive, and at the end of every ten years thereafter; and the said districts shall be so altered by the Legislature, at the first session after the return of every enumeration...
Página 103 - ... each senate district shall contain as nearly as may be an equal number of inhabitants, excluding aliens, and be in as compact form as practicable, and shall remain unaltered until the return of another enumeration, and shall at all times consist of contiguous territory...
Página 66 - He shall appoint all committees, except where the House shall otherwise order. 4. He may substitute any member to perform the duties of the Chair for a period not exceeding two consecutive legislative days, but for no longer period, except by special consent of the House.
Página 46 - The regents shall cause such papers and records to be so classified and arranged that they can be easily found. No paper or record shall be removed from such files except on a resolution of the senate and assembly withdrawing them for a temporary purpose, and in case of such removal a description of the paper or record and the name of the person removing the same shall be entered in a book provided for that purpose, with the date of its delivery and return.
Página 66 - He shall preserve order and decorum. 2. He shall decide all questions of order, subject to appeal to the house. On every appeal he shall have the right, in his place, to assign his reasons for his decision.
Página 28 - ... going to and returning from their place of meeting, once in each session, on the most usual route. Senators, when the Senate alone is convened in extraordinary session, or when serving as members of the court for the trial of impeachments, and such members of the Assembly, not exceeding nine in number, as shall be appointed managers of an impeachment, shall receive an additional allowance of ten dollars a day.
Página 103 - Every county heretofore established and separately organized, except the county of Hamilton, shall always be entitled to one Member of Assembly, and no county shall hereafter be erected unless its population shall entitle it to a member.
Página 51 - Such fees need not be prepaid, but the comptroller shall draw his warrant for the payment of the amount thereof, when the same shall have been certified to by the president of the...
Página 60 - To postpone indefinitely. 4. To postpone to a certain day. 5. To commit to a standing committee. 6. To commit to a select committee. 7. To the committee of the whole. 8. To amend.

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