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Academy of Natural Sciences, of Pbil- MO.; permanen sourctary', td0,* iluväld adelphia.--Founded in 191% and devotet (( S200s Club, Washington, D, C.; goeral to the cultivation of the natural sciences. Secretary, C. A.. Waldo, Lafayette, m.; President, Samuel G. Dixon; vice-presi- S:"retary of the council, John F. Hayranid, dents, Arthur Erwin Browly, Edvin G, Washihgton, D.

treasurer, R. S. Conklin; recorving seerelary, EjHilld J. Woodward, Camiagio Institution, Wasita Noian; corresponding secretary, J. Percy ington, D, C. Admission ise. $0; 21:nual Moore: treasurer, George Vaux, Jr. Has Ques, $3: life membership, $50. Morber. a library of 53,004) volumes anů valuuble shir, 4,000. Organized in 1917. scientific collcetions.

$merican Bar Asso: íation.-President, Actuarial Society of America.-Pesi- Tieurge R. Berk, Chicago; secretary, Joh. dent, R. W. Weeks; first vice-president, Hinkly, NO. 215 North Charles st., BaltiDaniel H. Wells; second vice-president, more; treasurer, Frederick E. Wauliams,

37 Thelle Buiiciing, Albany, N. Y. John K. Gore; secretary, Arthur Hunter,


nlenilership 11211ers Now-York City: treasurer, A. A, Welch,

hout 2,000. This editor of the Transactions, Clayton association of lawyer's was organized in H21).

1878. Annual meeting 12 May. Annual

Anneriean Chemical dues, $3 for associates, $10 for members,


dent, Membership). 156, Organized in 1889 for

Francio P. Venable, loiversity of

Norih izrolini, Viapel Hill, N. (.; Secre the promotion of actuarial science.

Aneriran Academy of Arts and Sci- tary, Willian A.. Nojes, Bureau oi Stanuences.-President, TVilliam W. Goodtvin,ards, Washington, D, C, Annual dueS$5. Cambridge. Mass.; vice-vresidents, Joh! Membership, 3.000. Organized in 1876 for

the adrancenient of viemistry Trowbridge, Henry P. Walcott. Join. 1°

22100 ihe Gray; corresponding secretary Edwin H. promotion (emi al research, Hall, Cambrijige, Mass.; tiesurer, Charles American Civit Association.-Presi.

Bowdjich, Jamaica Plain, Mass., li- dent, J. llorace McFarland, Harrisburg, brarian. A. Lawrenc Potuit, Boston, Mass. Penn.; vice presidente, George Fostej' 'ca-. Resident fellows, 199; associate fellow, Liely, NEW-Yorli; rinkin Mai.Vagh; JA; foreign honorary members, 73. ();} Chicago, and Jail S)), helan, San Franl'esidents of Mass eilusetts are eligible to Cisco, Cal.; korresponding secretary, (linClection as resident fellows.

ton Rogers Woodruf, Philadelphia, treas-American Academy of Medicine.

irel', Wu, S. Lowlanil, New-York. The President Donly C. Hawley, Burlington,

Irague is ideration oľ organizations vi; vice-presidents, Holen: C. Putnani,

a1:1 individuals to gromote the higlier till Providence, R. I.;

of sineriian comninvities.
I.; Gen, 1. McCaskey,
Hurt Wavne. In.: H. B. Hill, (hicago; Jizerican Dialfet Society.rrosluenti
J. T. Searcy, Tuscaloosa, Al2.; secretary

Pro Ossor Gearge Hemp). University of and treasurer, Charles Molutire, Easton,

Michigan, Anni Ainor, Mich.. and score; Pa.; assistant Secretary, S. Stanton, lary treasurer, Professur O. F. Emerson, Chicagu. Thirty-first annual feline at Vester Reserve

Reserve University, Cleveland, Boston, Mass., Saturdav. Jwe 2, and Mon-obio. Anual duos, $1. Menibership, day, June 4, 1906. Adinissiyl: lee, $3. A11- 360. Orariizeri ini 1558 for the study of nual duey, $1. Mo-nibership, 425. Organ- the pronunciation aut usage of American ized in 1875 10 encourage the proper' educa- English when differing from generally a3tional preparation of physicians,

epical usage. Ameriean Acadeiny of Political and Americans Economic Association. aud Social Science-President,

S. President. Branli W. Tawesig, Cambridge, Rove, University of Pennsylvania; vice

Mass.; Secretary-Geasurer, firank A. Fet. pres!dents, Samuel Melune Lindsay, Unl- ter, Ithaca, N.

Annual dues, versity of Pennsylvania; Robert W. de Membership, -1,000. Organized in 1880 for lores, NewYok City, and Wowdrei the encouragerneut of economile research, Wilson, Princeton University; Secre the publication of economic monographs try, Janies T.

University of and the encouragement of perfect freedom Pennsylvania; treasurer, Stuart Wood, No.

discussirn 400 Chestnut-st., Piriladelphia; counsel,

Ameriran Electro-Thprapeutic AssoClinton Rarors Woodruty. North American

ciation.-President, William B. Snow, Building, Philadelphia, librarian. Carl Kel

New-York; secretary, sey, University of Pennsylvania.. Annual





Organdues, $5. Life membership, $100.

Neuv. Tork ; ized ii IARU to to vrumoic scientific study

and trcasurer, Richard J. Nunn, Savan

nal, Gal Annual dues, $3. anri investigation of the social sciences.


200, American Asiatic Association.-i'resi

Organized in 1892 for the purpose

oficiumoining the linitations and possident, Silas D. Webb: virp-presidents,

blities or the clextric Drent in medicine Loveis Lincoln, New-Yoki olin II. ('on

and surger verse, Philadelptua; llverest N. Ber. Saj. rancisco: S.

S. G. Hoplins, Washington: American Entomological Society.. John B. 'leveland, Srarlar huis, s. C.; President, Philip P Calvert; vice-presiEllison A, Sinyth, Pelzerr, S., and I'. delit, 2. .

W. Hanzel; serretary, Henry Hellyel',

Chicagu: treasurer, Josepla R. Skinner. Philaleluia, Membershin, 125. Patterson, New-York: Corrtary, Join Organizeu iu 1433 for the sluilty of insects. Ford, P. O. Box No. 1,7), New-York.

American Forestry Associatiop.-PresMembershi; 300. Annual Uos. $10.

ident, Játries Wilsun, Secretary [ Agriganized in 1898.

cuillire, liashington, D, C.;

D, C.; vice-presiAmerican Association for the vane- , Jannes W. L'istot, N-w-york; cormeat of Science.-President, C. M. Vood-responding secretary, II. M. Suter, Wasik ward, Vishnan PIX), St.

inz 01. Ji (; l'Arding Streláry. Ed taa


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